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CU Administration

Welcome visitor,

If you want to clarify why you received a review by a CU member, this thread is the right place. Share your opinion here and don't forget to let us know which member reviewed the story.

If you're visiting to thank any of our members for a review offering you constructive criticism or for helping you fix your work, you can also do it here.

Thread Rules:

- If you have a valid complaint be clear and to the point. Long winded essays are not required and won't make you look any smarter than you think you are.

- Treat us the way you want to be treat. If you come in cursing and swearing at us don't be shocked if you're just outright dismissed.

- People who have been reviewed and not reviewed are welcomed to share their views, good or bad.

- Be ready to back any accusations/claims/declarations you make. You will be challenged if you accuse any member or the group as a whole of wrongdoings and whatnot

- Don't be an idiot. Simple yet some need to be reminded of it.


10/12/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/22/2014 #1

Just wanted to give a very late and much needed thanks to Atraxeus for reviewing my fic. things have gotten so busy IRL, and I tend to forgot things often. Didn't want you to think I was ungrateful.

11/4/2012 #2

I am sorry that it had taken me a while to take care of my story. I have been busy, and I also tend to forget things. And so I finally found the review one of you left on one of my stories. Have a nice day!


11/4/2012 #3

I wish to use this thread to thank Soul of Paladin for reviewing a story of mine. I would have done this earlier but things got in the way of stuff, as they tend to do. But anyway, SoP's review was extremely motivating and helpful, and pointed out just what I needed pointing out. So, thank you! :)

11/11/2012 #4
The Copy Editor's Copy Editor

So, about 10 bajillion months ago Soul of Paladin reviewed my stupidly-labelled SYOT fic "submitting" a character called Metal-Head Jack and letting me know that I'd broken the guidelines. I changed some stuff around to make the story compliant, I thought (but didn't use his character... it just didn't fit with the tone of my story. I know ze was saddened). A few months later, the story was deleted and I was very sad. I'm hoping you guys didn't keep reporting it, since I did try to make it comply, but it was, again stupidly, labelled SYOT and I think the admins just generally purged that category. My own fault, lesson learned, etc. Anyway, I do want to thank you guys for what you do, even if it worked against me in the long run. I reposted my story with all the rule-breaking stuff taken out, and I'm pretty fond of it, so all's well that ends well, I suppose.

I did want to stop by and let you know why I, personally, enjoy the SYOT-type stories. I like reading about the Hunger Games and not knowing who the winner will be. Although I enjoy all OC or Canon Games, and they can be great, some of the tension is taken out by knowing who the Victor will be. I like having a full field of tributes that you can, in the very best SYOTs, come to know, love, hate, and mourn 24 compelling characters as they pass away. As a writer, I like the format of SYOT because when I propose a situation for the Games, other authors' brains go in a completely different direction than my own. So when I say "any citizen of any age can be reaped" I get a completely different field of tributes than if I had to laboriously come up with 24 distinct personalities (you can call it a lack of creativity. I wouldn't disagree). I like to take an outline of a character someone else gives me and help mold them into a fully fledged character. These submitted tributes can surprise me by their actions and interactions in a way I sometimes have trouble getting my OC characters to do.

That reported story was my first fic, and my first foray back into writing after many years away--I've got a few more stories in the back of my mind, and while they will be 24-protagonist type stories, I'm more capable now than I was 9 months ago of coming up with a variety of personalities. I will probably still solicit a few tributes from some other authors, but I'll keep it out of the story proper. I don't see that as any different than collaborating authors and extreme beta-ing, but I hope these admissions don't get me re-deleted.

Anyway, just a repentant SYOT-er humbling herself before Critics United. :-/

12/8/2012 #5
Cha's Aegis

It sounds like you made the story compliant, so it probably was marked as compliant on our end and we would've stopped reporting on it immediately.

We definitely appreciate that you aren't trying to vilify us, Editor. For whatever reason the site admins decided they didn't want SYOT stories, so we've got to do what the bosses say, but you're not the only one who enjoys them, so we can definitely understand the frustration of a lot of readers. I'd like to say that if a lot of site members ask for it, the site admins might change their minds, but I'll be honest in saying I doubt it.

If you ever want to try a SYOT type story again, we do have suggestions in our FAQ thread on how to get around it. Feel free to take a look and use it as you need.

12/8/2012 #6
Emo and Heart

thanks for the help i"ll change it so questions are pm

1/29/2013 #7
Cha's Aegis

You're welcome, Distressed Rain. If you need more help, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

1/29/2013 #8
Emo and Heart

its just i dont upload as fast as i should so wehen i get around to the next chappy i will just start the new thing

1/30/2013 #9

My apologies for not posting in the correct thread. Thank you for correcting me and reminding me of the site rules. I'm sorry for getting off on the wrong foot with anyone and thank you for your corrections.

2/3/2013 #10

Okay so I keep on getting reviews from Y. Honey and Question42 about lyrics in my story. After Question42 reviewed I changed the story so it doesn't have any lyrics but Y. Honey reveiwed and said I did. Which I do not have any lyrics in my story anymore. Please help because my story has already been deleted once before! I just want to write, that's why I'm on this site but some of your people just take the joy out of writing.

2/21/2013 #11
Spirit of Paladin

Welcome Konan.

Please keep in mind that the site does not update immediately so I imagine Y. Honey reviewed before the changes in your story appeared. If you have made your story compliant, CU will mark it as such and we won't report it anymore.

2/21/2013 #12

So I get emailed by one of you while I'm pissed off for outside unrelated areas, and thus sender received brunt of my irritation. Then apparently the person disables their PMs before I can apologize for the outburst. It is unlike me usually, but that still was an irritant. I'd rather not have to publicly put that on a forum rather than PM -_- So grateful for the embarrassment

2/23/2013 #13
Cha's Aegis

Welcome, Nature9000.

E-mailed? A little unusual for one of our members, so I have to ask, was it anyone from the Our Members thread? I ask because we've had people come in here thinking they were flamed/harassed, etc. by one of our members and it turned out it wasn't.

2/23/2013 #14

Er pm, but yeah it doesn't matter now. I ended up fixing whatever the issue was, which really there wasn't a major issue because nothing was really out of place regarding the guidelines. I do my best to make sure those things are followed. You know the things people ought to deal with, the ones with topics like rape that are used solely as 'humor' that can cause triggering events for victims....every time I see one of those stories, I get sick to my stomach, you know

2/24/2013 #15
Cha's Aegis

If you don't mind my asking, please pm me as to who it was. One of the things we've always done was to leave a warning review first (we don't report right off the bat). If a writer outright refuses to heed the warning or gets angry with us, a couple of other CU members will leave a review. This is only done to reinforce that the story really is in violation. I've lost count of the number of times people think it's a joke or we're trolling them.

However, we don't usually send a pm. We never said members couldn't do it, but if you're going to point out a rule violation via pm, regardless of a writer's reaction, you don't turn off your pms. That bothers me, to be honest, but I'd like to try fairly assessing the situation.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this, that's fine. I can respect that and I apologize. Regardless of how angry a writer is with me, I give them a lot of chance to calm down before I block them, but I never turn off my pms.

2/24/2013 #16

Soul paladin, but really don't worry about it. It was a review, not a PM. I was in the wrong cause I was reacting only due to an outside irritation. My only regret is the person turned off PMing it appears before I got a chance to apologize

2/24/2013 #17

Nature9000, I was the one who originally reviewed your story for being in the wrong category, and I brought in into this forum when you ignored my review and updated other stories.

It WAS in violation of the guidelines, and I stand by my actions. Guidelines state that all stories must be in proper category. "No exceptions". Your story is a crossover and it belongs in a crossover category. Period. "No exceptions".

I find it interesting that you originally claimed to have received an email, then a PM, then a review. Lots of backpedaling going on there. And since both reviews that you received from CU members were polite and impersonal, I'm not sure I understand just what you are complaining about.

2/24/2013 . Edited by Cha's Aegis, 2/24/2013 #18

Hey quit assuming. I said email when I meant private messaging, I didn't "claim" intentionally anything. I PMed in response to the review posted on my story Hidden Beneath the Mask, and I was in a really bad shape in my response so when I went back to apologize for my behavior I found I was unable to PM. I am not a bad person, I'm not like that, and it was uncalled for. But unfortunately I didn't get a chance. As for the story, I made it a crossover last night after that because I figured, yeah it should be listed as a crossover. The story itself has been complete for a few months now.

I don't recognize your name as having reviewed any of my stories, so it's highly likely I haven't seen/received it, so don't say I ignored it. I wouldn't ignore any review. Please don't jump to conclusions. I admitted I was wrong already, as you see above, and I have explained why I acted harshly when I normally try to be polite as well. However, I would prefer not to have something I worked so hard for (I take great pride in being an author) to be damaged because of either a misunderstanding or whatever issue there is.

As for MASK, (Which IS listed now as a crossover), the reason I didn't think to have it as such was due to the fact that all the main characters (with the exception of the secondary) were from Good Luck Charlie. Skyler, PJ, Bob, Amy, Gabe, Teddy, etc etc. Anyone in the HTR category was a minor at best. But yeah, please stop assuming things about me. I thought when I said "email" that it would be construed as a PM/Private Message, when it wasn't, I corrected that. I didn't realize until earlier that even still I wasn't specific enough to say that I replied to a review in haste.

All right, I had a bad day yesterday dealing with studies, this one person always going on about their crisis and a bunch of other stuff. It was wrong of me to react so harshly. How many times to I have to apologize for that?

2/24/2013 #19

Email and Private messages are two very different things. You need to learn to say what you mean and not mean what you say.

It's over and done with now so take it to PM if you and Question still want to go at it.

2/24/2013 #20
Look at MASK again. My review is there, just before SoP left his. So no, it's not "highly unlikely" that I reviewed. It was left on 2/13. I'm not a bad person either. Your apology is appreciated, and so is your willingness to put your story where it belongs. I DID review your story. You DID update another without acknowledging my review. And you DID come here with a lot of claims that you later retracted. So if I made "assumptions" about your actions, I apologize as well -- but my assumptions were justified, given your actions.
2/24/2013 #21

There is a phrase out there that says "To assume is to make an ass out of you and me". I am now aware that you left a review, I've responded as such. Yes I made mistakes and "retracted" claims are only due to me being incorrect. I am also a defensive person, I get on the defensive a lot, and to me it feels like you're just treating me like I'm some sort of plaque or something that you're better than, and I don't like that. I realize you're probably not meaning to come across that way, it's just the mindset I'm in for some reason.

As for updating other stories, well yeah. Mask was finished when you left the review, it had been finished for some time. I didn't see your review (probably the email notification either didn't come to me or was sandwiched between a bunch of those 'story favorites' 'new follower' notifications and I just clicked the whole thing as read without checking). I'm not only stressed and rushing through with college and other stressors out there, but I'm trying to get all my stories finished. I don't see a big issue with updating said incomplete stories, so forgive me if I don't seem to be reactive about that one :/

2/24/2013 #22

Sigh, you two really are caught up in your little drama aren't you? So much for me ending it nicely...

You've both said your peace and now you both are just trying to get the last word it. This ends and the issue has been solved.

If either of you post again you'll be banned. yes, I did say both of you.

Take it to PM if you want to bitch back and forth who said what and what was possibly assumed.

There is no need to reply to this message either.

2/24/2013 #23

WHAT THE F*CK!? This is SPAM! F*cking SPAM!!! I got multiple reviews from your members on my story! This CANT BE ALLOWED! I'll report you for spam, you f*cking trolls!

Watch your language.

3/18/2013 . Edited by Spirit of Paladin, 3/18/2013 #24

Well, at least you managed to remain calm and act with dignity, Cherry Blossom.

In looking at your stories, I see only ONE review from ONE CU member on ONE story, so I think your anger is a bit misdirected.

3/18/2013 . Edited 3/18/2013 #25
Spirit of Paladin

CherryBlossom banned for language. As requested by site admins, all forums must keep language T rated.

3/18/2013 #26
Cha's Aegis

No CU member has reviewed your work, so you've got no right to complain idiot. I just checked all your stories, but thanks for proving to the world that we're in the right for doing what we're doing because of morons like you.

Enjoy your perma ban and having all your posts deleted from here since you've lost your right to have your say.

And if that is too well written for you to understand, let me put it into terms you can comprehend.

Njoy that biotch.

3/21/2013 #27

Sorry for replying, I'm kind of a noob that has no idea how to use the site XD

I received a review from PatchworkDoll for my story "In The Capitol's Shoes" and I'd like to say thank you.

I was unaware that I was violating the terms and guidelines.... But I'm not sure how I can change the story because it's kind of based entirely on votes from everybody....

It's technically a fanfiction...

I'm not really sure what to do about it, so any help would be good :)

3/31/2013 #28
But I'm not sure how I can change the story because it's kind of based entirely on votes from everybody....

Take the interactive portion to a forum and have people do their voting there instead of within the story and/or via reviews.

You then keep working and updating the story alone based on what goes on within the forum.

Best way for you to maintain your required interactive portion without violating the guidelines of the site.

It's technically a fanfiction...

Doesn't matter if in the end it's breaking one or many of the rules for this website.

Something to keep in mind and I hope my suggestion helps you out.

3/31/2013 #29

Thank you so much, that's a really good idea that I didn't think of :)

3/31/2013 #30
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