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Basically this is a thread for people to ask various questions about Fanfiction, Critics United and the likes that isn't covered under the FAQ thread. As always be respectful and be patient if your question isn't answered right away.

10/13/2012 #1
Legend of Derpy

So, the rule for a reporting "time limit" has recently been abolished. In light of this, I have a question. What happens if an author says they will change a fic to make it comply with site rules, and never does? I currently have an author who told me she will edit out the lyrics in her songfic "on her own time", and it's been well over three weeks. Do I remind them, report them, or ignore them?

10/14/2012 #2

They replied saying they would change it and haven't done a thing right? Have they updated it? If they've haven't updated it then just leave it be as chances are they've opted to drop it completely.

If they updated it or something else with no changes then you could post it in SiV and denote they updated other things and lied about making the story in question compliant.

10/14/2012 #3
Legend of Derpy

I believe they have updated other stories, but have not done anything to the one in question. Should I still leave it be?

10/14/2012 #4
Cha's Aegis

She's acknowledged and agreed to making the story compliant, so it's open season on her as far as I'm concerned.

However, if you want to be nice about it, then pm her and point out that not only has it been three weeks to do something that will take only five minutes, but she's obviously has enough time to update her other stories. You can tell her that you can only give her another week before you will have to report her story.

Personally, I'd just bring her in and report the hell out of the story, but that's just me.

10/14/2012 #5
Yemi Hikari

So... I just noticed that some changes were made over the last couple of week or so, including the fact some of the older admins are back. I know it was to clean up the way things were working, but now my head is spinning trying to keep track of the changes you guys just made. I would have missed the "time limit" rule being removed if I hadn't glanced in here, so... would someone give me a brief synopsis of the changes. (I already know Jewel had to resign as the head because of she was busy with the military, but other then that... very confused here.)

10/15/2012 #6
...I would have missed the "time limit" rule being removed if I hadn't glanced in here, so... would someone give me a brief synopsis of the changes. (I already know Jewel had to resign as the head because of she was busy with the military, but other then that... very confused here.)

Please check the Special Announcement thread for all the information.

10/15/2012 #7

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post here, but I have a question.

Do you only review/report stories in English? I mean, in "The Tip Line" and "Stories you're not sure what to do about", can I post stories in other language?

10/15/2012 #8
Cha's Aegis

Good question! We never considered that. Unless we decide not to, for now, yes you can post stories in there that are written in another language, but it's a lot easier if the violation is clear.

For example, chat/script format should be easy to spot regardless of the language the story is written in.

However, MA content would be harder simply because it would take more effort to confirm the violation. Yes, a translator could be used, but online translators aren't accurate and I wouldn't want to report such a story without being certain.

10/15/2012 #9

OK, thanks for answering, I was arguing with two authors about their rule-breaking stories and I wasn't sure if I could bring them here. I guess I'll post them now.

10/15/2012 #10
Legend of Derpy

I know that it is a rule in CU to censor your cursing with a *, and I do not intend to stop following that rule. However, I must ask: why do we have that rule in place? People will read "cr*p" and "crap" the same way in any case, so was it put in place to limit cursing? I'm curious.

10/17/2012 #11

You don't have to censor "crap".

The rule is in place because all forums must be "t" rated and cursing doesn't fit in that and the admins will delete (and have done so) forums with excessive swearing.

10/17/2012 #12
Cha's Aegis

Jewel also had received a message from the site admins regarding cursing. Since the admins are our gods here, we follow what they say.

10/18/2012 #13
Legend of Derpy

I realize we didn't have to censor crap, just trying to use an "acceptable" curse word as an example so I wouldn't break any rules.

Thanks you two!

10/18/2012 #14
Cha's Aegis

No prob, Derpy. Everything's a bit confusing right now, so it benefits everyone to be on the same page to make things go much more smoothly.

10/18/2012 #15
Ralphie Parker

I have a question. I have just realised that using dialogue from a movie violates the FF copyright rule. The dialogue is important to my story. If I rewrite or paraphrase it to mean the same thing is that still a copyright violation?

10/19/2012 #16
Runic Healer

@Ralphie - Rewriting is the best way to go, but if you do paraphrase, don't make mention that it did come from the movie. :)

10/19/2012 #17
Ralphie Parker

@Runic Healer: Thank you for your advice. I will paraphrase in this case. I was lulled into thinking the dialogue thing was okay since other stories do it, but I realize now it isn't allowed.

10/19/2012 #18
Yang and Yin-chan
Thank you Mr. Goodytwoshoes. Now, here my question. Is You stories allowed? I'm making a story. Title: Story times with Twilight sparkle. MLP: Friendship is magic fanfiction.
10/20/2012 #19

Yin and yang chan, you're not even supposed to be here. How many times have we told you that you're underage? First came here, you were 12, then mysteriously 21. Get what I'm hinting at?

10/20/2012 #20

You got your answer and you've been told by other mods to stay away Yin Yang chan. Hopefully your ban will teach you that lesson.

They also have interactive fics going on.

Ryu, are you implying they just flipped the numbers in you age? Heavens to besty I can't imagine anyone being that dumb in doing that. That's like having your password as 123456. ;)

10/20/2012 #21
Ryu, are you implying they just flipped the numbers in you age? Heavens to besty I can't imagine anyone being that dumb in doing that. That's like having your password as 123456. ;)

They did. The first time they came here, they actually told us they were twelve with little prompting. We told them it was against the site rules and the very next time they showed up, they were mysteriously twenty-one. They disappear for a while until they think no one will remember them.

10/20/2012 #22
Cha's Aegis

Know this isn't helping much, but that kid pretty much put a target on their back. Anyone who posts here apparently becomes one of the damned in some people's eyes and probably have already made screen caps of Yin's posts where she states her age and sent them to the site admins. She can pretty much kiss her account goodbye.

10/20/2012 #23

quick question: I'm currently working on a naruto-au fanfiction that involves the ONLY non character element of the hell doll from the anime hell girl. does this need to be categorized as a full blown naruto/hell girl crossover or can I just place it as a naruto-au fiction and state that it involves the doll?

10/25/2012 #24
Cha's Aegis

If you're not using anything else that's canon to Hell Girl, then it should be fine as an AU.

It's only really a crossover if you're using more like Hell Girl characters and a lot of other elements.

10/25/2012 #25

alright, thanks so very much Cha!

10/26/2012 #26

Hi, I have a few questions about things that may be considered on the borderline of rule breaking, and I'd like to know people's thoughts on it, if that's alright? Firstly, regarding the prohibition of real person stories: does this also count for self inserts even though the author is not a famous person, and it may be impossible to prove that the character in the story is meant to represent them? The rules define forbidden entries as "Stories with non-historical and non-fictional characters: actors, musicians, and etc. " but does not specify if this will continue to apply to all real people even if they are not well known and would not be recognisable to the readers. Even if the writer has admitted to self-insertion, if they have changed the name and appearance of the character (or other attributes) so that it only partially resembles the author in real life, would this count? As far as I know, the reason for the no real person rule existing is to protect against potential lawsuits, but since an author could not sue the website for something they themselves wrote about themselves, what do you think would be the best stance on self-inserts?

Also regarding the non real person stories rule, what do people thinks counts as a "non-historical and non-fictional character"? If real person stories are allowed provided the characters are historical figures, should this count for WWII soldiers even if they are not deceased? I'm giving this as an example because a category for Band of Brothers fanfiction exists on this website, although some of the real soldiers from that are still alive. What is the criteria for a person to be considered historical? Do they have to have partaken in an historical event a certain amount of time ago, and what would be a reasonable time limit after this for them to be considered an historical character if used in fanfiction? For example, I'm certain that Barack Obama will be considered a historical figure in a few decades time and could possibly even be considered one now, but I still don't think it should be permissible to have stories featuring him on this site at this moment in time. That said, continuing with the example of presidents here, I'm uncertain whether stories featuring Carter or Reagan should be allowed even though it's been many years since they were in office, and does it make a difference that Reagan is dead but Carter isn't? I know that this specific example is unlikely to ever be an issue in fanfiction, but I'd like to know people's thoughts on what the criteria for being an historical character are.

On a different issue of copying from copyrighted works: the site rules prohibit copying from work not in the public domain, but from the small amount I know of the fair use clause, there has to be a substantial amount of copying in order for it to count as a breach of copyright. Therefore, would one or two-line quotes fully attributed to their owners still constitute a violation? Some level of copying is also allowed for the purposes of parody, so would the nature of the story impact on whether or not a person could copy lines of dialogue from another source if they did so for the purpose of mocking them?

Sorry for such a long post, but I'm interested to know people's thoughts on this.

10/29/2012 #27
Dr Facer

Given the age of your account, your profile and the fact that your post is well structured and written, I find it strange that you're asking questions to things that you surely have the common sense to answer on your own, Blue Neutrino.

I could give you more information, but I honestly believe that you are capable of figuring out the answers to what you're asking on your own, it's not as if it is that complicated.

Sorry if it sounds rude, it's just that what you're asking is particularly strange.

10/29/2012 . Edited 10/29/2012 #28

I have my own thoughts on it and I know what I'd consider to be within the rules, but I think there are some grey areas and I'm interested to get other people's opinions.

10/29/2012 #29

No offence intended but it looks more like you're trying to find loopholes within the rules here and get them from members here to use against them.

10/29/2012 #30
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