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CU Administration

Welcome. This thread is for CU members only.

Please refrain from posting in this thread if you are not a member. Non-members posting here risk a temporary or even a permanent ban.

Rules for CU members:

1) Three review limit:

If a member reviews a story and brings it to Siv that counts as one review. If two other members followed up with reviews of their own that would count as reviews two and three. After that, members should not review and simply report the rule-breaking story.

Please try to check if a story already has three CU reviews so we don't appear to be ganging up on someone.

*Note: additional instructions about this rule may be added by mods in particular posts.

2) Stories should only be posted in SiV by members if:

  • The author replies poorly.
  • You find that you are blocked and could not review
  • They update it and ignore your review.
  • They update other works.

*Note: if the author doesn't reply or update, then the reviewer should just monitor quietly and see if the author eventually update said story or another story on their account. There are no time limits as to how long one can wait till they can bring it in here. We do not want our members to be eager beavers in bringing the group in on a story.

Feel free to PM any of the mods if you have any questions or let us know about your doubts in the Q&A thread.


10/31/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/3/2012 #1
Y. Honey

Oh, a shiny new thread. :)

Don't mind me if I post two stories:

Story: Reencuentros Author: TruMar-JC Fandom: Dragon Ball Z.

Author lifts all her dialogue directly from the Spanish dub of the Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version of the film). Author updated and claimed the dialogue in her story was different even when it's not. Story is in Spanish so report only.


Story: Harleen Author: JasiaVu Fandom: Batman.


This one is in an incorrect category. It should be in the Batman Begins/Dark Knight category at the movies section instead of at the Comics one. It's an easy fix but the author refused to move the story to where it should be and updated. Some sexual content but I don't think it reaches the MA level.

10/31/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #2
Spirit of Paladin

R/R on Yuna's.

Story: Wonder Girl and Spoiler's Blog Author: WondergirlRules. Fandom: Young Justice. Violation: Interactive.

It's one of the YJ bloggers gaggle. Apparently they thought we had forgotten about them and reuploaded their interactive "blog" one more time.


Story: Entrevista a Vegeta Author: NeblimK Fandom: Dragon Ball Z Violation: Original work.

Story is an interview with the voice actor who plays Vegeta. It mentions Dragon Ball only in passing and can be considered an original work the way it is written. Author was aggressive and refused to change it so the character is the one interviewed instead of a voice actor. Spanish story so report only.


11/1/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #3

Story: An Incredibly Shitty Situation Author: doomSaucier Fandom: Homestuck - "you" based story. Author plainly refuses to change it despite fully understanding it's again the rules.

I didn't point it out to them but as you can see, the story also violates the "no cursing in the title" rule as well.


11/1/2012 . Edited 12/26/2014 #4
Mrs. Flamer

Been a while since I posted here...

Story: Tonight

Author: Otaku Emo

Sexual content. Author updated the story.


11/1/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #5

Story Heavy Rope- moved Author happtsmilebtr Fandom: Misc. TV Shows. Goody note - Non-story announcements, author has tried to delete and reup to shake the heat


Story Hollywood Heights Fanfic - The Price of Fame Author leddieforever Fandom Misc. TV Shows. Script formt. Author updated.


Story PERCY JACKSON BECOMES A GOD Author sonofagod1998 Fandom Percy Jackson. Trollfic. Report Only.


11/1/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #6
Y. Honey

Another Batman one.

Story: The Melancholy of Harley Quinn Author: Harley Eve. Fandom: Batman

Incorrect category. This one should be in the games section for Arkham Asylum/City instead of in the Comics one. Another quick and easy fix but the author has ignored my reviews so perhaps a couple more ones is all she needs to move her stories (she has another Batman fic in the incorrect category) to the correct section.

Moved - Compliant

11/1/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #7
Spirit of Paladin

One more from Young Justice.

Story: Taking On The World: OC's Needed! Author: Ender the Time Lady. Fandom: Young Justice. Violation: Interactive, non-story content.

First chapter is an author note uploaded as a chapter.

No longer on hold, you can report again.


11/2/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #8

Story Story Ideas Help! Author IAmTheDayDreamer FandomMisc. Books. Interactive announcement. Author ignored and updated.

StoryLast Words Author Fina2212 Fandom Het Heis/House of Abubis. Every single chapter contains lyrics. Author argues it's okay because others do it too.

Story Anna And Paul: A Beatles Story Author MissMcCartney43 Fandom Misc. Books. Real person story about The Beatles. Author ignored.

11/2/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 12/26/2014 #9

Story: Naruto Meets Naruto Challenge Author: book lover reader Fandom: Naruto - non-story challenge. Author responded very poorly and is the classic example of the use of very poorly insults.

11/3/2012 #10

Story: Naruto Cast Interview Author: Darcos Fandom: Naruto - written in chat/script. Author played the "Everyone else does it" card along with "u r picking on me".

11/3/2012 #11

Story: Wake Me Up Author: MichikoMichiyo29 Fandom: Naruto - songfic. Was removed before but author reposted without changes. I don't think this one fully understands (or cares) that you can't use song lyrics.

Deleted, made compliant

11/5/2012 . Edited 11/6/2012 #12
Spirit of Paladin

Story: Letters to a German Author: Mizu-Chii42 Fandom: Hetalia Violation: Interactive.

The authortried to fix it by only getting letters by pm, but he is still quoting them and replying in-story without adding plot and trying to get away with it. Definitively interactive.

Goody add-on - the above author is a real drip too.

Story: Why are we in the DC Universal? Author: Young Kitten Fandom: Young Justice Violation: Non-story content.

First chapter features non-story content. Author updated without removing the rule-breaking chapter.

Story: super-arrow Author: blue-hart Fandom: Young Justice Violation: Non-story. Story Deleted.

Challenge uploaded as a story; author ignored review.

11/5/2012 . Edited 11/6/2012 #13

Kingdom Come: Interview by Blader 25. Fandom: Kingdom Hearts. Violation: interactive, chat/script format. Author ignored review and published new story.

11/5/2012 #14
Spirit of Paladin

Story: The 275th Hunger Games: Girl vs Boy Author: Freedom Is Paradise Fandom: Hunger Games. Violation: Non-story content.

Both chapters feature lists; author claims he's not breaking any rules of content.

11/6/2012 . Edited 11/10/2012 #15

Story: Konoha the Next Generation Author: Bloody shadow dragon Fandom: Naruto - non-story,character information sheet. Author ignored review and just added to the bio.

Story: Masquerade Author: crazylego Fandom: Homestuck - "you" based story. Author claimed "others have done it" while saying they wouldn't fix it.

Story: Requiem for a Scene Author: purring Fandom: Homestuck - "you" based story. Author denied it being second person while also tossing out "everyone else does it".

Story: Well Aware Author: fujukawaii10346 Fandom: Homestuck - "you" based story. Author knows and doesn't care because they feel second based writing is perfectly acceptable despite knowing the rules say no. They also claim how my review hurt their feelings before daring me to actually report them because they don't care.

11/7/2012 #16

story Forgotten? Abandon? Lost? Author Lany17 Fandom Misc Books. Original fiction. Author ignored and updated. Deleted

Story Fear Author Mr Noodle Fandom Misc. Books. Original fiction. Author updated other original stories.

Story Glitter and Sparkles Without The Expense Author ceru689 Fandom Misc. Books. Original fiction. Author updated other original stories.

Story Trapped with Celebrities Author 1Djhutcherection Fandom Misc. Books. Real person story with Josh Hutcherson and One Direction. Author ignored. Deleted

11/7/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/12/2012 #17

Story: Hating Myself to Death Author: DumaFire Fandom: Homestuck - "you" based story that's also written in chat script. Author denies breaking the rules and claims the rules doesn't apply to their story since it's not interactive.

Complaint although the author is not a happy camper about it.

11/7/2012 . Edited 11/15/2012 #18
Dr Facer

Reviewed some of the last ones, reported all on this page.

Story: Tomalas son para ti Author: Tearsofroses Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Copyrighted lyrics in chapter 10. Author removed disclaimer in offending chapter and also updated. Spanish language so report only.

11/8/2012 . Edited 11/8/2012 #19

Story: Remember When Author: FrenchxWolfxDemon Fandom: NAruto - songfic. Author claims that since they've never seen one removed then it doesn't happen and they have nothing to worry about.


11/8/2012 . Edited 11/10/2012 #20

Story Fabina songficsAuthor FABINASHIPPER101 Fandom Hwt Huis/House of Anubis. Violation Songfic. Author updated.

Story Save Me Author TheLovingDead Fandom Misc. Books. Violation Real people (My Chemical Romance), author's note as chapter, one- and two-liners as chapters. Author updated.

Story Dear Sass Master from Doncaster Author lionshavehearts Fandom Misc. TV Shows Violation Real people (One Direction), one-liner, interactive. Author updated.

Story In the end it's You and I Author Drctnrfrvr12 Fandom Plays/Musicals Violation Real people (One Direction). Author updated

Story Help me to find a Twilight fanfic Author MiraHale12 Fandom Twilight Violation Non-story request for help. Author ignored.

11/9/2012 #21

Story One Special Day Author You.Can.Call.Me.Risha Fandom Misc. TV Shows Violation Real person story about One Direction. Author claims that "all fanfictions are written about real people" and says she doesn't see any reason to use quotation marks.

Story One Direction Zombie Apocolypse Author SierraElizabethHGF19 Fandom Misc. Plays/Musicals Violation Real Person story about One Direction. Author refuses to move it because "a story is just a story".

11/9/2012 #22

Story The Idea Author The Authoro Fandom Misc. Books Violation: trollfic. Report Only.


11/10/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/11/2012 #23
Spirit of Paladin

Story: El percebe feo Author: sheilina19 Fandom: Dragon Ball Z Violation: One-liner, trollfic. Report only.

It's a trollfic in Spanish, something very rare as it's been over a year since I saw one.

Story: Grant's Blog Author: Goddess.of.Souls Fandom: Gallagher girls Violation: Interactive and chat format.

Author claims that it's ok because the story is fun and others like it.

11/10/2012 #24

Story: 2p! Germany's spell book Author: Mizu-chii42 Fandom: Hetalia - Axis Powers Avalon Code Crossover - Chapter 4 specifically has song lyrics. Previous 3 chapters are sketchy at best for being "non-story". Author has blocked me so I could not review but this one is trouble so be prepared for it.

Songfic portion removed. Non-story content remains.

11/11/2012 . Edited 11/15/2012 #25

Facebookery by Tehdarkpyros. Chat/script format. Author refuses to edit story.

11/11/2012 #26

Kingdom Hearts Chat-Room by KH-is-my-LIFE. Fandom: Kingdom Hearts. Violation: chat/script format. Author ignored my review, but published new stories.

Will report everything new later today.


11/12/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/12/2012 #27

Story my feeling Author animalthedragon Fandom Misc. Books Violation Original fiction. Author respond negatively.

Story To Bump Author Faramir's Cahrli Fandom Misc. Books Violation Original fiction. Author ignored. Deleted

Story City of Fog Author Ally1107 Fandom Misc. Books Violation Original fiction. Author updated.

Story Forever Young: A Niall Horan Fanfiction Author 1dforever922 Fandom Misc TV Shows. Violation Real person story about One Direction.

11/12/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/15/2012 #28
Mrs. Flamer

Reported a few, will be reviewing later.

Story: Sugar Sugar Rune: The Next Generation

Author: sapphirexyz

Non-story chapter. Author has been PMing me with all sorts of lies. Compliant!

11/12/2012 . Edited 11/12/2012 #29
Mrs. Flamer

Story: It's Such A Small World

Author: cutevampkitten03

Songfic. I couldn't review this because I was blocked (the author in question has already broken the rules before.), so a few warnings might be enough.

Edit: Author also has at least one more rulebreaking fic. In the one beneath this one, she said, "lol, broke some rules here", so she's clearly aware but simply does not care.

Song lyrics removed - compliant

11/12/2012 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/15/2012 #30
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