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Second kick at the can and hopefully we can get this working better for people who are not CU members and would like some help in trying to assist other writers.

Some basic rules for this area:

Non-CU members can post violations in this thread, but must obey the following rules or they will be banned:

1. Those submitting the violation must have reviewed notifying the writer of the violation and should only be posted in the Tip Line if:

  • The author replies poorly.
  • You find that you are blocked and could not review
  • They update it and ignore your review.
  • They update other works.

2. Only one violating story per writer. Even if a writer has ten violating stories only one of those stories can be submitted. No targeting writers, especially if you happen not to like them.

3. When posting a story, post the link to the actual story and not the author. If you are unable to do inline links then just copy and paste the url. In general when you make your submission you should try to make it look like this:

Story: __________(with link) Author: __________ Fandom: ___________ - with a note of the violation and a little background ie - if the author is hostile, does it have active defenders etc. Doesn't have to be an essay but a few sentences at most to tell people what they should expect when dealing with the writer in question.

4. The violation must be clear. A few spelling errors or missing punctuation marks does not necessarily mean it's in violation. If in doubt, ask a mod or make use of our "Stories you're not sure what to do about" thread and ask there.

5. Don't review one day and bring it in the next. Not everyone checks their pms on a daily basis. Give a fair chance for a writer to reply.

6. Do not submit troll fics. It's policy that CU does not feed the trolls. If in doubt, ask a mod or make use of our "Stories you're not sure what to do about" thread.

7. It is up to the discretion of a mod to allow a submission to be posted. We reserve the right to delete submissions if it appears a writer is being targeted or harassed or if the violation isn't clear or if it's not the type of violation CU typically reports (i.e. troll fics, grammar fails, etc.)

For CU members only:

It's up to each CUer to report and/or review on the stories brought in here. They are not required to do anything regarding these violations. However, the three review limit still applies as it would in the SiV thread. CUers should not review if they see three other CU members have already reviewed.

8/15/2013 . Edited 2/13/2014 #1

Story: Why demigods shouldn't be allowed at Hogwarts Author: Purplemania Fandom: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson crossovers

Reason: Well, I am new over here so I don't know whether this will work or not. But anyways, the above story has extremely short chapters, the author's grammar is poor. In fact she is just nine years old so I guess that would be violating the age limits right? Also, she had once suddenly stopped writing her story after receiving some flames and then wrote a new story in the first one itself. Also, she writes A.N. as chapters. I have flamed her, but she ignored it and updated so, I hope you guys would do something.

Cha's Note: You got it pretty close, I just edited this post to make it easier to read. The story violations are non-story chapters, underage writer (Maybe, looking for where writer says that herself. If you can point out the exact spot, evilgirl118, that'd be helpful.) and extremely poor grammar.

8/22/2013 . Edited by Cha's Aegis, 8/22/2013 #2

Oh, well, she has mentioned her age in ch.33 and also on her profile page.

8/22/2013 #3
Cha's Aegis

Thanks. That makes another definite violation. Although, chances are going to be really good she's going to lose her entire account because of it.

8/22/2013 #4

Story: When I Look At You Author: Superspicy Fandom: Real person fanfiction.

Not sure if this story would count as a violation or not, but since real people fics aren't allowed I assume it would be a violation?

8/23/2013 . Edited 8/24/2013 #5

Story:Fenrir Greyback's Bitch Author: Dirtykinks Fandom: Harry Potter

Reason:This story is rated M, but should be considered NC-17 or MA. It goes in to extreme detail, while describing bestiality and rape. I reviewed and told the author of the rating violation. Author is hostile. After seeing other reviews, this may have rabid followers.

The only change the author made to the story was to change the word Bitch to B in the title.

Review Response 1: 1-did you even read it 2-yes it may be extreme but, i've read the rules and i've done nothing that countless others haven't so if you want my story removed you should have their's too 3-you probably just want this removed because you don't like it/don't agree with but it is my choice so - DON'T LIKE DON'T READ

Review Response 2: i just looked at your account you've barely been on this site for less than two weeks you are new, so you have no write to judge someone else's work especially since you have none of your own

Due to not being able to recover my password for my other account, I created this one. PM me for my other username if you need it.

Story deleted

9/20/2013 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 9/21/2013 #6

Good Morning,

I hope it's ok for me to ask for some help! My fandom is being over run by graphic pornographic content. I've tried telling the worst offenders their stories are well above the maximum content rating of but they just keep writing more and ignore the warnings. I have reported them all myself but the site mods then just turn a blind eye. Some of it is really graphic and it's putting me off even coming to my fandom anymore. It may seem like I'm picking on a certain group of people, but I promise you I am not. It is just that this group of people all must 'hang out' away from and thus egg each other on. These group of ladies seem to have an LJ group where they hand out porn prompts and then they all post their resulting stories on even though they know they are breaking the rules (and inflicting porn on what might be all of our 13 year old relatives!) I know this because they talk about it in author's notes not because I've stalked them around the internet!

I'll give you some example stories but I would appreciate help getting the fandom cleaned up of this garbage more than you'll ever know. Thanks. erewolf more graphic porn with no real warning. I reviewed this, no response and still putting up graphic porn.

I won't bombard you with any more but these above people have a lot more of it and will only keep producing more if they're not stopped. I don't have any contact with these people so it's nothing personal but it's ruining my (and I think likely others as the fandom has died of late) enjoyment of the site. I know where literotica is if I want to read porn. I appreciate it's a bit out of keeping with your formatting request but I tried to sort the problem myself for quite some time before I got desperate enough to ask for help. For the record if they want to post these stories on LJ or adult fan fiction I don't care because I don't go there so I don't have to have porn forced into my view!

Thanks in advance.

11/4/2013 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 11/4/2013 #7

Hello tookewlforskool

Despite your good intentions you have misread a few rules regarding this thread and how it operates. First off, you can only bring in works if you have reviewed them yourself. As you did not review everything within your posting I have removed those links from your post. CU also does not target writers specifically which sadly you also did with some of your submissions. That is why many of your links were removed.

I ask that you once again read over the rules of this thread, which are within the very first posting, before you bring in more submissions to make sure this confusion does not occur again.

Thank you and have a good day.

11/4/2013 #8

Hello, I hope I'm going this correctly


Author: LeoInuyuka

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Violation: second point of view story, interaction, reader-insert

I left a review back in 7/29 but it was ignored and updated. I forgot about this until now.

11/6/2013 #9

Here's another one if you don't mind


Author: viiiiv

Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin

Violation: MA content, non-con

I left a review a long time ago but the author ignored and updated

11/7/2013 #10
Yemi Hikari

I went back and checked my reviews and found out that these were updated.

Story: A Look Into The Future Author: Jinxx Radke Fandom: Harry Potter/Twilight - This story is an RTB. The writer copies text from the first Harry Potter book. Writer updated since I reviewed and the latest chapter is also an author's note.

Story: Reading City of Bones-BEFORE-EVERTHING Author: KittyJEanLightwood Fandom: Mortal Instruments - This story is an RTB. The writer copies text from the City of Bones book. Writer updated since I reviewed. Deleted

11/11/2013 . Edited 2/1/2014 #11
Talena Mae

Story: Yugioh suvival guide Author: Luna M. Moon Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh - Name used to be Ariel Monroe, she is still writing chat script. (yes, I did review it... but for some reason it is not showing up=( ...)

Got a response: "Well gee it's not like It's a truth or dare and they don't give me questions and I don't always use their ideas so um BUG OFF"

11/20/2013 . Edited 11/22/2013 #12
Man of Constant Sorrow

Story: 15 & on Death Row. Author: sexyshiv. Fandom: Harry Potter This person has posted this story as their own but it is 100% stolen and a word for word theft at that. I have been reading on here since 2002 and read it when it was originally posted. If you Google the title and darklordpotter you can see the original post about it way back in 2005. This person had reposted it verbatim, I and another called them on there act, but have been ignored. and they continue to post. Here is the original stories details: Title: 15 & on Death Row Author: concrete13rose Rating: M Category: Action/Adventure/Drama Pairing: Harry/Luna/Narcissa Chapters: 10 Words: 31,300 Published: 2005 Status: Complete Summary: AUish. 15's too young to be innocent in Azkaban on death row 17's too young to escapesaid fateā€¦ and that's not all. So since when has the world cared about Harry's wants? It really kills me to see this person getting reviews/favs/follows for something they didn't do. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays Man of Constant Sorrow

12/4/2013 . Edited by Spirit of Paladin, 12/4/2013 #13
Spirit of Paladin

Welcome to CU, Man of Constant Sorrow. I edited your link so it doesn't lead to the mobile version, it's easier that way for us.

We'll do what we can, but please remember that the site admins can take a long time to actually delete rule-breaking stories.


The original author doesn't have the story in their profile anymore, and they have the pm option turned off, this may present a problem with the reporting process. Do you know of a way to contact the original author?

12/4/2013 . Edited 12/4/2013 #14
Talena Mae
The original author doesn't have the story in their profile anymore, and they have the pm option turned off, this may present a problem with the reporting process. Do you know of a way to contact the original author?

I have an account on DLP and have contacted the person who put the link up to the original story by concrete13rose asking if they could or knew how to get in contact and the reason why (Plus I alerted 'The Plagiarism Report Wanted List - All These Stories Are Plagiarized or Infringe Copyright' group). I hope that helps...

12/5/2013 . Edited 12/5/2013 #15
Spirit of Paladin

Well, I guess it can't hurt. Without the original author's word it's pretty difficult to get something done, the fact the story isn't available here is not helping either because the site administrators don't have much ground to stand on, I'm afraid.

12/5/2013 #16
Y. Honey
the fact the story isn't available here is not helping either

Yep. It's also not helping that even if the original author brings the story back, the publishing dates will be newer than the plagiarized version. I did report the plagiarist, but it's going to be an uphill battle.

12/6/2013 #17

I have never requested help from this forum, so apologies if I make any mistakes. There's a rulebreaking fic in the "Emergency!" fandom I'd like to report.

STORY: AUTHOR: Rittenden FANDOM: "Emergency!"

The author posted an introductory note as an individual chapter, there is no story content in the note at all, it's just an "intro" explaining the premise of the story and asking for reader feedback. I left a review on January 6th, the same day the story posted, letting the author know their note was in violation of the site's guidelines against posting author notes as individual chapters. The author responded back with this message (copied from the PM): "I had no intention of leaving the story there. I am having technical issues with the story manager that is currently at the attention of the Fanfiction support desk. I didn't delete the intro because I need to have it in place in order for them to see what the problem is." Additionally, author is aware of the violation because they also said: And as for being a 'new' member of FF - I'm not. I've been here since 2006. I'm well aware of what's allowed and what isn't."

I did realize that there was a sitewide problem with the story manager system and let it slide because I knew the writer couldn't get into the system to delete the note. The author asked me for advice on how to write an intro and I told them to do away with any kind of intro note, confining any kind of a/n to the first chapter posted, and work on writing a catchy summary to sell the story to readers. Author seemingly took my advice and I thought that was the end of it. In looking at the story today, all the writer did was go in and change a bit of the wording of the note, then uploaded their chapter, leaving the author note to stand as a chapter itself. I have since re-reviewed and told the writer I am now going to start reporting their story and I am going to seek the advice of one of the critics groups on here so that they can investigate and possibly report. We've never had any of the critic groups in the fandom and while I hate to call you guys in like this, this writer is blatantly thumbing their nose at the site's rules and expecting to get away with it. I will leave my PM unblocked for now in case anyone wishes to contact me, but be advised I've got a nasty little stalker that's trying to defend this person, so if it gets too bad, I may end up disabling my PM again.

EDIT: Story is now compliant with removal of note, please disregard the request for investigation. Sorry for any trouble.

1/8/2014 . Edited 1/8/2014 #18
Talena Mae

It's fine, thank you for taking the time to come tell us about it though CatchFireAndBurnWithMe.

And I am sorry for the abuse you are getting, did you try just blocking that person? It usually stops them from sending you a PM...

1/9/2014 . Edited 1/9/2014 #19

TheUltimateCombo - As per the rules of this thread you can only post a story if you have actually reviewed it and if the author replied negatively or if they updated/uploaded something else after your review and ignored it.

2/25/2014 #20

So, to be clear, you won't check this guy out unless I've post a story of his I've reviewed?

Okay then, here you go:

The story's name is "Arthur and friends in SPUSA 4"

Okay, so I reviewed:

"Dude. Tense confusion, scripted dialogue, hilariously short chapters. Dude, do you know how to write a FanFiction? Please PM me. I can give you some tips on how to be a better writer. Your stories are just so bland. There is no emotional tone in them. They seem like they're explaining everything in their words. Why? Cause you hardly write any story. Just dialogue. You seem to have some good ideas, but really, really, really poor execution. This isn't flaming, this is just trying to help you. PM me if you want to know how to make your stories better."

I probably could've phrased that better, but either way, the author updated, ignoring my feedback. He blocked me from reviewing his stories since then, and has uploaded more using the same chat/script format, tense confusion, and etc.

Is this better?

PS: Ignore the short chapters part.

2/25/2014 . Edited 2/25/2014 #21
So, to be clear, you won't check this guy out unless I've post a story of his I've reviewed?

Did you even read the first post of the thread where it lays out in detail how things work?

Thank you for that. It seems this author is aware of this group as I am blocked from reviewing.

2/25/2014 #22

I might've misunderstood the rules. Sorry. I do that sometimes.

2/25/2014 #23
Cha's Aegis

Firstly, this thread is for non-CU members to post stories that violate the site rules and they've tried warning the violating writer of the problem in case they weren't aware of it, but instead got a tantrum similar to what you're throwing and need help reporting it.

Secondly, if you have a problem, you could've easily found the chat thread since it's very easy to find and talk to all CUers, as a group, directly to air your grievance.

Thirdly, it's a good idea to do some research before railing at people without knowing what in the hell you're talking about. Perhaps if you weren't pulling your worst Donald Duck impersonation you would've read the Rules Read before posting anywhere and the The F.A.Q. -Frequently Asked Questions- Cornucopia to know how we work.

Fourthly, you need to lose the phony tough guy act. No one is buying it. You're only making yourself look like a whiny loser. We're not obligated to answer any questions from the likes of you. You want respect? Give a little and stop acting like a brat. We will answer all questions asked if you're at least civil. If not, we just ignore you and go on our merry way. After all, we've been at this successfully for three years now. We ain't going nowhere. Toodles!

2/28/2014 #24
Leafa Jewel Rodin


Author: xXxTriggerxXx

Fandom: Naruto

Violation: Interactive, author's notes as chapters

I have reviewed this story once, the author updated. Author has habit of claiming completeness and then updating.

3/14/2014 #25
Yemi Hikari

Story: Alabaster Orchastra

Author: Caesar Malone

Fandom: Bleach

Violation: The first chapter is an index. Later chapters after I reviewed may or may not have MA content.

I posted a review to the story about six months ago. Not only have they updated this story but they have another rule breaker that has an author's note as an individual chapter as well as MA content. This though is the story I reviewed.


Story: Alyak at horseland, what adventures await

Author: Alyak98

Fandom: Horseland

Violation: The writer has a character profile as an individual chapter. It could also be an RPF infraction as the writer admitted to me that Alyak is just her name spelled backwards.

Brought to you guys as the writer has in fact updated another story.

4/13/2014 . Edited 4/25/2014 #26

Welp, newbie incoming I guess. Pokemon could use a good cleaning and this guy I reviewed is a perfect example. Tell me if I'm failing.

Story: Sarecus' New Adventure Author: BlitzSarecus Fandom: Pokemon - Explict MA Content, specifically in chapter three and four. The author seemed to have ignore my review in favor of uploading his other stories.

4/27/2014 . Edited 4/27/2014 #27

Story: Harry Potter Survival Guide For Orginal Character

Author: Immortal Avenger

Fandom: Harry Potter

This entry is written in second person and does not contain any actual characters.

When I pointed out the rules to Immortal Avenger the first time, he ignored me. After he updated and I reminded him that it would only be polite to at least react in some way, he accused me of harassment and blocked me.


6/11/2014 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 6/12/2014 #28

wow, and I'm blocked so they get the rare move of being bumped right up to the SiV.

Thanks for the tip BogeyWoman.

6/11/2014 #29
Sometimes Brilliant

Story: Black Butler Truth Or Dare

Author: NamelessDemonamong

Fandom: Black Butler.

Chat/script format fic. Author refused to fix/remove the story and said so via PM, and then uploaded a new chapter soon afterwards.


Story: TUFF Puppy ToD my way

Author: Mr I Don't Give A Damn

Fandom: T.U.F.F Puppy

Another chat/script format. Possibly interactive. Plus an authors note chapter at the very end. Author refused to change or edit the story and has said he will be continuing said story regardless. Fair warning, their PM rants to me won't end, so review at your own risk


Story: My Boyfriend Is In A Band, How 'Bout Yours?

Author: sumplan182

Fandom: Plays/Musicals

Real person fic. Reviewed, got a few hostile PMs. Might want to be wary of this one if you don't like lots of PMs. Otherwise, review away.


6/14/2014 . Edited 6/21/2014 #30
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