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Pecan Crisp

Story: Total Drama Darkrose Island

Author: Apenad4Life

Fandom: Total Drama series

Violation: Interactive/SYOC story.

Additional Notes: Review was ignored, and author ignored story not once, but twice.

Author apparently wants to go 'above and beyond' in breaking this rule; It flat out states on her page "Character eliminations will be based on not only which characters I like more, but also will be dependent on the activity and following of the reader/creator, that's just how it is."

2/12 #451

Hate to say it Pecan crisp but right now they're in the clear rules wise. There is no form within the story and they make it clear they want submissions via PM with no one in their reviews doing anything but reviewing.

You are right that it's probably going to be very interactive but till they do it it's in the clear at least in my eyes.

2/12 #452
Venomheart the Dreamer


Author: Skrollexium Skrollers

Fandom: Warriors

Violation: MA, Non-story chapter 2

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued updating.


Author: Fanficteller

Fandom: Zootopia

Violation: Copyright infringement / Wrong Category

Additional note: Compare chapter 1 with the script of Brother Bear. It should also technically be placed in the crossover category I believe. The author ignored the review and updated other works.


Story: Rise of The New

Author: Dogwolf12

Fandom: Warriors

Violation: Non-story chapter

Additional note: I think the response amounted to it's fine because other sites allow it or because no one else has reported it.

Story: Total Drama: BACK IN ACTION!

Author: Dauntless-born96

Fandom: Total Drama series

Violation: Non-story/ Interactive

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued updating.

2/12 . Edited 2/16 #453
Smoking Wrecker

I just want to make a report about this author named the mick copied off a story that me and a co author are doing and broke the script/chat format rule as well

Here's the mick's story

Here's me and zachlor16's story

2/13 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 2/13 #454
Republic Che

Since Feb 27, 2017 the author UchihaMadara1997 has plagiarized the story by hidaruma. I reported him to The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports several months ago, however the stolen story is still on the site. Critics United never sent this person a review despite his guy being a well known plagiarist. Here is my report to The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports (TAPIR) (P.S: Please look at the reviews for The Legend of Fire because there are people who have called the thief out):

Culprit's user name: UchihaMadara1997.

FFID: 6716071.

Link to Author's homepage:

Stolen Story:

Original Author: hidaruma.

FFNID: 6553391.

Link to Author's homepage:

Original story:

Note: Please contact hidaruma to get the full info on the situation with this case. Also on March 3rd of this year, hidaruma posted a review on The Legend Of Fire's Chapter 1 stating that:

This is plagiarism at its godd*** finest. This story is copied word for word from my story, "The Will of Fire Still Burns", which was published more than two years ago. And when I say word for word, I mean word for word—the content, the summary, the chapter titles, the characters involved, and even the f***ing author's notes. Literally every single word from every single chapter is taken directly from me. I haven't checked my fanfiction account for a few weeks now, so you can imagine my surprise when I checked my email this morning only to see that three separate individuals had messaged me claiming that there was an author claiming my content as his own. I am aware that I have all but discontinued "The Will of Fire Still Burns", but I cannot tell you haw absolutely livid I was to hear that someone thought it was acceptable, or just didn't care that they were stealing work directly from another author. Yes, now that I am logged back into my account I see that you messaged me literally the same day you posted this story, but in case you forgot let me remind you: "Do you mind life I continue your story, 'The will of fire still burns.." I can assure who that I'll write it as one of the best. I can see that the story has a great potential but you have discontinued it. Reply fast." Those are your exact words taken directly from PM, however, there is quite a lot wrong with what you said and the reality you have presented everyone with. First off, you "published" this story of February 26, the very day that you messaged me, meaning that I wasn't even given time to respond before you went ahead and whatever you wanted. Second, I would have been even the slightest bit placated if there had been mention of me or my story anywhere, but there isn't. Third, even if I had seen your PM earlier, I would not have given you free reign to continue my story for various reasons. The main reason is that—despite being a young, fresh, and overly-excited author that didn't really think things through at the time—I put all of my time, effort, and thought into that story. If I could go back now and do things a little differently? No question about it, but that is neither here nor there as I just don't have that same passion for it anymore. But that in no way gives you the right to take what I have put so much of myself into. If you wanted to use a similar premise, or wanted to write a similar story that averted those cringe-worthy cliches that I hit so heavily on in the first half of my story, or even just waited those five f***ing days for me to get back to you, then I wouldn't have had so much of a problem. But you didn't, you copied your chapters from mine to the very letter. I sincerely hope that none who come across this story support such plagiarism.

Note: I edited out the profanity with * to conform with site rules.

EDIT: I forgot about this little gem on the stolen story's review page:

Cavalry chapter 5 . Mar 4, 2017

I'd let the original author know about this story a few minutes ago, though now I see that is was unnecessary after looking through the reviews. Glad to know that he and so many others are aware and have even called you out on this pathetic attempt at plagiarism. What pisses me off though is that even after that, you continue to post his chapters and act as if nothing is wrong. You even have the gall to say that "you don't give a shit about those who are saying negative things about your story", and that you will continue to copy another's story because the worst that anyone can do is leave negative reviews. Hidaruma, the original author, even responded to my PM, saying that you blocked him so that he can neither leave anymore reviews on this story, or even PM you. And that's after you left him this message after he called you out on it: Subject: Important How is your mom. Last time I saw her, I left her in sexual comma. ME and my friends had f*** her preety good. She was m*** and screaming like a common w***. Ohh... sorry, she is a common W***. LOL I don't even know what to say anymore

Here's AngryOwl's review calling the thief out:

AngryOwl chapter 1 . Mar 7, 2017

If you're reading this review before you read the fic, turn away. This is a blatant copy of an already existing fic. As for the author, just wow. Pathetic. That's the only real way to describe what you have done. You even copied the poll from the original story. You took the hard work of someone else, blatantly copied it word for word, and now sit there, pretending as if you actually wrote a single bit of it. It's honestly the worst thing you can do on this website. This is fanfiction. The very least you can do is write something on your own. I can only imagine that you sit in your room, taking some sort of pleasure every time so unknowing person leaves a review on this fic. Its disgusting. I'm not meaning to be mean. My aim is to be honest. This is scum-like. You're literally a lesion on this website, a leech without a single creative bone in your body. A person who most likely failed at making literature in any form thus had to resort to STEALING FANFICTION. Its pathetic. End this account and disappear. I pray to god that this is some type of throwaway account for the original author because I don't want people like you to exist.

Anyway UchihaMadara1997 stole another fanfic, this time from a User named pudgypudge.

pudgypudge's story is named is An Uzumaki Amongst the Dunes ( The thief renamed the stolen fic: Forsaken ( Forsaken is a direct word for word copy of An Uzumaki Amongst the Dunes (including the author's note (at the beginning of the chapter) and summary). As of this post the thief only has one chapter posted.

UchihaMadara1997 broke two site rules for both of the stories I'm reporting (that I'm currently aware of as of this post):

Actions not allowed:

1: Multiple entries of the same material. There can only be one copy of any unique story on the entire site. No exceptions.

3: Copying from a previously published work (including musical lyrics) not in the public domain.

Notes: UchihaMadara1997 straight up not only ignores people calling him out for his unrepentant rule breaking but also keeps updating and posting new stolen content. Also I reviewed both stories citing the broken rules.

2/13 . Edited 2/13 #455
Critics United never sent this person a review despite his guy being a well known plagiarist.

Our relationship with the anti-plagiarist group isn't the best so there was no way for any of us to know about it since our members do not interact with them (and vice versa). Now we do know about it so we'll look into it and CU members will act accordingly.

2/13 . Edited 2/13 #456
Republic Che

I completely understand. Also for a better feel of the situation, please contact hidaruma as well as read The Legend Of Fire's review page (concentrate on the people calling UchihaMadara1997 out. Also I copied and pasted:

Critics United never sent this person a review despite his guy being a well known plagiarist.

I copied what I wrote from the Help desk, I know that I shouldn't of copied, but I was stressed (had a nasty Trojan I was trying to get rid of at the time that I was desperately trying to delete. Good news it's gone now) so I sincerely apologize it won't happen again. I feel ashamed of myself.

When I wrote (originally on the Help Desk):

Critics United never sent this person a review despite his guy being a well known plagiarist.

I was both upset and angry that UchihaMadara1997 was getting away with his despicable act of theft.

2/13 . Edited 2/13 #457

Story: Lily the shishkabab

Author: The Boadacious E

Fandom: The Loud House

Violation: Possible MA Content

Additional Notes: The author has written probably the most creepiest story that's on the site. The story is less than 300 words, yet it mentions a baby (who's technically a toddler due to being 15 months old) performing a sexual act upon an 11 year-old boy. This is by all accounts creepy and totally inappropriate. I consider this by far the worse possible story violation that's on the site. I hope something can be done with this story.

Note: While this the only work of the author's I can report upon, I would be concerned about all the author's works.

Update: It's been discovered that the author has taken down the context and has replaced it with this simple sentence: "Lily morphed into a ball."

2/14 . Edited 3/9 #458
Republic Che

Story: High School DxD : Los Dragones de la Destruccion.

Fandom: High School DxD.

Author: Crimson Tyranytar .

Violation: Wrong language.

Notes: When I used the filter to get only stories in English, I came across Los Dragones de la Destruccion. When I clicked on the stories title, the story's contents (as well as the title and summary) are in a different language (I think Spanish, but I'm not sure). Also I posted a review stating the story is in the wrong language.


2/15 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 2/15 #459

It's listed as being "Spanish" now.

2/15 . Edited 2/15 #460
Light Filled City


Fandom: O.K KO let's be heroes.

Author: BChowdog

Violation: The entire story is just one phrase written so many times it counts as 2000 word story.

Notes: I'm not sure what exactly it violates but I assume it counts as a non-story right?

2/15 . Edited 2/15 #461

It's nothing more than an attempt at trolling Light Filled City. Report and move on.

2/16 #462

Story #1: Pokemon Theme Songs: Pokeshipping Edition (DELETED)

Author: Northstar Pokeshipper

Fandom: Pokémon

Violation: It copies most of the lyrics of various songs from the Pokémon anime like "Pokémon Theme" and "Pokémon World".

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 2/21 and updated the story four hours after my review.

Story #2: Link x Zelda (WIP Storyline, Chapter 2)

Author: DiamondLyssa

Fandom: Legend of Zelda

Violation: Chapter and not using the chaptering feature for the other story "Link x Zelda (WIP Storyline)".

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 2/19 and published another story on 2/21.

2/21 . Edited 3/19 #463
Republic Che

Suspect: Tsuyoru-tatsuya.

Stolen Story: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebirth

Original Author: ShadowBlah2.

Original Stories: Entropy and Before and Ever After.

Fandom: Code Geass

Violation: Plagiarism.

Notes: Tsuyoru-tatsuya stole from both of ShadowBlah2's stories. ShadowBlah2 reviewed both stories stating:

chapter 1 . 18h agoHuh. I kinda like how you edited this. Still though, couldn't you take the major points of what I wrote and write them together in your own way? These stories are often different arrangements of the same plotpoints anyway, and I'm no different. Both 'Before and Ever After' and 'Entropy' are rehashes of other stories' concepts with the intention of putting my own spin on them and improving in areas I found lacking. I'm curious to see where you go with this story (I quite like the setup, of course!), but I'd really prefer you just rewrite the bits that inspired you rather than copying them word for word. Besides, your story (and maybe account too, though I don't recall the specifics of the TOS) may be shut down if the gods of fanfiction decide you've plagiarized. ~ShadowBlah

chapter 2 . 16h ago

So. Here we are. I see you also lifted paragraphs almost word for word from the first chapter of my other Code Geass story "Before and Ever After". I might not have been mad if you'd asked me before copying my work, but you didn't. I was annoyed but polite toward your first chapter despite the blatant plagiarism, but seeing that you did it again in Chapter 2, I am now quite bothered, and can only think that your entire story moving forward will be copying bits and pieces wholesale from other sources. Delete this work of plagiarism and contemplate on how to write a story yourself before uploading anything to this site ever again. ~ShadowBlah

After being caught red-handed Tsuyoru-tatsuya said this in the review section after ShadowBlah reviewed:

chapter 1 . 7h ago

I am sorry for copying the content for chapter 1 but I only used that as a kickoff for the chapter. But believe me I did not copy my chapter 2 from the story 'before and ever after'. I know that the explanation of God and the power to change world is very similar to what has been written in it's chapter 1, but I had already been writing this story since 2010. I took that idea from one of Dan Brown's books named 'The Lost Symbol'. The whole unconscious mind's power to change world was in it. I have been writing, editing and then rewriting this fanfic since 2010. The only reason I did not publish it till now was because I did not know how to give Lelouch both the Code and the Geass for which I used a part ShadowBlah's story 'Entropy'(again sorry for copying content of another user) but that was the full extent of it. The rest has been written by hand. You can read the story 'Before and Ever After' to confirm for yourself.


3/7 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 3/9 #464

Please note that CU does not target authors. in future please just link to the story in question and not the author's profile.

Also, just stick to the facts and not include other people's reviews. They have no relevance here when it comes to your tip.

3/7 #465
Republic Che

I understand and apologize. It will not happen again.

3/7 #466

Story #1: Goddess Butt Is BEST Butt, Says Pit

Author: DoubtLovesFaith

Fandom: Super Smash Brothers

Violation: The story has "Fiction MA" content.

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 11/22/2017 and updated other stories since 1/11/2018. The author has other rule-breaking stories.

Story #2: Reading Remnants of the Wild

Author: ultima-owner

Fandom: Legend of Zelda RWBY Crossover

Violation: MST of StallionWolf's "Remnants of the Wild".

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 3/6 and updated the story on 3/9.

Story #3: Fading Static

Author: ImpossibleJedi4

Fandom: Property of Hate

Violation: Copies the lyrics of Alan Walker's "Faded".

Additional note: The author replied to the review warning that I made on 3/6 with a PM telling me that "I will simply leave my fic up until those who actually run the site do something" and calling me a "mini-moderator on a fanfiction site".

Story #4: Our Little Miracle (DELETED)

Author: XellossLina

Fandom: Akatsuki no Yona/暁のヨナ

Violation: The story has "Fiction MA" content.

Additional note: The author replied to the review warning that I made on 3/18 with a PM that throws the "bully" card at me.

3/7 . Edited 3/27 #467
Venomheart the Dreamer

Story: Fun Facts!

Author: Emberflame1706

Fandom: Warriors

Violation: Non-story chapters

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued updating.

Story: Waffle's Warrior Cat lemons Anything Goes!

Author: ScrambledWaffles

Fandom: Warriors

Violation: Non-story chapters/ MA content.

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued updating.

Story: The Conspiracy

Author: Zanrok

Fandom: Zootopia

Violation: Copyrighted lyrics, the chapter has multiple.

Additional note: The author claims fair use as well as updated other works.

3/23 . Edited 3/23 #468

Story: This Was Probably a Bad Idea

Author: Evilkitten3

Fandom: My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア

Violation: Chat/script format or keyboard dialogue based entry.

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 3/18 and updated the story on 3/26.

3/27 #469
Venomheart the Dreamer

Story: The Flight of the Jay


Fandom: Warriors

Violation: Non-story chapter

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued to update.

Story: A Frosty Tale

Author: XxSilverMist105xX

Fandom: Warriors

Violation: Non-story chapter

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued to update.

3/29 . Edited 4/1 #470


Author: Darth Sparta

Fandom: Ben 10 & RWBY Crossover

Violation: MST of Toy2711's "RWBY: Ultimate Alien".

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 3/27 and updated the story on 3/29.

Story #2: Re:START Sword Ask Online

Author: Lojky

Fandom: Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン

Violation: Interactive entry that uses reviewed requests, in addition to having chat/script format.

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 4/1 and updated the story at least seven hours after my review warning.

3/31 . Edited 4/1 #471

Hello there, I hope i did this right...

Goody note - obvious troll, report only

4/8 . Edited by MrGoodyTwoShoes, 4/8 #472

Just one fic per idiot, Chimchang. It only feeds the troll the attention it craves when one reviews multiple "fics" by the same spammer. That said, obvious troll is obvious, so I'd call this one a case of report only. (Ah, Goody beat me to it.)

4/8 . Edited 4/8 #473

Also, silverwhisp was one I added as a report only to the SiV several weeks ago. So, that has already been taken care of.

4/8 #474

Story: Watching Agents of SHIELD

Author: Crystal-ish Heart

Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Violation: Copies the transcript of various episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., in addition to using chat/script format.

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made back on 2/5 and updated the story on 4/4.

4/9 #475
Venomheart the Dreamer

Story: OCs Needed for Downpour

Author: Tina-chan V

Fandom: Warriors

Violation: Non-story/ Interactive

Additional note: The author ignored the review and continued updating.

4/16 #476

Story: Permanent Sunset

Author: Greaser of Olympus

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Violation: Copies the lyrics of Halestorm's "Permanent Sunset".

Additional note: The author ignored the review warning that I made on 4/15 and updated other stories on 4/17.

4/19 #477
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