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Devils Favourite Angel

Name: Ruby Blackburn

D.O.B: April 26 1984

Age: 26

Gender: female

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 120lbs (8st 6lbs)

Hair colour: White and Black

Eye colour: Blue

Appearence: Usually dresses in black leather pants and crop top with black high heels and a black leather calf length jacket.

Ability(ies): Turns into White Tiger. Can change back at any time and has agility and speed of a cat.

Class: Feral

GSA or Mutant X: Either she doesn't really care.

Residence: N/A

Info: Ruby is a child of the GSA. They had given her feral abilities not knowing that they would adapt and therefore allow her to change into a big cat. She is very hot headed and will get into a fight with anyone over anything. She also has a habit of biting her opponents. Ruby Blackburn is a very dangerous mutant, she is not one to be trifled with and she will attack if threatened. Caution is needed when approching this feral. She is fast, last calculated speed was 70MPH and she is strong. She managed to lift a twenty tonne cement blockade as if it were a mere book. She has a good throwing arm and can throw things over 100 yards. Last living residence is unknown.

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(pffft, like I care that no one has posted in years, I'm still jumping in :D)

Name: Logan Blackwood

D.O.B: November 21 1983

Age: (At beginning of Mutant X) 19

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 153 lbs (10 st 13 lbs)

Hair Colour: Blue-Black

Eye Colour: Black

Race: Korean-English mix

Appearance: Wears a hoodie by default and is reluctant to wear anything else especially sleeveless things. Along with Hoodies he tends to wear loose jeans with large side pockets or camouflage trousers with large detachable pockets. In a Hoodie he looks quite big and appears slightly over weight but without the hoodie he is actually simply quite muscular, especially around his upper torso and arms. He has a very distinctive, quite unusual face which isn't very generically handsome/beautiful but has a certain acquired attractiveness to it. He has a very sharp jawline and features with very defined cheekbones and has deep set, serious eyes with dark shadows under them. He had a Triangle with a lightning bolt in the middle tattooed on the side of his neck in black ink though this is not usually visible thanks to pain-perception filters.

Abilities: Intell and Pain-synthesis.

Is capable of analysing people and objects and thinking through entire situations and calculating the probability of human actions and calculate exactly physical reactions, meaning that not only can he solve mathematical problems rapidly he can also predict gun fire and human fighting strategies making him potentially unbeatable if there is a way for him to survive. His biggest weaknesses are unseen attacks and Human factors. His memory is unmatched and he is constantly following through with multiple lines of thought.

Pain-synthesis has meant that he himself is incapable of experiencing pain the same way normal people do, he instead feels a dull, neutral sensation that doesn't hurt. This also applies to emotional pain, though he can still experience fear and depression, he simply lacks the same stabbing sensation most people feel with emotional pain. He is able to torture people within a certain radius through both physical and emotional pain and can also negate them from others. He can render himself generally "invisible" using a pain-perception filter (the most difficult aspect of his power which is the most limited) which is where a certain object or individual has a mental field around them where someone viewing them will cause a very slightly, subconscious pain which means the brain simply blanks out that area and they avoiding looking at what caused them pain. Those which the filter applies to have to be acknowledged for this to work as it is partially to do with inflicting pain at specific times.

Class: Pscionic

GSA or Mutant X: At first GSA -Working as a mole who relays warnings to mutants- then Mutant X by choice.

Residence: Sanctuary

Info: Logan is believed to have killed over 50 people, and those are just the ones that have been accounted for. What's far, far worse is when he doesn't kill you. Hoping to move away from his blood stained past Logan is now trying to abstain from using his pain-synthesis abilities and works for Mutant X to help people. Viewed as a Geek by Brennan and a harmless naive kid by the other members of mutant X, Logan is perfectly happy with his unfitting characterisation though it leads to several situations where he's vastly under estimated which are mildly annoying. Despite his clean cut from his past, including an alias and several other neat little lies, Logan's past will probably eventually catch up with him. His only remaining active connection to his past is Karl Andrews, a telepath and a tele-cyber who was his old partner.


Type- INTJ

Logan can often be mistaken for being cold and harsh in his judgement and treatment of others but the reality is that he simply always takes the logical path with the best outcome (save when he's getting his head messed with) and rather than being cold he simply finds being quiet easier than talking as were he to talk more, he'd probably annoy people by discussing things they didn't understand. With no emotional or physical pain he's really a psychopath waiting to happen (or has happened in the past) but the fact that's he's trying to reform indicates that his 'moral compass' is in a positive direction. He handles responsibility well and enjoys challenges but often feels reserved about constantly contributing to groups in case he irritates people. He's incredibly mature for his age and has a good hird-person perspective on situations. He has a weakness and deep protectiveness for vulnerable people (especially children) and close friends -since he doesn't really have all that many-.

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Devils Favourite Angel

Accepted. Do you want a private RP?

7/12/2012 #3

Definitely, that would be awesome :D

7/12/2012 #4
Devils Favourite Angel


7/12/2012 #5

Do you want to choose the starting scenario?

7/12/2012 #6
Devils Favourite Angel

Nope you can :)

7/12/2012 #7

Argh the pressure! (As a warning I've never Rped on here before or for mutant X)

Okaaay how about:

The GSA has recently taken an interest in a rogue feral known as Ruby Blackburn for her powerful mutation and have hired a team of expert trackers and trained assassins to at first attempt to befriend her and bring her in, but if that fails they are to use any means necessary to bring her to headquarters. Also having taken an interest in the powerful mutant, Mutant X have taken it upon themselves to find this mutant and protect her from the GSA. Whilst the GSA and Mutant X have their usual battles though, a series of bodies have been turning up on the shores of local beaches and all of them have been mutants who have been killed in an identical manner. *cue dramatic music*

(Set before Gabriel Ashlocke and Mason Eckhart is still in charge)

So Um... is that alright? (If not please say since I have no idea what I'm meant to write for this *scratches neck awkwardly*)

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #8
Devils Favourite Angel

Awesome, because Ruby is gonna be...teasing Eckhart anyway. And I mean teasing in a sexual way. Mutant X have to be after Ruby as well; but Ruby doesn't like having Shalimar on her territory, being a feral herself. So you're like a mind reader. I like it.

How would you be at playing Eckhart?

7/12/2012 #9

I saw that you requested a fic with Ruby/Mason so I tried to ensure she got some special time with eckhart :D Sure, I'd be happy too :)

7/12/2012 #10
Devils Favourite Angel

Thanks :) and yeah

7/12/2012 #11
Jackdaw Actual

Hello, I am Helljumper36. You may call me Jumper.

Is this still up?

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Devils Favourite Angel


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