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Devils Favourite Angel

You can start hun :)

7/12/2012 #1

(Okay :) If you want me to change rp style/length or anything please say :) )

Situation: The GSA has recently taken an interest in a rogue feral known as Ruby Blackburn for her powerful mutation and have hired a team of expert trackers and trained assassins to at first attempt to befriend her and bring her in, but if that fails they are to use any means necessary to bring her to headquarters. Also having taken an interest in the powerful mutant, Mutant X have taken it upon themselves to find this mutant and protect her from the GSA. Whilst the GSA and Mutant X have their usual battles though, a series of bodies have been turning up on the shores of local beaches and all of them have been mutants who have been killed in an identical manner. *cue dramatic music*

"Her name's Ruby Blackburn, I can't seem to find a result for her residence though..." Jesse announced to the rest of the team as he ran searches through the computer looking for files on their latest mutant of interest, a feral who had mutated so much that they were now capable of fully turning into a wild cat.

"Will I ever be able to do that? Turn fully I mean." Shalimar asked Adam as her legs dangled over the side of the pull out seat by the computer.

"Who knows." Adam answered absently, shrugging as he waited for Jesse to turn up some useful information.

"Try running a face match using the footage you got off of the security cameras." Logan suggested quietly, leant against the wall beside the computer, watching with his usual calm silence.

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #2
Devils Favourite Angel

(It's awesome)

It was dark; music was playing loudly and everyone was talking loud to try and hear each other above the music. Ruby was sat at the bar drinking her third tequila when a man came up to her smiling and swaying about. He was fat, had a long beard and his hair was a mess.

"Hey darlin' you want a drink?" He asked.

Ruby looked at him and snarled.

"Not with you I don't" she replied.

The man was oblivious to her disgust and put his hand on her backside.

"Come on Darlin' just one drink eh?" He asked again.

This time Ruby growled, took the mans arm in her hands and snapped it over her knee.

"I believe I said no; so please go away" she answered.

The man yelled out and looked at his arm.

"You broke my arm bitch!" He exclaimed.

Ruby shrugged.

"Don't touch my ass then" she said.

The man walked off, holding his arm and Ruby sat back down downing her tequila. The bartender was looking at her with a hint of both disgust and worry.

"What?" She asked.

The man shrugged, looked at the door and then back at Ruby.

"Alright; I'm goin'" Ruby said.

She got up and walked out of the bar.

7/12/2012 #3

Sure enough using the face shot they'd previously acquired of the feral, the most recent recording of her was on a security camera around the front of shop on a street which was not all that far from sanctuary.

"We can reach that in just over ten minute if we hurry." Jesse realised, doing the math in his head and quickly standing from his seat.

"Alright, Emma you and Jesse go and talk to her and see if you can convince her to come her, I'd love the opportunity to exam her DNA, it could help me determine Shalimar's future mutations and possibly help me with developing a sedative for Shalimar's future growth spurts." Adam instructed.

"Adam, can I go too? I haven't been out on a mission yet so this seems a pretty good place to start." Logan suggested, his facial expression not changing once from it's usual default serious one.

"We'll look after him Adam." Jesse assured their leader with a grin, grabbing his car keys off of the table and heading off to the deck.

"Alright just... be careful." Adam said wairly, still not entirely confident about their latest edition but... well, everyone had to have a first mission.

"Thanks." Logan thanked him with a small nod and followed after Jesse.


Eckhart was smiling smugly to himself, spinning in circles on his chair as he put his hands to his chin and contemplated just what they could use this new feral for. She was estimated to be even more powerful than that annoying kitty in Mutant X so perhaps... he grinned this time. Already his team were tracking her and they were sure to catch up with her any minute now.

7/12/2012 #4
Devils Favourite Angel

Ruby gave a sigh as she walked along the street. She could feel someone following her and growled; stopping and turning around.

"What do you want?" She asked.

She didn't recognise them; but from the suits, they looked pretty important. Then the bloke from earlier came up behind them.

"You broke my arm freak" he growled.

Ruby shook her head and began to laugh.

"Did I now?" She asked.

He nodded and then Ruby shook her head; taking out the two men in suits first, before growling, grabbing the man by the hair and sinking her now elongated top and bottom canines into his neck; making sure not to nick the artery, but enough to make sure he knew who was the boss in this...relationship.

"Now fuck off" she growled.

(You don't mind the language do you?)

7/12/2012 #5

(No not at all :3 Do you want Ruby to end up with the GSa or Mutant X first?)

After a brief car journey which consisted purely of Jesse babbling and Emma making the odd disinterested comment -afterall, the topic was computers- they pulled up sharply into a street and parked by the pavement.

"This is where she was last recorded to have been seen by the camera network." Jesse announced, indicating the front of a convenience store which had flickering lighting and the shop assistant inside was asleep on the counter.

"He didn't see anything." Emma concluded decisively, watching the sleeping man with bland disgust. Stepping up onto the pavement Logan spun slowly on his heel. The left hand of the street filtered down into housing and general shops where as the right hand side had a higher ratio of clubs and pubs. As a rule of thumb, ferals preferred to spend nights in large groups where they could single out a target if they were hunting, the wildness of clubs and pubs also appealed to their feral nature.

"She went this way." Logan decided, taking off to the right, looking around for more information. Upon turning the corner it became obvious where the feral was as she came into sigh and was sinking her teeth into a man's neck.

(sorry it took a while, whenever I backspace it deletes the whole thing so I had to rewrite it)

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #6
Devils Favourite Angel

She looked up and growled at the man who had just turned the corner; before throwing the man in her hands into the road, watching as his neck was broken by a bus running over him; before wiping her mouth, smiling, waving and running off.

(GSA please)

7/12/2012 #7

(Okay, thanks :)

Jesse and Emma had turned the corner just in time to see her throw the body into the road.

"Holy smokes batman, that girl is bat crap crazy." Jesse observed in a somewhat breathless, shocked voice.

"The GSA agents got to her first." Logan added quietly.

"What, you're psychic too now?" Jesse demanded, looking around for what could possibly have lead him to that conclusion.

"Their bodies are on the floor." Logan pointed in just a teensy pit of a patronising manner, earning him a glare.

"Come on, we can try and follow her in the car." Jesse grumbled, turning around and sprinting back to the car, Logan and Emma in tow.


Eckhart was receiving a phone call.

"Sir, she didn't come quietly. Do we have permission to use the darts?" The head assassin requested through the line.

"Yes of course, I told you to use any means necessary, were you some how unable to understand this?" Eckhart snipped irritably, shutting the phone and setting it back down on the desk. They'd gone and gotten his hopes up too.

7/12/2012 #8
Devils Favourite Angel

Ruby looked at the two men and sighed shaking her head; going back and seeing two more men one having a dart gun.

"You guys don't need to use that. I'm not that dangerous; unless you piss me off" she said.

She walked towards them.

"What do you two want?" She asked.

7/12/2012 #9

Sitting in the car, Jesse was turning the key but all they could hear was an unpleasant gurgling noise.

"Of all the times..." Jesse muttered to himself stepping out and pulling the hood up of the car. It was clear from the sparks that shot up towards his face and the hiss of steam and smoke that something wasn't quite right. "Someone must have done something, this is completely fried!" Jesse exclaimed, examining the busted car. Emma was working on keeping her expression neutral whilst Logan called in for a rescue from Adam.


The two assassins kept the tranquilizer dart gun aimed at the feral but responded rationally.

"We simply wish to take you to our boss, he has requested a chat with you about your... unique abilities. He works with lots of people like you and has taken an interest in the power of your mutation." the agents not holding the gun informed her whilst the other toyed with the trigger.

7/12/2012 #10
Devils Favourite Angel

Ruby smiled, walked up to the men, took the dart gun off of them, opened it, took the Dart out and stabbed it into herself.

"Your darts don't work; you'll have to use elephant tranquilizer on me. But...seeing as you asked so...politely. I'll come with you without any hesitation or without a fight" she said.

What she had said was a lie; the dart was effective, just not as effective as it should have been.

7/12/2012 #11

Grimacing the agents regarded the feral with a mix of antipathy and fear as their compainion brought up the escort car the GSA had given them. The one with the dart gun moved and opened the back door for the feral.

"Have a seat." He offered politely, shooting a warning look at his partner who was just as concerned about being weaponless now.


"We'll come and get you with the helix." Adam confirmed, rubbing his temples. If the GSA captured a feral this powerful, it could cause serious complications for them...

7/12/2012 #12
Devils Favourite Angel

She got into the car and sat down, smiling the entire way.

"So...who's your boss?" She asked.

7/12/2012 #13

The car being a compact limo, the two agents sat down in seats opposite her and after sharing a brief look answered.

"Mason Eckhart, a geneticist who is head of the GSA. You would be wise to treat him with respect and caution, he is a very powerful man." The advised the feral, suspecting that if the feral caused trouble somehow they'd get blamed

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #14
Devils Favourite Angel

The woman laughed at that.

"You think I'm scared of him? I'm not scared of anything...not really. But...hey, he sounds like a powerful man; I'll give him resepct...if he deserves it" she said.

7/12/2012 #15

The agents laughed quietly at the feral's ignorance and confidence.

"It doesn't matter how strong or fast you are feral, you do not want to get on the wrong side of him, so really you should be scared. He's far more dangerous than any mutant, especially when he's angry. For some reason, he also seems to want to help you so, so long as you play your cards right you could end up with much more than you ever dreamed of." The agent on the right informed her, pulling out his phone to text their boss that they were about to arrive as the car pulled up into the car park of the genomex complex.

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #16
Devils Favourite Angel

The feral chuckled and shook her head.

"I give resepct to those who earn it. I'm sure your boss understands the sentiment" she said.

7/12/2012 #17

"We'll soon find out." The Agents replied in unison, grinning briefly at the accident then they guided the feral up into the complex and through the building until they were in the elevator leading up to the office of Mason Eckhart. "Good luck." They said finally as the elevator doors opened to Eckhart's office. The white haired leader of the GSA spun round in he chair and looked up at the feral stood in the elevator, his face lighting up politely.

"Miss Blackburn, please come in." He welcomed her warmly, knowing how to use manners when he needed them.


Having been brought back to sanctuary in the Helix Jesse, Emma and Logan were watching with the other two as Adam ran another search on the feral. The Footage that came up showed the feral stepping into a black limosine which was a GSA vechile.

"Damn it." Adam cussed under his breath, stepping back and rubbing his brow, restraining his stress as he tried to think of what to do.

"We just have to bust her out right?" Brennan blurted confidently, not seeing what all the fuss was about. They'd done it before after all.

"The problem is Brennan that she may not want to leave. She doesn't have a very... positive track record." Adam answered tightly.

"Yeah, she kind of came of as a freaking psychopath when we ran into her." Jesse inserted, still looking a little shaken from their encounter with the feral.

"We may as well try though." Brennan protested.

"Yes." Adam agreed slowly, scratching his shin, "We'll have to, the sooner the better."

7/12/2012 . Edited 7/12/2012 #18
Devils Favourite Angel

Ruby looked at her and gave a smile; looking the man up and down descreetly before inhaling. Yeah; he was where the scent was coming from. Her instincts were screaming MATE! at her; but she ignored them in favour of nodding to the man.

"You must be Mr. Eckhart yes?" She asked.

7/12/2012 #19

(Lol poor Ruby and her mating instincts)

Eckhart relaxed back into his chair and inspected the feral. Why were ferals always beautiful, was it somehow part of their mutation as well?

"So my agents have been gossiping about me already." He said as way of confirmation, gesturing for her to take a seat in front of his desk though he did not fully expect her to take it, Ferals seemed to prefer to stand. "I'm sure then that they will also have told you that I have several things I would like to discuss with you, since you've been so kind as to come here." That's it Mason, use the flattery. He wasn't sure whether he was doing it willing or it came out of the part of his subconscious nature that he always had to ignore if he was to be a strong-headed logical leader.


"Tomorrow morning, I want all of you in there, trying to get her out. Emma, if she resists you'll have to do your thing to persuade her to come. We can't have Eckhart manipulating someone as powerful as this." Adam announced to the rest of the team, intending on staying up all night devising some sort of strategy.

"Can't wait." Brennan replied cheerily whilst the others all agreed before wondering off to their separate rooms for the night.

"You want any help planning?" Logan inquired, the only one who had stayed behind, his hands resting in the pocket of his hoodie.

7/12/2012 #20
Devils Favourite Angel

(Yeah...she's at that age though)

Ruby sat in the chair and crossed her legs.

"You mean to say that your agents are like a bunch of women at the barbers? Typical really. It is said that most men are worse than women when it comes to gossiping" she said.

She then gave a smile.

"I'm all ears boss-man" she stated, giving a small seductive smile.

7/12/2012 #21

(Feral Hormones- veeeery glad I don't have to deal with those xD)

Trying not to look at the legs of the feral now sat in front of him, Eckhart got down to business, ignoring the name 'boss-man' for the sake of keeping things calm and casual.

"Well, someone of your unique abilities really deserves some sort of recognition, and the ability to use her talents properly." Eckhart responded, smiling in response to the oddly alluring one he was receiving. "Here at the GSA we'd like to offer you the opportunity to use your powers properly, and a freedom to be who you are within the facility. Of course we can't just have you going feral on everyone but you wouldn't have to hide here, so to speak. Naturally you will be rewarded handsomely for any work you do for us."


Adam hesitated for just a second -he still didn't feel too comfortable having someone invading on his intellectual turf but there was more at stake here than simply his ego- before relaxing into a half-smile.

"Sure, you know the layout and security of the GSA better than any of us."

7/12/2012 #22
Devils Favourite Angel

The feral leaned forward a little so her elbows were on her knees. She was also exposing some cleavage as she did.

"So, as long as I didn't go all 'No more Miss Nice Kitty' on people's asses. I'd be allowed to do whatever I want...within reason and say whatever I want...within reason. Just like a life free of the metaphorical bars I'm behind at the minute" she said.

She then made a pleased, contemplating face, before nodding.

"You got yourself a deal" she said.

(Same here lol)

7/12/2012 #23

(Congratulations. Ruby is hilarious.)

Arching an eyebrow at 'no more miss nice kitty' and swallowing, not used to someone speaking quite so informally to him, Eckhart couldn't bring himself to warn her, if anything he found it strangely refreshing.

"Exactly. If you wish, we can also providing you with a safe residence here in the complex in a room adjacent to the rooms of our other mutant agents. You understand that before we agree toanything of course you'll have to under go some preliminary tests, just to see what you're capable of. Though from my agents, I hear already that you're more than apt for the job. There's also some training which is standard to everyone though as a feral I'm sure it will come naturally to you." He informed her, speaking quickly to distract himself from letting his eyes drop to her chest, a habit that belonged to lesser men than himself.


"If she accepts the offer of becoming an agent, which I expect she will judging by her character, and takes up lodging as she has no current residence, she's most likely to be situated here. Training and tests will be the first thing that happen to her, these occur here." Logan explained, indicating the areas he meant by drawing two rings on the blueprints he'd hacked out of the GSA mainframe.

7/12/2012 #24
Devils Favourite Angel

(Thanks :D)

Ruby nodded and smiled at the way he was fighting to not look at her chest.

"Tests, wanna know what I can do. Fine" she said.

She got out of the chair, walked over to the open space of the office and did a backflip, transforming into a large, beautiful and majestic White Tigress. She sat down and looked at Eckhart with her blue eyes.

'You seem surprised boss-man' she told him through a telepathic link that only occurred when she was in this form.

7/12/2012 #25

Only the plus side, Eckhart no longer had to worry about not looking at her chest. On the other hand he now had a giant tigress in his office and security were an elevator ride away. Praying the feral didn't suddenly get peckish and eat him, he grimaced.

"It's not everyday I have a woman turning into a tigress in my office." He allowed, irritated by how he viewed the term 'boss-man' as a nickname rather than an insult, he needed to re-enforce his authority here. "And please, call me Mason. I'll have someone escort you to your room if you like, we can fetch your belongings for you if you choice to stay within the complex."


"Alright, so..." Adam drummed his fingers on the sideboard of the computer and muttered to himself under his breath as he tried to work out the best route.

"May I make a suggestion?" Logan offered quietly, tapping him lightly on the shoulder and slipping past him when he moved out the way to allow the intell past. "If we distract them by making it seem like we're breaking into the containment cells for non-agent mutants then Jesse can phase through the walls between the outside and the bedrooms, only two were vacant and furbished at the time I left and besides, we can hack them to find out where she stays. That way Jesse could have at least five minutes of time talking to her. We can also try sending Emma in through the roof entrance which drops down into a corridor just off the one leading to the bedrooms so she can counter any resistance Jesse meets." Logan explained, pointing out the areas he was referring to on the blue print.

"How do we get the distraction out though without being caught?" Adam countered, a little to eager to find a flaw.

"I should be able to get in and out easily enough, I know all the back routes if anything goes wrong." Logan added, only irritating Adam further with how calm he was being. The plan seemed satisfactory though so all he could do was nod and wish the intell goodnight.

7/12/2012 #26
Devils Favourite Angel

The tigress snorted when she smelt his irrational fear and walked over to him in that seductive way only a cat has.

'No need to be scared B-Mason. I'm not going to eat you. Human flesh doesn't appeal to me' she all but purred.

She wouldn't dare transform now, because her clothes would fall off of her. Well, the clothes covering her bra and panties would.

7/12/2012 #27

"That's comforting." Eckhart replied dryly, pressing the button on the side of his desk for someone to come up and escort her to her room, or off the premises, depending on her preference. "Will you be staying with us then Miss Blackburn?"

7/12/2012 #28
Devils Favourite Angel

The tigress purred slightly.

'If I must call you Mason, then you must call me Ruby. And yes, I would like to stay if it is not a bother' she said.

Oh yes, teasing him would be fun. She could already smell the beginnings of his arousal and mentally smirked.

7/12/2012 #29

It was Mason's turn to smile.

"It would not be a bother at all... Ruby." He replied carefully as two agents stepped through the elevator. "If you'd care to change back, this two gentlemen will escort you to your room and you can give them instructions to fetch your belongings."

7/12/2012 #30
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