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Devils Favourite Angel

Make it as graphic as you want. I'm not against any slash; as long as it's not Brennan/Jesse it's fine.

7/13/2012 #151

:P It wasn't going to be Brennan/Jesse, though I confess I do ship them :P I'm pretty sure in Mutant X everyone has eye-sex at least once anyway so I guess any pairing works :)

7/13/2012 #152
Devils Favourite Angel

That is true and that's cool.

7/13/2012 #153

Plus there's also the creepy chair of underwear :P through out season One, even when people are just getting their head scanned they have to strip down to their underwear just to sit in it- sorry, that's just something I needed to rant about. I'm all done now xD

7/13/2012 #154
Devils Favourite Angel


7/13/2012 #155

I've gotta get off of the computer so I've g2g :( see you tomorrow, and again thanks for the rping :D

7/13/2012 #156
Devils Favourite Angel

Okay; bye.

7/13/2012 #157
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