Super Mario Mafia: Here We Go Again
A re-done version of Super Mario Mafia. This is going to be a fresh new start on my mafia game and we are starting off with a clean slate so forget about all the drama that happened last game and let's just have some fun!
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Child at Heart Forever

I won't mind what I get- part of me wants to be all three for whatever reason and vice cersa!

8/10/2010 #301
The Smart One 64
Tinker would be sweet...but I'd be willing to be mafia one last time. Or neutral of course. :P
8/10/2010 #302

I don't care what role I get I just want a disabling ability!

8/10/2010 #303
Child at Heart Forever

I kinda don't wanna be Mafia, though. I wanna go all out in the last game, not lurk around in the shadows.

8/10/2010 #304
Mechanical Oven

Same here, Charz...except I'd rather get a role that mostly has to do with trying to scan someone, 'cause THEN I can do something helpful. If I'm the Mafia next time, then we'll see what happens...

8/10/2010 #305

@Mech - Yeah I want to be the scanner too. And the doctor. And the killer. The only time I had an important one was when I was the tinkerer, and that's when I was being Ness!

8/10/2010 #306
Child at Heart Forever

You WERE helpful, Mech! your one upgrade on me practically helped me figure out nearly all the Mafia! ^^

@Charz: You say that like it's bad thing.

Add: I've been everything under the sun at this point. Maybe i'll get disabler- oh no, I've had that too, just never used it...

8/10/2010 . Edited 8/10/2010 #307

@Child - You're so lucky! And I said it like it was a bad thing cuz it IS a bad thing!

8/10/2010 #308
Child at Heart Forever

@Charz: It's NOT a bad thing! And at least you have something new to possibly experience...I have nothing. :P

8/10/2010 #309

Well, I don't think you ever protected someone when you were a doctor so... you could do that.

8/10/2010 #310
Child at Heart Forever

I was killed BOTH times I was doctor! Dx

8/10/2010 #311
The Smart One 64
I still laugh at how Charz got Ness of all people. :D
8/10/2010 #312

Being Ness was bittersweet, cuz I think Ness is a loser but I upgraded the doctors and the scanners... most of the time.

8/10/2010 #313
Child at Heart Forever

I wonder what Ness would have to say about you. XP (Kidding, kidding)

8/10/2010 . Edited 8/10/2010 #314


I am going to say this once again: I never hacked Dixie, Lovs, or Charmy because I AM them and have always been them ever since I created the accounts in 2007.

And I never hacked Weffie-Jamarcus either. I have no idea why everyone thought I did.

So I just wanna say I really AM sorry for doing all this you guys. I never thought I would regret doing it while I was doing it.

I just wanna start all over and be friends with you guys because this is my favorite site to be on and it's hard to be lurking around here, knowing how much dumb drama I caused during the whole summer and everyone bagging you on it.

And I don't know how to hack either....I may be a computer nerd but there's certain stuff I have no idea how to do.

So.................what do you guys say?

8/24/2010 #315
Champ 15

.... let me think for a minute (Everyones probably waiting for someone to post so I'll be the first one)

8/24/2010 #316

I don't know...

You did ruin a lot of games for us...We didn't necessarily ask for any drama. But then again, as Child mentioned, we had a lot of good times than bad. I hope you realize that causing drama doesn't win over friends. It just gets everyone mad. I think you messed up too many of your chances, even though we never gave you one. Personally, I'm a type of person that forgives and forgets...and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't had so many excitements, I gotta admit. :p

I'd say you deserve ONE more chance. But I'm not sure about everyone else...

8/24/2010 #317
Let me think about this for a minuite. I dunno what to think.
8/24/2010 #318
If you promise to keep your word, then I`m sure we could forgive you. You had your reasons, I guess, but since you came out apologized for your wrongdoings, then I forgive you. ^^
8/24/2010 #319
Champ 15

Its the right thing too do.... so I guess you do deserve one more chance...

I've got to go to bed. Night!

8/24/2010 #320

I don't really know what to say...

See ya Champ!

8/24/2010 . Edited 8/24/2010 #321

Bye, Champ! :D

8/24/2010 #322
Bye Champ!
8/24/2010 #323
This summer has had quite a bit of drama, but I forgive you. Just please don't cause a lot of drama anymore.
8/24/2010 #324
I do have one question though: who do we refer you as?
8/24/2010 #325

Yeah I agree with everyone else if you stop causing drama then of course you're forgiven...

8/24/2010 #326

...Kaiimi sounds just right.

8/24/2010 #327

Um...I'm not sure if this is important but...he or she? :o

I don't wanna be gender confused...

8/24/2010 . Edited 8/24/2010 #328
Child at Heart Forever

What I don't understand is why you had to go through all this mischief if all you really wanted were friends. You've been around enough- I think?- to see that we were always willing to welcome new people and make new friends and have fun, so why scare us and freak us out with all the 'hacking'? All that ended up doing was turning us all against you...but, honestly, you don't really seem like a bad person, just one that did bad things. ...and I'll forgive you too. :)

And there was something else I was going to say but I forgot. -.-*

8/24/2010 #329
The Smart One 64


You mean to tell've been six people at the same time all summer long? O.O

I have a bunch of questions I'd like to ask you if that's okay. First off, did you cause mega to leave the site?

8/24/2010 #330
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