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Sam? Caine? Darkness? Human Crew? Random other???

12/13/2010 #1

I think I have to go with the Darkness or Patrick..... AND LITTLE PETE!

12/13/2010 #2
Kate of Carlay

I've gotta admit I'm pretty Team Caine, but I can't say for sure just yet, its still to early todecide for me haha I'll have to wait until Light until I decide exactly which Team I am.

2/14/2011 #3

I like Caine too. I usually side with the "evil" people because most of the time I think that they actually have good reasons, and they are normally extremely sexy. Although, I don't think the Darkness exactly has good reasons, or Drake for that matter since he is a sociopath.

2/16/2011 #4
Kate of Carlay

The so called 'evil' side is only seen like that because not that people actually take the time to think about what their motives are. After its the winners in a war that write the history.

Drake is just that, a sociopath. The Darknesss has reasons I think, but I also think you have understand what it is before we can understand exactly what its motivations are.

2/16/2011 #5

It's true, which is why people need to see both sides. In well made plots, neither side should be completely good, or completely evil since there needs to be some conflict for the readers.

I haven't read the series this summer, but isn't the Darkness mainly doing this as a way of survival? If so then we really can't judge he/she/it for wanting to live.

Thank you for the story reviews by the way!

2/17/2011 #6
Kate of Carlay

Exactly, I think a lot of authors really want people to get the the 'this is the bad person, hate them' That and first person stories its reasonable that they say thats the bad person because we normally see the heroes pov.

Yeah the darkness is basically looking to survive and grow but beyond that we don't know much, but I've only read things hunger and LIes just recently, I loaned out my gone book and have yet to get it back :(

2/17/2011 #7

I've always had a thing for the bad guys anyways. I actually had a discussion about this in English the other day.

I loaned out Lies over the summer and was writing a fanfiction at the time, so basically I couldn't do anything and I was very pissed off about it.

2/20/2011 #8
Kate of Carlay

The bad guys seemed to have so much more depth to them. The good guys are all jsut good because, very few actually have a reason for being good.

Don't you hate it when you loan it out right when you need it?

2/20/2011 . Edited 2/20/2011 #9


I know! I seem to do that all the time! And then I ask them if they are almost done with the book and they never are.

2/22/2011 #10
Kate of Carlay

YES! It might take you a couple days to read a book but it seems like it takes them months!

2/23/2011 #11
I know! I guess there are times when I take a month to read a book but that's when I'm really busy, and I would never do that to someone when I'm borrowing the book from them!
2/26/2011 #12
Kate of Carlay

Whenever i read a book that I borrow, I will read it constantly until i can return, in the same, or in better condition than I got it.

2/28/2011 #13

I think I'll go with Team Caine, because he's the one who I'd enjoyed readin' the most. The way he went from a leader, to a (HUNGER spoiler) murder, to a (LIES spoiler) cannibal is all so interesting to read about.

3/1/2011 #14
I agree. I try my hardest to return books in the best condition possible. I love Caine also. He defiantly always keeps readers on their toes. Plus he is sexy! Have you seen the Plague trailer? You can find it on YouTube but I couldn't find it on MG's site. It's basically all about Caine wanting to be the "king". Aka dictator of the Fayz.
3/1/2011 #15
Kate of Carlay

I guess its pretty general right now we are all Caine fans. I've got to it admit, if he had a bit more tact in things he could have taken over the whole fayz right away.

-----King Caine (see avatar ;D)

3/1/2011 #16
He really could have. He is amazing at manipulating people and if he had just gotten there a little sooner than he really could have. I also like Diana since she seems to really know what she is doing. I can relate myself best to her and her actions which is probably bad since she is a little evil... The avatar was solo good! I'm sort of happy that MG is taking some of the spotlight off of Sam and letting Caine succeed a little.
3/2/2011 #17
Kate of Carlay

Imagine if he had been in school in Perdido Beach, he would have ruled everything. Diana ia a character that makes sense, she's on her own side.


Me too, i'm kind of sick of Sam honestly, so he's the 'hero' big whoop.

3/2/2011 #18
Seen the trailer, epic! Yeah, if I'll agree with that~ Caine would have taken over for sure. I actually like the whole Sam-being-a-hero thing, but hey, everyone got different opinions. Well, my reason for liking it ain't so innocent though; I just want San to snap and go all insane xD That would be interesting to read! But just one thing, have any of you seen Silence of the Lambs? If so, I must say that Caine reminds me of Hannibal Lecter. I'm sure you'll understand why if you've seen the movie/ read the book...!
3/2/2011 #19
I like Sam but I think some (actually most) of his decisions are bad. I think Caine is so much cooler, and if you are going to make really bad decisions then make them messed up like Caine does. I agree, Diana is all in it for herself, which I respect. I haven't seen that.
3/3/2011 #20
Kate of Carlay

Sadly I haven't seen it either but I've heard the reference before.

I think Caine actually could have run things pretty well if he started using more eloquent forms rather than just brute force.

Sam was alright, but he is just a hero, great for acting RIGHT now, not for thining long term.

3/3/2011 #21
He should gone with a less doctoral approach at first and then gone from there. I'm rereading the series in preparation for Plague right now and I have come to the conclusion that everyone gets one screw up where I don't hold it against them as a character, but after that I start to hate them.
3/6/2011 #22

I can't say that I hate any of the characters, actually. I... am more against their decisions. Except characters who keeps on going on my nervers 24/7... But there's no one that constantly irritates me in the GONE book. Well, Astrid is close because I've never liked "know-it-all"s but she's smart and I know many of the characters wouldn't have managed to live without her.

Caine... Actually, I think that he would be a much fitter leader then Sam, and I agree that he's sort of a the-moment hero. Caine however is the born leader, so if the two brothers could get to an agreement, I think things would work out. I hafta' wonder, how would the FAYZ look like if Caine had continued to rule without any disturbance from Sam and without Drake's sadistic ideas! I'm actually doing an AU of it now, but it's mostly focused on the main-pairing, but you do get bits over how Caine rules FAYZ. It's pretty optimistic though, but that's because no one has discovered what happens to mutant kids.

How do you think the FAYZ would look like if Caine had continued leading FAYZ? And sorry for the long reply, been on "vacation" to a friend.

3/7/2011 #23
Kate of Carlay

That actually sounds like a really interesting read.

If Caine ruled it...hmmm so long as the mutants were either for him, or never found out. The ones that had been plastered would be dead. There probably would have been less battles because there's no one to fight. Arguments yeah, but not machine gun business. Caine probably would have had the kids out picking vegatables because he did believe in the use of fear tactics, and he could have easily picked them all himself, I think.

But really...probably more put together if you take out drake, and the possibility of people finding out of the plastering.

3/7/2011 #24

I agree. If Caine ruled it, a lot more would get done, although his tactics wouldn't be moraly right. Sometimes Sam needs to grow a pair and threaten a little more. Sam is too nice when he needs to be more threatening to be an actual leader.

Now what if Drake ruled the Fayz? My bets are that there would be no one alive....

3/8/2011 #25
I agree on that—Sam should be more threatening instead of always listening that that dumb girlfriend of his. I know Astrid is kind and all that, but I the fact that she's always using him pisses me off. What made me really loath the character was when she meant that "She had gone trough Drake tormenting her so Sam should manage too". Hell, she didn't get nearly whipped to death, the only thing she had to do was to call LP a retard or something like that [/rant]. If Drake ruled FAYZ, he'd be so damn stern that the only ones who was left was a bunch of mindless people who always followed his orders. He'd might kept Caine/Sam around as pet trophies to show how he defeated anyone why opposed him lol...
3/8/2011 #26
I never really hated Astrid until Lies when she really screwed up. Before that I mostly tolerated her and Sam needed someone at least to keep him sane. I think the main problem with Astrid having any type of leadership in the Fayz is that she has too much she is responsible for and that makes her irrational about her choices and makes her only really do things to help her cause. She is smart and all, which is why they need to keep her around, but she has too much to loose to make smart decisions for everyone. I don't think he would keep Sam and Caine alive. He would defiantly keep their heads on sticks guarding his palace though.
3/12/2011 #27
Kate of Carlay

I don't really hate astrid, I mean in a way she is a lot like Diana, just not as honest about it. She's looking out for herself and her brother, and really what else could she do. I agree that she did have too much responsibility to begin with, I think that if LP wasn't her problem, she would be a much more likable character. Her intelligence makes her useful because she can give people some way of reasoning and thats what a lot of people need in situations like this; reason.

Drake would not keep Sam or Caine alive because as much as he would like to torment them, it would be to easy for them to team up and take him down. There would be people alive that would flinch at Drake's every move, but he would slowly work through them keeping them for entertainment, labor, and for their general fear. I really believe that he would be one of those people that believed in hanging dead bodies up as 'examples' though.

3/13/2011 #28

We all see the characters differently though.

I think I would've liked Astrid if it was another book - she reminds me a lot of Hermione from HP, who I love - but she's not the fit leader for FAYZ and agree with Dalora on the fact that she makes a lot of bad decisions. Sam is on the edge of insanity and I could almost see from the start that their relationship weren't going to make it trough the books because of their differences and the fact that they live in a place where kids gets super-powers, eat each other and lotsa other supernatural stuff. Completely honest I don't really like romance in books like GONE. Want more focus on the violence, fights and such ya know? (But maybe I just want to see Sam go insane...)

Drake sounds a lot like that monarch (?) Vlad from Romania, the "real" Dracula, in your opinion! xD He hung people's heads at poles right in front of his house as a warning.

Hmm, I still think Drake would keep the two of them alive for his own sadistic humour.

3/18/2011 #29

I don't mind the romance, but I almost feel it is too much of a mess for my liking. Astrid is honestly a complete and total bitch to Sam, and he doesn't need her hormonal tendencies with everything else he has to deal with.

Drake would just be a power hungry phsyco path as a ruler. He would win the award for must corrupt leader for sure.

I agree with Kate. Even chained up, Sam and Caine together, being held by Drake would probably make them work together to overthrow them. They are way to much of a danger to keep around.

3/18/2011 #30
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