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This thread is for sharing Gone news! It can be anything from book release dates to possible tv show. Feel free to post news on here as you hear about it!

2/17/2011 #1
Kate of Carlay

EDITED*: links didn't want to show up.

Well what kind of news do you want spoilers count?

Let me see the only really exciting things I've heard are that since Plague comes out in April this year, and that its rumored that Darkness comes out this fall.

PLAGUE TRAILER:on the site where I get most my information. Its amazing (for Caine fans anyway):


from goodreads reviews:

"someone comes back to perido beach... theirs these new bugs that if they spit this black liquid on u a bug like them forms on the inside of your body ...moresomeone comes back to perido beach... theirs these new bugs that if they spit this black liquid on u a bug like them forms on the inside of your body and they make more and eat u inside and out. a lot of important people get bit and the bugs are resistant to sams powers..... also a majior water sorce is found by lots of food and a new character that has a very unique power"

"someone does turn out to be prego and someone very special dies."


This series just blows me away. The title should explain what the people in The Fayz are dealing with. But this plague is twofold. The threat to them is so scary and so bizarre, that when I could picture it, I was scared as hell. I love Sam and Astrid together, but they are going through some really tough times right now. All the familiars are back, Dekka, Dahra, Lana, Brianna, Jack, Edilio, Albert, Little Pete, Orc, Howard, Caine and Diana. And of course the twinned evil, Drake/Brittany. The ending of this one blew me away and I cannot wait to see where it is going. Grant is not slowing down and I'm totally excited" LINK:

Preview CHAPTER of PLAGUE Caine had found a telescope in the house. He carried it out to the cliff on the eastern edge on the island. It was afternoon. Light was pretty good... well, slanting rays lit up the foreshore, sunlight glinted off windows, and car windshields in Perdido Beach. Bright red tower rooves and tall palm trees made it seem so normal. It was as if it really was just another Californian beach town. The Nuclear Power Plant was closer. It, too looked normal. The hole in the containment tower was on the far side, not visible from here. The hole he made. He was startled by the sound behind him, but didn't show it. Much. "What are you looking at, Napoleon?" Diana asked. "Napoleon?" "You know, because he was exiled out to an island, before he took almost took over the world," Diana said. "Although, he was short. You're much taller." Caine wasn't sure he minded Diana tweaking him. He was bent on the way she had been lately, all depressed, and giving up on life, hating herself. He didn't mind if she hated him. They were never going to be a cute, romantic couple, like Sam and Astrid. Clean-cut. Righteous. All that. The perfect couple. He and Diana were the... inperfect couple. "How did it work out for Napoleon?" he asked her. He caught the slight hesitation as she searched for a glib answer. "He lived happily ever after, on his island," Diana said. "He had a beautiful girlfriend, who was far better than he deserved." "Stop worrying," he said harshly. "I'm not planning on leaving the island. How could I? Even if I wanted to?" "You would find a way," Diana said bleakly.

LINK to picture of back cover of PLAGUE:

LINK to CHapter 1 of PLAGUE:


So I hoped you enjoyed those, there are few more page pictures, but I can never find them again.

2/17/2011 . Edited 2/18/2011 #2

Thanks for so much information!

I'm fine with those types of spoilers as long as they have a spoiler warning, and they do not go into to many specifics such as who exactly dies and exactly how it happens.

2/20/2011 #3
Kate of Carlay

No prob.

I have to be careful because I'm a spoiler addict. I wish I could find every detail about a book before I read it. If its been out for a while, I look it up on wiki

2/20/2011 #4

I like spoilers too, but not too much. Once I start hearing them though, I can't stop!

Nothing was worse than on my PJO forum before The Last Olympian came out when one of my FF friends who wasn't my friend at the time put all of these spoilers killing everything! It apparently was her cousin though that hacked into her account, and at the time we didn't believe them since they seemed so far out there...

2/22/2011 #5
Kate of Carlay

I know, i'm really bad with them. It kills me. Luckily I have one new book coming out every month for the next 3 months, I'm a happy little duck until June.

haha cousins, aren't they lovely? Funny story: someone emailed my account some really rude messages, my account replied with messages just as rude. The other account apologized because her cousin had sent the PMs, I apologized because the exact same thing was happening to me with my cousin. We had to laugh at that.:D

2/23/2011 #6
I love it when that happens! I have a book coming out at least every season Most of the time, but I actually have a lot coming out this year. Haha cousins hacking into ff accounts is apparently a common thing. I actually became good friends with her until she faked brain cancer and we realized she was a attention seeking compulsive liar.
2/26/2011 #7
Kate of Carlay

So a few new things have come out


UK PLague trailer:

And it was confirmed by someone who already has the book that the scenes really do happen.

And next is a chapter preview like deal that was pulled off facebook page, there are some typing errors because who typed it out to post didn't get it quite perfectly.

ONE 72 HOURS, 7 MINUTES Sam Temple was drunk. It was a new experience for him. He was fifteen and had once or twice snuck a sip of his mother's wine. He'd drunk half a beer when he was thirteen. Just to see. He hadn't liked it much, it was bitter. He'd taken a single hit off a joint back before the FYAZ. He'd practically hacked up a lung and then spent an hour feeling bleary and strange and finally sleepy. It had never been his thing. He'd never been part of the partying crowd. But this night he'd gone to check on the caged monster that was both Brittney and Drake and had heard Drake's vile obscene threats and howling, murderous rage. And then, far worse, he'd heard Brittney's pleas for death. "Sam, I know you're listening," she'd said through the barricaded door. "I know you're out there, I heard your voice. I can't take it, Sam. Sam, end it. Please, I'm begging you, let me go to Heaven." San had been to see Astrid earlier in the evening. That hadn't gone too well. Astrid had tried, and he had tried, but there was too much wrong between them. Too much history now. He had kisses her. For a while she had kissed him back. And then he'd pushed it. His hands went where he wanted them to go. And she'd shoved him away. "You know I'm going to say no, Sam," she said. "Yeah, I've kind of gotten that message," he said, angry and frustrated but trying to maintain some semblance of cool. "If we start, how long do you think it will take before everyone knows?" "That's not why you won't sleep with me," Sam said. "You won't do it because you think it would mean giving up control. And you are all about control, Astrid." It was the truth. Sam believed it, anyway. But if he were being honest instead of just angry, he'd have admitted that Astrid had her own problems. That she was filled with guilt and didn't need one more thing to feel guilty about. Little Pete was in a coma. Astrid blamed herself, although it was stupid to do so and she was the furthest thing from stupid. But Little Pete was her brother. Her responsibility. Her burden. After that rebuff Sam had stood awkwardly while Astrid spooned artichoke and fish soup into Little Pete's nerveless lips. Little Pete could swallow. He could walk if she guided him. He could use the slit trench in the backyard but Astrid had to wipe him. That was Astrid's life now. She was a nurse to an autistic boy with all the power in their world locked inside him. Beyond autistic now; Little Pete was gone. No way to know where he was in his strange, strange mind. Astrid hadn't hugged Sam when he said he was leaving. Hadn't touched him. So that had been Sam's evening. Astrid and Little Pete. And the twinned undead creature Orc and Howard kept watch over. If Drake somehow escaped, there were probably only two people who could take him on: Sam himself, and Orc. Sam needed Orc to act as Drake's jailer. So he had ignored the bottles beside Orc's couch and 'confiscated' only the six-pack in plain view on a kitchen counter. "I'll dump this," Sam had told Howard.' You know it's illegal." Howard had shrugged and smirked a little. Like he'd known. Like he'd seen some gleam of greed and need in Sam's eye. But Sam himself hadn't known/ He had intended to dump the cans out on to the street. Instead he had carried them with him. Through the dark streets. Past burned-out houses and their ghosts. Past the graveyard. Down to the beach. He'd cracked up the seal, ready to pour one out on the sand. Instead, he'd taken a sip. It burned like fire. He took another sip. It burned less this time. He headed up the beach. He knw in his heart where he was going now. He knew his feet were taking him to the cliff. Now, many sips later, he stood swaying at the top of the cliff. The effect of the booze was undeniable. He knew he was drunk. He looked down at the small arc of beach at the base of the cliff. The slight surge painted luminescent curves on the dark sand. Right here, right where he was standing. Mary had led the preschoolers in a suicide leap. All that kept those kids alive was Dekka's heroic effort. Now Mary was gone. "Here's to you, Mary," Sam said. He upended the bottle and drank deep. He had failed Mary. Fom the start she'd taken charge of the littles and run the day care. She'd carried that load almost alone. Sam had seen the effects of her anorexia and bulimia. But he hadn't realised what was happening to her, or hadn't wanted to. He'd heard nervous gossip that Mary was grabbing whatever meds she could find, anything she thought would ease her depression. He hadn't wanted to know about that, either. Most of all he should have seen what Nerezza was up to, should have questioned, should have pushed. Should have. Should have. Should have... Another deep swallow of liquid fire. The burning made him laugh. He laughed down at the beach where Orsay, the false prophet had died. "Goodbye, Mary," he slurred, raising his bottle in a mock toast. "Least you go outta here." Fore a split second on the day that Mary poofed, the barrier had been clear. They had seen the world outside; the observation platform, the TV satellite truck, the construction underway on fast food places and cheap hotels. It had seemed very, very real. But had it been? Astrid said no: just another illusion. But Astrid was not exactly addicted to the truth. Sam swayed at the edge of the cliff. He ached for Astrid, the booze had not dulled that. He ached for the sound of her voice, the warmth of her breath on his neck, her lips. She was all that had kept him from going crazy. But now she was the source of the crazy because his body was demanding what she wouldn't give. Now being with her was just pain and hollowness and need. The barrier was there, just a few steps away, Impenetrable. Opaque. Painful to touch. The faintly shimmering grey dome that enclose twenty miles of Southern California coastline in a giant terrarium. Or zoo. Or universe. Or prison. Sam tried to focux on it, but his eyes weren't working very well. With the exaggerated care of a drunk he set his bottle down. He straightened up. He looked at the palms of his hands. Then he stretched out his arms, palms facing the barrier. "I really hate you,' he said to the barrier. Twin beams of searing green light shot from his palms. A torrent of focused light. "Aaaaahhhh!" Sam shouted as he aimed and fired. The light hit the barrier and did nothing. Nothing burned. Nothing smoked or charred. "Burn!" Sam howled. "Burn!" He played the beams upward, tracing the curve of the barrier. He raged and howled and blazed. To no effect. Sam sat down suddenly. The bright fire went out. He fumbled clumsily for the bottle. "I have it," a voice said. Sam twisted sideways, looking for a source. He couldn't find her. It was a her. he was pretty sure of that, a female voice. She stepped around to where he could see her. Taylor. Taylor was a pretty Asian girl who had never made a secret of her attraction to Sam. She was also a freak, a three bar with the power of teleportation. She could instantly go any place she'd ever seen or been before. She called it 'bouncing'. She wore a T-shirt and shots. Sneakers. Unlaced, no socks. No one dressed well, not anymore. People wore whatever was halfway clean. And no one travelled unarmed. Taylor had a large knife in a nice leather sheath. She was not beautiful like Astrid. But not cold and remote and looking at him with defensive, accusing eyes, either. Looking at Taylor did not fill his brain to overflowing with memories of love and rage. She was not the girl who had been the centre of his life for all these months. Not the girl who had left him frustrated, humiliated, feeling like a fool. Feeling more alone than ever. "Hey, Taylor. Bouncy bouncy Taylor. T'sup?" "I saw the light," Taylor said. "Yeah, I am all about light," Sam slurred. She held out the bottle tentatively, not sure what she should do with it. "Nah." He waved it off. "I think I've had quite enough. Don't you?" He spoke with extreme care, trying not to slur. Failing. "Come sit with me, Taylor, Taylor, bouncy Taylor." She hesitated. "Come on, I won't bite. Good to talk with someone... normal." Taylor rewarded him with a brief smile. "I don't know how normal I am." "More normal than some. I was just checking on Brittney," Sam said. "You have a monster inside of you, Taylor?" Do you have to be locked up in a basement because inside you is some psycho with a whip arm? No? See? You are so normal, Taylor." He glared at the barrier, the untouched, unfazed barrier. "Do you ever beg to be burned into ashes so you can be free to go to Jesus, Taylor Nah. See, that's what Brittney does. No, you're pretty normal, bouncy Taylor." Taylor sat beside him. Not too close. Friend close, conversation close. Sam said nothing. Two different urges were battling in his head. His body was saying go for it. And his mind... well it was confused and not exactly in control. He reached over and took Taylor's hand. She did not pull her hand away. He moved his hand up her arm. She stiffened a little and glanced around, making sure they weren't seen. Or, maybe, hoping they were. His hand reached her neck. He leaned toward her and pulled her to him. He kissed her. She kissed him back. He kissed her harder. And she slid her hand under his shirt, fingers stroking his bare flesh. Then he pulled away, fast. "Sorry, I..." He hesitated, his wallowing brain arguing against a body that was suddenly aflame. Sam stood up very suddenly and walked away. Taylor laughed gaily at his back. "Come see me when you get tired of mooning over the ice princess, Sam." He walked into a sudden, stiff breeze. And any other time, in any other condition, he might have noticed that the wind never blew in the FAYZ.

**********END SPOILERS*********

3/13/2011 . Edited 3/13/2011 #8
At the first line I literally laughed out loud. I guess I just didn't expect it, especially rereading Gone right now. Then it got funnier, and then it got really sad... Thank you for it though!!!!!! I'M SOO EXCITED FOR PLAGUE!!!!!
3/15/2011 #9
Kate of Carlay

I laughed too. haha

I KNOW! Really, if some one who has read it would just tell me what happens. I swear I'm going to buy it and read it anyway, but its killing me here!

3/15/2011 #10

I know! I'm rereading the series right now and it is getting me sooo excited!!!!!!

3/18/2011 #11
Kate of Carlay

15 days

3/21/2011 #12

14 days now!!!

3/22/2011 #13
Kate of Carlay


3/24/2011 #14


3/26/2011 #15
Kate of Carlay

11 days!, and I'm risking missing my class to go and buy the book haha

I love the little countdown haha

3/27/2011 #16
Kate of Carlay

Sorry for the double post but I thought that this was deserving.

Harper teen has released the first ten chapters of PLAGUE


3/28/2011 #17

It's fine since that is so important! Now, if only I could get through rereading Gone ha.

Its 7 days counting today! I'm so excited!

3/30/2011 #18
Kate of Carlay

I reread Hunger and Lies two weeksish ago. Now I'm focusing on not thinking about it for another week...

3/30/2011 #19


What is unfortunate is that I can't get it until about Thursday, but at least that gives me more time to reread. Not that I will finish rereading by then since I am soo busy this week.

4/4/2011 #20


and yet all i can think is: 'wat the fuck will diana's baby be? it's a mutant yea but why is is growin do fast?

and wat will happen with little pete? is there any chance that he could somehow end up bein reborn from diana?

just a thought.

4/8/2011 #21

Yay! I just got it yesterday! I haven't started it yet though.

Diana's ego is prego! That is no etchesketch, that is one doodle that cannot be undid.

I'm going to make a Plague thread for all of this right now so there is a nice and convenient place for spoilers!

Do you mind introducting yourself on the Introductions thread just so I know what to call you and stuff?

4/9/2011 #22

Hey, I posted stuff on the intro thread so you now have something to call me.

And I'm soooo sorry for being a spoil sport, I just really needed to vent.

And yay for a thread entirely about Plague!

4/10/2011 #23
Thanks. I didn't want to have to call you "the one with the shirtless guy her avatar" or by your pen name. _________________________________________________ _____________ Its fine about the spoilers, hearing them makes me want to read even more!_________________________. I meant to make it the day that it came out, but I don't think I went on that day. It's been out for a week today!!!
4/12/2011 #24

Your welcome. And in regards to my avatar I actually technically kind of made that. See a year ago I got really frustrated that there wasn't a lot of very good Draco x Ginny fanart so I decided to go looking for pictures of people I thought kinda looked like them and that's how I found Susan Coffey. She's a model and basically I take pics of her from deviantart and put words to them. They're usually lines from songs that I think apply to that 'relationship'. Recently I've been finding pics of guys who look like they could be Draco and doing the same thing. And then I usually end up writing a song lyric story for the picture which is why I had to create a series for them so I could post them all under one big thing.

The picture that I have right now as my avatar says 'Sometimes I still need you...' which is a line from the song Heart Skipped A Beat by The xx. I love that song. (heart)

Though the first 2 words are cut out, it still looks nice. So creepy though right? And I'm happy that you don't get upset about spoilers. And I will be over on that thread posting something soon!

Wow, that was long.

4/13/2011 #25

That's really cool! I can't make avatars for my life, but I have tried and failed numerous times.

I have come to really love spoilers. I just keep reading them and they really excite me because I want to see how it all plays out!

Honestly, that was nothing. There was this one forum I went on where people would post these extremely long replies daily. They would be the length of a five paragraph essay, no joke.

4/16/2011 #26

Thanks! It's not that hard, I just use Paint.

I don't really like spoilers. I don't hate them, but I don't love them either. I like not knowing what's gonna happen next in book. That way everything's more shocking for me.

Those are some mighty long replies, I don't think I'd ever be able to do that.

4/17/2011 #27

Yeah, ma and paint do not go well together.

Yeah, its understandable.

Yeah, reading them was hell.

4/18/2011 #28
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