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Basically, just talk how amazing and mind altering Plague was! Spoil all you want!

4/9/2011 #1
Kate of Carlay

Wow...Plague was mindblowing battle after another. I still haven't had it all soak in yet and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. It was like there was a battle on every page and it was lmost like a numbing deal. I mean really was the 'major' plot line in the book. I really liked the book but really nothing happened it seemed. The biggest things that happened was finding the lake and Caine becoming King (haha King Caine!) TO me it felt like that was a little anticlimaticc since all that happened was the bugs just poofed. But it was like every time you turned a page it was just another fight scene. Sam trying to burn the wall. The issue with Taylor was kind of just jumped over and never really approached. Then fight scene with the snakes. Albert getting beat up. Orc destroying town. Diana and Caine arguing. Lance and Turk trying to get LP and fighting with Orc and Edilio. Fight scene with Drake here, then there. Then Caine fighting the bugs, it never even made sense to me what Brianna was doing when they pulled Dekka up and were performing surgery, was she fighting or running to find them?

Dekka and the bugs were probably the best (and most gruesome) scenes

I know that was all a bit jumbled, but yeah.

4/9/2011 #2

I'm on about page 100 since I have been so busy and trying to savor it! So far I have so much to say...

1. Astrid, if you put out, your boyfriend would not be going around, getting drunk, and kissing a twelve year old (I know Taylor isn't twelve, but I picture her being around that age).

2. Sam Temple the explorer! Pack Leader no biting, Pack Leader no biting! Yay!

3. How pimping is Albert? I mean, body guard and all!

4. Sanjit is such a little playa with Lana! New favorite ship: Lanjit! I put Lana's name first because we all know who wears is wearing the pants in that relationship!

4/13/2011 #3

I don't know if I should post my full opinion of Plague on here cuz I don't think you're finished the book yet. I know you don't mind spoilers but I don't want to spoil the ending for you Delora.

Cool name btw. :)

4/17/2011 #4

No I haven't but since I'm on vacation, I will have by Friday and I will actually be able to take part in the conversations other then the songs I make up about it... I have decided to not read past 11 for those reasons. I go way too crazy!

Thank you, making up ship names is one of my favorite past times.

4/18/2011 #5

Okay, so I suppose I'll post something around the weekend then.

And does that mean that Delora isn't your real name?

4/18/2011 #6

I FINISHED! It was so amazing, and I couldn't sleep last night because I was still thinking about it last night. The amount of action was great, and it deffinatly pissed me off, made me cry, and made me happy. It mostly pissed me off though.

I don't know if it is just me, but I really wish Albert had died. He is too greedy, and he just pisses me off. I know he is important, but still, I hate him. I am super happy Dekka survived though! I thought for sure she wasn't going to and, I lover her and Sam's friendship! I feel really bad about Brianna's reaction though.

Going onto other characters I hate... Astrid can go die in the pit of a cave and get eaten by the Darkness. It's not even that I hate her because she killed her little Autistic brother (which I really don't think she did) its what she is doing to Sam. I feel so bad for him having to deal with her, and now she is as distant as ever, and didn't even go with him. She is such a self centered little bitch. I used to like her because she was the only thing keeping Sam sane, but now all she does is mess him up. I think Sam was a bit of a dick though the whole book about pressuring Astrid into sex so much, although it was hysterical.

I started out the book loving Caine and Diana's messed up relationship, and actually thought that she would keep him on the island, but now I actually am not a fan of Caine, when I always loved him. He has such a Napoleon complex though that it is really amusing. I feel bad for Diana though since now she is preg with his mutant child, and he is trying to be King (aka totalitarian dictator. I mean, he even has his secret police Bug). Diana made the right move going with Sam, and hey, he might even get some!

That's all I can think about now... wow that was a bunch of rambling in no particular order.

Oh, I though you were talking about the ship name! Delora is my fake name. I can't exactly share my real name since it is extremely uncommon and could potentially lead to some issues.

4/22/2011 #7

YAY PLAGUE ARRIVED IN NORWAY. *shakes fist at slow posting system since I got it from the US which is basically over some ocean I don't remember the name of*

Y'know what would have been cool? If Diana wasn't *major spoiler!* pregnant with Caine, but IMpregnanted with an alien baby (from the Alien movies). Imagine the FAYZ with an alien running around, good god that would be awesome xD *gore-lover*


Scene that made me laugh in the book;

"He'd taken his time whipping him. Even now the memory sent a shudder of sheer pleasure trough Drake's body."





Is Michael Grant really trying to please the slash fangirls (I'm in that section) that much? XD

7/10/2011 #8

Wow it has been a long time since I have been on here...

That took forever! And its the Atlantic by the way. Yay East Coast!

I think that Diana and Caine's baby will be just as bad, if not worse than an alien baby...

I don't know, but he did a really great job with Plague. It mad me laugh, cry, and throw the book in anger. Any book that makes me fustrated is a sucess for me!

9/21/2011 #9

Yeah, I noticed that too.:)

Drake x Sam is an easy pairing to do but I like Drake x Cain better. Like during Gone or before the book starts while they're still at Coates.3

(Cain x Sam is also real easy.)

9/21/2011 #10

Yes, they are good, and you can put lots of sexy angst in it.

I feel like I need to do a random pairing lemon on this fandom. I feel like I have been slacking on my erotica writing on this account. In the event that I drop out of college (which is very unlikely) I plan on getting a cabin in Alaska and writing erotica.

9/29/2011 #11

Could I join? xD We could get famous with our bookp0rnz in da rael lief. Selling billions of dirty smut books. Love.

Angst is good, but when you know how to play the characters right, you can also make it humour. I'm kinda failin' at that at the moment since the two multi-chap fics I have up is angsty as f*ck and the ones that's soon gonna be published are also angst. Lil' too much, should write something cheerful soon ._. Though I don't get the whole "what's the purpose of life?" thing. I mean, here your grandmother met your grandfatehr so they could have your father and then your father met your mother and they had you and you won the fight for survival against millions of other sperm cells - and I can't see the point of standing there *pout* "What's the point?" xD Teenage drama.

10/9/2011 #12
Of course! You can never have enough erotica writers in a cabin in Alaska! I agree. I prefer to just have other people write some angst, and I read and love it. Pretty much all I can really write is porn, and humor that has gone to he'll with talk about periods and sexual tension. Sexual tension is probably my favorite thing. I think that we can put out there that the point of life is pretty much if you are male to get. Your sperm inside of a female, and let them all have a killer swim race to the girl's egg. That is at least all I got out of the Ducky Movie in 8th grade.
10/9/2011 #13
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