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I, Taylor Mckessie am NOT The kind of girl that goes to random parties with lunkhead basketball players. I am definitely NOT the kind of girl that even climbs out her back window to do so, but I made an exception for one night, it was just a test, for a paper for a college prep class about social norms and teenage drinking, I thought a little research could do a girl some good. Of course little did I know it would be the biggest mistake of my life. Well correction, saying Hi to Chad Danforth was the biggest mistake of my life. It was supposed to be a little harmless flirting, i was NOT supposed to be waking up naked in his bedroom and slipping out before he woke up, and I was totally NOT supposed to be sitting here in my bathroom waiting for three minutes to pass so I could get to the results of this stupid test! I was a virgin! well until that unlucky night! Damn! all this thinking and I know I can look.... Crap! I am pregnant! Now what?

Claim away my dears :)


5/6/2011 . Edited 5/6/2011 #1
general wildcat

Chad, maybe possibly please? 0=)

5/6/2011 #2

No, absolutely not! .... Okay! I am totally just kidding! Of course :D

5/6/2011 #3
general wildcat

Oh yay! ^^ You tried to trick me, you're a meanie. XD Nah, just kidding. Thank you! =)

Glad you're back on after a bunch of days that I lost count on after two. XD Missed roleplaying with you!

5/6/2011 #4

LoL... Sorry it won't happen again! but welcome!

haha you were like the only person that I was randomly replying to! :D But I is back now!

5/6/2011 #5
general wildcat

Aw I feel so special! o^_^o Then now that means i can officially say Welcome Back!

5/6/2011 #6

HAHA! Yes! Well now you all know my secret hideout! lmao! But I shall start this off, you wanna start, after party or during party?

5/6/2011 #7
general wildcat

Yes, yes i do! LOL Lemme know if i is allowed to repost any topics we roleplayed in on the other forum. Ummmmm any time is good to start. You choose. XD

5/6/2011 #8

Oh totally :) we got classics, that was actually gonna be my mission tonight to repost them :D and ummm how about the day after she find out she is preg like at school?

RP: I looked at the little pamphlet on teen pregnancy in my locker that I got from the guidance counselor who I told it was just for a paper. I didn't know what I was going to do, let alone if i should tell lunkhead himself, i mean it wasn't like we talked, but he had a right to know, right? I sighed taking a deep breath and looked down the hall where he was standing with I his friends and shook my head, there was no way i could tell him.

5/6/2011 #9
general wildcat

That sounds awesome! c: If you want me to repost any too, lemme know. That time sounds good to me.

rp: "So Chad you gonna head to practice with us?" Troy asked.

I shook my head and opened my locker. "Sorry man, I got stuff to do." I lied. I didn't even know what it was. But I knew that something was off. Something just kept brining me back to the party I went to a few months ago. Maybe t was the one half a glass of beer I had or something.

"Alright, but you better not miss the game next week." Troy sighed before leaving. I hated that I was lying to my best friend, but i didn't know what else to tell him.

5/6/2011 #10

haha I totally will I think its my turn in like all of them so I was just gonna reply as I reposted :D

RP: I shut my locker and was about to make an escape from school, I just couldn't handle being perfect Taylor today, but I saw Chad all alone. i had to talk to him, tell him, he had a right to know. If he rejected me, well that was his choice to do so. I sighed and made my way over to him just hoping this ddin't go as bad as I thought it would. "Hey Chad." I smiled. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

5/6/2011 #11
general wildcat

If you wish to, feel free! Happy to keep our fun roleplays going! C:

rp: I don't know why but something about my world lit up with Taylor here. I couldn't even put my finger on it why, but I sure wasn't about to question it. "Hey Tay." The night ended up coming back to me, I mean it had been a pretty awesome night if I do say so myself. "Sure, anything about." I said turning to her, closing my locker and picking up my basketball.

5/6/2011 #12

lol I totes agree! I got sidetracked mid- reposting by the roomie asking to bake cookies :o but i will get them over here!

RP: I took a deep breath trying to figure out how to explain what happened, I mean there was alcohol at the party, would he even remember it. No! I had to push thought like that aside. "Um, this is kind of hard to talk about, especially here, did you want to go somewhere more private, I promise it wont take long, just one thing and then I am gone."

5/7/2011 #13
general wildcat

Mmmm cookies! Always the perfect reason to get sidetracked! XD But like i said, if you want me to repost any too, just lemme know

rp: I raised an eyebrow, wondering what could be so private she needed to talk about. was it a good thing, like did she wanna ask me out or something? Or what if it was that she just didn't wanna be seen talking with me? I mean, it wasn't always that the jocks and nerds got along so that meant we shouldn't too. I almost wondered for a minute if this would be something I'd wanna hear. "Um...sure. I don't think there's anyone by the fountain out front, we could go there."

5/7/2011 #14
Umm if you need anyone else, by that I mean sharpay, I would be happy to help :)
5/7/2011 #15

hehe yeah... its always the process of combing through the endless amount of RPs on the main forum.. and me getting sidetracked by something as little as a crazy commercial on tv!

RP: "That's sounds perfect." i nodded trying to keep my courage up. Its not like this was an everyday, how is the weather, type conversation. And it wasn't like either of us ever really talked to the other besides for the party and well... obviously that didn't end so great. We started to walk towards the fountain and I couldn't seem to find the words to be able to tell him. What should be a simple I am Pregant kept getting jumbed up in every other combination of the three words. "so how is schoool going?" I asked trying to fill the quiet with any kind of small talk."

5/8/2011 #16
general wildcat

Oh getting distracted is obviously the best! Gotta love crazy commercials like for the snuggie or a good episode of Phineas and Ferb! lol

rp: I followed her outside and sat at the edge of the fountain once we'd gotten out. There were barely any cars passing by the school at this time of day, so it was a pretty good private place to talk. But from the way she was starting this, I didn't get what sounded so private about this. Either something from school was going on with her - which I highly doubted - or this was leading to something else. "Fine..." I answered, a bit confused. "Basketball..." Come to think of it, I didn't really know what else to say about it, since school was boring as heck and I had skipped out on plenty of basketball practices already. "What about you?"

5/8/2011 #17

Ooooo! I love Phineas and Ferb! Its the best :) hahaha

RP: I looked at him and sighed. he was asking about me that seemed like the perfect time to just drop the bomb. I braced myself for what his reaction would be screaming, blaming me, anything and everything that could happen I mentally prepared myself. It was the first time in my life i actually didn't want to talk about how I had perfected yet something else about school. "Chad.." I stated cursing at myself for such a lame beginning of probably the biggest announcement of my life. "The truth is. I just found out... I am pregnant." I nodded biting my lip trying not to cry all over again. "and You are the father."

5/11/2011 #18
general wildcat

It definitely is! Plus they have a platypus! Every other cartoon has officially been toped! ^^

rp: She was joking right? She had to be joking. This was definitely not the private talk I thought she'd be wanting to have. What did that even have to do with school? I mean...yeah for one time we had an amazing night but I didn't think it was that amazing. "Wait, after one time?" were the first words, and probably lame ones, that came out of my mouth. "That's not possible, we used protection." i completely stopped thinking and just started reacting. I wasn't drunk that night and I remember perfectly what happened. We flirted, we wanted it, we went for it. End of story, there could not be anything else to it. I just said the next time that came out of my mouth. "You've gotta make it go away. We're not parents."

5/11/2011 #19

Perry is awesome, but Doofenshmirtz is where it is at!

RP: I nodded and looked up at the sky. Well at least he wasn't screaming, but there was no way I would just give up my baby no matter how prepared I was. i couldn't just let a little being die. I didnt care how old I was or if I ever knew how to be a good mother... "I am not going to just make it go away. I am raising MY baby. I just thought I would do the decent thing and tell you, so now you know, don't worry I won't expect anything from you, ever, you can go back to your pathetic lunkhead basketball ways for all I care." I rolled my eyes grabbing my stomach. I had to get away from it all figure things out maybe find some way to tell my mother what was going on. I couldn't look at him or anyone else from school for that moatter. This was all just a little too much for me to handle.

5/12/2011 #20
general wildcat

With is funny voice and his 'CURSE YOU PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!" and all those -inator's. But there's one thing that puts Perry over Doofenshmirtz...Perry's got a catchy theme song!

rp: So she was gonna put up a fight was she? My reaction right now was that there was no way we could be parents and our own parents would kill us. If we were still in high school with no jobs, how were we supposed to raise a baby let alone graduate? "You know what? Fine, maybe I will." I responded, folding my arms. "Because I actually have plans for what I wanna do. If you're rainsg your baby you're throwing away your future and all this brainy stuff you worked so hard to do. So good luck getting through that and having a life, cause I'm not giving mine up." She could be as protective of that baby as she wanted and she could do whatever she wanted with it. I couldn't stop her from giving it up and I had no intention to force her to - but I could choose not to have any part of it.... But why does even thinking tha tmake me feel like a douche?

5/12/2011 #21

haha theme songs are overrated! Doofenshmirtz is so awesome, he doesnt need his own theme song!

RP: I never should have told him in the first place. I knew it would be his reaction, but I had to clear my own conscious and know that I at least tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but was he really going to sit here and argue with me over it? I didn't need his help in anyway and I would find a way to raise this baby and still follow all my dreams if it was the last thing I did, but people change and dreams change. I just couldn't live with myself if I did the selfish thing and just and an abortion. "Then go do whatever you want to do, be whoever you want to be. I am not stopping you from your so-called life! All I wanted to do was tell you the truth because I thought you had a right to know, but I would be lying if I said I didn't see this reaction coming. I dont care how long I have worked to get into an ivy league college or dreamt about being the first female president. I have a new life now, and I am sorry that I ever bothered to interrupt yours! Goodbye Chad, you are late for class." I responded rolling my eyes and walking away. i didnt care how he retorted, or what he wanted to argue about, I was done, and I just wanted to go back home. I had so much to figure out.

5/15/2011 #22
general wildcat

But theme songs are just so catchy! XD

rp: I didn't even bother to say anything, I just folded my arms and let her walk away. I mean, why should I give up my whoel liife for one person? I had dreams and I knew they'd never come true with a baby. That was the life of a teen parent and I didn't want that. Did she really think she'd be able to be a teen mom and raise a baby? That was so stupid. But I mean, I guess it'd be easier if I helped out. But why should I? She's the one who's pregnant, not me.I sighed and headed to class, knowing that I needed to get my mind off of this. Besides this wasn't even my fault. We both wanted that, but I used protection, so I can't be blamed for anything. Could I? I shook my head and just headed to class. I may have known what I wanted, but I had no idea why I felt so guilty about choosing that. But even though I was sitting in class now trying to pay attention and get my mind off of this crap for once, I was even more distracted. My mind must have been even more distroroted now, because every other word the teacher said sounded like 'baby'.

5/16/2011 #23

that is true I suppose, omg wouldn't it be awesome if Chaylor had there own theme song?!

Rp: I barely listened to the music that blared out of my car speakers on my way home as I drove. I could barely focus on anything. I rubbed my stomach and slowly walked up my driveway I had to figure everything out including how to find a job and tell my mother. What was I going to do if she flipped out and kicked me out of the house for being some version of a teenage whore? Of course every plan I had thought of was taken away from me the second I had a burst of morning sickness. well whoever said that pregnancy was some glorious magic experience was a lying jerk! It was painful, filled with hot flash and cold chills, I was naseaus all the time, and of course all the extra expenses and annoying doctor visits I would have to plan. I was actually thankful I had to do this alone that way I could make sure I could get it all done the way i wanted to, although I wouldn't classify spending the afternoon in the bathroom as something I wanted, it was all part if it I guess. This was all a new life I was going to have to discover and adjust to. It was my decision, i could not give this baby up, no matter how hard it got.

5/16/2011 #24
general wildcat

Ooooh what would their theme song be??? it has to be addicting and catchy!

rp: I didn't know how much longer I could take this. Class after class all I was hearing was babies and baby sounds and was driving me crazy! Why was it haunting me so much like this? I made my decision, I did what I wanted to do. It got so far to the point that I covered my ears during class and yet I was still hearing everything baby related. When I couldn't take it anymore, I gave in and yelled, "Shut up!" That...was a bad idea. Everyone in class stared at me and the teacher just glared at me. She sent me to the principal's office but even though i took all my stuff with me, knowing it'd take up the rest of class, I didn't bother going. I just walked out of school. Maybe some fresh air would help. Or amybe even better, none of my friends would notice. But of course as soon as I got to the sidewalk the first thing I saw was a baby in a stroller. "Stop haunting me already! I made my choice and I'm not changing my mind! You are not taking my life away from me!" The baby immediately started crying and his mother picked him up, telling me to get away before she called the cops. I ran to my car as fast as I could. I pulled out of the parking lot and just drove.There was only one person I could blame for this, and I was about to give her a piece of my mind.

5/17/2011 #25

it would have to be something with some crazy instrumentals and a melody that is always stuck in your head!

RP:I was just wiping my mouth from the fifth running in the bathroom since I got home when i saw my mother's car pull up into the driveway. well so much for planning what I was going to tell her. I guess the cold hard honest truth always worked. I mean she was my mother, she would support me no matter what, right? I smiled when i saw her come into the living room and took a deep breath. "Mom, there is something I have to tell you."

"Well talk fast sweetie, i am only here to change clothes between surgries." She said as she started to take her coat off. From the look in her fast I could tell that it had already been a long day at work and it was clear that the worse wasnt even over yet. I knew that now probably wasnt't the right time to tell her.

But of course my mind never actually listened to itself and I blurted. "Mom. I am pregnant!" THe look she gave me would have murdered me on the spot. I knew whatever she said next wasnt't going to be something I wanted to here, of course I never actually expected her to say. "I will not have any daughter of mine sleeping her way around high school and ruining her future! I am taking you with me back to work and that will be the end of this so-called pregnancy!" She snapped cooly.

I blinked a few times as I mustered my courage together and shook my head. "NO! I am raising this baby with or with out your help!"

"Then I want you out of my house by the time I get back, you are a disgrace to this family and I will not stand by your whorish ways!" She screamed before storming back out of the house and speeding off down the road.

I stared at the door as the tears formed in my eyes and I fell to the floor, what was happening to me? was the world completely against me?!

5/18/2011 #26
general wildcat

Yes, definitely! And it has to be like every time someone hears the song they instantly think about Chaylor!

rp: I parked my car in front of Taylor's house and stormed up to her front door. I needed to know why she was making me feel so bad and guilty about this. None of this was my fault, I was safe. It wasn't like I planned for it to rip or something stupid like that. She told me this and now I was suffering the guilt and pain I wasn't supposed to be feeling. Why was she making me feel like such a piece of ****? I didnt bother to wait another second or anything, I just knocked on her door and waited for an answer. And whether she liked it or not she was gonna give me one and as soon as she did I'd be satisfied and could forget everything and be gone for good.

5/18/2011 #27

OMG! Yes, and it has to be something that people hear inside their head all the time, so they are thinking about Chaylor all the time.

irp- I looked at the door and stood up quickkly composing myself. I had too much to do, I didn't have time to have a mental breakdown. I wiped my eyes quickly going over all the places that had cheap rent or would take in a pregnant teenager. I shook my head, it didn't look bright. I didn't even want to answer the door as I wanted to sit there and wallow in my thoughts, but the knock seemed pretty loud, so it had to of been pretty important. if it was something for my mom, I would have to find a way to tell her about it without telling her. I took final deep breath opening the door and groaning when I saw what was on the otherside. Aparently I did have time for a mental breakdown. "What the heck do you want?!" I snapped, okay so I could have been slightly friendlier, but he deserved my attitude after his little show at the school.

5/20/2011 #28
general wildcat

Hm...well sometimes when I listen to Beauty and the beast i think about Chaylor. But if other people hear that they'll probably think about Beauty and the Beast. What's another Chaylor worthy song to make people constantly think about the most awesomest couple ever?

bic: Wow, she was really snappy. And after she kept me waiting, too? Not that it got me even madder, I mean I was mad enough with the crap she was dealing me. She wanted to know what the heck I wanted, I'll give her what I wanted. "I wanna know why you make me feel like this." I responded angrily. "You come and tell me about this and I tell you what I wanna do, I tell you the first thing that comes into my mind and how I'd deal with the situation. I think about giving the baby up and you think about keeping it and just storm off and let me think about this garbage all day. You wanna know what I want? I wanna know why you make me feel like such crap for saying what I want from this and like I'm the worst douche in the world!"

5/20/2011 #29

I was watchin HSM3 and while Troy and Gabs were singing Right here, Right now... Chad and Tay were on the swings! I think Chaylor needed their own lil duet, I'm just saying! Disney shoulda gave them their own lil love song!

irp- "because you are the worst douche in the world." I replied flatly. I didn't have time to play guilt issues with him. I had things to do and a place to find. I was going to do this even though it seemed like the entire world was against me. i was not the kind of girl who got herself in this type of position, but I was in this position and i refused to be a baby murderer and take the easy way out. He could scream all he wanted to, it wasn't going to change his own guilt his own reaction. I couldn't make him care about this baby and I sure as hell couldn't make him happy and kill the baby. So he was just going to have to learn with his own little guilt issues! I glared at him. "Look! I don't care how guilty you feel! Pretend this baby isn't yours iif it gets you through the day, okay, but I have exactly two hours to get all my crap packed and out of here so have your five minute tantrum and leave, becuase honestly I have much more important things to worry about then what YOU are thinking about! I dont care if you or my mom or anyone else is a part of this baby's life, I will be and I dont need any of you! Okay? so just go back wherever you came from, I dont want to play who can scream louder!"

5/22/2011 #30
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