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general wildcat

And yet another random idea. I have no idea where these are coming from but I think this one came from a weird dream I had last night except this wasn't what the dream was about at all. o_0

When Chad and Sharpay both headed for the University of Albuquerque after graduating high school, there was some speculation that they'd get together. Well, they did. And after less than a year Sharpay wound up pregnant. Except she didn't want the baby because she didn't think she was ready for it and wanted to get herself established, which was what she told her father before heading to New York not too long after. So after the baby was born Chad dropped out of college and got a job to support their daughter and took care of her on his own. When the baby was six months old, Chad's ex Taylor came back from Yale, transferring to a school in Albuquerque. They ended up getting back together. Chad's daughter sees Taylor as her mother and Taylor's been raising her as her own. Four years later Chad and Taylor are still together with a child of their own and are even engaged. But now Sharpay comes back to Albuquerque with her boyfriend Peyton and after finally establishing herself she's determined to get custody of her daughter. The problem? After all that's happened she and Chad hate each other. so now Sharpay's going to do whatever it takes and nothing is going to stand in her way, even with Chad thinking she's such a terrible mother for not being in her child's life. Are they going to be able to settle this once and for all, or will it all end in break-ups?

I'm Chad. Lauren is the daughter. Char is Sharpay. So Taylor, Peyton, and the other child are open!

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/24/2011 #1
I can see colors

*holds up hand* Can I be the daughter? and also can be an OC? Perhaps a Baby-sitter?

I really like playing little kids....o.O OH WELL :D

5/24/2011 #2
general wildcat

Sure thing! ^^ can be an OC but i don't think they'll need a baby sitter or anything.

5/24/2011 #3

sounds great can i be shar plz

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/24/2011 #4
general wildcat


5/24/2011 #5

i want to kick Shar's ass on Tay's behalf! sorry Char! o_O anyways can I be the lovely Taylor and I can be Peyon as well if you need someone for him ^_^

5/24/2011 #6
general wildcat

LOL Char you gots some competition of sorts! XDDD You can take them, all yours! That should just leave the other kid and we're set!

5/24/2011 #7
I can see colors

oooooooooooooooooooo instead i can play the kids. Want bios?

5/24/2011 #8
general wildcat

If you want to, feel free to post some ^^

5/24/2011 #9
Oooooooo look at telle stealing my man, the nerve of some people! You're lucky I love you telle, or I'd be calling you a slut!
5/25/2011 #10

lmao! I just havent seen you post in RPs lately! But if you want him, he is all yours :D

5/25/2011 #11
Its fine I just like to bug people :)
5/25/2011 #12

Fine! Be that way! see if I am nice to you next time! :P

5/25/2011 #13
Youre never nice to me... You never introduce me to your friends anymore! Why are we even together?!
5/25/2011 #14

Awes *sniffles* because I love you!

5/25/2011 #15

hey now no picking on me or my girl lmao anyway when did yall want to start?

5/25/2011 #16
I can see colors

let me do the bios:

Name: Rylee Danforth

Age: 4

Loves pink, sparkles and flowers. She sings all the time, and personality, is just like Shar.

She looks more like Chad with wild hair, and brown eyes. She is light toned and doesn't even notice that her 'mommy' and daddy have a bit darker complexion.

She loves her younger sister alot and doesn't take lightly to anyone making her cry. She loves cartoons and is very smart. She quotes lines from shows and movies all the time


Name: Kara Danforth

Age: 2

Loves pink and purple. Loves bubbles and puppies

Laughs alot, loves to talk, always have her stuff puppy with her. His name is Spotty. She looks a lot like Taylor, but has her daddy's sense of humor. She loves jokes.

Her older sister is her idol. she wants to do everything Rylee does. She likes floppy hats and reading

5/26/2011 #17
general wildcat

I'm liking those bios ^^ We're all set to get started now. I'll do the first post and get this going....cause i really really wanna roleplay. XD

irp: I turned a little in my sleep as I heard the alarm clock go off. Was it really time to wake up already? I reached over and turned the alarm off before shifting again and slipping my arm around Taylor. I smiled just watching her sleep. I loved waking up to her every morning. But knowing our girls, any minute now they'd be running around waking us up themselves. "It's morning, Tay. Time to wake up." I whispered to her, kissing her cheek.

5/26/2011 #18

I heard Chad shut the alarm off, but i didn't want to move, being in his arms always felt too cozy. Opening my eyes and looking at him I smiled. "Even after all this time, I still love waking up to you." I gave him a quick kiss and sighed cuddling up closer to him. "although I vote for another five minute of sleeptime."

Peyton- I frowned walking into Sharpay's Dressing room when I saw her staring at a picture soberly. We had just finished wrapping our very first movie, both our dreams were coming true, I guess I just expected her to be happier. I made my way over to her and started to rub her shoulder. "so superstar, how come that smile is upside down? You want to talk about it?"

5/26/2011 #19
I can see colors

Rylee- I helped Kara out of her crib. "Let go wakey up momma and daddy

Kara: "Yay! Spotty comin' too" Rylee- "Well duh" We ran to their room and hopped on the bed

5/26/2011 #20
general wildcat

I smiled at Taylor, loving being so close to her. It almost made me not wanna get up, too. I couldn't wait to see how this would be after we got married, but I was sure nothing would change. I'd still fall asleep next to her and wake up next to her and kiss her every chance I got. "Are you sure it's five more minutes of sleep you want?" I smiled. I leaned in to kiss her again, but hardly got the chance when Rylee and Kara started jumping on the bed. I laughed playfully at our girls, they always knew how to stop us from falling asleep. "Ok, ok, we're up, we love you too." I chuckled at them.

5/26/2011 #21

I turned around to face him and sighed. I held up the picture to show him. "This daughter" i say sadly

5/26/2011 #22
I can see colors

rylee: "We want awfuls with strawberry sure-up"

Kara: YEAH!"

5/26/2011 #23

I pouted a little at the thought of having to move away from my cozy little spot but gave Chad a little kiss before tickling the girls and laughing. "As if I would make you anything else!" I smiled sitting up. "You girls wanna help with breakfast today?" I asked slipping out of bed and putting my silk robe on holding out a hand for them. "We can even make some cookies for later!" I winked at them.

5/29/2011 #24
I can see colors

Rylee/Kare: "COOKIES!"

Rylee: I giggled and Kara went "oppsy, pepe!" she laughed "mama i think Kara laughed too hard"

5/29/2011 #25
general wildcat

I smiled as I watched Taylor with the girls. I couldn't help but wonder how I got so lucky to have her in my life and to have such a wonderful family with her. I sat up and grabbed my shirt on the side, quickly throwing it on. "Why don't we go and get you cleaned up? By the time we're done there'll be all the waffles you can eat." I smiled picking Kara up. I smiled to Rylee, "Ry why don't you go help mommy make those waffles like the good big girl you are?"

5/29/2011 #26

"I will even let you sneak in some cookie dough," I winked as I whispered and grabbed her hand. It was hard to believe that she wasn't biologically my daughter when I knew I couldn't love her anymore. She was just my little adorable ray of sunshine she always put a smile on my face. I led her down to the kitchen and started pulling out supplies and handed her, the little apron i got the girls to wear for when they helped me in the kitched because everything turned into a mess with them.

5/29/2011 #27
general wildcat

I took Kara into the bathroom where we kept her little girl potty and the extra pull-ups. The bedsheets had gotten a little wet but I'd put that in the wash after breakfast. I got Kara out of the wet one and helped clean her up before helping her in putting on a fresh one. "There we go." I smiled just fixing her nightgown so it was all neat again. "Are you and your puppy all nice and clean now?"

5/29/2011 #28
I can see colors

Rylee: "Yay!" I went downstairs with my mommy and stood on a stool to be able to help "What we do mama?"

Kara: "Yup...piggy back ride!"

5/30/2011 #29
general wildcat

"Of course." i smiled. I lifted Kara onto my back, "Hang on." I carried her on me downstairs and to the kitchen where we could practically smell breakfast already.

5/30/2011 #30
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