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I twirled her around before picking her up and setting her back on the floor. "Shall we go make sure your sister and daddy are all ready?" I asked unplugging the curling iron and looking at her.

6/25/2011 #121
I can see colors

Kara: "yes!" I giggled

Rylee: "Hold on...Daddy! Its a Sharpie lady"

6/25/2011 #122
general wildcat

I raised an eyebrow. Sharpie lady? couldn't be. "Go wait for me in the kitchen, I'll be right there." I told her taking the phone. Better just be on the safe side and find out...maybe it really wasn't her. "Hello?" I said into the phone.

6/25/2011 #123

"um Hi Chad its me" i say

6/25/2011 #124
I can see colors

Rylee: "ok" I ran down to the kitchen. I saw mommy and Kara "Hi!"

6/25/2011 #125
general wildcat

Oh was her! I wasn't even gonna start now. I didn't wanna have to talk to, see, or even hear about Sharpay. I didn't care what she was calling about, I was not dealing with her. Not even bothering to say anything, my mouth dropped and I quickly hung up the phone, just nearly slammed it down back onto its hook.

6/25/2011 #126

"there's my other princess!" I smiled picking up Ry and twirling her around. "You look very pretty Ry, definitely ready for the park." I paused setting her back down and smiling at the girls. "So? what are we going to do first at the park, the swings, the merri-go-round, the jungle gym?"

6/26/2011 #127

"Chad?" i say than hear the dialtone "damn it" i mutter

6/26/2011 #128
I can see colors

Rylee and Kara: "SWINGS!'

Rylee: "Mommy who is Sharpie? She is on the phone with daddy"

6/26/2011 #129

My eyes went wide and I looked down at Rylee. She was my daughter there was nothing that Sharpay could do or say that would change how much love I had for her. I smiled at her and shrugged. "Just an old friend from high school that we barely talked to. She isn't important." I paused as I took a deep breath and grabbed the picnic basket to throw everything inside of it. "Is that we are going to have the best picnic ever and we are going to have a blast at the park, starting with the swings of course!"

6/27/2011 #130
I can see colors

Rylee; "Ok and yay!"

Kara" Penut butter!"

6/27/2011 #131
general wildcat

I took a deep breath and tried to erase the thought of Sharpay from my mind. Plain and simple, she had no business calling me about anything no matter what it was.So the best thing to do was just to forget about her and moved on with the people that really mattered. And today we were gonna go to the park, have a picnic, play together, and have family fun. I grabbed the car keys off the dresser and headed back downstairs.

6/27/2011 #132

"What kind of Jelly, do you want Strawberry or Grape?" I smiled as I pulled out the ingrediants for the sandwhiches. "Or be really daring and do both!"


Peyton- I frowned looking at Sharpay. "I take it, it didn't go well?"

6/28/2011 #133

"not at all" I sighed "maybe this wasnt such a great idea" i say defeated

6/28/2011 #134
I can see colors

Rylee and Kara: "BOTH!"

6/28/2011 #135

"As my little princesses wish!" I laughed kissing both their foreheads as I quickly made the sandwhiches. "I can tell this is going to be the best day at the park ever, right?"


Peyton- "Sharpay you are stronger then that! Dont ever let someone tell you you cant make your own dreams come true, so he wont take your calls, they we will knock on his door til he answers, there is no backing down, we will make this happen!"

6/30/2011 #136

I looked at him in awe. "Your right, I lost my daughter once i wont do it again"

6/30/2011 #137
I can see colors

Rylee: "crust off pwease"

6/30/2011 #138
general wildcat

when I walked into the kitchen I wrapped my arms around my little girls. "Those sandwiches are looking so good." I smiled, wiping the smallest conversation of Sharpay from my mind. "What else do we need to make this the perfect family picnic at the park?"

6/30/2011 #139
I can see colors

Rylee: "Ummmmmm...carrot sticks!"

Kara: "YAY!"

6/30/2011 #140
general wildcat

"Carrot sticks it is!" I smiled. I headed over to the fridge and got the pack of carrot sticks out of the vegetable drawer.

6/30/2011 #141

"crustless peanut butter and jelly, carrot sticks, what do you want to drink with it?" I smiled at my family kind of nervous about what Sharpay was doing calling us at all.


Peyton- I gave her a hug and smiled kissing her gently. "that is the sharpay I know and love, now go get packing I have a bunch of arrangments to make but we should be able to leave in about 2 hours!"

7/1/2011 #142

"sounds good thanks again Peyton" i smiled at him

7/1/2011 #143
I can see colors

Kara: "Juice!"

Rylee: "Milk please!"

oorp: Can I bring in Micky please? As a baby-sitter?

7/1/2011 #144
general wildcat

"You girls are eating so healthy today." I smiled putting the carrot sticks in the picnic basket. "How about dessert to go with all this food? We can each have a cookie, or maybe buy ice cream at the park."

oorp: Sure, why not! xD And if we need to, I can throw in Chad's brother to babysit, too

7/1/2011 #145
I can see colors

oorp: thanks hun! You have an OC that is Chad's brother? :)

irp: Kara: "cookie!"

Rylee: "ice cream!"

7/1/2011 #146
general wildcat

oorp: Kind of, like I randomly made him up for one roleplay and I might have him make an appearance in another one I'm doing, so maybe he can get thrown in for a bit here too. XD

rp: I scratched my head. "Sounds like we need a tie breaker."

7/1/2011 #147
I can see colors

oorp: coool...have you rpged with me when i used Micky?

Rylee: I looked at my sister evily "ice cream is yummier"

Kara: I pouted "Nuh, no! Cookie!"



7/1/2011 #148
general wildcat

oorp: The name is familiar, but I really don't remember if I did rp with you using Micky

rp: Ok, maybe a tie breaker was a bad idea. "Girls, girls, calm down." I said getting between them. "Cookies and ice cream are both yummy. So how about we bring a couple of cookies with us and if someone doesn't want cookies, they'll get ice cream instead."

7/1/2011 #149

I smiled at them as I threw the cookies in the basket and suggested "or we can be really daring and get cookie ice cream sandwhiches because they are the best of both worlds!"


Peyton- i smiled at her before walking to my office to make all the arrangements for housing, flight, and a rental car while we were out there.

7/2/2011 #150
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