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Its hard for anyone to be told that they aren't good enough, to have to always feel like you have done something wrong, to feel like your a failure and a disappointment. We all have our ways for channeling our pain an anguish a way of dealing with our defeat in life. But it takes true strength of character to overcome it all, to hold your head high and be told that you are a better person then you truley believe yourself to be. It was a methaphor a chance to live in a moment of a deeper connection in being like the skyscraper we were standing up but there we were from all over the country, heck, all over the world, brought together by one thing a small teen help forum that was run by me. I did it because I knew if I could find a way to battle the bullying I faced then I Devonne Lopez could easily be the one that helped others. We had shared our stories, our fears, and our deepest secrets with one another never seeing each other face to face until this moment. I closed my eyes feeling the wind in my hair and wondered as I stood there who of all the people on the forum would show up.

Chad Danforth, was born african american. He was the product of a woman going to a sperm bank and she had no problem telling him that him coming out with brown skin was the biggest let down she had ever recieved in her life, that she wants nothing to do with him and that he was lucky she didnt kill him. She treated him like a slave and he became severely depressed. But he wants to find a place in this world, a place to play basketball, and a place to just belong and not feel like a mistake.

Troy Bolton, he hardly talks to anyone about it because the idea of it seems sickening but he was the victim of his priest sexually assaulting him when he was younger and he feels like no one believes him and he wants to scream and shout and he feels like he needs to let out the pain and anger he is feeling inside and just be heard. He wants to know that its okay to give others your trust and respect, that they wont let you down and hurt you in the end.

Gabriella Montez, she seemed as innocent as they seemed when you talk to her but she carries a secret addiction to sex and to finding a release through human contact and pleasure, she used to just have sex all the time until she had a miscarriage without even knowng she was pregnant, now she feels like a murderer and is dealing with the grief of losing a baby.

Taylor McKessie, she was the girl that felt like she had to be perfect, she had to dress appropriately, she had to be the best in sports and academics, and she had to be the girl everyone talked about, and while everyone did talk about her, it was about death threat after death threat of how she was a hilter of high school and didnt deserve to live and the harder she tried to be perfect for her peers, the worse the death threats became.

Ryan and Sharpay Evans are ashamed because they love each other, they grew up together, they know all of each other's secrets and dreams and they know that no one will get them like they get each other and they hardly admit it but the two of them made love and now sharpay is pregnant and they aren't sure how to deal with the judgment everyone else is giving them just because they want to be happy and love each other.

Kaitlyn is a party girl, she loves to live each day like it is her last and her dont give a fuck attitude can be alarming, and you may ask why a girl like her who isnt ashamed of her vices would be on a forum like mine, its because one night after parrtying a little too hard she decided to drive herself home and she hit someone but feeling to high and too guilty she just fled the scene finding out the next day on the news that the girl she ran over was dead. She loves the life she leads but she cant help but wonder if there is one mistake that she made and if there is any way to ease the guilt.

Landon , he is the kind of guy that wants to be friends with anyone and everyone and on the forums he was always the first one to tell a joke and cheer anyone up, but he keeps his own feelings inside just saying he is there for moral support because he likes the idea of the forum and that people should have a place to turn, but what is his real reason and will he ever open up to anyone about what really gets to him or will he always be that best friend that none of us really knew?

Characters: (I am torn between being Gabriella or not because I love her sooo much, but I know that other people like her as well... so I will see if anyone else should want her and only claim her should no one want her! so here is who I need and let me know what you think :D)



Ryan- Charlene

Landon- Me, Myself and I

Kaitlyn- Emily!

Devonne- Me, Myself and I



Sharpay- Lauren

7/12/2011 . Edited 7/14/2011 #1
I can see colors


ok now that that part is over with..... I am going in a direction which I have never gone before(Or at least in a while any way lol).......

I WANT SHARPAY! *hides in corner hoping neither Ellie or Charlene shoots her*

7/12/2011 #2


and ... WOW! I never thought I would live to say anyone but Ellie or Charlene to play Sharpay... this just got a whole lot more interesting! She's yours!

7/12/2011 #3
Funky And Fabulous

Awwww :( my post on here's asking to be Taylor and Sharpay is gone. Oh well now i'll just ask to be Taylor.

7/13/2011 #4
I can see colors

I am sorry Celeste...if you want you can be Sharpay and I can be Ryan. I chose sharpay to be someone else but if you really want her I can be Ryan and Troy....

7/13/2011 #5

So after much thought I have come to the conclusion that this rp is way to awsome to pass up just b.c i cant be Sharpay so I am going to ask to plz be Ryan. Chantelle is right I dont always have to be Sharpay as much as I may want to and I can try out something new so thats what I am going to do if you let me be Ry. I love their story and I love Rypay and this whole rp is epic :D

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #6
Awe... TIo bad you tried to play games on my forum... Deleting celeste's comment.... Darn those rules... Fifth time breaking then... Your FIFTH time breaking them... Do you think that my forum and my feelings are a joke? Sooi instead of banning you for a week... Which would be the next following consequence... You will NOTbe allowed to be a part of this rp.... Next time? If I were you... I'd play nice with the rest of the forum,... Just saying.
7/13/2011 #7

I didnt delete any post. You are jumping to conclusions. I was banned remember? No way I could do that if I was banned just saying. I just want us all to get along and have fun again.

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #8
As you can see while I told you were banned til Sunday... I didnt actually ban you, and further proof on that lies in how you argued about being banned, and anyone who scrolls to the bottom of the screen can see that you are in fact a mod on tvis forum which will be changed immediately but gives you the power to delete and edit amyones post and given your controlling ways an the fact you've admitted to doing I on the forum becuase you would rather die then let anyone else play sharpay... However if you must know. I didn't just assume anyone there are four people with the power to delete post, I did ask the other two, they didnt do it and I didn't do it... So Charlene... You see it's proof in the email I got and all your crying, and everyone elses word.
7/13/2011 #9

dude i didnt even go on the forum for the past day b.c i thought i was banned. i just saw the email with the new rp and i realized that 24 hrs would be today so i figured i was unbanned today. 24 hrs is not sunday i had no idea i wasnt banned. i just took ur word for it and you know FF fucks up so dont blame me for everything but im done defending myself and its fine if im not alowed in this rp i shall just do the ones were im wanted but i was willing to be Ryan as I thought about what you had said and realized that I could play someone else but if you prefer I dont than thats fine, this will be the last time I reply in this rp. Just let me know when im allowed to reply in the rps again.

But a serious question whats it going to take for all to be good on the forums again and for all of us to just rp and have fun and such? I hate all this but dont know what to do.

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #10
I can see colors

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHINY! *runs away laughing evilly*

7/13/2011 #11
Red Queen Megz

MINE BITCH!!! *Tackles the shiny and runs* Teller bear I'll take s people who aren't taken by the time we start so you don't haul the load. =) least I can do for ya. It's about time I took people I never rped before and give if a shot.

7/13/2011 #12

.... Char.... You can be Ryan... this is a no exclusion Forum, I have to abide by my own rules... so Ryan is all yours :)

*Pouts* but but but... no shiny for me? FINE! I will get my own Shiny! and it will be twice as shiny as yours :P

7/14/2011 #13
Funky And Fabulous

No, it's fine Lauren you can be her. I don't mind :D

7/14/2011 #14
I can see colors

o0k thanks :D

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles Megan to get back Shiny* MINE FIRST!

P.s. Telle help me get the shiny from Megan and we share :D

7/14/2011 #15

*Steals Shiny from both of you* hahaha MY SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!

7/14/2011 #16

well I thank you than :)

7/14/2011 #17


7/15/2011 #18
Red Queen Megz

O.O Oi! You took my finger!

7/15/2011 #19
I can see colors

TELLLE! Give Megan back her finger _

7/15/2011 #20
Red Queen Megz

SHE'S EATING IT!!!!! *Cries*

7/15/2011 #21

It wasn't me! It was the shiny, it's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh... so now we may have to rework the charries...

7/18/2011 #22
Its sick and it's wrong and sharpay and Ryan should be ashamed
7/18/2011 #23

lmao THAT's the point!

7/18/2011 #24
Yeah so why do it then? Why can't they just find people that look a little bit like the other?!
7/18/2011 #25

Becuase you wouldnt want to kill yourself then... oh i just slept with someone... not a reason for depression... what the fuck, I love my brother... Reason!

7/18/2011 #26
Yeah well it's still sick.... I blame Ryan though
7/18/2011 #27

I know its twisted, but thats the point, its not like I am some big rypay fan, it was just a really good storyline for this RP, sorry I promise you wont be seeing anymore like it!

7/18/2011 #28
I can be someone for you xxxx
7/18/2011 #29

lmao I only need troy and gabriella and those are the two you hate, BUT! if you want to add in someone to be in it you can :P I dont know how I feel about this rp anymore anyways

7/18/2011 #30
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