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general wildcat

-blink blink- Erm......what just happened as soon as I got back from making like a five or ten minute lunch? o_0 Mesa confuzzled

12/23/2011 #31
I can see colors

I licked you, you be mine and I saw a shiny! :)

12/23/2011 #32
general wildcat

Oh is that all? XD .... Was I tasty at all? Cause that's a pretty good sign of monsters wanting to eat you. There's no monsters in here with us are there?

12/23/2011 #33
I can see colors

*shakes head* no monsters and you taste a bit bitter but mostly tasted like sparkles and rainbows! ^_^

12/23/2011 #34
general wildcat

Yay no monsters!! ^^ Ooooh sprinkles taste really good! There's so many kinds of sprinkles! Theres chocolate sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles and those dotted like sprinkles and those ones shapped like dinosaurs and sometimes ones shaped like stars sprinkles....

12/23/2011 #35
I can see colors

*blinks* I said SPARK-LES not Spri-nkles*rolls eyes in duh way*

12/23/2011 #36
general wildcat

Really? Are you sure? =( But sprinkles taste so much better.Sparkles just get stuck in between your teeth.

12/23/2011 #37
I can see colors

*crosses arms over chest and pouts* You know like sparkles!

12/23/2011 #38
general wildcat

Well I'm just saying that when it comes to tastiness, sprinkles are ebtter than sparkles.

12/23/2011 #39
I can see colors

*sniffles* nooooo wayyyy

12/23/2011 #40
general wildcat

Yes way. Sprinkles taste better than sparkles, specially on ice cream!

12/23/2011 #41
I can see colors


p.s. I have to go, work shiz

12/23/2011 #42
general wildcat


Ok T_T See you later

12/23/2011 #43

I wanna be Gabriella. This is her storyline.

Gabriella: My father died before I was born and my moher abandond me to live with my grandmother. I didn't see her again till I was four, when she was pregnant with my little sister, Rebecca, who she later abandoned. I was 16 when I was raped by a friend named Jacob. Rebecca is the only person who knows. The rape scarred me and I started turning to sex to cope with my problems. Sex was like comfort food because there was no emotional ties to it. It happens for two minutes and then you say, "Get out!" I would have sex at least four times day. One day my grandmother walked in my bedroom and saw me with a boy. She kicked me out of the house. My best friend Taylor introduced me to a man named Darren, who runs this place called The Hideout, where I now live. I sell my body for him. It's a win-win situation becuase I get a place to live, food to eat, and do the one thing I love and he keeps the money.

12/23/2011 . Edited 2/25/2012 #44
Red Queen Megz

Could I join in?

12/23/2011 #45

oh crap umm all the ideas are taken lmao i have absolutly no clue what else i could use. the only thing i could think of is she got preg and got kicked out or had an abortion and got kicked out. anybody plz help me with an idea for something good for shar b.c um yeah dont want to copy anyone

12/23/2011 #46

Allicia just gave me a great idea that i could have the dad be in the mafia and shar found out so she had to leave to go to the hide out so as not to be killed but idk if that would work seeing as Ryan is Shars twin so he would have to of been involved as well. unless i actually use tara as well and use that story for her but than i dont really have anybody for her to talk to so i wasnt so sure about actually bringing her in and i woudl still need somethin for shar lol. anyway opinions people plz lol

12/23/2011 . Edited 12/23/2011 #47

Everyone is in! :D I love all the ideas

12/23/2011 #48

lmfao you did not help me at all!!!! xD

12/23/2011 #49

All I am going to say is that maybe Ryan and Sharpay were separated at birth or something because their mom didnt want both twins to grow up in the mafia and that he grew up not thinking that he had a sister at all and then they can reget to know one another.

12/24/2011 #50

oh i love that idea. i knew you would be helpful. Lauren is that cool with you?

12/24/2011 #51
general wildcat

Ooooh I gotta come up with an idea too! =0 Ok here's for Chad so he can join the rest of the troubled peoples.

Chad "Insert the Nickname Thing That Goes Here" Chad had a lot to live up to under his parents' roof. They thought his older brother Larry was perfect. Thinking he could never measure up to his brother, Chad went and joined a gang. When his parents found out they disowned him. Luckily Larry took Chad in to live with him and his three-year-old daughter. Larry tried to help Chad turn his life around but things got pretty nasty with the gang. Chad told them he was only leaving because his brother was making him. They ended up going after Chad's brother and killing him. Since then Chad's been running away from the gang and living with the guilt of causing hsi brother's death. As if that wasn't bad enough, every time his niece asked where her father was Chad had to figure out how to explain that he was never coming back. With nowhere else to go Chad turned to Darren, who offered him everything he needed. So now he has a safe place to live and raise his niece and is kept away from the gang, but whenever Darren wants something, Chad has to do it or else Darren will make sure the gang finds him.

12/24/2011 #52

Thanks! I thought my idea was either too dramatic or too crazy.

12/24/2011 #53
I think I have an idea, I just need a new oc first...
12/24/2011 #54
Olivia "The dreamer" When Growing up, it seemed to Olivia that her life was perfectly fine. Her family were middle class, her mother was a bank manager, her dad was a constrictor, they owned a reasonable sized house in the center of Inverness, she got on with her sister, no one hit her or shouted to often. However, as she got older, she became aware of the problems surrounding her family. She noticed that mum always drank more than anyone else around, her sister was usually alone in her room, dad never really paid much attention to her... She ignored it, like the rest of her family had been doing for the past few decades. Very, keep calm and carry on. However stoek she remained on the outside though, the darkness began to get to her on the inside, and by 17 she began going out nearly every night with her friends to clubs, getting drunk, never getting to close to anyone, locking everything away inside, just as her family had taught her. Olivia's final exams came closer and closer, art had alway been her passion, and she was convinced it was her only path out of the 2 star city life. so she focused everything she had on studying for her art exam. The night before the exam, after not having seen her friends for a week, they convinced her to come out, let loose, de stress. She insisted on going home but the peer pressure was too much and she ended up staying out until her usual 3 am, completely smashed she slept at a friends house, and kept sleeping, right into when she was supposed to be taking her art exam. It killed her, missing it, she had failed, there was nothing she could do, and on her education file, there would alway be a unclassified written beside advance higher art. She tried to get a job, but there was nothing, no spaces in college either, there was no place left for her in Britain anymore. It seemed she had no way out, until her gran gave her some money for her 18th birthday. Convinced it was the only way to make something of her life, she booked a flight to America, wrote a note to her family saying she had left and not to come looking for her and got on her plane, filled with hope. But when she got there hope diminished day by day. She couldn't get a job, or a house, she wasn't wanted there either. One night though she ran into Darren, they spoke, she told him what had happened, and he offered her to come stay with him, Olivia accepted. Now her lifes even more bleak, she's stuck stealing and dealing, and honestly, all she wants now is to go home.... I know it's really long, but I'm still tying to figure Olivia out, so bare with it!
12/25/2011 #55
I can see colors

i don't mind the mafia thing. Sounds awesome to me!

are thier pairings in this?

12/27/2011 #56

awsome :)

12/27/2011 #57

When are we going to start?

1/2/2012 #58
Okay! Just start whenever :) just have your people make their own entrances. Darren will come and go just remember he goes by daddy. Troy: I sat on the dingy couch bouncing a ball off the wall being one of the first Darren had discovered had become a downfall with the side effects of boredom.
2/25/2012 #59

Gabriella: I stood in the shower letting the warm water touch my body. I close my eyes enjoying the feeling of the water against my body. Taking a shower was comforting because I get to wash off the residue of the disgusting men that have touched me the night before. Don't get me wrong, I love to have sex, but some of the men that touches me is disgusting.

2/25/2012 #60
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