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About your favourite pairings
1/5/2012 #1
I'm a Andie/Blake shipper. Don't get me wrong, she and Chase had some magic moments, and the actors worked well together chemistry wise. Blake and Andie just had, well, MORE chemistry, I guess. I also would've liked to see Sophie with one of the other MSA crew instead of Moose... again, they were TOTALLY cute in the end, but I think she and say, Hair, would have been interesting. Their dancing scene showed how different they were, and I would love to see them like, inadvertently falling for each other. I wish more people would comment here... lol.
4/29/2012 #2
Chase/Moose... I'm a slash shipper and they have potential... :"> although Luke/Moose is nice too but I think Luke's better off w/Nat.
8/28/2012 #3
Chase/Andie Definitely. I just love how Andie always puts a smile on Chase. And when they dance together, it's truly magical. I love how they joke around each other even though they're like complete opposites. I really wish they would make an appearance in another Step Up movie.
11/19/2012 #4
I should sleep more

I'm popping up out of nowhere right now but Chase/ Andie and some really cute Moose/OC, only some, other fanfics with that were just wrong

10/26/2013 #5

Andie/Blake shipper too! Chase seemed the obvious one to pair Andie up with in the movie but she and Blake would have been way too awesome. Too bad there are not many fics on this ship on the archive.
Also, Moose and Cam are amazing together.

10/20/2016 #6
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