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Devils Favourite Angel

I awoke to sunlight streaming through my curtains, I heard the sound of sizzling bacon and smelled the distinct smell of a full english breakfast. I got up and walked into the kitchen to see my best Welsh mechanic friend Scarlet cooking the breakfast.

"Smells good" I said.

She smiled and continued to cook.

"Thanks" she said.

11/14/2010 . Edited by MizzSierra, 11/14/2010 #1

I smiled a little, it hadn't been long since I was given the Mechanics degree which allowed me to teach others. Me and Rex had gone for the exam and we got 1 mark apart, the only thing separating us from passing and failing. I promised to help her out.

"Do welsh people know how to make a decent English brekkie?" Rex asked with an eyebrow. I shot her a look and poked my tongue out a little.

"Duh, Rarebit would be so much better though." I grinned as I came over with two steaming plates. Rex licked her lips and I gave her a knife and fork to which she used quickly and started swallowing the scrambled eggs without chewing. I smirked and shook my head helplessly and sat down with my own breakfast.

11/14/2010 #2
Devils Favourite Angel

I practically moaned as the bacon melted in my mouth.

"Fuck this is good. Even better than what I can make" I said with a mouth full.

Scarlet smiled and then continued to eat her breakfast. I then put on the TV and rolled my eyes.

"Scar, looks like there's more...weirdness goin' on" I said.

11/14/2010 #3

I looked up, some dude reporting from Shanghai.

"Isn't that where you tried to go but the border guards stopped you?" I asked. Rex nodded with a small hum and we listened carefully.

"-And the absolute amount of destruction here was down to the earthquakes supposedly on the way..."

"Like hell it is." Rex retorted and I smirked. It was too much destruction for a simple Earthquake. "This is the crap we're meant to be lookin' out for." I nodded thoughtfully. We were meant to be looking out for stuff like this.

11/14/2010 #4
Devils Favourite Angel

I growled, feeling very much like Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"Come on, we need to get out there. There is no freakin' way that all this destruction was caused by seizmic activity" I said.

Scarlet chuckled.

"You and your Seizmology" said Scarlet.

I chuckled too.

"Well, I am a seizmologist" I said.

"And a mechanic in training" said Scarlet.

I nodded and laughed.

11/14/2010 #5

"Come on then." I stood and scrambled up to the table where I chucked Rex her keys for her beloved motorbike. I grabbed my own keys for my own Porsche and we left once we'd grabbed out shoulder bags.

11/14/2010 #6
Devils Favourite Angel

As I got onto my bike (As I was well off) I turned on the computer and saw that there was in fact some seizmic activity, and it was around the north north-west area.

"We need to heard north north-west. I got some readin's that I gotta take before we do anythin'" I said.

11/14/2010 #7

I looked over and saw Rex tapping away quickly at her computer. I pressed the button on my earpiece.

"Gotcha. You lead the way Oh High Seismologist" I smirked as I saw Rex chuckle and close her computer, slipping it into her bag, she lifted the standign pedal and pushed her foot down, with my Porsche 918 SPyder hot on her back wheel.

11/14/2010 #8
Devils Favourite Angel

Once we got to the place where there was seizmic activity, I put my computer on the ground and then began to take the readings. The seizmic activity was quite bad in this area.

"Scar, we got bad seizmic activity here" I said.

11/14/2010 #9

I stopped slowly, not quick enough to feel the huge bumb in the road. The suspension on my car creaked dangerously and I stopped quickly.

"Oi Rex! Either the roads crap or we've got something here!" Rex stopped and took her helmet off. Shaking her black spiky hair free, the red spikes hidden secretly in it caught the sun. She knelt down next to me and ran her hand over the bulge in the road. It was lucky Rex's calculations took us to the rural area of Wyoming, which was South of San Antonio. Home to the bordered off Diego Garcia, no one knew why. The roads were made of smooth dirt and no one was around for miles. But the bulge in the road was definately stretching over 10 foot in diameter, seeping under the grass either side of the road. I knew Yellowstone was bad, but this was just stupid.

"Hang on." I said quickly and sprinted to my the boot of my Porsche, leaving Rex to study the lump. I grabbed a shovel out the back and jogged back. Rex moved her hands and her computer away.

"We've not had any seismic activity like this in Yellowstone for over 70,000 years." Rex frowned as she sat cross legged on the floor. I set to work sinkign the blade of my shovel into the dry dust. Soon making a small hole.

"Tell ya what, I'm bloody glad the soli in Wales is-"

#CLANG# I stopped digging and Rex almost dropped her computer. She looked at me and I looked at her, threw my shovel to the side and we both looked down into the hole.

11/14/2010 #10
Devils Favourite Angel

I gasped when I saw the hand, but what Scarlet did, must have woken the owner of the hand up, as the ground began to shake and I turned around to see something that I really didn't want to see. My computer was showing a magnitude of 5.8 and the volcanology part was showing lava movement from under the ground.

"S-Scar. We'd better get outta here. That volcano's gonna blow" I said.

Now I knew that it was dangerous to drive in an earthquake, but this wasn't just an earthquake, this was an eruption. I ran over to my computer and typed in a message to the office where I worked on tuesdays and wednesdays.


11/14/2010 #11

"Get on your bike girl!" I growled and shut her computer just as she sent it. Rex stuffed the laptop into her bag and swung her leg over her bike, kicking it into gear quickly. I jumped over the door of my convertible and started the engine quickly. Backing up and keeping my eyes on the mountain that was thrusting up. It wasn't an eruption...

11/14/2010 #12
Devils Favourite Angel

My eyes opened wide as a huge fire figure rose from the ground.

"Oh my god" I said.

11/14/2010 #13

"Ho-ly Shit!" I stuttered as I craned my neck to see the massive figure. Lava spilling from metal shapes and the roar as it climbed up. I moved first.

"REX GET OUT!" I screamed over my comms and we raced away for our lives. But a Peterbilt Truck, GMC Topkick, yellow Camaro and several other cars raced the opposite way in a perfect line.

11/14/2010 #14
Devils Favourite Angel

I looked confused and then did a 180 spin in time to see the vehicles transform.

"What the fuck" I said.

11/15/2010 #15

I skidded to a halt and watched as the things took the larger thing down. They sounded like they were made out of metal and impossible technology. Rex treaded alongside my car and we watched together as the thing that had erupted from the ground screamed a shrill, metal grating yell. The biggest of the new comers, a tall blue thing with red flame decal took the beast down and the others took aim from the sides.

"R...Rex?" I asked. My best mate knew everything, but yet even she was dumbstruck. The thing from the ground took flight after casting out something which switched my car off and caused the 'robots' to 'flinch' if that was what you could call it. The 'robot' from the ground disappeared and the others grumbled vaguely in disappointment of losing their kill

11/15/2010 . Edited 12/10/2010 #16
Devils Favourite Angel

I was awed.

"An EMP? Impossible. No being of that magnitude could let off such a pulse. It switched off your engine, and probably killed my bike too. I'd hate to think about what it could have done to my computer. And I need that for work. By god, if that thing has so much as scratched my computer I'mma kill it" I said.

11/15/2010 #17

I smirked and reached into my back seat. I had a special shotgun with a sniper attachment. I loved it.

"Oh don't worry Rex...We're keepin' track of it." I aimed carefully, the robot was speeding away quickly and I had seconds. Shooting, the miniscule tracker hit the thing secretly and It seemed not to notice.

11/15/2010 #18
Devils Favourite Angel

I smiled.

"Good thinkin' girl. Now I know why I keep you around" I said.

She gave me a look and I smiled cheekily. I reached into my bag and brought out my laptop. Thank the gods it was still working, because otherwise, that robot...or whatever it was...would be scrap metal. I turned the internet on, using my dongle and I put youtube on...I had missed my favourite show last night and i wanted to watch it...Nothing (Except my work) can beat watching WWE.

2/10/2011 #19

I rolled my eyes and giggled. Standing on the seat in my car and the Robot's turned, a yellow and red one turned and seemed to eye us, I was mesmerized by their 'eyes', they were a an electrifying blue, burning bright and tilting to observe us. It lifted an arm and slammed it down on the taller one, blue and red, the bigger Robot hummed and the yellow one idicated towards me, who was staring in awe, and to Rex who was ignoring them completely and growling as her Kofi Kingston was taken down by Alberto Del Rio . I half waved.

"Well hi!" I managed. The other looked to the blue and red one who shrugged and knelt down. It peered at me carefully.

"Who are you?" It rumbled. Judging by it's voice, I was betting it was based on a male.

"Who are you first?" I retorted, the robot backed up slightly, looking abashed that he had not got his demand.

"I asked you first." He replied. I almost burst out laughing.

2/27/2011 . Edited by Devils Favourite Angel, 2/27/2011 #20
Devils Favourite Angel

I growled again as Alberto almost ripped my Kofi's arm off. This was complete torture.

"Come on Kofi...reverse it. All you have to do is roll over and you'll get out of it...roll over...that's it...yes...roll can do it...YES!" I said.

I didn't care that people were watching me...I was really pissed.

"Ooh. Alberto Del Rio you are so six feet under when I get my hands on you...hurtin' my Kofi like dare you, you freakin' mexican freak" I said.

Then I heard Scarlet clear her throat, so I paused my video and looked over at her.

"Yes?" I asked.

She looked at the robots, I looked at them, looked at her, shrugged and then continued to watch my video.

2/27/2011 #21

I smirked and shook my head before turning back to the robots,

"DO NOT interrupt her while she watching her wrestling." I told the robots leaning down to me, he creased his brow, the tiny metal plates adjusting before he shook his own massive head.

"Who are you?" He asked again. I set a hand on my chest,

"Im Scarlet Brent and this is Rex Jones." I put my hands on my hips, eyes the robots. "Now who are you?"

2/27/2011 #22
Devils Favourite Angel

I watched and smiled.

"C'mon Kofi. C'mon. Teach that mother fucking fake mexican who's boss. Come on, you can do this...yes....oh that's good. Oh Alberto, you really deserved that. Oh, Oh. It's boom time. Boom, Boom, Boom. And then pin...1, 2, 3. YES KOFI WINS!" I shouted.

I then closed my computer and looked at Scarlet.

"So, wha's up?" I asked.

2/27/2011 #23

I pointed.

"4 Giant robots want to have a chat." I said brightly, The one down next to me chuckled,

"We are Autonomous Robotic Organism's" The yellow and red one said.

"But you can call us Autobot's for short." The one next to me said.

2/27/2011 #24
Devils Favourite Angel

I looked at them and shrugged. I then heard my computer beep and I looked at it and sighed at the note.

"Well of course you're not getting any readings, because it was a giant, fat assed fucking robot that created the siezmic activity. And...oh, buy WWE tickets NOW and be the first to get the front row tickets and backstage passes to Smackdown. Oh, I'mma be 'avin' them" I said.

I clicked on the advertisement and brought two tickets for Friday night Smackdown. I then looked at Scarlet.

"So, you were saying?" I asked.

2/27/2011 #25

I laughed and turned back to the Autobot's.

"If your after that fat ass lava one I've put a tracker on it's unmissable ass,", I dug the tracker out my pocket and turned it sideways. "It's over Africa." I looked up and the blue and red one who's previously creased brow straightened and he looked up to the others who shrugged.

"What's happenin'?!" Rex asked, demanding to be part of the conversation, I pulled her over.

"These are the Autobots and they are very very big robots made out of metal and I think they are trackign that fat ass thing that came out of the road." I said very slowly.

3/6/2011 #26
Devils Favourite Angel

I shook my head and looked down.

"I'm not dumb. So we goin' to Africa?" I asked.

Scarlet shrugged and I sighed.

3/6/2011 #27

I looked back up to the Autobots and held the tracker out.

"You'll be needing this I guess." The one who was talking to me.

"Optimus, brain activity well above average." The yellow one said suddenly. I frowned as I felt a slight tingle fade away from my body. I squirmed a little. Rex stretched her neck a little and her green eyes were confused. She had the same peculiar feeling.

"How much above average?" The one leant down to me sat up and eyed the yellow one. I smirked as I notice the others rock on the balls of their metal feet. They were getting increasingly bored.

3/6/2011 #28
Devils Favourite Angel

I growled a little

"Y'all wanna stop scannin' me before I rip y'all scanners out?" I asked.

The feeling of being scanned wasn't a pleasant one and I really didn't like it. I was sat on my bike...with my computer and I was being scanned.

"If you want to frickin' know somethin' about me...then just frickin' ask me, don't scan me. It's impersonal, rude, impolite and irritatin'" I said.

3/6/2011 #29

I snorted with hidden laughter and even the three stood up chuckled.

"Ratchet..." Optimus warned. The yellow one must've been Ratchet because he shifted and turned away a little. Optimus turned back to us.

"I wish for you to accompany us. Your knowledge may be useful."

3/6/2011 #30
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