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i have a story started but writing a story is harder then I thought so I'm looking for some one to co author the story with me I'm posting what I have so far please do not take my story with out asking thank you keep in mind this is a ruff draft only part of it has been edited

Gargoyles turtles cross over

It was the worst day of my life and I've had some really bad days. My mom's old fling Thailog kidnapped me the things he did to me are to horrible to say. I finally got away but I have no intention of going back to my mom. She's is always so busy, she didn't have much time for me so my only option is to try to find my mothers former clan. Their home isn't really that hard to find, every one in New York knows we're they are. Their building is the tallest building in New York so it isn't hard to miss. The hard part is getting there with out being seen as humans don't like gargoyles much. It doesn't look like I'm going to make it to the Eire building tonight so I better find some place to spend the day. The sewers are not the Ritz but at least I won't run into a lot of humans. A giant turtle, I must be seeing things, must be more tired then I thought. "Hay little girl you alright what's your name" asked Mikey. "I'm fine just looking for a safe place to stay and my name is Lisa." she responded. "I've heard of giant rats in the sewers, but no one ever said anything about giant turtles." said Lisa. "You're one to talk; I don't even know what you are." Mikey said. "I'm a gargoyle but I guess that doesn't mean anything to you." Lisa said, "I've heard of gargoyles but I've never see one before. Where are you parents? It's not safe for a kid to be on their own, gargoyle or not." said Mikey. "It's kind of a long story, but I'll sum it up for you. My mom's ex kidnapped me. I got away but decide I didn't want to go home, so I'm trying to get to the Eiry building where my father lives, but my wing is broken. So I've had to walk and the Eiry building is a lot harder to get to from the ground then from the sky." Lisa told Miky. "I'm on my way home, come with me and me and my bros will help you get to your father." Miky told Lisa. "Why not." Lisa said to Mikey. Ok, this is really weird; I'm talking to a giant turtle that lives in the sewers. I must be crazy for following him, but for some reason I trust him, should be interesting meeting his brothers. Hope they accept me as easily as Mikey did. "So you and your brothers really live in the sewers?" Lisa asked. "Yah, where else we gonna live? We don't have a choice and it's not so bad. We actually live in a abandon subway that can only be gotten to thought the sewers, so it makes for a great hide out cause if you don't know the way you could get lost fast." Mikey told her. "How much further? I'm really tired and need to sleep." Lisa asked him. "You're in luck we are here. I hope you're not afraid of rats." said Mikey. "Why?" she asked. "Cause my Sensei is a giant rat." Mikey told her. "Just how big is he?" asked Lisa. "He's a little shorter then me." Mikey said. "I can handle that, just hope I don't frighten him or your brothers." said Lisa. "Don't worry, I've see humans that are scarier then you." joked Mikey. "Hay everyone, look what I found on my way back." Mikey said. "It better not be another stray Mikey." Raph said. "she's not a stray, she's just lost. I thought we could help her." Mikey said.raph glared at Mikey an said I don't care we're not the lost an found. Just then master splinter approached from behind raph along with Leo an Donatello . Remember my son we help those in need . We should meat Mikey's new friend before we decide to help or not . Master splinter said . Just as master splinter finished speaking Lisa step into the light allowing every one to get a good look at her. My name is Lisa I'm a gargoyle an if you don't want to help I understand she told them .that's your stray a surprised raph said. I never said she was a stray joked Mikey . Well it's kind of obvious who master splinter is seeing as he's the only giant rat I see an the rest of you must be Mikey's brothers but he didn't tell me your names Lisa said. My sons can introduce them selves while we tend to your I jury's master splinter told Lisa . My names Donatello let me see what we can do about your injury she said . I only need my broken wing set once the sun rises I'll turn to stone then when the sun sets I'll become flesh again an ill be completely healed Lisa told them. Mikey his brothers an master splinter stared at Lisa in shock . That's impossible Donatello said. Are we not impossible an yet you an your brothers are very real master splinter said.

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