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I have recently read 2 fanfics about an Elisa/Brooklyn pairing and I have to say that they would make an amazing couple! Also I've noticed the lack of Puck/oc or Puck/anyone for that matter. Oh and another great pairing I found was an Puck/Elisa pairing!!!

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #1

I'd like to see some more stories with Angela included in the main pairing. I'd also like to see Fox paired with someone other than Xanatos.

2/7/2011 #2

I hate it when canon pairings are destroyed.... it's so crappy.... but what do I know?! I'm just a stupid, annoying canon nazi.

Anyway, a canon pairing that should get some fics is Demona's Second and his mate ("Sacrifice"). So far they have absolutely no fics. Well, I could do this, but I won't, my fics are not for the public view.

1/11/2013 #3
Valka Haddock

There's a pairing that I want to see. It's i*** but still. It's called Valcup. Then there is also Valret that I really like.

8/8/2021 #4
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