Lurkers in Diamond City !
The Townies are fighting against the Mafia to protect the riches of Wario Ware Industry's safes ! Who will prevail ? And who exactly are those strange individuals ?
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Princess Toady

The Mafia did not make their kill in time, nobody died because of them !

The Traitor took action, they killed someone !

Kai was : Penny (Mafia] [Godfather] : You are the head of the Mafia, and as such, you are in charge of telling me who you wish to kill each night. If you somehow think that you won't be able to, you can lend this power to one of your cohorts.

[Sweet Granddaughter] : If you are scanned by Dr Crygor, you will come back as a townie with the ability [Little Genius].

[Little Genius] : Each day you can ask me a yes or no question about the game. You cannot directly ask me the role/character/ability of someone, but you can do it indirectly.

12/21/2010 #1
Princess Toady

You are 12. There are 6 Townies, (2 Lovers), 5 Mafia, 1 Neutral (and 1 Traitor).

Players are : Charz, Champ, Yorkie, Ice, Wimp, Non, Bad, Mudkip, PPAD, Kyo, Vinny, Don.

Majority is 7. ^^

Champ and Non can't use their ability and hace two votes against them until the end of the game !

12/21/2010 #2

And I just got around to the PM too. :P

12/21/2010 #3

the traitor killed the GF YAY! ^^

i wonder who is the traitor

and for GF i never suspected that it would be Kai what-so-ever

12/21/2010 #4
The Smart One 64


Ah. At first I thought the townies were in a state of autolose, but now we're back in safety. :D

Anyhoo...looks like a bunch of people come back townie or mafia when they aren't that alliance. :P So...PPAD's the neutral, Ice is (LIKELY) a townie...well we need to reveal some things.

And I think that the doctor is either Champ or Non because they aren't posting...and every single day they're gonna just get more and more and more votes.

12/21/2010 #5
The Smart One 64


1. PPAD is the neutral.

2. Ice was scanned as a townie.

3. Champ and Non have not posted and have votes receieved against them.

4. We still have 2 lovers and 1 traitor.

5. Yorkie has the ability to reverse any abilities people use at her.

6. Townies are kinda in a bind.

12/21/2010 #6
Princess Toady

Update !!!

Kat disabled Charz from using his ability !

Ana followed her and made Charz vote against himself !

12/21/2010 #7
The Smart One 64


Is it possible that Kat and Ana are the two lovers or are one person?

12/21/2010 #8


I totally would've outsmarted you all had it not been for the stupid traitor!

Well townies, I would love to say who this traitor most likely is, but that might give away TOO much information. ;)

Also do I have to choose a new Godfather now?

12/21/2010 #9
Princess Toady

Yup ! ^^

12/21/2010 #10

Man, that traitor was the best thing to happen to the town! :D

12/21/2010 #11

Also, I have a very good reason as to why the nightkill wasn't sent...I'll explain it in the Aftergame thread. ^^

12/21/2010 #12

Hey Kaiimi! We are at the off-topic thread ^.^

12/21/2010 #13

crap, well i would've posted but the tread was locked.

12/21/2010 #14

Hey Non!

12/21/2010 #15

Yay something good actually happened!

12/21/2010 #16


12/21/2010 #17

Okay... Hi PPAD and Bye PPAD ^^'

12/21/2010 #18

Hi and bye, Mudkip! :D

12/21/2010 #19

Lol I couldn't even use abilities before I was disabled, so... :P

12/21/2010 #20
Princess Toady



PS : Sorry for the lateness.

12/21/2010 . Edited 12/21/2010 #21

Icefox is finally home! :D

So the traitor can kill? That's great, especially since Kai had come back as a townie when scanned. It would have taken a while to figure out that we had been duped. It makes it even better that there was no night kill! Whoot!

12/21/2010 #22
Princess Toady


12/21/2010 #23

So who are we taking out today, PPAD?

12/21/2010 #24

Either whomever is unfortunate enough to use their ability or whomever PPAD suspects the most. It looks like she'll actually be able to choose a person to kill this time.

12/21/2010 #25

Yes! We got a Mafia! =D

12/21/2010 #26
Princess Toady


12/21/2010 #27

I hear those numbers in my head like the countdown of a rocket ship to be blasted off XD

12/21/2010 . Edited 12/21/2010 #28
Princess Toady


0 !!!

12/21/2010 #29

12/21/2010 #30
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