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A Scott Pilgrim forum for fan-created characters, its kind of dead right now, but hey, you're probably the person who could spark some life into it. Yes. You. Reading this summary. Don't be a jerk! Jump on in!
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Unlikely Crossovers

Your character will go here. Here is a basic sheet to describe your character with:

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---





--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ------ --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

See, it's easy as that. XD you thought this was going to be long, hard, and painful didn't you!? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Don't be afraid to make a whole bunch of characters.

Note: You don't have to avoid Scott Pilgrim ratings like "awesome" or "6/10" despite what the Rules say. Also, you don't HAVE to break the fourth wall like I did. Not every character has to necessarily have been able to "find" the Scott Pilgrim and Other People forum, they can have normal simple backgrounds. Also, villain characters should not do this either. Your character doesn't have to use the internet to be here either.

2nd Note: You CAN play as a villain or hero, a hipster, etc. You don't have to point this out, but like what I did in Jack Baraka's rating, he is the "archenemy" of Trevor. This doesn't necessarily mean he is bad, nor good.

8/12/2010 . Edited 1/17/2011 #1
Unlikely Crossovers


------------------------------------------------------------------------ TREVOR HARRISON

Name: Trevor Harrison

Age: 16

Background: One day while he was reading a totally legit, not-downloaded copy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe, Trevor thought it would be awesome if HE were inside of the Pilgrimverse, Bryan O' Mailey's creation. But it would destroy the canon material if he just jumped right in, so he decided to start a forum "Scott Pilgrim And Other People" outside of "Pilgrimverse X" - the main universe. Is currently looking for a girlfriend, which is pretty difficult when he antagonizes most of the women in his life.

Rating: Author Avatar and creator of the Scott Pilgrim And Other People forum, an "alternate Pilgrimverse". Pretty sweet.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ALEX BROADWAY

Name: Alec Broadway (Sometimes referred to as "Alex" or "Alec".)

Age: 25

Background: Runs the Go Joe bar while his boss is away, and as long as he's there, no minors will be getting in. Is also an avid fan of 1st-person shooters, probably knows every single rank in every single video game ever made and even makes up some of his own.

Rating: Yeah, he's named after freaking Broadway. You wish you were related.


8/12/2010 . Edited 1/17/2011 #2

(This Should be Fun XD)

Name: Joey Malakian

Age: 16

BackGround: While Finishing writing one of his fan-fic Storys for the Scott Pilgrim Series,Joey looked in his inbox and saw an email saying to come to this forum on here called "Scott Pilgrim and other people" outside the "Pilgrimverse X"which is the main universe, so he jumps in and Shazaam he is in this Forum. Currently he is looking for a Girlfriend who has his Personality...Crazy girl who can Kick anyone's ass including you Author Avatar (XD).

Rating: He's Crazy and he's your Best Friend weather you know it or not. Sick!


( I has new one)

Name: Kristine Novak.

Age: 16

Background: Joey's Ex- Crazy Girlfriend, who is looking for Joey so she can make his life a living hell by any means necessary. She still loves him, but she wants revenge for him leaving her. She also has Psychic powers thanks too joey for helping her get them. She Drives in a Lamborghini Reventon, that Joey somehow mysteriously got for her birthday.

Rating: Joey is REALLY dead when she finds him.

( She is the only ex girl-friend)

8/16/2010 . Edited by Unlikely Crossovers, 9/12/2010 #3
Hidden Character

------------------------------------------------------------------RAYNE SLATER

Name: Rayne Slater

Age: 18

BackGround: Was really bored so she went off with her friend to see something she never heard of before. 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World', she's never read the comic, only seen one animation skit but was bored and looked around a forum until she saw. 'Scott Pilgrim and Other People.' That's when she clicked, found an open door and was sucked in. She thought it was messed up but she got new clothes and 'rad' red hair.

Rating: Not what she seems. (Split-Personality, Skitzo)

8/16/2010 #4

(This really should be fun... Do they all like live in the same town from the comics?)

Name: Zeek Mkoy

Age: 16

Background: From England, doesn't have an accent. Dropped out of school at 15 and moved to Canada, 'cus his best friend/roomate told him to. Zeek lives in a two bedrom house with Jason and also likes cola.

Rating: Pretty darn cool


Name: Jason Kay

Age: 18

Background: Never went to school 'cos his dad said it was a waste of time. Met Zeek at the skate park one day and taught him how to not suck so much. Jason went ahead and convinced Zeek to move to Toronto with him and they share a house together, but can barely afford it anymore. Zeek doesn't really know where he works but he's out for 7 hours and comes home and just about dies, gets up and does the same the next day. Also, he's gay.

Rating: Gay

I might as well sign up the girl Zeek spoke of then...


Name: Katlin Ritchard


Background: Born and raised in Canada. Can be quite snarky and doesn't like cola and gay people. (D:)

Rating: A very big ass bitch.


Name: Kelleon Xortar

Age: ????

Background: He hates Zeek. He hates him like cats hate dogs, like snow hates ice, like DarkPeony hates me for making him score my every move! He apears to be about 16-17 but knows things no child could know. Like every weakness Zeek has had and has.

Nick-Names: K-X, K, Kelly (Die if you do), Z man and Zach Kellington (His name when he's undercover)

Rating: EVIL

8/18/2010 . Edited by Unlikely Crossovers, 8/24/2010 #5
Kuro Hakase

Hey, we meet again. This is an awesome forum!

Name:Alex Wright


Background:Was always interested in the Scott Pilgrim and found the forum while surfing the net. Likes portable gaming systems and plays bass but he has been playing for a while. Comes off as a mysterious guy but is atually pretty easy to figure out. Skills include skateboarding, and play covers of decent rock songs. Currently employed at a comic shop but wants to apply for a job at amazon. Also is looking to join a band and attends Knive's school.

Rating: Awesome


Name:Joan Elizibeth

Age:20 something

Background:Only saw the Scott Pilgrim movie but never read comics. She is Alex's co-worker and is very mean to him and others. Unknown how she was employed at the comic shop, owner is possibly related to her. Skills include censoring her own words like Julie, make customers leave the shop, and bring down the atmosphere of any happy place.

Rating:A bit of a bitch

8/18/2010 #6

Name: Jonathan Gillian Krygsman (Jay)

Age: 14-15

Background: Jay is a Traveler. A Drifter. An Asshole. In some parts of the world, he's hated. But To most, he's a Good Guy who fights in the name of Justice. One Day, he stumbled across the movie theater, and used the internet to learn a thing or two. Apparently Scott pilgrim had a great film, and a successful comic book. Hearing of his exploits, Jay set out from his home in Manhatten to the Mysterious land of Toronto Canada. He's A Skilled Fighter, And a Good friend. Although he might do something crazy, or In some way, betray you. He has mastered the first level of Hokuto shinken, A Martial Art his father is currently teaching him. He Enjoys shooters, and good Beat Em' Ups/Fighting Games, as well as anything with Free Roam. He also wishes to one day become a big name in the movie business. His preferred method of transport is Parkour/Freerunning.

Nicknames/Titles: Jay The Bastard, Jay the Conquerer, Jayass, (Divine) Fist Of the Heavens/North Star (Kyuuten No Ken/Shinken)

Rating: 7/10. On the Road to becoming a Manly Badass. For Now, He's Just 'Kick Ass'

Appearance: Jay Has Black Hair, spiky in the front and normal everywhere else. He usually wears a red and white Hawaiian Shirt, With Dark Blue Track pants that have yellow stripes on the side. He also tends to wear grayish/Blue shoes. He wears half finger gloves, as well as leather wrist bands connected to said gloves. He also likes Ray Ban Sunglasses, A Solid Snake style bandana, and candy cigarettes.


Name: Raymond Lyle Teufel (Ray)

Age: Unknown. Likely 14-15 like Jay.

Background: Ray appears to be Jay's Evil Equal. A Doppelganger. No one knows where he came from, but odds are he's Jay's distant Cousin. Ray was Literally Born in Hell, where he became baaaaad to the bone! His Jokes are Deadly, and his Pranks can Kill. Like Jay, he has his own martial art. Jigoku Shinken (Fist Of Hell) As opposed to Jay's Kyuuten Shinken (Fist Of the Heavens). He seems to be of German and maybe also Russian Origin. He hates it the most when people say he has no dick.

Nickames/Titles: Ray The Gay, Ray the Dickless, Ruthless Ray, Jigoku No Ken/Shinken (Fist Of Hell), That Bastard

Rating: Baaaad to the bone.

Appearance: He tends to dress in dark colors, and most of his hair is ghost white with almost no traces of Black. He dresses similarly to Jay, so there's not much to say.

Name: Jared AKA Little Jay, (Baby Jay X2)

Age: unknown. 3 or something.

Background: Jay and Orphaned Jared had saved eachother's lives long ago, and thanked eachother with an Italian Dinner. Afterwards, Jared made it his life dream to become Jay's Successor. After finding out Jay was in Canada, he quickly stepped up to plate to assist.


Name: Alard Artel Joeson (Alan)

Age: 16....okay, 15 and a half, but YOU DON'T KNOW THAT.

Background: Alan is a pal of Jay's Cousin, Gordon. He frequently dresses like Kazuma from the Yakuza games: a black suit, with red shirt. He had come to toronto to best its fighters, Parading his Nickname, "Green Hands Artel."

Rating: Richer than you, yet not as snobby as other rich folk.


Name: Gordon 'Feral' Falco.

Age: 14-15

Background: Jay's Cousin from the more Irish Branches of the Family. He was born with Jay's disorder, 'Metastructure' (you can break a bone, yet be able to put it back into place. Sorry, doesn't stop damage. Might even multiply in some cases) But in a special variation. His hands, and feet had indestructable bones. And as he got stronger, his entire arms, and legs would follow (not yet. Later in the RP.)

Gordon tends to wear shirts with folded sleeves, as well as bandages around his hands, wrapped past the wrist. He also has some battle scars. He relies on a mix of Street fighting, and Kung Fu, known as 'Mad Bull Style.' He came to Canada to help Jay with his Red Dead Redemption parody mission, and to fight. He was last seen in a scuffle, san francisco, where he was struck by black tendrils, as was the gang. His Fighting Nickname is RK, which stands for Raw Knuckles.

Rating: He Can hold his liquor, even if he's underage, better than you can, and sleeps with more girls than you ever could.

8/21/2010 . Edited by Unlikely Crossovers, 9/24/2010 #7

----------------------------------------- Sir Death Shriek

Name: Sir Death Shriek (or "Deathshriek")

Real name: Fendrel Mombray

Age: 400+

Background: An exiled knight of some ancient order, he survived by uniting his essence with that of the very flow of magic itself. However, disturbance in the world has upset that balance, expunging him and turning him into a mortal, physical being once more. Taking up his sword, Ocument, which was imbued with the properties of lightning and fire, he has made an epic journey... into the city of (wherever we are. Toronto?)

Rating: OMFG GF

----------------------------------------- Jerry

Name: Jerry the Puppy

Age: 2

Background: A dog given a serum so that he could fly. Simple as that.

Rating: Man's best friend. And he can FLY.

8/22/2010 . Edited 8/23/2010 #8

Name: Mario Hernandez

Age: 19

Background: He actually lives in the Scott Pilgrim Universe. I mean like... for real! He was at the Chaos theater when some dude got stabbed. He was in a stripped button up shirt (he looked good)! (Yes, this is actually Cannon! If you don't believe me look it up! Page 122 top panel on the far right. I won a contest! I'm just that cool.)

Rating: So hipster... that he's not hipster!

8/24/2010 #9

Name: Maria Owens

Age: 16

Background: A typical American girl who moved to Toronto. Skills include being able to copy techniques seen on anime or in comics.

Rating: Otaku to the core

8/25/2010 . Edited 8/25/2010 #10

Name: Sam Sleyton

Age: 21

Background: Works as a night shift nurse at Montreal Mercy Hospital. Pretty cool dude who stops in at the comic book shop every so often. Doesn't really like to fight and has no battle skills, but learned a bunch of healing and support spells at collage.

Rating: Support guy


Name: Marv Winterroads

Age: 20

Background: Vegan psychic, doesn't like to talk about his powers. He just moved into Canada and is still in the market for friends, and a job.

Rating: Awkward

9/3/2010 #11
The Crimson Nutcase

--------------------------Charlie Smith

Name: Charlie Smith

Age: 16

Background: getting dragged around alot by his parents moving house and city's all the time, Charlie decide to run away Toronto and just stayed with his 30 something estranged sister, often spending as much time as he can away from his famliy hanging out with any one that are willing to have him around and not related to him.

Rating: very punchable face

9/4/2010 #12
Patchman Beyond

Name: Jack Starrk

Age: 23

Appearance: 6'1". He has palish skin, messy dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He wears a suit for every gig. He also wears a pair of glowing red goggles and a black fedora

Background: Born and raised in Toronto. Went to U of T and lived with his hippy vegan roomate Allen Price. He knew eveybody at U of T and was infamous for kicking people's asses. One day he got in a fight withsome long haired video game playing guy and got is left arm exploded into $25. After the fight, he rebuild a new robotic arm to replace his exploded one and vowed to get his arm back and kick that moved down to San Fransisco where Allen Price grew up with his hippy family. While there he learned get really good at playing the guitar, Allen knew how to play the bass guitar. While playing one day, they met two British guys; one was unshaven with shoulder length wavy brown hair and wore tight fit clothing. His name was Jude Snow. The other was a black guy with buzzed hair, a pair of thick rimmed glasses and a sweat-vest. His name was Ford Mosley. Jude was a great singer, and Ford knew how to play keyboards so they needed a bassist and a lead guitarist to make a band. So Jack and Allen agreed to join and the four of them started the band Urban Inc. Although they formed a band, they still needed a drummer. Right on cue or perhaps by some divine hand, possibly Odin's, the met a 15 year old Japanese girl named Yoko Kyuzo who showed up out of the blue, she knew how to play drums. The five of them played from club to club and eventually got a record deal and made an album also called Urban Inc. They're now in Canada after their first European tour.

Powers: dark magic

Rating:Bad Ass + Evil = complete @sshole

alright here's my first character, i'll make bio's for the other bandmates as well


Name: Allen Price

Age: 24

Appearance: 5'8". Tannish skin, long hair, glasses, old second hand clothes,

Background: Allen was born and raised in San Fransisco by a family of hippies. They taught him their ways; hugging trees, smoking drugs, veganism, and playing a guitar. He moved to Toronto for University where he met his roomate Jack Starrk. After Jack got his left arm exploded and rebuilt, they moved back to Sisco and bummed around for a bit until they met Jude Snow and Ford Mosley. The four of them formed the band Urban Inc. He plays bass guitar and back up vocals.

Powers: possiblypsychadelic hippy powers

Rating: hippy

9/18/2010 . Edited by Unlikely Crossovers, 9/24/2010 #13
Akuma no Musuko

Name: Souichiro Heihachi

Age: 64

Appearance: 6'6" upright, 6' slouched over, pale skin, bald head, long silver beard that goes over his shoulder, wears a pale blue Japanese hakama.

Background: Not much is known about him, only that he walks around using a walking stick as tall as he is. Despite his old, frail appearance, he is a master at Bojitsu.

Rating: More than twice as old as you, but can still kick your ass.


Name: Kentaro Heihachi

Age: 17

Appearance: 6'3", slightly tan skin, silver Caesar style hair, green eyes, long sleeve black sweater, jeans, black tennis shoes.

Background: He moved to Toronto from Japan with his grandfather to open up a karate dojo. He carries a kunai holder that holds "hammer space," which let's him hold whatever weapon he wants. (Much like when Ramona pulled out that sledge from her fanny pack)

Rating: Urban Ninja

Extra: Has a rare, almost nonexistent disease where his body functions just like that of an anime character's. EG: sweatdrop, rocket nosebleeds, etc.

9/20/2010 . Edited 9/21/2010 #14

Name: Alard Artel Joeson (Alan)

Age: 16....okay, 15 and a half, but YOU DON'T KNOW THAT.

Background: Alan is a pal of Jay's Cousin, Gordon. He frequently dresses like Kazuma from the Yakuza games: a black suit, with red shirt. He had come to toronto to best its fighters, Parading his Nickname, "Green Hands Artel."

Rating: Richer than you, yet not as snobby as other rich folk.


Name: Gordon 'Feral' Falco.

Age: 14-15

Background: Jay's Cousin from the more Irish Branches of the Family. He was born with Jay's disorder, 'Metastructure' (you can break a bone, yet be able to put it back into place. Sorry, doesn't stop damage. Might even multiply in some cases) But in a special variation. His hands, and feet had indestructable bones. And as he got stronger, his entire arms, and legs would follow (not yet. Later in the RP.)

Gordon tends to wear shirts with folded sleeves, as well as bandages around his hands, wrapped past the wrist. He also has some battle scars. He relies on a mix of Street fighting, and Kung Fu, known as 'Mad Bull Style.' He came to Canada to help Jay with his Red Dead Redemption parody mission, and to fight. He was last seen in a scuffle, san francisco, where he was struck by black tendrils, as was the gang. His Fighting Nickname is RK, which stands for Raw Knuckles.

Rating: He Can hold his liquor, even if he's underage, better than you can, and sleeps with more girls than you ever could.

9/24/2010 . Edited 9/24/2010 #15
(Slice me some of that action:) sky's the limit) Name: Austen Maxwell Age: 18 Background: Kid genius but rarely shows it, (and I mean RARELY!) comes from a nice family but sent him away to his cousins house in canada for a while, because he Hardly EVER gets out of the house and barely has any experience in the outside world! So his cousin Danny drags him out of the house to teach him the ways of the world, whether Austen wants to or not. Unfortunately his mom and dad didn't give him enough money to go to school. Constantly has a bored face and not very good at socializing. But doesn't really care. Whenever someone crosses him always ends up black n' blue (sometimes worse!) 5 sec later. Not very popular, why because he's scary lookin and quiet! Very nervous around girls. Looking for a girlfriend one that's not scared, of him smart, knows commonsense, fun, and interesting Rating: awesome in a silent way, Wild (if ya get his engines running), sometimes considered a clone of ryu hayabusa in skills,
11/19/2010 #16
Oh and I forgot to mention, he's lazy, in a tired a lot way, but gets the job done, if ya bother him enough.
11/20/2010 #17

Name: Caesar Alexander Julius Krygsman, AKA Clyde

Age: 17

Background: Jay's elder brother, who focuses on the darker, more violent techniques of Hokuto shinken, And the Violent Ryooshi no Ken (Fist Of the Predator) Opposed to Jay's Ejiki No Ken (Fist Of the prey). He's actually not such a bad guy: But at the same time, a douche. So he's more an Anti-Hero than a villain. Did I mention he has a whole army of goons, which, are unstoppable to the police, but simply stronger opponents to the Players

Rating: He has his own army. And a Monster Truck sized Horse. His Fists are the size of Arnold Schwarzneggar. Be Scared, Bitch.


Name: Gar'Ta (Garikku Tamanegi, Garlic Onion)

Age: ...No one cares. All that matters is how awesome he is.

Background: Clyde's Monster Truck sized Black horse. They've been together for nearly forever. He stomps on pissants and eats people's heads off. Simple. But of course, he's but a mount. he has limits.


1/14/2011 #18

Is this adventure still open?

1/15/2011 #19

Sure. Just needs a new mod to help the owner, the players' to be active, and some serious reviving.

*gets a case of HP potions*

1/15/2011 #20

If this ever starts up again...

Name: Isabella Mercint Rosvot

Age: 22

Background: Isabella lived in NY, and went to Princeton. Afterwards, she was to become a scholar, but her friends convinced her go to the magical land of Canada and live in a commune. She's been living in the commune for about half a year.

Isabella- Herself

Lily- Isabella's best friend. Provides moral support and comfort, is also the main reason Isabella hasn't died of doing nothing.

Marcus- Lily's friend whom she dated (briefly) in college. He is outgoing, excitable, and bisexual.

Sahel- Marcus's Turkish boyfriend. Is quiet. He is rumored to posses terrifying rage and awe striking badassery in certain situations.

Carter- Canadian guy who owns the house everyone lives in. Knows everything about Canada, and is rumored to be at least a mutual friend to everyone in the province.

Back to Bella. She has long black hair, brown eyes, and is around 5'7. She knows quite a bit about history, science, politics and the classics. She identifies herself as an otaku: You'll find her obsessing with an anime/video game for a while, and when she's finished, reading every single fanfiction about it. Her combat specialty utilizes 15th-19th centaury weapons. Bella is also a lesbian, but hasn't had a girlfriend since Princeton.

1/16/2011 . Edited 1/16/2011 #21

Even though I already have my above characters made, I think I'll start things off differently this time around.

My First Order of business is to create a Anti-Hero/Bystander sort of Character to use. That Is why I'm using the greatest anime Villain Evah.


Name: Dio Brando

Age: Born in the 19th Century, lives on today, thanks to a relic known as the stone mask, which made him a vampire.

Background: While using his 'Device' (That he built UNDERWATER!!) which is conveniently located in his pants, AKA The Alternate Reality Television, ART (Yeah, PERVERTS.) Anyways, Dio peered into it, and due to the stupidity of Jean Pierre Polnareff, or simply 'Polnareff' and his, 'Hoes and wine,' the device gained the ability to transport its user.

...But Dio was sucked in, and Lost forever. That is until he finds himself in Canada. Where Tuesday, Is NOT Fajita Night. Or Is it?

He has superhuman abilities such as strength, speed, and even flight. He possesses the ability to manipulate the spiritual energy called Hamon, in the form of a ghostly being known as a stand, his being called 'The World.' This is due to the fact his head was attached to his former friend/Enemy's body after the events of the manga Jojo's bizarre adventure: Phantom Blood (Don't Ask). He can tear normal people apart with the flick of his wrist, drink blood through his fingertips, and freeze time for a max of 5 seconds. however, due to the RP rules, He will choose NOT to use this ability that often until he 'Levels up.' Dio is secretly apart of some secret group of mystical beings who watch over one of the many worlds. He managed to escape the paperwork the others must endure.

Dio's Favorite attacks include 'MuthaF!ckin SPIN Kick!!', and the all popular internet meme, 'Za WARUDO!'/Road Roller Da

Rating: Manly, even if he dresses in Yellow and wears headbands/ kneepads with hearts on them.


Name: Iggy Joestar Age: ....3? I don't know. Background: Boston Terrier. Vicious. Enjoys chewing on human hair, and farting while he does so. He's extremely difficult to befriend. Iggy possesses the Hamon power, letting him use his stand, known as 'The Fool.' Don't you Dare try to make friends with him. Don't. You Will die a horrible Death. Rating: More balls than any human male. Chuck Norris Doesn't Compare.

1/18/2011 . Edited 1/18/2011 #22

Name: Miles "Dante" Davis.

Age: 22.

Background: After being tired of being associated with jazz music, Miles picked up the keyboard and drums just as a big "screw you" to the people around him, gave himself the nickname Dante after the Devil May Cry character, and took a nice trip through a computer monitor to the Other Pilgrimverse. The guy couldn't find work because keyboardists were lame nowadays and he sucked at drums. He picked up work, ironically enough, playing piano at a jazz club, and he hates his job.

He fights a lot like Dante from Devil May Cry when it comes to combat in the fact that he alternates between a two-handed sword and dual pistols. Jam Sessions and Devil Triggers will be occurring any time you piss this guy off.

Dante's very snazzy when it comes to his dress. He wears a black suit jacket with an accented red collar and a white undershirt. He also wears a black loose tie and stands at about 5'11", and is average weight.

Rating: Not a Fan of Jazz.

1/23/2011 . Edited 1/23/2011 #23

Name: Dalton Diamand

Age: 21

Background: Being beat up till your 16 is kinda lame... So he did something about it... And got beat up. But then he showed them! One day Dalton just couldn't take it and kicked the snot out of the bully and no one messed with him again... Exept his sister... Who is a super villian. (Talk about a awkwerd Thanksgiving!)

Rating:On his way to EPICNESS!


Name: Samantha Diamand

Age: 20

Background: Bossed her brother around since her birth and compleatly evil. She has a whole ring of evil. Most beaten by Dalton.

Rating: Totally evil and bossy.

1/7/2012 #24

Name: Snowwie Henson

Age: 17

Background: Snowwie is BEST friends with Kim Pine and also has a dog named Butch (a Rottweiler/ Doberman mix). Snowwie is the ONLY person that Kim actually will smile at (which is still a rarity for her). Snowwie became mute at a young age and she ends up talking through her dog Butch. Kim even talks to Butch occasionally because thats the only way that Snowwie can really communicate. Other than that she whispers into Kim's ear to try and tell her important information. Snowwie is from New York and ended up moving to Canada to try and start a new life. When Snowwie met Kim, they instantly became friends. Snowwie and Kim always hung out after school and it was average to see both of them together at Kim's house. Snowwie knows all of Kim's secrets including that she still has strong feelings for Scott (thats the reason she is totally mean to him) and that she may end up dating him again because of Snowwie's persuasiveness. Snowwie loves to draw and play video games and has a secret musical talent which only Kim knows.

Rating: Totally AMAZIN!!!

4/20/2012 #25
General Ulysses

Name: Jacob

Nickame: Lovecraft

Age: Unknown

Background: No one knows much about Jacob, or his real last name. They call him Lovecraft due to his love and admiration of the works of H.P Lovecraft. Not only does he have a massive collection of Lovecraft's books, but he's also a massive fan of writers heavily inspired by Lovecraft, such as Stephen King. He claims to come from the city of Boston, and that he graduated from Miskatonic University. He came to Tortono looking for a book, and several other artifacts.

Appearence: He's a semi tall, man in his late twenties or something. He wears red and black flannel, with tight denim jeans with a cute little chibi Cthulhu on them. He's got short, black hair,many piercing green eyes.

Rating: Loves Cosmic Horror

3/31/2016 #26
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