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Before anyone asks, not as a couple, DEAR GOD.

What I wanna say is, Skimble seems like a father figure to Quaxo. If you watch closely in the movie, he hangs around him a bit; in Tugger's song, after he kicks the ball at Quaxo, Skimble pats Quaxo on the head. You can only see for a split second though.

And in, I think it's called 'Jellicles come to the Jellicle ball'; not sure on the title, after they sing the line, 'Jellicle cats develop slowly', Skimble is examining Quaxo, and also when they sing 'Jellicle cats are not too big'.

Any others? I don't think he is his father (considering they don't look anything alike, and it doesn't feel like that to me), but rather that he just cares for him c:

idk. Thoughts? :D

9/4/2009 #1

Before anyone asks, not as a couple, DEAR GOD.

Lol, nice one.

Personally, I'd never really thought of them as being related, though I have always wondered what's going on during the Invitation. But then again, I never noticed the head-pat . . . guess that's something to look for next time I watch it . . .

9/7/2009 #2


Same with me, it wasn't until the last few times I watched it that I noticed. And they don't seem related to me.

Like I said; just something I noticed. c:

9/7/2009 #3

I thought they seemed like friends. And I've found them together during almost every song (with the exception of each others; wierd).

Unfortunatly though it may seem, I actually see Tugger as Misto's father figure. For example during the 'Jellicles come to the Jellicle ball' song (the second time they sing it) when Misto, Skimble, and Tumble(I think, it couldbe Pounce or Amedtus, I still have trouble telling the three apart) all sing the line "We will practice a caper or two in the hall" Tugger comes up and looks at Misto seriously and Misto looks back at him wih a face that says "Oops, I'm caught."

9/15/2009 #4

Haha, I like that bit :) he dances with Skimble and Tumblebrutus.

Somehow though, I can't really view Tugger as a father figure. I think he seems more like a best friend.

But I love hearing other's opinions, so thanks! c:

9/15/2009 #5

Yeah, I agree. Tugger's too young and immature to be a father. At least, he's too young to be a father to someone Misto's age, anyway. I agree that they're friends. (JUST friends. I don't like Misto/Tugger slash.)

And don't worry, I used to get lots of characters mixed up. I used to confuse Tumblebrutus with Alonzo, and I couldn't tell Electra and Demeter apart! (Yes, you read that right. Don't ask.) Thank goodness I got over that! ;)

9/18/2009 #6

You're right, about Tugger and Quaxo. Personally, I don't really mind slash; what I mind is that usually when people write it, the characters get so out-of-character it's not funny :

9/18/2009 #7
Angel of Music - Lone Wolf
Hmn... I dunno...I think I see Skimble as more of a fatherly figure to everyone or at least a fun uncle. Though it's weird how most fanfics display him as a strict disciplinarian when he's so cheerful most of the time. Oh I adore Tugger and Quaxo friendship. They are so adorable together and I wouldn't mind slash once in a while. Hehe
9/23/2009 #8

Yeah, that sounds about right C:

And I know, I think it's incredibly strange that people write him as such an angry person when , you know, "Jellicle cats have cheerful faces!" :D

Haha, they are very cute ♥

9/23/2009 #9

Yeah, I've always viewed Skimble as sort of a friendly uncle to the kittens. The way I see it, he's a happy, cheerful kind of character, but he's strict when he has to be. (Maybe he's supposed to be at the train station, but Pouncival insists upon showing him a bug he found or something. I dunno. XP)

9/23/2009 #10

I agree that Skimble seems like a cheerful Uncle. I think he's the most gentle when getting the kittens away from Griz, too.

And now, to go completly off topic, since no one (except for me) can see Tugger as "father figure" to Misto, I wrote a story about it. Ok am writing... It's called: "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" in case any of you are interestd.

10/9/2009 #11

two things. first read the story and LOVED IT. two: (ok gets a bit intricate) Munku is (in my head) misto's third and most loving adopted parent. skimble is munks best friend and half brother (numerous progeny spans over many generations, but it has to be the eldest of Munk's generation to take over for old Deut.), making misto skimble's adopted nephew of sorts. if i didn't already have that image firmly planted in my brain before seeing the forum, i would probably agree with your view of tugger as a father for misto. (to see more of my weird waky family tree, see the family tree topic on this forum)

12/3/2009 #12

Here is my veiw, Skimble is mates with Jenny and I think Jenny and Skimble had Electra (there are scens where they interact a lot) Then Misto is close to Electra (they are coupled in the mateing dance, amoung other interactions) and there fore close to her father.

But I actually Love Misto/Skimble as a couple -Blush- They are my third fave of all.

9/9/2010 . Edited 8/26/2011 #13
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