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With all do respect, I believe there are several pairing on Fanfiction that are inaccurate in my POV. For instance, the Victoria/Plato/Mistoffelees situation. The mating dance, I believe, meant nothing. After all, it is well-known in cat behavior that females will take on several different mates because of there "urges" so to speak. And besides that one dance, I think Misto and Victoria have had much more contact with eachother than Plato and her did. Such as, 'the invitation to the ball' at the beginning, 'Magical Mister Mistoffelees' , 'The terspichorean dance/ Jellicle Ball' and near the end of 'Journey to the Heavyside Layer'. You can watch it on the movie. And most of the movements they have together could be classified as sibling reactions, but I have my very own sibling, and I can safely say we act nothing like Misto and Victoria did. I know it's not exactly helping my point when I add my own human behaviors into the CATS world, but to be fair, CATS has several human-like mannerisms as well as cat-like during the movie, (and no, I'm not just talking about the dancing.) So, though everyone may think that Plato and Victoria seem to be fit for each other, I say that Mistoffelees/Quaxo and Victoria have much better chemistry during the movie than she and Plato seem to have.

My next disagreement is the Jemima/Mistoffelees pairing, which I've seen far too much of. They have basically NO interactions with each other whatsoever. The only one that I spotted was during 'Magical Mister Mistoffelees' when he hands her the golden mug, which necessarily wasn't really an interaction, more of a gesture. Look at it as a direction during the movie. SOMEONE had to hold the cup and bring it backstage! So, that is proven to be a false, Fanfiction-produced love. I, much rather prefer Jemima with Tumblebrutus. But of course, I might seem like a bit of a hypocrite to say so, considering they're aren't many interactions between them. Perhaps that is my own personal opinion, which many fanfictioners agree with.

Next is the Demeter/Munkustrap relationship. I believe I can assume that almost everyone believes they are mates. I personally, can agree with this, but thanks to some other fanfiction friends, their relationship can be interchangable to siblings, because it would seem the cat mannerisms during the movies for their interactions almost seem brotherly and sisterly like, but that's just my own opinion.

Next is Jemima and Alonzo. Again, this is another situation where the cat-like behavior intervenes. During the Jellicle ball/ Terpsichorean dance the two of them are holding each other once, and both Jemima and Alonzo have flirtatious moments during the entire dance. I, of course, find it as cats being cats. It's their sexual behavior, and it does not prove any of such to be said about their relationships. Not to mention, Jemima is posed as one of the youngest of kittens, and Alonzo, though a young tom, is still pictured as an adult.

Next is Cassandra and Alonzo, who actually do have several interactions with eachother. Which includes, 'Grizabella, the Glamour Cat', and during the Terpsichorean dance. There are plenty more, but I do not have the well needed patience to continue my argument. Bottom line: There is definitely enough proof to conclude Cassandra and Alonzo are mates.

Now, there are questions raised during Jellyorum's relationship with the Jellicle tribe. First of which, includes this: Jellyorum is posed as a mother of several of the kittens, but if that is true, than who could be the father? Some believe it is Gus, but though Jellyorum is also portrayed as a more elderly queen, I believe Gus would be old enough to be her father or close relative, or perhaps they are just friends. A better pairing, I believe would be Asparagus Jr, though I know they don't actually have interactions in the movie, but tell me, who would be better?

Jennyanydots seems to have an unseemly attraction to Bustopher Jones, but that is only during his song. However, you can't help but wonder if they had a past, or if it's just one of Jenny's crushes. I actually believe that Skimbleshanks and she were meant to be mates. If you don't believe this, than look near the end of the movie. They're together during 'journey To Heavyside' They look a lot like Victoria and Mistoffelees, which brings me back to my point on them. If Jenny and Skimble are portrayed as mates because of that one interaction, than tell me why Misto and Victoria wouldn't be considered mates, even when they have MORE interactions than the other two?

WELL! I am certainly pooped from these arguments. THE DEFENSE RESTS! I'll write more of my opinions when I get the chance.

With all do respect, Your Friend and Fan,


9/30/2009 #1

Personally, I think Victoria and Quaxo are close siblings; not mates. Because if they were mates, it would've been Quaxo who'd danced with her during the mating dance, considering a) the mating dance is special, and b) Jellicles are close to humans in their actions and it seems unlikely they'd have more than one partner at a time. Also, for Victoria and Plato to take the center must have significance. The pairs we see in the mating dance are questionable, but I'd say the ones who take the center would be guaranteed mates.

With Jellylorum and Asparagus (Jr.), they actually do have interaction: they dance together in the mating dance. I think Gus is Asparagus' father.

10/1/2009 #2

Actually, I'm glad you brought this up, SummerRose12. I, for one, am a huge supporter of Misto/Quaxo and Victoria as mates and I think they just work absolutely perfectly with each other. I don't really buy Victoria/Plato, though I won't go flaming anyone who ships them. In my mind, Misto just looks better with her. The Mating Dance? Who knows? A lot of the pairings seem really random (like Tugger/Jenny . . . I can't see that one ever working out!). I'm also not really a supporter of Tugger/Misto. For one thing, it's highly overused, and for another, there's almost no real evidence to support it. Yeah, there's Misto's song, but what does that prove? I see them as good friends, that's all.

Jemima/Misto: I did write a fic on this one. I actually think they look really cute together, though there really isn't much interaction between the two. But one of the cool things about CATS is that it doesn't go into much detail about relations and leaves a lot of blank spaces where fans can use their imagination. Does it ever say that Munkustrap and Demeter are mates? Or Skimble and Jenny? They seem to have some inclinations towards each other, but if you think about it, nothing is really for sure. Misto and Jemima could plausibly be mates, though I do still prefer Misto/Vicky.

Demeter/Munkustrap is pretty close to my favorite pairing. I do a lot with them in my fanfiction and they're really fun to write about as a pairing. I'm well aware that there are people who see Munkustrap and Bombalurina as mates, and Tugger/Demeter, but I don't think either of these make sense. I loooooove Munku/Deme, end of question! I think that they're arguably the most romantic pairing, and there are a lot of different options if you want to write about them.

Jemima/Alonzo: I understand that there's a HUGE age difference, but I am a supporter. I've done a couple things with them, even though there are pairings that work better. I guess it is a little awkward when you think about it; in my mind, Jemima could go with Tumblebrutus or Pouncival equally as well.

Ah, here we go: Alonzo/Cassandra. I know many people think of them as mates and I certainly agree that there's plenty of evidence to back this up, but I don't really like this pairing for some reason. I dunno, they just don't really look that good together to me. Think about it: Alonzo is the sort of tom who likes to flirt and mess around, sort of like a toned-down Tugger. He's not the type who I see as being ready to get into any serious relationship with anybody. Cassandra, on the other hand, is a woman of class and high society. She wants a tom who is really serious about love and who's ready for the commitment of being mates with her. I can't see her as being incredibly lenient with Alonzo's almost teenager-type behavior. If you really think about it, they're not very much alike and they don't exactly strike me as Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Gus and Jellylorum? Father and daughter. Jellylorum is portrayed as a more elderly queen in the video version, but in live productions, she is depicted as a much younger cat. I think she and Gus work very well on a parent/child basis. But then, the whole "Asparagus Jr." thing in the video really throws things out of whack. I like to think of Asparagus Jr. and Gus as the same cat, but it's hard not to think of him and Jelly as mates when he looks so much younger. All in all, I'm still undecided on this one.

And finally, Skimble/Jenny. As far as I'm concerned, these two are a done deal. They just make so much sense together and I don't think either of them truly works with anyone else. I don't think there's much else to be said here. Jenny does seem to have something for Bustopher Jones, but I don't think it's anything serious. Skimble/Jenny is basically unarguable.

PHEW! Now that I've addressed all of your pairings, I'll list some of mine. Give me your opinions, yah?




10/2/2009 #3

First, THANK YOU! Barely anyone thinks of Misto and Victoria as mates any more, and I am glad to find a fellow supporter. And I completely agree with you though. Jemima and Misto are cute, but somehow, I just can't see them together. I guess that's the beauty of Fanfiction. I for one, can understand if Plato and Victoria are portrayed as mates, but it one of my biggest pet-peeves when Misto and Victoria are brought up as siblings. I just don't like it, though it might seem right to me. And I completely understand your view-point, and I respect your opinion. It's actually very logical in my point of view.

Now, getting back to the matter at hand, I would like to address the pairings you mentioned.

First is Bombalurina and The Rum Tum Tugger. Personally, I think this might be a match made from heaven. They're both very flirtatious, attention grabbing, and have utter confidence. It's actually very cute. However, I believe that these two felines with so much in common might fall in love, or completely destroy each other. They may both be the type of cat that stays the flirt, but never settles down. Or maybe they'll end-up flirting with eachother for awhile then move on. I would lable them as: Complicated. You don't exactly know what's going on between them. Maybe they're mates, maybe not. I don't know, but I do like that pairing, either way.

Next, Etcetera and Pouncival. I personally, don't actually see them together. I mean, granted, they both seem like hyperactive kits, but I don't think they should be together. Maybe it's just my own personal opinion, or just the fact that I can't seem to find anything between them during the movie, and only in fanfics. I don't actually see them together, but they would be cute. I, personally would like to see them with completely different pairings. Etcetera with Plato, and Pouncival with Electra. I know they seem very random, but here's my reasoning: From reviewing CATS the movie, atleast a dozen times might I add, Etcetera and Plato do have an interaction during the movie. It's right before Moments of Happiness, when everyone is getting back into the scene. I, of course, have seen it as a pairing, and I actually like them together. They seem very cute. Electra and Pouncival, well...really I don't think there aren't actually any good pairings for them. I think Electra and Pouncival are actual a cute couple. They really do seem like the youngest kittens in the Junkyard. What else could be a better pairing? I know it's not a good defense for my argument, but really, it's all I got.

Electra and Tumblebrutus? I've never imagined them together, I always think Tumblebrutus is about in the same age range as Alonzo, or a little younger. They are what I'd classify as an unusual pairing. I still like how they look. They're actually kind of cute. Nicely said.

Okay! I have a couple for you:

Cassandra/Tumblebrutus Macavity/Demeter Mungojerrie/Rumpelteazer

10/2/2009 #4

Bombalurina and Tugger would be a good couple, although I can't see a serious relationship there.

I've always imagined Plato and Etcetera to be siblings - but I can see how they may be mates.

Of Cassandra and Tumblebrutus, she's too old for him haha; I imagine Tumble as one of the elder kittens. If you're basing the idea for this pairing from their interaction during 'Skimbleshanks', then I'd say she's more of a mother figure in that situation.

10/2/2009 #5

Thanks for your input!! Now, about your pairings:

Cassandra/Tumblebrutus: I'd never thought of that one. I agree with The Promised Land, however, in that she's too old for him. I've always seen Tumble as a kitten, a little older than Pouncival and about the same age as Electra. That's part of the reason I see them together: they're about the same age. Although, if you ignore the age difference, Cass and Tumble could actually work out together. Huh, you've certainly given me something to think about!

Macavity/Demeter: I see them as former lovers. The way I see it, back when they were both kittens Macavity lived with the Jellicles and hadn't yet become evil. Demeter fell in love with him. Macavity eventually became evil and left the tribe, but he never forgot the relationship that he had with her. In my opinion, that's why Demeter always seems to have some supernatural sense of when he's around; she may not love him any more but the aftereffects are still there. Arguably, Macavity once kidnapped and r*** her (which explains why he tries to kidnap her in the catfight), still wanting her for himself. It's also my belief that Mistoffelees is the offspring of those two. Demeter stopped caring for him when he became evil and left, which is when she took Munkustrap as a mate.

Mungojerrie/Rumpleteazer: Siblings. I don't think they really work as mates. I understand that they're cats and all, but to me it doesn't seem right that they'd be both. I think they're siblings because they look so much alike and act so much alike. Yes, there are little bits in some of the other songs that suggest that they have some romantic inclinations towards each other, but I choose to ignore those. It just seems to me like they act more like siblings than anything else.

I'd heard of other people suggesting Plato/Etcetera before, and now that I think about it, it does make sense. I guess there's sort of an age difference there too, which makes it sort of awkward, and as I give it more thought, they do actually seem like siblings. I've always viewed Etcetera as the daughter of Jellylorum, and I guess Plato works as Jelly's older son. Good observation, now I've really got something to think about!

Okay, here's a couple more:

Coricopat and Tantomile (I see them as siblings and mates)

Old Deuteronomy and Grizabella

10/3/2009 #6

I'd like to say while I agree with you on the most part about Macavity and Demeter, I don't think he r*** her. While we do see Demeter as being very wary and even paranoid of him, when he actually does turn up and she and Bombalurina sing, she doesn't look like a r*** victim at all. She sings with a sultry smile on her face, and during the dance, the movements are very sexual; it's not the kind of song and dance you'd do about your r***. Also, considering that it seems to be mentioned in every other story, I'd say that it's overdone and has become a very false fanon.

That's interesting about Quaxo; I assume you're basing this theory on the fact that he and Macavity both have magic?

Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer; I really don't know. I thought for a while that they were siblings (still do) based on that they look, sound, and act the same... but if you really pay attention to their other interaction, (especially during 'Old Deuteronomy') it doesn't seem like regular sibling stuff. So, maybe both, but I'd prefer not to say that :)

Yup, I think Plato and Etcetera are Jellylorum's children.

Coricopat and Tantomile; I agree.

Old Deuteronomy and Grizabella is different though; I don't really see why people think of them as a couple considering they both have no romantic interaction whatsoever. Maybe they're just paired off 'cause they're old. Or maybe back when they were young they had a thing.

10/3/2009 #7

I guess you have a point there . . . I dunno, that's just how I see it. The thing with Macavity and Misto/Quaxo just seems to fit. Yeah, it's partially because of the magic thing, but it just makes sense to me. I see Old D and Griz as being former mates (OMG! My computer thinks "Griz" is a word!!!), as he seems to have a bit of a soft spot for her. Another awesome thing about CATS is that everyone is free to have their own opinion about nearly everything!

So, um . . . that's all the pairings for me . . . I'll let you know if I think of any more.

10/3/2009 #8

I suppose Macavity COULD be Quaxo's father but he's probably too young ... eh, whatever.

Haha, it is good that way ... but then I guess that leaves more room for people to justify ridiculous pairings; oh well.

10/4/2009 #9

I agree with you and The Promised Land. I never really thought Cassandra and Tumblebrutus could actually be mates (though it is possible.) The age, as you said, is very far, and I picture Cassandra with someone a little more articulate and almost as mysterious as she is. (Yes, I'm sticking to my theory of Cassandra/Alonzo. There's just too much evidence for me.)

Macavity/Demeter: I agree with you. Grew up together, Obsession, fear, all that jazz. End of story, no questions asked.

Mungojerrie/Rumpelteazer, I think that's arguable. Yes, they do look alike, but I call that a match made in heaven. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer have several movements with eachother that would seem sibling-like, but they could also be interpreted as mates. For example, if you are watching them on the T.S.E 1 car during 'Old Deuteronomy', you can see them lounging with eachother, and...dare I say...groping. I don't know about you, but that is not how I would think siblings would act. For me, I think that their relationship could continually be interchangable to either mates, siblings, or just partners.

Coricopat/Tantomile: They are siblings. I see no other reason to continue this conversations. It's as plain as day, and I don't intend to continue further.

Old Deuteronomy/Grizabella: I always think that those two had a sorted history. Possibly like crushing, or maybe an actual mateship. It's very possible. They seem to have a strong respect for each other. I do not see any real connection of mateship, but it definitely is possible. They seem to have much compassion for one another during the movie. So, to my opinion, Grizabella and Old Deuteronomy my have had a mateship, or an infatuation, or maybe just a friendship.

I have one: Skimbleshanks/Grizabella (I personally think they could be exmates.)

10/5/2009 #10

That's very possible. On one hand, Macavity and Mistoffelees/Quaxo both have powers, but on the other hand, they look nothing alike. The only cat Quaxo lookes like is Bustopher Jones, and they have been interpreted as having a nephew/oncle relationship or father/son. I disagree on the grounds that Macavity isn't a r***. In my opinion, it does look like Demeter was shaken enough to look like his r*** victim, however, I agree with promised land, It doesn't seem like Bombalurina had a r*** victim-like behavior. It was more of a seductive and almost lust-like dance during 'Macavity' I would prefer to believe Demeter was a r*** victim. Bombalurina...possibly physical abuse, which is why she left him, but that's my guess.

10/5/2009 #11

Quickly, I can understand your view point, but somehow I can disagree with the mating dance. Yes, Plato and Victoria danced togeter, but must I mention that Victoria also was with Skimbleshanks? She basically danced with two toms. Honestly, the pairs are very questionable, as you have said, which why I am believing it is cat-like behavior, instead of a mateship.

10/5/2009 #12

You've brought up some good points; although I would like to say that during 'Macavity' Demeter and Bombi behave the same way.

As with Victoria and Skimbleshanks; I'm not going to go too far into this but I think Skimble is her father. Or adopted father. It's actually rather creepy thinking that Victoria danced with him in that way, considering Skimble's age - I think their interaction during her and Plato's pas de deux was fatherly approval.

10/6/2009 #13

Macavity/Demeter: I agree with you. Grew up together, obsession, fear, all that jazz. End of story, no questions asked.

Yay, someone understands my rambling! ^^

Mungo and Teazer: I guess we'll never know for sure. It all depends on who you ask! If I had a brother, I would most certainly smack him if he did the same thing to me that Mungo does to Teazer in Old Deuteronomy, but I still prefer to think of them as siblings.

As for Skimble and Grizabella . . . that's very interesting, and I guess I could see it working. But in my opinion, Skimble has always been with Jennyanydots. That's probably the one pairing that absolutely everybody agrees with, and it'd be nice if it stayed that way.

One thing that annoys me for some reason is when people say Misto/Quaxo and Bustopher Jones are related. They're almost nothing alike! Maybe they do sort of look alike, but c'mon, there's probably millions of tuxedo cats in the world. In my viewpoint, Quaxo + Bustopher = no relation whatsoever.

Now, while Macavity/Demeter is one matter, Macavity/Bombalurina is completely another. I definitely think that there's something going on between Mac and Bomba. While she and Demeter do act mostly the same, I'd say Bomba's behavior is visibly more flirtatious and sexual, suggesting that there's something there. Personally, I quite like Mac/Bomba pairings!

Finally, Victoria and Skimbleshanks are either not related, or are father and daughter, as suggested by The Promised Land. Don't think there's much else to say on this one.

10/6/2009 #14

Whenever I see Skimble and Grizabella staring at eachother during the film, I keep wondering if there may have been a past friendship, or relationship there, though there barely lookes like one. I for one, agree with you when you say that Jennyanydots and Skimbleshanks have been together, but I still can't help but wonder he had a past with with Grizabella. Maybe not a real mateship, maybe just a friendship. It's something very unusual to contemplate.

I think I can understand that view point, and just basically on the resemblance, but in the film, Quaxo always seems to look up to Bustopher, and pictures him as a role model. I would atleast call that a nephew/oncle relation or grandson/grandfather or just something of that nature. I think I agree with you when you say that they may not be father/son, but I do stand on the grounds that they may be related. I suppose I wanted to bring up all of the possibilities. I suppose father/son is possible, but not probable.

Ahh...the Bomba/Mac relationship. I cannot help but contemplate this. To me, I think this case isn't as easy as it seems. Many people think that they used to be together, but there is another story. Some think that Bombalurina may still be with Macavity secretly. I think this is a possiblity. After all, she acts so seductive during her dance in 'Macavity,' but never hatred or fear like Demeter. Then when Macavity comes in posing as Deuteronomy, perhaps when Bomba is trying to calm Demeter, she is actually just trying to keep her out of the way, which soon fails. Some think they may even have a disturbing relationship as siblings, which is also possible, considering their simular fur patterns and colors. Perhaps I am just putting up all of the options, but there is more to Bomba/Mac than meets the eye.

I feel as though Victoria and Skimbleshanks don't really have a fatherly/daughterly relationship. I think that Jellyorum is usually portrayed as Victoria's mother, or atleast in the film version, and if that is true, why would Skimbleshanks need to have a fatherly approval over Victoria and Plato's dance? Skimble would've been with someone else if the directors wanted just Plato and Victoria together. I for one, do find this perfectly confusing. But I stick with my opinion, when I say there couldn't be as much of a relationship between Plato and Victoria as it is let on. If they were supposed to be mates, wouldn't they have had more scenes together? And though there one interaction was more sexual, and Mistoffelees and Victoria have several sibling-like interactions, I think they still have more of a mate-like relation than her and Plato.

Here are a few: Rum Tum Tugger/Etcetera, Admetus/Exotica, Cassandra/? (who do you think she belongs with?)

10/6/2009 #15

I've never noticed anything with Skimble and Grizabella, so perhaps I'll have a better comment on that tomorrow after I've watched it again.

With Quaxo and Bustopher, it's another 'fanon' thing. People say they're uncle and nephew, and new people to the fandom never learn anything different :| What people base it from is their physical resemblance (but like JellicleWriter said, there must be millions of tux cats), and the way Quaxo behaves towards Bustopher. I personally don't believe there's a relation there.

Have you seen this thread?

I personally think Plato and Victoria are mates (they also sit together, like Skimble and Jenny, before 'Memory' begins), and that Victoria and Quaxo are siblings. There's evidence either way, so it's really personal opinion.

To address your pairings:

Tugger/Etcetera - I think she's too young for him. Scratch that, much too young. If we decided Tumblebrutus and Cassandra couldn't be mates because of age difference, Tugger and Etc. don't stand a chance lol. I think their relationship is more like a worshipper-god sort of thing haha.

Admetus/Exotica - do they have any interaction? Or are they just paired off because they're background characters?

Cassandra, I think, goes with Alonzo. Ignoring his interaction with Jemima (she's far too young, anyway!), I'd say it makes the most sense. It's actually strange that it's the most widely accepted pairing for those two considering the lack of evidence to support it - her and Alonzo hold hands for a second, as opposed to him dancing with Etcetera (I think it was her; where the five couples danced), and Jemima. But it floats my boat :)

10/6/2009 #16

I think Tugger/Etcetera makes a cute couple, but I don't think it really works out. The age difference is just too large. I guess it could be pulled off in a fanfic, but it'd have to be a highly believable setting and have very well portrayed characters to make it work. At this point, I'm not going to say yes or no.

Admetus/Exotica: I've heard of a lot of people who are fans of this pairing, but it seems kind of random to me. Sure, they're both background characters that hardly anyone ever notices, but they never have any interaction. I don't think it's a very good pairing.

I have no idea who Cassandra should go with. As I've already stated, I don't think she looks good with Alonzo, but it could work if we're desperate here. I don't like her with Misto either, for whatever odd reason. Some people say she should be with Admetus, and I guess I can kind of see that, but I'm not prepared to put her in any definite pairing. She's just too mysterious, and we don't know enough about her to really determine what kind of personality she is.

Addressing The Promised Land: since you view Misto/Quaxo and Victoria as siblings, who do you think Misto looks best with? I must say, he does look cute with Electra, and (as we've already discussed) Jemima works too, and . . . ah heck, I've seen him paired with almost every queen! So, what do you think?

10/7/2009 #17

The only thing I see is with their interactions are a quick stare when Grizabella enters the first time.

THat's very true. I can agree with the resemblance thing. ( I can't deny that. I once had a female tuxedo kitten myself) But I still think that Quaxo's admiration may be a sense of atleast some sort of relation. Granted, there's not much evidence of any actual family-like behavior, (mostly because Bustopher is only seen in his song) but I would still like to bring up that it is a possibility (Jeez, you'd think I'd know when to drop a subject! o_o)

I never noticed that. But I suppose you're right. It really is a matter of opinion. Both are very feasible possibilities. I personally like her better with Misto/Quaxo, but I suppose it could work with Plato as well.

I just want to say to both of you that I think we've come to an agreement that Older toms should not be with younger queens. (besides Alonzo/Jemima for you JellicleWriter. :) ) So yeah, Tugger/Etcy...they work for a cute little pairing, but not a real relationship, as both of you put it so well. I guess I'm not going to be the devil's advocate at this one! XD

Admetus and Exotica...yeah...I really just did it because they're the last two that seem to be without a mate. Go figure. I have heard of a few fics on this, but I think, besides the lack of any evidence, I am a strong supporter of this pairing. Background characters share some sort of mysterious quality that gives them a common bond. Exotica, I think we can agree with, is not seen often enough to be given a true personality, but I think she would really be portrayed as a serious and seclusive queen, but on also enjoys the company of others (see the middle of 'Skimbleshanks'. When she had different fur) Admetus, I think is almost placed inbetween kitten and young tom. A very individual, eager, and curious cat. (I can't even believe I got all of that out of the little shots of those two!) But yeah, maybe not the best pairing, but I think it works well together.

Cassandra, I'm with you Promised Land, I am a Cassandra/Alonzo supporter. They both have some sort connection through the entire film. I absolutely love them together.

10/7/2009 #18

Hmm, about Quaxo... I'm not really sure. I mean, I guess you could say that for him to be with Electra is canon (because of the Mating Dance), but then we'd be saying Tugger/Jenny is canon (which it technically is lol).

Also, Quaxo and Electra have no other interaction, so I'm prepared to say that their mating dance was more of a 'hey-I-don't-have-anyone-neither-do-you-so-let's-go-together' thing. But they are cute ;)

About Cassandra, I don't like them either. She's too old for him lol. And, being blunt, some of Quaxo's behaviour (i.e in 'Bustopher Jones') looks like the kind of thing that would make Cassandra cringe. I think her actions in 'Mr Mistoffelees' were more her wanting to be in the spotlight.

Jemima I think makes a good match :) they'd certainly be a cute couple haha; only problem is they have no interaction (except Misto passing her the watering can/cup/whatever it was in 'Mr Mistoffelees'.

So, I really don't know.

10/8/2009 #19

Sounds like we're getting to a pretty conclusive point here. I, however, have a very random pairing for you to contemplate: Alonzo and Rumpleteazer!

(The reason: one time I was taking a "Which Jellicle Are You?" quiz, and the result was Rumpleteazer. I then took a "Who Would Be Your Jellicle Mate?" quiz by the same person, and came up with Alonzo. So . . . what do you think?)

10/8/2009 #20

aw, now why did you have to say that??? I'm sad now...

Okay, I'm over it. I wan't to talk CATS:

Alonzo and Rumpelteazer. I have to admit I've seen this before. The only real evidence in the film is when Alonzo is flirting with a few of the queens during 'Song of the Jellicles' I think this is a cute couple actually. Probably not one I'd really agree to though. I always picture Rumpelteazer with someone a little younger. To me, it does seem like she's almost an adult, but she always acts like a kitten. Age wise, they're a good match. Maturity wise, well...that's a tie for me. They're both pretty immature to me. Rumpelteazer more than Alonzo. I don't know. This is kind of an 'I don't know' pairing for me. They could work I guess, but I'm not personally a HUGE fan.

10/8/2009 #21

Haha; I suppose it could work. If it was pulled off well in a story (:

10/9/2009 #22

That's very very true. :-)

I have one more that I'm curious about: Pouncival/?

10/9/2009 #23

As I already said, I see Pouncival with Etcetera. They're both young, energetic, playful kittens, and I think they both look really good together.

10/9/2009 #24

right, I forgot...

They are pretty cute.

10/9/2009 #25

omg just took a which jellicle are you and i got misto... now to see which jellicle would be my mate, and we'll try that

12/7/2009 #26

My opinion: IT IS VICTORIA. I am PRO Vic/Misto! and I have a full antagonism for any Misto/Jemima. Forgive me Misto/Jemmy fans.

12/12/2009 #27

im easy any way, so long as the queen in question is not totally out of his league.

12/16/2009 #28

agreed. For instance, I hate when there's Misto/Cassandra just because of that one part in the movie where she's his assistant. It annoys me deeply.

12/19/2009 #29

I myself prefer the misto/vicky pairing, if only because it is the closest to canon we have in this. After all, I wouldn't want my BROTHER touching me the way Misto has to touch Vicky for the invitation. Mistofellees is such a flexible character when it comes to interactions with queens, though, that it is not hard to picture him with any of the others. Again, so long as she is not totally out of his league. That is kind of why I hate the Misto/Deme pairings. Just because she is shy, doesn't mean you can pair him up with someone who is practically a kitten!

12/20/2009 #30
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