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2/28/2006 #1
Hi... I didn't know what the body was. Anyway, My favourite relationships are Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer (as mates), Misto and Victoria, Jemima and Pouncival, Bombalurina and Alonzo, Tugger with no one (he's too much of a player to hold down a steady relationship), Tantomile and Tumblebrutus, Coricopat and Demeter, Munkustrap and Cassandra... If you want me to give you proof, then I can give you short things of proof from the movie for most (but not all) of my favourites. XD
2/28/2006 #2
Fearful Little Thing
I feel like being stubborn, WHY? And it had better be darn good reasons, otherwise I'll press the point. Not for the sake of being mean, but because I'm in the mood for a debate. (For future reference, I'll often play devil's advocate even if I dont believe in the side I'm arguing for. It's a bad habit.)
2/28/2006 #3
I like Alonzo with Bombalurina or Cassandra. Mistoffelees with Jemima or Victoria, though I don't read about Mistoffelees anymore if I can help it. Rum Tum Tugger with Bombalurina or Etcetera (because either would be so delightfully messed up). I also like Macavity with Jemima, which has absolutely no canon evidence in any production that I know of, but I rather like anyway.
2/28/2006 #4
Sleeping Tiger
[q](For future reference, I'll often play devil's advocate even if I dont believe in the side I'm arguing for. It's a bad habit.)[/q] That explains SO MUCH. (I've had trouble telling where you stand, sometimes.) Anyways, I like Munkustrap and Demeter, and ...well, Munkustrap and any queen that can be justified. I would like to see him with Bombalurina once in a while. I always thought those two had some sort of relationship. I don't mean they were mates in the past necessarily, more like a mutual understanding that can't quite be distinguished. I also think he would be cute with Rumpleteazer. One of the first fics I wrote was about them, though I would never publish it if my life depended on it. I don't think I like the idea of Mistoffelees with Victoria so much, because they act so much more like friends, that I think it wouldn't work out for them if they tried to get together. I think for me, I prefer that people suggest that he MIGHT get together with someone, but that he never actually get together with anyone. He's like one of those guys who has a million friends who are girls, but no girlfriend. I would keep Alonzo with Cassandra. I've tried thinking of what it would be like if he were paired with other cats, but the way they act together in the video, both so flirty towards other cats, but always back together with one another, it's almost like they GET each other. Like, "You can flirt with another cat, as long as you come home for me." Though, I did see the touring show recently, and it was odd to see Misto and Cassandra together, but interesting. Let's see, Pouncival and Etcetera are conspirators in my mind, but could probably work as mates. Tugger, it depends on my mood if I can see him with a mate at all, but it would be Bombalurina. And I always think of Skimble and Jenny as mates.
2/28/2006 #5
You must remember that I got this movie when I was 10 years old. And when I was young I chose which characters I liked and disliked, and they were the ones I've stuck with. At an early age I decided that some of the couples shown featured characters I didn't like with my favourites. And so I made up my own, without any real proof, but the more I watch the movie the more proof I find. So I'm happy XD Don't hold these pairings against me, but I can't write what I don't believe, and because CATS gives so little information on the past of most of the cats, I think most people can use it for speculation.
2/28/2006 #6
Fearful Little Thing
Satu, I saw your replies to this topic and the other one and I have to say that I dont hold it against you at all. ^_^ In fact, those are some pretty good reasons for justification. I figure that so long as the story itself is good (and at least plausible) then it shouldn't matter too much if there's only a smattering of evidence in canon. And besides, there's always "regional" production canon to go by. [q]That explains SO MUCH. (I've had trouble telling where you stand, sometimes.)[/q] I know. I'm annoyingly inconsistent. ^_~ But seriously, if ever you're not sure then just ask me - even if it's just a private message. My "favourite" couples are... Demeter/Munkustrap, but only when done well. Too many stories that I've read feature a silly stuttering Demeter and a semi-oblivious "good guy" Munkustrap. I have read some really good stories with these two, though. I do recall one somewhere in which Munkustrap was a kind-hearted "I got the job because I was there" kind of guy and Demeter was just a bit shy and misguided. It sounds soppy and stupid, but the style really made it work. I dont really like reading about Bombalurina, since most of the time she's portrayed as either a skank or someone who secretly just wants to be loved. A couple of years ago I got it into my head that she would be very interesting paired up with Bustopher Jones, though... I think I mentioned that somewhere before. (Someday I shall have to write a story about her and Bustopher.) I love Skimbleshanks romance! ^_^ Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots are absolutely adorable. Though nobody seems to write about him. *pout* I actually agree with Sleeping Tiger in that I dont really like Misto romances where there's obvious romance. I dont really like Misto/Victoria, and Misto and Jemima or Electra just doesn't work for me. I think he should remain a cat alone, it keeps up with his aloof image. I dont know what my all time favourite romance would be, though. I guess I'm still open to suggestions.
2/28/2006 #7
I can't really go by 'regional' preformances, because there's only been one. It was in 2000, in the CATS gone to the Circus one, where they toured in a huge air-conned tent. That's what first got me into CATS, and I was estatic when Mum and Dad got me the Video for my b-day (my 10th, just so you know) I can't remember much about it, because I wear glasses, and I needed new ones, and I was sitting near the back, so the only cat I could really see was Victoria... And Griddlebone too...I guess... Anyway... the only real part I remember was during The Rum Tum Tugger, when Tugger came out into the audience and started dancing with a woman from the audience. And then when one of the kittens (thinking back, it could have been Pouncival) stealing a boys shoe and security had to get it back. Then he came back with his mates and started eating the boys popcorn. That was funny XD So yeah, I don't remember much... I've only got the Video. But that and the combined imaginations of my sister and myself, is enough. (ps. I can't do my fav relationships to be different, as my sister shares my views exactly)
3/1/2006 #8
Sleeping Tiger
[q]If ever you're not sure then just ask me - even if it's just a private message.[/q] Oh, now, THAT would ruin the fun! ^_^ [q]Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots are absolutely adorable. Though nobody seems to write about him. *pout*[/q] I agree, they're too cute. It seems wrong NOT to have them as mates. I don't think they're incredibly versatile to work with like some of the other cats, but there's so much untapped potential in that pairing. [q]my b-day (my 10th, just so you know) [/q] I assume you meant May 10th? Because if you did, that would be very creepy. Like that one movie where they're all in that hotel trapped there for the night because of a storm, and they don't know why they're there, but then they realize everyone has the same birthday: May 10th. (I say that because that's MY birthday. Taurus, and proud of it.)
3/1/2006 #9
I have odd ones... that I realize aren't really supportable by anything but my own imagination, but sometimes this is enough... 1) Skimble/Jelly, yes JELLY... I don't know why but they click for me, even though I was watching the video recently and was like "Wow, they're hardly ever near each other... he's always hanging out with Jenny...". Their personalities seem very similar to me, they'd have a very comfortable relationship... no great passionate embraces, but they'd make a good team. Perhaps, if I were trying to be more cannon about it, I'd make them siblings. 2)Bombalurina/Mungojerrie, again no cannon evidence, but personality-wise I think they could work together. Mungojerrie is just enough of a bad boy to crank Bombalurina's engine, but he's not a complete pain in the arse like Tugger would be to date. Mungojerrie's a guy who likes to have fun, and Bombalurina is definitely a party girl, but has a little more sense than Mungojerrie and could hopefully keep him from doing something too stupid... (although Bustopher/Bombalurina has its attractions, they kind of flirt during his song...) 3) Bustopher/Jenny, slight cannon evidence, seeing as he gives her the flower from his jacket, and she sings ever so fondly of him. Jenny's a little more middle-class than Bustopher, but they're very similar in their need for order... and aesthically pleasing together as two of the plumper cats in the show. (I guess I'm sizist...) 4) Mistoffelees/??, I think the problem with finding a 'partner' for Mistoffelees, is that he's portrayed very gender neutral (more feminine than masculine), most of the casting calls I've read have described him as in the pre-pubescent stage, not a child, but not an adult either. How do you pair up a character that really has no interest in romance at this stage in life? I tend to avoid pairing him up with anyone anymore, except as a 'not-serious' kind of relationship. Its also interesting to see that in fics Mistoffelees rarely, if ever, hangs out with any of the tom kittens, or the other toms seem to dislike him. He's always around the queen kittens. I think if Mistoffelees' masculine side would be given more attention by the author and the show, a romance would be more feasible. He'd never be a Tugger-esque sexual dynamo, but maybe a geeky awkward romance would be possible. 5) Tugger/Tantomile, totally unsupported by cannon, but it fufills every popular guy
3/1/2006 #10
Sleeping Tiger
OH! I am SOO GLAD you mentioned Bombalurina/Mungojerrie!! I'm all over the place with how I try and think of THAT particular relationship! I've read alot of show-going experiences where Bombalurina is actually kind of motherly towards Mungojerrie. I've also seen the show where Bombalurina is protective of the kittens, being kind of motherly. So I thought that was a cute trait that Bomba had, being motherly to other kittens. Then I was bored one day, and made Sims characters based off of the cats..Bombalurina turned out really pretty, I must say. (I think Rumpleteazer turned out the best, though.) ANYWAYS, they were living in seperate houses, and I couldn't get her and Tugger to meet, but Mungojerrie was one of the first sims she met, and they ended up having a kid together and married. Actually, two, now that I think about it... (But I won't get into that.) So then I was thinking about their relationship in the show, and thought along the same lines as you, that he was kind of a bad boy, and could catch Bombalurina's interest, and they would be cute together.
3/1/2006 #11
[q]I assume you meant May 10th? Because if you did, that would be very creepy. Like that one movie where they're all in that hotel trapped there for the night because of a storm, and they don't know why they're there, but then they realize everyone has the same birthday: May 10th. (I say that because that's MY birthday. Taurus, and proud of it.)[/q] No, I didn't mean May 10th. I meant it was when I turned ten. I'm a Libra, 30th of September. I'm quite proud of being the scales, because we're always described as booksmart, and I love to read. I've never thought about Mungojerrie and Bombalurina. That would be a very interesting pairing. But I've always pictured Mungo as a sort of joker, a clown. Immature to be blunt. And that conflicts with the part of me that thinks that Bomba wants someone mature but exciting... But it would be a very interesting read... [q]Then I was bored one day, and made Sims characters based off of the cats..[/q] That's a good idea...I'll have to try that ;)
3/1/2006 #12
Sleeping Tiger
Oh, you're TENTH birthday. That never crossed my mind...I think I keep forgetting how long Cats has been around. *gives one last Taurus shout out, though* We're bull-headed, what can I say? I was quite proud of my Sims. There's a love triangle right now between three of them, and I want to see what happens if Bomba and Tugger get caught, but that would break up the marriage, and the kits, i mean kids, would be screwed up in the head about their family breaking up...Etcetera and Electra are crazy enough as it is. But enough about that... Mungojerrie, in my mind, IS immature, but longs to be responsible when the time comes, even if he can't quite accomplish it, so he has this almost middle persona that comes out in fan fics. ...I have no idea if that made sense. He's protective of Teazer, though he goofs around with her, but the clincher for me is that in the DVD, at least, he actually tries to fight Macavity, though he went down with one scratch *sigh* Poor baby. So I guess he's at a level of wanting to be mature, though he's not quite there yet. So if he ended up with Bomba, he would probably try more to be mature rather than the goofball he is around Teazer. And he would have to try and win her yeah, it would be interesting to read. Now I want to read one...
3/1/2006 #13
[q]rather than the goofball he is around Teazer.[/q] This probably only refers to me...but since I don't think Mungo and Teaze are related, I think that if he stopped being a goofball and started acting more mature for another queen, Teaze would feel left out. But that could just be another plot twist in the story...I guess... Oh well. [q]I have odd ones... that I realize aren't really supportable by anything but my own imagination, but sometimes this is enough...[/q] Don't worry, I've got some weird pairings too. But my sister and I uphold them, and that's enough...
3/1/2006 #14
Serendipity Kat
[quote]And then when one of the kittens (thinking back, it could have been Pouncival) stealing a boys shoe and security had to get it back. Then he came back with his mates and started eating the boys popcorn.[/quote] Cute! My favorite pairs: Mungojerrie/Rumpleteazer Munkustrap/Rumpleteazer Demeter/Alonzo Plato/Jemima Pouncival/Etcetera Bombalurina/Rum Tum Tugger
3/3/2006 #15
Intriguing. I read a good story once about Munkustrap and Rumpleteazer, except it was that Munkustrap needed an heir, so he asked Rumpleteazer for a favour. That resulted in Pouncival. Then Mungojerrie and Demeter came to the tribe and Munku and Teaze broke up. It was good ^.^
3/3/2006 #16
Fearful Little Thing
I remember that one. Actually... the whole thing seemed a little contrived to me. I mean, of course it was contrived - it was a story, but it could have been done more subtly and drawn out more than it was. Rather than just: "Dammit, I need kids. I know, I'll knock up Rumple! Oops, now I love Demeter." I know, I know. I'm bloody hard to please. I liked the idea, but the story just could have been a teensy bit better.
3/3/2006 #17
Yeah, I guess so... A plot like that could have been more than a one-shot. But still, the principal was good. [q]I know, I know. I'm bloody hard to please.[/q] Me too. I'm incrediably picky about the stories I read, and (terrible as it sounds) I can't read stories whos main character I don't agree with. So I'm probably missing out on some fabulous stories just because I don't like the way Mungo and Teaze are siblings or Munku and Macavity are fighting over Demeter.
3/3/2006 #18
Sleeping Tiger
I've read that story, too. It was cute, but a little forced at the end, but I liked reading it. But it wasn't like a I love Rumple, I must have her story. Or even Rumpleteazer pining over Munkustrap or anything. They were just kinda there. And I was also spending alot of time wondering if it actually snowed in England... I'm hard to please when I'm in a mood to be critical. Otherwise, I usually don't mind reading anything from mindless drabble to a gripping novel. Lately I've been a bit more critical...sitting there, thinking "THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!" Or catching the small mistakes. I even do that to myself, sitting there, writing something, reading it back, and going "THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!" only when I say that about myself, there is an 'idiot!' added at the end of the sentence. Yeah, so...anyone have any good fics off they could recommend? Random thought.
3/3/2006 #19
Serendipity Kat
[q]I know, I know. I'm bloody hard to please.[/q] Yes, you are. ^_^ Actually, there is another story that has Munkustrap and RUmpleteazer hinted at, but it's not finished. I think it's called "The New Kitten" or something like that. BUt it's not here, it's on some other website that I don't remember...
3/3/2006 #20
It seems that the only stories that stand out to me any more are the really bad ones. -_-
3/3/2006 #21
[q]It seems that the only stories that stand out to me any more are the really bad ones.[/q] Istn't that always the way? Thank god for favourite lists, because I would seriously forget all my favourites.
3/4/2006 #22
Serendipity Kat
Me too. I have way too many favorites. But most of them are RENT. ^_^
3/6/2006 #23
Mine vary from CATS to Teen Titans to well...anything I like, really...
3/6/2006 #24
Miss Tinkerbell
Tugger/Bombalurina, I rekon these two would be good together because they both seem to be players you know? Right now I'm writing a story about Bombalurina and she isn't going to be a skank or someone who wants to be loved. It should be interesting especially since it involves the kittens!! Misto/Victoria, these two are cute together, though maybe they are just friends, I dunno. I really don't like Victoria/Plato, he seems to old for her and she's too cute! Jemima/Coricopat, who knows why? It seems like an interesting pair but I think she should be with Alonzo and I have evidence of this from the video!! Jenny/Skimble, too cute for words!!!!!!!
8/13/2006 #25
I agree with mostly everything M.T said. I also think it would be kinda neat to see a jem/ciro fic. I kinda onece thought about those two together becaue they're both magical in some way... But it also does seem kinda weried because ciro seems a great deal older then her. Anway My fav parings: Tugger/Bom (but you guys already knew that lol) Munku/Dem Dem/Alonzo (prefer Munk BUt I'm open to this) Jemi/misto Jemi/Tumble Jemi/Pounce Etcy/Pounce Cass/Alonzo Ciro/tant Mungo/rumpel; the thing with these two and Mungojerrie and rumpleteazer is that everyone say's that they look so much alike so they have to be brother/sister/realted in someway. It's not true in the least. Every think that they're the same breed of cat? Like look a Siamese cats. They're not all realted and they mate with eachother... So Ciro and Tant or Mungo and Rumpel could just be the same breed of cats and in no way related. I also do respect the fact that some people want them as bro/sis and that is also possible; I don't really mind with them. I can except them both ways I just have a bad habbit of most of the cats being mates lol.
8/22/2006 #26
Sleeping Tiger
Funny you mention the breeds thing. When I first got into the fandom, that's what I thought about Mungo and Rumple. I can usually go either way with them, but usually I like the idea that they're just partners in crime. And I think it would be coat color for those two, because I can only guess to reason they are orange tabbies with REALLY dark markings, and orange tabbies are kinda common...well, not as much as brown tabbies. But I'm being too technical about it. I never considered Coricopat/Tantomile anything but brother and sister or somehow related, mainly because they act exactly alike, and I dismissed that as them being twins in a mystical syncronosity. I also have another idea on why they're like that, but if I ever use that idea in a fic, I wanna keep it to myself. Funny, I usually can't picture Jemima with anyone. Actually, I don't think I've ever pictured her with anyone. Well, I tried once with Misto, but that collapsed within itself. She seems mystical to me, I agree, but in a non-magical way. I usually envision her as being too important to pair up with someone. Does that make sense? Blah, probably not. It's like, if the entire tribe died off, and there were only one cat left standing, it would be Jemima, and she would be too strong to be brought down by so much despair. Or if there were a cat that would sacrifice herself for the tribe without question, it would be her. But now I'm thinking Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and getting off track, but yeah. Jemima - no pairing. I don't know. The only ones I absolutely accept is Alonzo/Cassie, Munkustrap/Dem, and Bomba/Tugger. I love Munku/Dem pairing for some reason, in my mind, they tend to compliment each other, though the more I think of them together, the harder the eventual hook-up between them becomes.
8/22/2006 #27
Good point. I forgot about the part that they do everything the same. It would be extremely scary if your mate did that to you and you'd probably end up killing them lol. Ya at first I didn't think of Jemima at all but I liked pairing off all the cats so I put her with Tumblebrutus lol. Hmmm who else would Tumble go with? I've actually never thought about it before. Cool. LOL and I also think that Dem/Munk is way better then Dem/Alonzo. Like Aveany say's; alonzo's a flirt, Dem would go crazy. I also don't know but I hate the idea of Bom/Munkustrap. It bugs me; to me they're just to oppisite of eachother. I dont know I guess thats just my opinion because alot of people do likethem together. Great now I'm gonna have to go think up someone for Tumble, Ciro, Tant to be with now. I'll never relax if I dont! ^_- well I'm off to do some thinking.
8/23/2006 #28
Okay... so i am a sucker for Demeter and Munkustrap my first fic was about them. I know tuggers a player... but have you seen Alonzo in the dvd - for want of a better word - he's gettin fruity with plenty of queens. But i do like Alonzo and Cass. And i'm a M.J& R.T as mates person so that speaks for itself. Tant and Tumble is just so cute!!!
5/6/2007 #29
i agree with you that misto and victoria are cute together...they're adorabLe..!! they're my favorite... =)
6/16/2007 #30
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