House of Mizzy 2
Ok so basically this is what would happen if Les Mis characters shared one house...Well them and a few other musicals characters...This Rp was started in a different fourm but was deleted sooooooo I created a new fourm so we could continue the Mizzie-ness
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Alright so here is pretty much where we're gunna keep tabs of what's been going on seeing as we've lost just over 30 pages of RP...I'm going to summerise best I can, however my memories not great so if I've missed anything then please comment bellow.

We started on a quiet day with Courfeyrac not getting a job because Erik stole his cravat in revenge for 'Feys pranks on him. Then Eponine comes in as 'Fey and Erik disguss how Roual is using Christine, to which she sympathises *cough* Marius *cough*, Although 'Fey shoots 'Ponine down saying the two case aren't the same leaving 'Ponine a little hurt as she still loves Marius (despite the fact him and Cosette are married), 'Fey talks to Christine about her Fiance leaving Joly (who randomly appeared) talking to 'Ponine about unrequinted love, when Thernadier and Babet crash in through the wall in a golf kart...Which they want 'Ponine to fix for them. She agrees, despite the fact they tore the steering wheel off. She talks with her father, telling him she misses her brother and her father replies he doesn't miss him at all...Anyway a bit of cheek and an extremely rude gesture later we see a nasty side to her old man as he tries to beat her but she is rescued by Erik of the Opera who knocks her father out unable to watch a "beutiful miss" like her suffer the same kind of abuse he had as a child. Anyway she and Erik talk a little more and he discovers these beatings aren't all that rare dispite the fact she tries to make light of this....The two end up getting quite close, Eponine giving him a comforting hug, however after she's a little scared of the intamecy runs off leaving Erik delighted as she wasn't scared to hug him. However she runs into trouble when she ends up in a trap Gavrouche set, basically she's hosted high up in a big net, not good for a girl scared of heights...anyway Erik sets her free and carries her down to the ground, after a moment of distrust Eponine kisses his cheek to thank him then returns back to kart. Enjolras comments that the two deffiantly have chemistary...

Next thing that happens (I think...correct me if I'm wrong) is that Marius and Joly argue over tissues, getting Marius so mad he kicks 'Ponine 'cos she "wouldn't stop butting in", this makes Joly really mad, he defends Eponines honor, as he's grown quite attached to her after treating her various wounds from her fathers beatings. Anyway Marius gets upset and storms off leaving Eponine completely heartbroken and under the impression no-one cares for her. Although this isn't true as Joly confesses (if only in his head) that he thinks he's fallen in love with her. However he despers as Eponine and Erik appear to grow closer still as he shows her his face without his mask, and is further intreged when she seems unphased and accepting of his appeanace. Joly admits his love to Jehan and Enjolras who encourage him to show her he cares as Erik is still in love with a certain soprano.

Joly gets his chance later when Eponine comes to him badly beaten and needing his help. Erik comes to her side but she only seems to have eyes for the med studant helping her. She reveils that this beating nearly ended with Thernadeir slitting her throat in other words killing her. Joly tells her as she's his best friend, he can't let her go on like this, she should stay away from her father, but she argues she has nowhere else to go, Joly tells her this isn't true and offers her a place to stay which she happily and greatfully accepts...

It's the next morning and after Joly gets attacked by loads of tissues Marius bought there's a scream. 'Fey thought it would be funny if he surprised Joly by grabbing him to wake him up, unaware it was Eponine in his bed he grabbed her scaring her stupid...So in pay back Joly plays a prank of his own to make 'feyrac believe he is ill. As 'Ferre and Enjolras enjoy having juice :D....

They carry out the plan to amazing success. Joly then discovers 'ponine is still limping on an injury from the previous night. He sits her down but before he can treat the ankle Thernadier comes in drunk and detremaned on getting his "dota" back. A terrified Eponine tries to run but can't due to the ankle. Enjolras and Erik step in Enjolras stopping Joly getting hurt and Erik helps Eponine to stand. However when an angry, yet adoring Joly breaks away and tries to fight the man, Eponine pulls away and steps between them, begging Joly not to do this and thus taking the beating herself, when her father drags her  away, a heart broken Joly runs after her to play Prince Charming. He rescues her but also got the s**t beaten out of him, so technically he lost the fight 'cos the competition got bored. Either way Joly treats his wounds and assures 'Ponine it wasn't her fault...  

A miserable Eponine tries to confide in Enjolras but he ignores her to pick a fight with neighbour Sweeney Todd as they have a comically large battle of mud pie throwing, Eponine confides in 'Ferre about her fathers abuse. Later 'Ponine falls victim to a Sweeney trap and Enjolras has to get her out. To make it up to her he tells her his next plan to torture Todd. Poison ivy was involved :D Still not cheered up Erik promises to turn 'Ponine into a star after hearing her singing to herself. This causes Joly to get extremely jelous and think he's lost all chance with her, so he goes out talking to Christine. Roual sees this and decides to flirt with the first girl he sees...Eponine. This angers Erik who physically shoves him out the door after he innocently touches her arm...

Joly is even more jelous after that, Eponine asks him what was up and after a bit of encouragement he confides his feelings for her and they kiss...(aaaaaaaaw) Erik on the other hand goes out to meet Christine who is hurt by Rouals betrayal. They talk about his "new pupil" but then Erik gets the kiss he always wanted and persuades Christine to let him teach her again.

Meanwhile Joly and Eponines new couple bliss is shattered by Marius as he goes on and on and on about Cosette, he yells at them when they fall asleep, then takes out his agression on Eponine calling her attention-seeking and clingy. Joly, Enjolras and Erik all jump to her defence. A hurt Eponine tries to escape but Enjolras holds her back telling her about his own similar past and asks her to help them heal her....

'Fey apparently gets bored so goes off to hit on Meg..which goes well until Mme Giry beats him with her cane but our favaroute dandy still gets her number :D.

After Joly and 'ponine go out, after stopping at her old house she suddenly longs to get her few possesions...So after some convincing from Joly the pair sneak into the house , however they hear footsteps and they have to hide, Joly being all protective making sure she can't cry out by pressing a hand to her mouth. Meanwhile Enjolras gets his spidy his 'my friends are about to do something stupid' scence and goes to rescue Joly and Eponine, even if they don't really need saving....Anyway they escape and Eponine makes dinner. Gavrouche comes in and he and Eponine talk, it's reveiled Gavrouche is the one who really came to her rescue the night her father tried to kill her.

Eponine notices some small cigarette burns and knife wounds, recognizing this as identical to how her beatings started, she begs him to get out now before he gets seriously hurt, however Gavrouche, more concerned with her safety runs off and back home where Thernadeir tries to beat him into telling him where Eponine's things went....However he is rescued by the gang. He then goes into shock and has a panick attack. Eponine is pushed out they way by Erik, who's had many of these attacks before, he comforts Gavrouche leaving Eponine angry and defencive, Joly calms her down.

Later Gavrouche has just finished another attack and Eponine comfornts Erik about wanting to comfort Gavrouche, telling him he does know him, Erik says he knows more then she thinks and the two argue about Eponine knowing nothing....Eponine eventually breaks down into tears unable to take it anymore but Erik, frustrated and desperate to make her see continues to yell until he accidentily breaks her arm by holding on to her too tightly.

Erik tries to help her with her arm but she flinches away at first, Joly enters and treats 'Ponine himself, as he conciders Eriks advice idiotic.

Erik unable to deal with the guilt of hurting her and seeing her in pain runs off to have a panick attack, however thanks to Nadir, Joly and a few meds he goes straight off to sleep.

Later Eponine tries to talk to Gavrouche about what happened but he refuses. So she gets him some hot chocolate.

Then there's a knock at the door, it's 'Feyrac dropping wet after Mme Giry threw him in the lake. He goes straight upstairs and Eponine brings him some hot chocolate, however he has a minor break-down when he finds there is no whipped cream. Joly gets him some and takes 'Ponine out for a walk where Joly gets rather jelous when they run into the friendly neighbourhood flasher, who flirts a little with an extremely embarrased Eponine.

Meanwhile Meg Giry comes to see 'Fey, she gives him opera tickets asking him to come watch her dance, and then to dinner. He accepts and offers to pay for dinner. They talk and Meg suggests he should get a temporary  job as an ussur at the opera as it's well paid and their affair could continue...

Meanwhile at the house Enjolras gets into another fight with Sweeney 'cos he annoys him on the anniversary of Lucys death. Todd almost kills him but let's him go 'cos of the blonde haired blue eyed similarities to his daughter. Gavrouche eats soups and Jehan worries about where Eponine and Joly are.

Meanwhile in the park both Joly and Eponine hear noises and to their terror they turn round to find M. Thenardier himself, who's escaped from prision and is back to reclaim Eponine. Joly begs 'Ponine to run while she still can but she refuses to leave Joly. The situation is made worse when Thenardeir brings in his back up in the fourm of Monterpanesse, who is still ver bitter about her leaving him. She calls him a traitor for turning on her but he says she's the traitor for running away when she promised to stick around. Eponine tells him why she ran away, 'cos Thernardeir tried to kill her, 'Parnasse obviously didn't know what as he gets angry with Therardeir as he promised his services on the condition Therardeir didn't hurt 'Ponine. Thernardeir tries to strike a new deal, if Parnasse gets her back, she never see's Joly again, and thus her heart would be all his, when 'Parnasse conciders, Joly punches him in the face thus making 'Parnasse turn on him. Eponine pleads with him to leave Joly alone. 'Parnasse replies that he would have always let her go as he believes she's worth more then the gamine way of life. She apologizes for leaving him and running away. He strikes up a new deal "as long as 'ponine is safe, he'll give his services to the M.P", which would be nothing without 'Parnessses lock picking skills. Thus Eponine and Joly escape unharmed leaving 'Parnasse alone :(

So that's everything...god that took a while  to write lol :D

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Impressive!!!! Very impressive!!!!

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Thanks...I can't believe I remembered it all :D

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Reading the mud pie battle of Sweeney vs. Enjolras still makes me crack up.

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I still remember how hard I laughed writing it. XD

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RainWillMakeTheFlowersGrow is Raoul's evil brother, right? I mean, he's *obviously* not Raoul, because the very idea that he would cheat on Christine....*collases in soundless laughter* So, an evil brother, great! Still need a regular Raoul?
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Just realized that was really rather rude. I apologize.

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