Life on Mars
For everyones fun for Life on Mars, talk about it and role-play but most of all have fun. Stay as the character you register as for all role-plays please it makes it less confusing for me.
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10.5 MetaCrises

These are the Rules. Please write down that you understand them either by your name or any other way.


.Be nice and show respect for the others on the site

.Try to be as active as possible

.No text talk (wuu2, lol, kwl) on the boards. An exception to this rule is if you are roleplaying and you are showing what a text message says.

.Keep the content clean.

.Tell a member of staff if there is a problem. We will help you out

.Keep Out of Character talk in the General Catagory. If you haven't noticed we have a reg cat and a Roleplay one.

.Don't spam.

Roleplay and Character rules

. If you are creating an original character make sure your character has flaws as to avoid Mary-sue/Gary-stu characters that are perfect in every way.

.Try and write at least a full paragraph in roleplay. We all have our off days but try to postpone posting until you can right a decent amount for other roleplayers to reply to.

.No killing off other people's characters without the owner/creator's permission. Also consult a staff member before killing off a cannon character.

.Don't double post. Double posts will be removed.

.Before starting the Role-Play it is advised to write out the plot first and then writing what your character does that way we'll know what is happening. Try to have a few with no plots because anything could happen.

Obey the rules and you will have fun.

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10.5 MetaCrises
10.5 MetaCrises
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Collided System

Th Ghst f Slss Frnc. (Hi. This sounded fun and...yeah...*realizes it's probably dead as dead can be*)

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