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It's a Vocaloid RP! Be a canon character or make your own cuz that's always fun!
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If you don't wanna make a Vocaloid OC or ur just feelin lazy, thene you can pick a canon. You can be an OC and a canon, but only one per person!

Here are the OC's you can snatch...

Miku Hatsune: Mirana.White.Queen

Mikuo Hatsune: Sakerune

Rin Kagamine: Mirana.White.Queen

Len Kagamine: Kamikouzuki

Luka Megurine: NekoShippy

Teto Kasane: Mirana.White.Queen

Kaito/Kaiko: Kamikouzuki


Neru Akita: FallenStar77

Akita Nero: Kamikouzki

Lily: hoshiazawa Lily

Gumi: Kamikimmy13

Gackupo Kamui:

Yowane Haku:

(And I think that's it...)

8/17/2010 . Edited 12/14/2010 #1

Erm, can I be Mikuo? He's not on the list but yeah. :3

8/17/2010 #2

Sure ya can!

...I could sworn I added him though... -__-

8/17/2010 #3
This Is My Horse Dammit

Heh, I've just noticed this new forum today.

Mine if I join in as Nero Akita (Neru's Genderbent/Brother)

8/17/2010 #4

Sure you can!

8/17/2010 #5

Can I be Miku~~? And maybe Rin.. xD

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #6

Sure you can! I'll add ya!

9/7/2010 #7

*Hugs Neru* Mine! :3 ...Please? XD

9/8/2010 #8

Yay! People! Of course you can be Neru! I'll add ya

9/8/2010 #9

Okay~ I'm also making an OC, I think I might be going a bit over board on the clothes... XD

9/8/2010 #10

I know I already have Rin and Miku, but can I be Teto until someone else claims her? She's so kawaii~~ :3

9/24/2010 #11

Knock yourself out!

9/25/2010 #12

Awesome~ :D Thanks!

9/25/2010 #13

Okay, I changed my mind. I want Teto permanently. xD

9/30/2010 #14
This Is My Horse Dammit

Kimmy! May I pick Kaito, Kaiko and Len for the Dark ages RP?

10/3/2010 #15

While you're at it. (lol.)

Sake wants Lily for both RPs. : )

EDIT: Should we have a separate list for each RP? What if someone comes into the first one and sees that Len is already taken and then they're all emo?

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #16

Haha, I guess

You edit the list though.. because i dunno exactly what you want me to put lol

Also, with Miku/Kaito be a set-in-stone Dark Ages pairing, or a developing one? xD

10/3/2010 #17
This Is My Horse Dammit

Developing one, unless Miku likes a subzero kingdom of ice XD

and Nobody can edit others' posts in this forum only Kimmy TwT

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #18


-What's a dark ages RP...???

10/6/2010 #19
This Is My Horse Dammit

Hehehah.. A spinoff of the Vocaloid on Tour set in the Medival ages ^^"

Your not mad are you? You can join as well orz

10/6/2010 #20

I'm slow, couldja explain fer meh?

10/6/2010 #21
This Is My Horse Dammit

Your OC and Canon in the Medival times, no plot (As of yet). You know, like for example Gumi can be a Princess with carrot for a kingdom! Or the peasant who farms many carrots

10/6/2010 #22

Can I make Riku a little girl who works on a farm???

Or are there no OC's for this one?

If so, then I guess Gumi could be...um, the carrot fairy or something (jk)

10/7/2010 #23

Riku can be a farm girl, yep! Whatever you want for whoever you want. : D

10/7/2010 #24
Cookie L3n L3n

can i be teto? ^^

10/8/2010 #25

Actually, I think Mirana.White.Queen is Teto @_@

10/8/2010 #26
Can I be Luka?
10/9/2010 #27

uh huh I'll add ya

10/9/2010 #28
Yay! Oh is my OC for the normal rp accepted?
10/9/2010 #29

Can I also be Kagane Rui? xD

I already have Rin disguised as Lin, so I can't add her too.. =_= oh well! :P

10/30/2010 #30
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