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If you wanna put up your OC, here is the place to do so. The character frame is like this:





Hair color:

Eye color:

Skin color:




Character item:


Rivals/ Enemies:






(Okay, that's about it. Feel free to add details if you so desire :)

8/17/2010 . Edited 8/17/2010 #1

Okay, to begin I will put up my OC...

Name: Riku Sakurai

Age: 14

Height: 5'1

Weight: 98 lbs.

Hair color: Plain White

Eye color: Purple

Skin color: Tan

Clothes: (I finally put her up on deviantart!...I think this is the link)


Voice: Maybe an octave lower than Gumi's.

Character item: Coffee Cake (yummy!!!)

Friends: (In the Vocaloid circle) Teto and Gumi. (outside) Miyu Midorine.

Rivals/ Enemies: Her rival is Neru

Likes: Coffee cake, Mikuo, singing, drawing, sleeping, the beach, calm, peaceful things etc.

Dislikes: Neru, Len (very much), Airplanes, scary things, clowns, vegetables

Personality: She's kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to certain things. Most of the time, she's lively and kind of jumppy. When it comes to things like singing or Mikuo, she can get really shy. And when it comes to things like Len, she can be very sarcastic.

Bio: Riku used to be a human, but after a drastic accident involving brain surgery, the contents of her brain were put onto a computer and downloaded into the memory banks of an android. At first, she really disliked being in a robot's body, but after growing attached to it, she got used to it. Her personality became merged with the original personality of the android she was placed in. Therefore, she can be shy but outgoing, which is kind of a split personality.

Other: N/A

8/17/2010 . Edited 10/2/2010 #2

Name: Isendre Suou

Age: 18

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair color: White. Very thick, with wild short layers on top.

Eye color: Emerald green

Skin color: White.

Clothing: Ruffled, high-waisted, mint green fluffy short skirt. White cami. Boots or high heels in green, white, or black.


Voice: Mezzo-soprano.

Character item: Mint leaves.

Friends: Whoever is going to help her get what she wants. Oh, and Naoki.

Rivals/Enemies: Miku.

Likes: Peppermint, singing, having things her way, popular music, manga & anime.

Dislikes: Miku. Actually, most people.

Personality: Isendre is a very independent person and likes to do things her way. This leads to her often being hard-headed and disagreeable. She is very stubborn and persevering, and will not give up on what she sets her mind to. Can be mean if it serves her purposes.

Bio: Was originally going to be a main Vocaloid until her memory banks glitched, erasing most of her programmed positive personality traits. Deciding that her personality wasn't fitting for a Vocaloid, and lacking the time and resources to try to repair her, Crypton put her back on the shelf and started over. Eventually they created Miku. Isendre feels that she's a much better candidate for the most popular Vocaloid than her replacement, Miku, is.

8/17/2010 . Edited 6/26/2011 #3

Nice! Accepted!

Oh, and thnx for joinin ^_-

8/17/2010 #4


8/21/2010 #5
This Is My Horse Dammit

That hair looks so unruly.... It's attractive though lol. (Don't ask why)

8/22/2010 . Edited 8/24/2010 #6
This Is My Horse Dammit

(Meh just thought of this one up)

Name: Naoki Miyamoto

Age: 17

Height: 5'5

Weight: 120 Ibs.

Hair color: Light cyan

Eye color: Amber

Skin color: White

Clothing: smooth light blue turtleneck sweater, white ironed trench coat, white jeans


Voice: Octave higher than Kaito's, a Tenor and Baritone

Character item: Almonds

Friends: Miku, Haku, Kagamine Twins, Kaai Yuki, and the rest of the main cast

Rivals/ Enemies: Kiyoteru

Likes: Almonds and it many deriatives, all types of humor, singing, traveling, Rain, Thunderstorms, PopiPo, anime, video games (More of the retro 80's ones), hanging around and having a good time

Dislikes: Kiyoteru, any other nut other than almonds, bugs, unfunny and depressing songs

Personality: Naoki is an easygoing, crazy, energetic and hyperactive overall loveable kind of guy, although his rare Yandere-ish side tends to either werid or creep people out and the fact he's more used to being around people younger than him. Other than that he's very polite boy who gives an innocent yet suggestive wink to all the girls that give him looks, is bi-polar and childish due to his programing AI being younger than his appearance.

Bio: Was originally going to be a Crypton Official until the Heads became disatisfied with his Design and Voice bank and shelfed him. He doesen't mind though, more free time for him although he has to work at the local market to reserve some independant income.

Other: Here the picture on the Hair style he has, And if your wondering, yes that's a Official Code Geass character. Try and guess his name and what kind of CG media he appeared in though ;)

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #7

Due to the fact that he's a shelfed official, and his laid-back personality...

I think he's going to be Isendre's unwilling partner in crime.

8/26/2010 #8
This Is My Horse Dammit

Possibly, "unwitting" partner in crime is more like it XD

8/27/2010 #9

*cough cough*


8/27/2010 #10

Name: Nakajima Hana

Age: 17-ish

Height: 5'8" or 5'9"

Weight: 110 lb.

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Pink?

Skin color: Slightly tan

Clothing: A sleeveless, sailor-like gray midriff shirt with a large light pink bow that reaches her belly button hanging off of it, and a gray, schoolgirl-type mini-skirt with pink trimming. She usually also wears two loose, gray arm warmers with pink lace trimming. She usually wears either a small gray headband with a small pink bow, or pulls her hair back using a long silver ribbon. She usually wears either pink and black stilettos or silver flats.


Voice: Kind of high-pitched, can hit anywhere from Rin's range to Teto's range.

Character item: Mochi

Friends: Miku, Mikuo, Rin, Len, Kaito, Teto, Riku, Naoki, GUMI (I had to add that x3)

Rivals/ Enemies: Isendre, maybe Nero?

Likes: Sweets (especially mochi, but she can't have much of that, now can she?), singing, modeling, hanging out with friends, anime, touring, America, Len (a lot :3)

Dislikes: Being bossed around, Isendre, bullies

Personality: She's a bit of a leader-type. She acts cutesy some of the time. She loves being the center of attention, but tries her best not to hog the limelight. She's pretty friendly, unless she doesn't like you.

Bio: Hana was made to be a side VOCALOID, like Luka. But, she developed human feelings quicker than the others and turned away slightly from singing and the company. Now, she models with humans, and has made friends with many of them. She's a pretty famous model, and now singing is like a side job/hobby to her, even though she still hangs out with some of the Vocaloids. When she sang, her singing partner was usually either Kaito or Len(this was before Luka or Gakupo).

Other: She doesn't like Isendre because she thinks that Isendre's a bit of a snob. Her hair is long and waist-length(the modeling agency won't let her cut it unless it's for a shoot), and up in a high ponytail it reaches her mid-back.

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #11

Name: Yuuki Nakamura

Age: 15

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 102lbs.

Hair color: Very dark brown with crimson tinged tips. Soft, faint streaks of black flow at random in her hair.

Eye color: Bright brown mixed with orange.

Skin color: Very slightly tanned.

Clothing: Crimson and black plaid mini skirt, the pattern fading in the front to the right to black and orange. A slanted black belt holding the faintest tinges of orange splaters with a dark red skull as the buckle. A neon orange colored tank top, with a shirt covering it. The shirt's neck line is low and curved, the sleeves going down from the neckline around the bottom part of her shoulder. This shirt is black, striped with large, slanted lines of dark red. A few neon orange stripes are here as well, less and slightly thinner. On the left, near the neck line is a crimson and black colored hello kitty pin. The belt I mentioned earlier slants down, starting wrapped around on the bottom edge of this shirt, slanting down to her waist. Occasionly a black and crimson striped scarf with orange ends, but most of the time a black and orange chocker with a crimson skull. A black headband, the sides fading into crimson and black checkered pattern. At the top left is a paint splattered bow with a base black and crimson checkered pattern. The splatters are of course crimson and black, as well as some dark orange. Crimson nail polish.


Voice: Her voice is similar to Teto's, maybe a tad higher.

Character item: Cherries

Friends: Teto.

Rivals/ Enemies: She aspires to be the best she can be, and is kind hearted. Therefore, she has no rivals or enemies in her mind even if others see her that way.

Likes: Cherries, Icecream, Fashion, Art although she can't sit still enough to do much, singing, cats, Hello Kitty -- explaining the pin on her shirt, Soccer -- any sport really.

Dislikes: Negative people, vegetables, absolutely terrified as insects like wasps, spiders, ect., yelling,

Personality: A peppy, outgoing person. She's kind hearted and sweet. Yuuki is a bit like Teto I guess you could say, an active person. She's pretty sloppy, and playful.

Bio: Designed to be a bit like Teto, only a more main Vocaloid. She tried to download software so she could play electric guitar. This was an idiotic move, and it crashed her system. Long since forgotten, she's making a bit of a come back after coming back online. Now more of a side Vocoaloid.

Other: N/A

9/8/2010 #12


9/9/2010 #13

:D Yay~ Maybe to get her into the story faster she could zoom past the group on the stairs, heading to try out for the commercial as well? XD

9/9/2010 #14

XD she'll hafta climb lotsa stairs

9/9/2010 #15

She's the peppy active type, I think she won't mind. XD

9/9/2010 #16

Name: Kanki Megurine

Age: 14

Height: 5'2

Weight: 102

Hair color: pink

Eye color: red-ish or hot pink ( I can't tell)

Skin color: white



Voice: An octave higher then Luka's and softer

Character item: shrimp

Friends: Miki, Luka, Prima and anyone who's nice to her

Rivals/ Enemies: none

Likes: act fancy or mature, sweets, seafood, fine arts (music, dancing, painting, ect.) and fashion

Dislikes: vegetables, impolite or rude people, bullies, and being treated like a kid

Personality: She can often be mistaken as a stuck-up or spoiled but is actually very nice and sweet. She is a little bit of yanadere, if you annoy her or get her made she will become violent (to an extent of course )

Bio: She's the little sister of Luka and Luki (or Luke).

Other: She wants to be treated like an adult like her older siblings and is good at playing instruments and art. She often says things like " A lady such as I..." or "Don't underestimate a lady such as me!"

10/8/2010 #17

Megurines have blue eyes, actually. : D

10/8/2010 #18
Oh I know but the idea that they all have the same eye color and hair color is unlikely. And I wanted to make her a little diffrent. :)
10/8/2010 #19


Nah, I'm just kiddin.

OF COURSE SHE'S ACCEPTED! *puts an accepted stamp on Kanki's head*

10/9/2010 #20
This Is My Horse Dammit

Hahaha! My OC doesent have a riduclous stamp on his head!

Naoki: **STAMPED** Ow!

Aw man...

10/9/2010 #21


10/9/2010 #22

Name: Natsumi Kei

Age: 16

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Hair Colour: Light brown almost blonde hair tied in a low pig-tail

Eye Colour: Pale green

Skin Colour: White

Clothing: A kimono-like top that is a lime-like green with black details. She wears black jeans and black shoes.


Voice: One lower octave than Rin and has a stronger voice

Character Item: Blackberry

Friends: She considers GUMI, Miki, Luka and Meiko to be her friends

Rivals: Miku

Likes: To play sports, draw, sleep and dancing

Dislikes: Someone waking her up, jerks, Miku and people who insult her dancing

Personality: She is what people can consider a tsundere mostly of a type A. She often doesn't like talking to boys but she cares a lot about her little sister Sakuyo Kei

Bio: She was designed to be a dancing vocaloid and it was succesful in that. She tried to download a softer voicebank to make her voice more versitile but her sing-and-dance at the same time drive was damaged due to a virus and she cannot dance and sing at the same time for long without getting extremely tired. So she tries practicing everyday that she can last longer.


And Natsumi's sister; Sakuyo.

Name: Sakuyo Kei

Age: 14

Height 156

Weight: 46 kg

Hair Colour: Pink hair going to the middle of her back, part of her hair is tied in twin pigtails

Eye Colour: Lilac colour

Skin Colour: White

Clothing: Short pink skirt and a sleeveless white top. She also uses white gloves with pink details and short pink boots.


Voice: One and half octave lower than Miki's. And it is also softer

Character Item: Raspberries

Friends: Her sister, Miki and Rin

Rivals: None

Likes: Reading books, staying at home, writing, and playing board games

Dislikes: Having to stop reading a book when it reaches the climax, chores, and violence

Personality: Soft-spoken, she does not talk loud, she is timid and mostly lets her older sister to do the talking

Bio: She was designed to be a main vocaloid, but she ended up being a side vocaloid for singing to softly when the song demanded a stronger voice. She cannot dance since it was not programmed into her.

10/30/2010 . Edited 11/1/2011 #23

ACCEPTED! *stamps*

10/30/2010 #24

Name: Saya Namiko

Age: 16

Height: 5'6" inches

Weight: 115

Hair color: green

Eye color: purple

Skin color: white

Clothing: She wears black combat boots with a green trim, a purple and green plaid skirt, and a green tank top.


Voice: an octave higher than Sonika

Character item: cucumber

Friends: Neru, Luka, Kanki and most people she meets

Rivals/ Enemies: bullies and has a playful rivalry with Kanki

Likes: cute things, sweet things, and naps

Dislikes: bugs and bullies

Personality: kind, nice, and caring she is also a little childish. But sometimes she can be mature. She is lazy and sleepy during the day but is less lazy at night.

Bio: After the death of her creators young daughter she was implanted with the girls brain. The operation was a failure and she wasn't like the man's beloved daughter. But it caused their personalities and minds to mix. Because of this her personality changes, she requires more sleep, and she has memory relapses from time to time. She has gotten use to her defects and barely reacts to the strange problems but they always seem to happen at the strangest and most inconvenient of times.

Other: has a crush on Ted and she looks like this but with green hair-

11/1/2010 #25

ACCEPTED!!! *stamps*

11/2/2010 #26
This Is My Horse Dammit

(Ugh, been sick)

Name: Kisaragi Miyamoto

Age: 19

Height: 5'3

Weight: 105 Ibs.

Hair color: Light cyan

Eye color: Amber

Skin color: White

Clothing and Apperance:


Voice: Soprano

Character item: Beaker

Friends: Naoki

Rivals/ Enemies: None as of now

Likes: Science, Inventions

Dislikes: Anybody who bullies her brother, Bugs

Personality: Introverted, Though she usually comes across as 'emotionless', Kisaragi is an incredibly warm, loving, sweet and kind-hearted person who is fond of cute things (such as baby animals, pink pajamas and her brother), and cares deeply for the people around her. Just like her brother though, she has a Rare Yandere side due to a bug in her program.

Bio: Naoki's older sister, as Loud and Bold as Naoki is Kisaragi is Quiet and seeming to be emotionless. She loves to create all sort of random inventions that seem to past today's technological inventions. Kisaragi has a habit of pausing in the middle of her sentences as if she forgot something then remembers. She was made by a fan right after the ending events of Act 1 as Naoki's fanmade sister.

12/20/2010 . Edited 12/21/2010 #27
Unoriginality is Blasphemy

Uh. If you guys are still accepting characters.

Name: Akane Kei

Age: Eighteen

Height: 5'3

Weight: 127

Hair color: Copper Red

Eye color: Grey

Skin color: Bronzed

Clothing: A white romper, green knee-high boots with an insignia on a buckles, and some sort of green sweater-jacket. She wears black, thin suspenders, light gray tight fitting arm warmers, and brightly colored headphones. She wears her headphones backwards.


Voice: Her voice is strong and can be very overpowering. She has a soft, musky tone and high notes aren't really her thing. She would be described as a contralto.

Character item: Uh…HER ITEM IS A SNOW-CONE!

Friends: She doesn't feel she has friends but developed acquaintanceship with The Kagamines, Kaito, Luka, and Megpoid (GUMI.) She and Meiko are on good terms, but it's somewhat neutral.

Rivals/ Enemies: She really doesn't have any, but she doesn't really like Miku due to her overall image. (Plus, she's always hogging the limelight.) She has a major issue with Gackpoid (Gakupo) because of her loathe of…eggplants!

Likes: Fast paced techno type songs (Even though she can't really sing them.) Ice- related things, gray-scale colors, and soft violin music.

Dislikes: Eggplants, high notes, high heels, immature tactics and loud people.

Personality: Akane is a reserved yet upbeat individual. Compassionate and bubbly, somewhat impulsive. She isn't very good at holding her ground, but she makes up for that with her gregarious behavior. Sometimes introverted, she can be very anti-social. Shy and awkward, she uses a soft tone not to disturb anybody. Akane tries to please everybody she meets and gets emotional if she can't. She doesn't anger much, but she'll throw temper tantrums at times. (Despite her adult behavior.)

Bio: Designed to be a Main Vocaloid, Crypton planned to have her to hit all notes within the ranges of Soprano to Contralto. When her voice bank became faulty and couldn't hit high notes, she was shelved. Hoping to make a comeback, she tries to sing higher notes, sometimes breaking her voice.

Other: Er…a picture I threw up.

1/5/2011 . Edited 1/6/2011 #28

I'm not the admin, so I can't approve the character, but she sounds good to me. :D

1/5/2011 #29
Unoriginality is Blasphemy

Thanks for the compliment! It took me a while to get her going. I was looking at the other characters and just thinking,

Crap...She can't top them!

But I did my best to make her unique!

1/6/2011 #30
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