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Name:Kaoru (UNIT K.O.U783292)

Age:17-18 range


Weight:130 lbs.

Hair color:Jet-Black

Eye color:Silver

Skin color:Fair

Clothing:He wears all black. His shirt has no sleeves and the collar kind of just reaches his neck. (It'll b more clear when I draw him) His pants are kind of dark-grey and baggy, he wears black converse shoes and finger-cut out gloves. He wears a dark-grey arm sleeve and has two earrings in his left ear. His headphones are always around his neck, and he wears a watch with which he communicates to the CEO with.


Voice:Pretty dark-ish. Like some kind of less-Kaito-ish, young-adultish version of Kaito. (does that make ANY sense?!?)

Character item:Noodles of any kind. (ramen, pasta, etc.)

Friends:None (so far)

Rivals/ Enemies:(Well, I guess everyone on the tour bus and at the company could be considered "enemy" in his case x3)

Likes: Noodles

Dislikes:Pretty much everything else

Personality:Dark, cold and sneaky, Kaoru doesn't talk much. He could be considered tsundere in a sense too. (-_- sooomanytsundereppl)

Bio:Kaoru was created by the CEO and her company to follow the new group of "stars" and monitor them. He's cold because he wasn't programmed to talk, and he was a rushed process, so he has many flaws. (he just may open up while he's stalking the group though x3) However, he reacts differently when he recives noodles. He smirks or smiles. He's very cold and harsh to people, but he doesn't know what he's doing. He's mostly just getting data and sending it too the Meiko clone. (x3)

Other:Hrmmm...NOTHING HERE!!! =D

@ Kamikouzuki: Oh, coolies! i kinda like that depiction more because gothic dresses are epic awesomeness. =P


5/28/2011 #61

I bet Rose can make him talk.They are kinda the same. Kinda...Lol but he is older than her!!!They would make a cute couple....Wiat what am I saying! Rose cant be inlove with Nero and Kaoru!!!

5/28/2011 #62

We shall see Rose, we shall see!

And plus, Kaoru's like 18, so that would be like illegal xD

5/28/2011 #63

(..I was on flinote Hatena and inspiration for a guy character hit me soo.....)

{I'm getting kicked off so I'll finish it tomorrow}

Name: Kazuhiko Katsu


Height: 6'5

Weight:156 lbs.

Hair color:Blonde with red tips. (It's short and messy with his bangs falling into his eyes and its maily blonde but the tips of his hair are red.)

Eye color:Orange (^^)

Skin color:He has a fair skin tone, not really tan but not pale either.

Clothing:He wears a pair of black pants, a orange headset, with a red shirt and white scarf.


Voice:His voice is a little higher than Kaito's yet lower than Miku's so his voice is sort of deep but not quite.

Character item: Chocolate chipcookies ^^

Friends: okay, he's relatively friendly sooo...basically everyone.

Rivals/ Enemies: Nobody really except for Kaito because he wants to be a lead vocaloid...

Likes: Sunshine, Clouds, cats, Dancing, Singing,

Dislikes: Loud sudden noises, darkness, night

Personality: He's a relatively free spirited guy and a very happy go lucky individual. He always tried to look on the bright side and is very optimistic. He's usually very kind and tries not to judge people too harshly. He's usually very optmistic but sometimes he goes into these little fits where he becomes the opposite of himself. He has a little bit of anger issues when it comes to Kaito and other main vocaloids.

Bio: Katsu was a vocaloid who was originally meant to be a side vocaloid, but he wanted to be a main vocaloid so they sort of sent him away in an attmpt to get rid of him. He tries to keep his spirits up although he's always falling around. He's still trying to get attention to become a main vocaloid.

Other: He knows Kira, but thats it. And he wants a pet Cat.

5/29/2011 . Edited 5/29/2011 #64

I got an idea for a male would be good for Gumi but Nero and her fluff is so cute!Wait what am I saying?!!

Name:Jarrod Musasio

Age:17(dont know how old Gumi is!So he should be 1 year older!)


Weight:157 lbs

Hair color:light green(shaggy and messy with un even bangs...

Eye color:carrot orange!

Skin color:fair and slightly tan...

Clothing:Wears a orange collared short sleeve button down which is left open to reveal a lime green shirt that had a bunch of carrots shouting carrots rule!.For his bottoms he wears lime green shorts,orange socks which are rolled down,lime green converse,a green watch.His head set is orange and green with a carrot on it.He also wears a pair of orange goggles kind of like Gumi's around his neck.


Voice:slightly deeper than Kaito's but also can get higher depending on the song.

Character item:Urm Carrot Cake?

Friends:None Yet!

Rivals/ Enemies:None yet!

Likes:Carrots and everything to do with carrots and carrot cake and green and orange!Leeks too!

Dislikes:Mean people

Personality:Jarrod is very outgoing and friendly.He relatively clumsy and can make people laugh easily.He can be called crazy and pranoid of some things.Overall he is a really nice guy.He also loves annoying some people.

Bio:Was made by Cryton to be the Ultimate Vocaloid but was shelfed because of his friendly and out going personality.He doesn't really care about being shelfed because he always gets to do what he wants now!

Other:He will some times act like a bunny eating carrots!

5/29/2011 . Edited 5/30/2011 #65

Name: Amane Haruka (Haru) (Last, First)

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Weight: 140 lb

Hair color: Blue-silver (short and messy, with long bangs that sometimes fall into his eyes.)

Eye color: Light blueish-purple (and somewhat narrow)

Skin color: Light tan

Clothing: A blueish-white, form-fitting shirt. Over that is an open black vest lined with white. He wears black knee-length shorts, and a belt (like Rin or Len's) whose triangles are white and blue. His shoes are black with pale blue soles. His headset is slim and modern-looking, with glowing blue-white lines on it.


Voice: Tenor, probably about the same pitch as Kaito's

Character item: Popsicles

Friends: Gumi, Nero, Riku, Mikuo, Miku

Rivals/ Enemies: Kaito, Akaito (sort of)

Likes: Popsicles, warm weather, rain

Dislikes: Extreme heat or cold, swimming pools

Personality: Personable and honest, he forges lasting friendships with remarkable ease. He's a bit doting over people he cares about, but that's mainly just worry for them(not pity).

Bio: Was a prototype of Kaito, so his voice sounds extremely similar. They did not want a main vocaloid with darker skin and lighter hair(as in, they wanted the main Vocaloids to resemble the actual [japanese?] people more), though, so pushed him to the side to redo the appearance for the main Vocaloid, but basically used his voice bank.

(Such a superficial reason.. whatever. xD)

Other: He has updated his clothes over time, which accounts for the modern clothing and futuristic headset.

He cannot swim.

5/29/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #66


5/29/2011 #67


I wanna pair Haru (might change the name, it sounds kinda girly) with someone~ C:

5/29/2011 #68

Although some aren't finished


5/29/2011 #69

Name: Miria

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150 lbs.



Voice: Somewhere between an alto and a Soprano, like rin lowered a few steps

Character item: An iPod

Friends: Haku, Gakupo, Gumi, Rin, Len, Luka, Taito, Akaito, Kaito

Rivals/ Enemies: Miku

Likes: Kaito, Akaito, Gakupo, Taito, romance, singing sad songs, listening to music

Dislikes: Miku's songs, miku, happy songs, singing happy songs, being outside

Personality: Shy at first, and stays silent most of the time, but is really passionate when the feeling arises. She also has a hard time trusting people because of a bad past

Bio: Her ex broke up with her a month before, and since then, she has immersed herself in music, usually singing sad songs or songs about helplessness. The only happy songs she likes are Japanese ninja no. 1 and World is mine (when sung to her, and only then)

Other: Over-average brain power is common in her family, and so she is extremely smart, and is able to bond with someone very quickly. She stays silent to see who cares enough to try and get through to her. She was bullied a lot as a kid, and most of her pets have died, so she doesn't like animals that much any more.

6/4/2011 #70

.. Why does EVERYONE hate Miku? D:

6/4/2011 #71

Because Miku always gets her way, except in Love is war, and Miria had to fight her entire life, but never got what she truly wanted o3o

6/4/2011 #72
This Is My Horse Dammit

I don't and neither doesent ALL of the vocaloid fanbase. /=

*Hides stashes of Miku pics* hehehe... After all, she is the one who made vocaloid popular along with Rin and Len.

EDIT: Always get her way? That's just fanon nonsense =P

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #73

Which is exactly why I like Rin x3

Kokoro is the best song by her o3o

EDIT: =.= well, Miria is a representation of myself, and I'm not too fond of her. I think she's spoiled, ok?

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #74

I don't get it either I LOVE Miku. I actually hate Rin (no offense to any one) because it seems like she's um...fake...ish? And to me she's a mary-sue. .w. I used to think that way about Miku too, but I don't anymore! AND I'M PRRROUD!

But, yes, ur charact is approved. *stamps ur chara* NOW GET OUT THERE AND RP

But I DO like Kokoro. It's my favorite song next to reverse Rainbow =D

6/4/2011 #75

I...don't hate Miku. I just...would be pretty freakin' happy if she disappeared off the face of the internet. But I adore Rin. I mean, even her voice is better imo, it's stronger and not nearly as whiny in the upper registers. Her songs ALWAYS have better plots (KOKORO, Daughter of Evil, I Like You, I Love You) versus... Can't even think of a Miku song with a plot. The DWC series, I suppose, but that just isn't as good imo. Cendrillon is a good one but I'm a sucker for tragedies and it's not in the least bit original. And speaking of which, I hate how no one knows how to spell it right. THERE IS ONLY ONE I, PEOPLE. IT'S FRENCH. IT'S NOT CENDRILLION. //punches ignorant masses

And fanonically, what is Miku's personality? She's sweet but saucy, shy but brave, and the one everyone loves, whereas Rin is bold and blunt to the point of meanness, not the most beautiful thing anyone's ever laid eyes on (she's flat-chested and no one lets her forget it!), and has no qualms against humiliating her loving brother in front of everyone (I cite Kagamine Len no Bashou and Magical Neko*Len Len). Which makes me wonder what your definition of a Mary Sue is. -_- Miku's a total princess. And unfortunately she just keeps getting more popular because she's the most readily available Vocaloid to n00bs.

The only reason I listen to Miku at all is because wowaka uses her in all of his songs, and I adore wowaka.

Also, just realized that Haruka doesn't like Mikuo! WELL THEN. jkjk.

6/4/2011 #76

In my opinion, both Miku AND Rin are Mary-sues. Miku is just the more loved Mary-sue. By me anyway. I don't like Len either =s. As for Rin's voice (sorry for all the Rin fans!) To me, it's annoying and too...childish. Her soprano voice probably makes it LOOK like she sings better. And Len sounds like a straight up girl! (Well, he was voiced by a girl but still. I think the fangirls made me dislike Len, because they turned him into a shota!) Yet, I love Rin's voice actor. She's awwwweeesooomeeee!!!

Miku's personality is just innocent. That's why she seems like some kind of mary-sue, annoying person. But that's why I like her! Where as Rin's personality is kind of all over the place to me. To some, she's the sweet cutesy one, to some, she's the yandere girl always carrying that...knife...and all that jazz. Plus she scares me! And I don't think most Miku songs don't have plots because they're mainly love songs. like 85% of Miku's songs are love songs! (Another reason I like her!)

And I thought that Rin was just as popular as Miku ._.; And it seems to me like she's even gaining in popularity...

6/4/2011 #77

See. Shota fan, right here. Haha.

Also, Miku. Full Course for Candy Addicts? Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance? Patchwork Toxin? I think she has more scary yandere songs than Rin does, actually.

The all-love-songs-all-the-time thing (except for the yandere songs, I guess!) gets old to me, so I guess that's part of why Miku bores me. But I don't like her voice or her design or her common fanon personality or anything about her, really. Is it weird, then, that I love Mikuo? 8DD

And, no. Which is the one who's in Toyota commercials all over the States? Not Rin. They used the scream from World is Mine - HOW is that going to earn them popularity in America? That scream is unpleasant even when you're expecting it. But it had to be Miku because she's Crypton's golden child. Random people are going to be watching TV and hear this ear-piercing SHRIEK and they'll have negative associations for life. Admittedly, the song is perfect for the whole "taking over the world" theme, but Western audiences aren't going to know what the song's about.

6/4/2011 #78


6/4/2011 #79

off topic posts nowadays in the thread...

6/5/2011 #80

oh, and would it be ok if Miria can sing a few minor opera notes, since she's basically me, and I can sing a few?

6/5/2011 #81

Well sake, I feel the same way about Rin that you do about Miku =D She bores me also and I just...don't like her. .w.

6/5/2011 #82


I get so violent - sorry. ;A;

6/5/2011 #83

FFFFFFF! It's fine, I get really...um...fan/violent-ish(?) also when talking about who I like and don't like, especially in anime (like in Naruto vs. Bleach arguments!). I guess it's normal for almost everyone who lurves their anime. x3

6/5/2011 #84

Haha, well it's good to know I'm normal then (maybe). But...let's NEVER EVER EVER debate pairings. You know those fight-to-the-death, die-for-our-ship fans? That's me. Wahaaa.

And @Marina, I'd say so, because they all sing. It's not like it would be something in addition to skills she already has. It's relevant.

6/6/2011 #85

^^ ok, yay

6/6/2011 #86
Cinderella Girl626

Name: Izayoi Samantha

Age: Looks 17

Height: 5'6

Weight: 135

Hair color: Burgundy

Eye color: Chocolate Brown

Skin color: Fair, flawless, and white




Voice: Something like a mix between Luka and Miku, getting to very high notes and going to even low notes if she has to.

Character item: Roses and kittens

Friends: Katsu.....that's it.

Rivals/ Enemies: Nobody! XD

Likes: Kazuhiko Katsu, arcade games, kittens, roses.

Dislikes: Meiko, drinking, goofing off during important jobs, losing, being made fun of.

Personality: Samantha is usually by herself and alone because she feels that she isn't good enough to be a main vocaloid. She does try her best though to become one and wants to be the best, even better than Miku! She is always determined to help her friends and make any, but doesn't always like the idea of goofing off when she needs to work.

Bio: Samantha is actually a Vocaloid made in America with the capabilities to sing in japanese. Her presence in America wasn't really liked and caused her to be ignored by much of the public. She now tries to go to Japan on hopes to meet the actual vocaloids and become a main as well and gain fans.

Other: Samantha loves kittens and cats and wants one if she had time. She also owns a motorcycle. Has an infinity symbol tattooed on her right shoulder.

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #87

Name: Otome Ryoka

Age: 19

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 159 lbs.

Hair color: Gray

Eye color: Black

Skin color: Very Pale

Clothing: Varies all the time, but her first appearance is in a light blue short-sleeved button-up shirt and a matching skirt, with ivory stockings


Voice: Like Len raised about 8 percent, or Meiko lowered about 10 [alto]

Character item: [It was supposed to be a rose, but that's taken, so I'll go with red wine]

Friends: Haku, Meiko

Rivals/ Enemies: nobody

Likes: Wine, drinking, Roses, being with her friends, knowing her little sister is safe

Dislikes: Being unsure of her sister's whereabouts or safety, parents, perverts

Personality: She's usually dark at first, but she usually warms up to someone within a few days, and she's extremely passionate about everything

Bio: She and her sister had to rely on her sense of smell to find a way to get money so that they could eat, so Ryoka worked three jobs at a time, almost never getting any time off, because their mother neglected them. In the end, Ryoka couldn't stand the stress of three jobs, so she became a prostitute at age 17, taking whatever she could get. When she was 18, they won a trip to Japan from a contest entered on a whim, and a year later, Yuuki and Ryoka have decided that they want to find the vocaloids

Other: She is a wolf-girl, and Yuuki is a Neko. A fang is usually visible, and Ryoka tries to keep her animalistic characteristics and traits hidden

6/26/2011 #88

Ohkay. I'm scrapping Hope, she's too quiet for me to play well. And, if it's okay, can I make a human? If not, just turn her into a Vocaloid, she'll basically stay the same, except for maybe bio xD

Name: Lucy Weston

Age: Birthday; August 22, 1993. Age 17 (going on 18).

Appearance: (Abridged version:)

- 168 cm/5'6" (Height)

- 55 kg/122 lbs (Weight)

- BMI 19 with lean muscle

- Honey blonde hair, amber highlights (Hair Color)

- Dark gray eyes, blue tint (Eye color)

- Light tan (Skin)

Lucy is fairy tall for a girl, about 5'6". She's long-legged, and usually wears high heels on top of that, which boosts her already tall height by at least 2 or 3 inches, if not more. While this still renders her as shorter than most men, she towers over a good percentage of the female population. She's lean and mostly toned, with about average weight, if not slightly underweight for her height. Her cheek bones are highly set.

Her hair is soft and thick, cascading like lava down to her shoulder-blades. It's fairly layered though, and angled in both the front and the back. While her longer layers have a little wave, curling at the end, her shorter layers and bangs are straightened - and it shows, the thick hair is somewhat rough there. She has long, thick bangs that angle to the left, occasionally splitting. When they're not angled, they reach fairly low, a bit past the base of her thin, and somewhat flat nose. It's a warm, honey blonde color that's easy on the eyes - or it would be, if not for the scattered highlights that flow like liquid amber through her slightly wavy hair. The duller ones, which are almost the same color as her hair, only a shade or two lighter, are natural highlights, but most of them were done in a salon. She'll occasionally tie up a portion of her shorter layers to the right, which is the cause of two wristbands on her right wrist - one that's black, thin and ever-present, and a second one - large, flashy, and varying in size and color.

Her eyes, on the other hand, are dark and cold. They're a steely gray, so dark that if the lighting is bad, it's hard to tell between the iris and pupil. Or well, it would be, if not for the tiniest hint of blue that tinted the gray. While here eyes are actually rather wide, they are usually narrow, whether it's from squinting in the sun(or those damn light clouds that still let the sun filter through, they're even worse), or frowning. Despite they're dark color, they're extremely light sensitive, but Lucy absolutelyhateswearing sunglasses most of the time(as in on a daily basis), so she grins and bears it. Her skin has a warm, light tan, that complements the tone of her hair and contrasts with her eyes. It's mainly unblemished, except for a few bite marks/scars, including a rather large one on her stomach that came from when a particularly large dog (with particularly large canines, too) decided to try to take a bite out of her.

-Ethnicity: Caucasian and American, Lucy was born in Sleepy Hollow(within the town of Mount Pleasant), Westchester County, New York; however, Lucy also has some Italian and Filipino genes in her. Her maternal grandfather is half-Filipino, and her father is half-Italian.

Clothes: As for clothes, she (obviously) changes daily. But it usually involves something rather in-style, and never anything too dull. She always carries her white beats(headphones, for anyone that doesn't know), though, they're either securely over her ears or in around her neck. Her iPod is always secure in a pocket.


Voice: Her voice could be described as somewhere between alto and meso-soprano(probably closer to the latter), and the slightest bit husky.

Character Item: Sketchpad, she almost always carries one with her

Friends&Enemies: Specifics will be added later in the RP, but she generally knows most of them

Likes: Drawing, oranges, sweets, little kids, modern technology, crowds, manga, pop, R&B, rock, fluffy things, summer, rings, guitar, music in general, gum, good listeners

Dislikes: Light clouds, sunglasses, addicts(to anything - it's their fault they went and got addicted in the first place), babies, MATH, bad singers, classical music, work, soda, being ignored, religion(it's like a 12 inch p*** - be proud to have it, but don't go shoving it down other people's throats), spiders(or bugs in general), idiots, people who lack common sense, complete silence, know-it-alls

Personality: Rather short-tempered, Lucy Weston will not be bossed around, taken advantage of, controlled, out of the know, or anything else of the like. Basically, she won't take crap from anyone. Do that to her, and you'll end up with the nearest thing planted to your face as if you were the victim in a comedic anime, with items varying from her fist, a pillow or two, or even the occasional frying pan. Or, if she's REALLY mad(especially if you're a male - watch out, guys!), it might not be your face that gets hit, if you catch my drift. This is somewhat hypocritical, considering that she likes to be in control of things.

Despite this, she's actually rather sane, and has common sense that some people seem to lack. She will constantly lament over the idiocy of the world, even if it's just the guy who accidentally bumped into her at the mall, and walked away without apologizing. She will most likely, at some point, lament about everyone, unless she takes a certain liking to them; then she just usually keeps it to herself.

Stealth is a great asset of hers, and she will murder you if you ruin it during a critical point. Literally. Murder. Well, once you get her out of whatever deep s*** you got her into, that is. And yes, you will be the one to pull her weight if you've blown it, unless she's directly in danger, or like stated before, she's taken a liking to you(she'll still murder you, though, so don't think that you got off easy or anything).

Even though she's so short-tempered, she does have a sense of humor, easily able to throw a witty comeback(she's not a statue or something, she does laugh); and is a rather quick thinker. She's good at riddles and word games, but doesn't give a rat's a** about them most of the time.

It can safely be said that she only people she's completely nice to are the people she sympathizes or empathizes with. Not the ones that she pities, though; she knows that they probably hate being pitied just as much as she does.

Bio: It was the cold, snowy winter of 1992, and Christmas was not very far off. Her mother, Naomi, was a young, pretty young thing- pretty but still naive and childish, maybe 19 or so, with long, cascading pale brown hair and wide blue eyes. Her father, Jim, on the other hand, was a large, blond-hair, brown-eyed man who was maybe 20 or 21- and to him, the magic of the season had long worn off. When they met, it was infatuation at first sight- at least for her. The unfortunate girl was lured into Jim's manipulative trap, and was eventually carrying his child- by then she knew that he did not love her. Her child was born in the brutal summer heat, and, having aged and matured so quickly, she couldn't handle the pressure and left with the promise to come back one day.

Lucy barely remembers her mother, she only remembers the wide blue eyes filled with both love and fear, so unlike her dark ones.

Lucy lived with her father until she had graduated from high school, when she then decided to go off on her own. She had never learned of her father's manipulating and thought of him as a kind person - not a warm one, but kind all the same. She hasn't run into him since. After a few months of wandering, she's been in Japan for six months. She knows the language well, but still stands out a lot.

Other: She loves to draw(she's rather good at it too), and wants to definitely pursue a career in the visual arts. She knows some stuff on the guitar, but isn't nearly a pro. Her favorite food is oranges.

7/1/2011 #89

Hi hope its not too late to join...been looking for Vocaloid Forum & just now found on.

Name: Camelle Tomitori


Height:4ft 2in

Weight:100 lbs

Hair color:Purple in single ponytail, waist length.

Eye color:Purple

Skin color:Light White



Voice:lower than Miku's but higher than Kaito's.

Character item:Eggplant

Friends:Miku,Gumi,Luka,Kaiko, Len (Friend ONLY!),Rin

Rivals/ Enemies:Kaito, Luki, Mikuo,Neru & Nero.

Likes:Eggplants,singing,dancing, painting, roadroller that Rin lets her use sometimes.

Dislikes:Kaito, Luki, Neru, Thunder, & bugs.

Bio:Camelle was orginally suppose to come out before Luka, but got pushed back so far that the producers forgot about her till Luka noticed that at the very back was Camelle. After the producers finally let her come out, she thanked Luka, & met the rest of the Vocaloids. She immediately took a liking to Miku, & Rin. The others she warmed up to, except for Kaito, Luki, Neru.

Other: She has a pet kitty (if its alright)

7/4/2011 . Edited 7/4/2011 #90
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