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Lights! Camera! ACTION! (yes, this is the actual RP)

8/17/2010 #1
This Is My Horse Dammit

((I guess I'll start this show on the road to get this going))

It was a boring day back at the abode of the fairly large house where most of the Vocaloids reside. Sure it was peaceful and quiet, along with a few disturbances caused by some of the boys (mainly Len) perverted hobbies that involved a few whacks and hits from the girls. But mostly silence ruled the area with an iron grip, this annoyed Nero very much especially since he's least known (and used) in the world of music, standing behing the shadow of his Sister Neru who got the lucky spot of being called "official" by the Masters. Even his younger Sister Naru is more recognized and got to sing a few feature songs while he took to the backstage being stage crew for the concerts.

"Ugh, being the middle one sucks goose eggs" Nero yawned and brushed his mustard yellow hair as he was sitting down on a yellow couch in his room watching several recordings of Miku's Teto's and Neru's concerts on his tv. His head was resting on his right hand and was still in his yellow PJ's even though it was almost noon time and breakfast had already past and haven't even left his room all day yet while everyone else was just doing there activites around.

Finally, Nero had finally got up from his seat and grabbed his black and yellow i-Phone after seeing the recorded Triple Baka concert for the upteenth time, "I wonder If anyone's on." he though

He sent text messages to many of his online and offline/real-life "friends" phone saying "Hello!? Reaching out to any1 who gets the msg! Msg. me bak!

Nero specificallly hope Mikuo, Gumi, and Ted (Teto "brother") would message him back as their are somewhat of acquintance's. Mikuo seems to be closer though as a friend.

8/17/2010 . Edited 8/17/2010 #2


Dakishimeta, sono nukumori ga. Itsu made mo kienai you ni. The tune rang out and Mikuo pushed into the couch, stiffening his body so he could remove his phone from the pocket of his too-tight jeans. Why he dressed when he was planning to spend the day alone in his apartment was questionable, but he had always done it. As one of the only Vocaloids who was technically an adult, he'd opted to live by himself, rather than with a kajillion other people in a single house. But his incoming message was from the madhouse, he saw, as Nero's name appeared on his screen. He typed a quick reply.

"hey nero! whats up? bored in that house with all those people? XD"

Then he sat the phone on the coffee table and put his feet next to it, his eyes returning to the television.

(( I was listening to Itsumo Soba Ni, so apparently that's his ringtone. Haha. ))

8/17/2010 #3


Meanwhile, Gumi was out grocery shopping. And it wasn't very easy, considering she had an entire colony of hungry people at home (especially guys). After she was done shopping and picking up what seemed like a lifetime supply of carrots, she left the grocery store. After walking about two blocks with heavy bags, she eventually stopped on a park bench and took out her cell phone. She had a new message from Nero Akita. "Hiya Nero! Just grocery shopping for everyone. What's up with you?" After texting him the message, she put her phone back in her skirt pocket and reached for the grocery bags.

Just as she was picking them up, BAM! Someone rammed into her and sent her carrots and cell phone flying. Gumi stared at the mess in horror. "OH! MY CARROOOOTSS!!!" She whined.

A voice behind her gasped. "I'm SO sorry, please, let me help you." Gumi turned around to see a girl with white hair in a messy ponytail tied to the side of her head in a school uniform. She knelt down instantly to pick up the carrots strewn all over teh sidewalk.


Stupid, Stupid me! Riku thought as she scurried to pick up the carrots. How come whenever I'm late to school all chaos breaks loose?!? Finally, she'd put the last of the carrots into the girl's bag and put them on the park bench. "Sorry again," she said, taking off down the sidewalk to school.

Was that... She thought. Nah, that's crazy. Riku continued to run the rest of her way to school and made it just before the bell rang. She came into class panting. The funny thing is, the teacher was late. So she spent the time it took for the teacher to get to class finishing her first period homework and getting back her breath.

8/18/2010 #4
This Is My Horse Dammit

((Happens all the time for me Sakerune XD T_T))

Nero scrolled through his instantly filled inbox before he finally found Mikuo's message. He typed backed, "Hell, more than bored man I'm 'effing dead in this freaking place. xxxX_Xxxx WHY THE F**K AREN'T WE SCHEDULED CONCERTS!!! T_T not that I want to be in one... erm... Anyways what'sup with U dude?"

After ranting out the text, Nero threw his phone onto the couch and opened his closet, his clothes were the male version of his very own sister's clothing. Same grey school vest with yellow tie, black arm warmers, black tight biker jeans and black shoes. He slipped out of his pajamas and began getting dressed and was still in his underwear when he received a message from Gumi. Akita Akita Akita Akita Akita Akita Neru! Nero's ringtone was his sister's debut song, ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS0SzCxWhuU ) possibly the only one song he ever liked from his sibling.

He read the message and texted back "Groceries again Gumi?? o_o" You work too hard for these kinds of people. Besides Defoko's cooking is very crappy anyways, I don't see the point of eating here. =P"

He sent the message and began to put and zip up his pants when a purple frying pan came flying and swiftly boxed him right beside his head.

"OW!! THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!?!?!?" he screamed furiously placing both hands behind his head kneeling in pain. He open his eyes and looked on the ground and saw the lavender object... he dared not to criticize the chef of the house ever again... in thought, in voice, or in text.

((This is Defoko by the way Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=breWAmT2Vp0 UTAU NOT Vocaloid))

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #5

After what seemed like years of walking with 1,000 lbs of carrots, Gumi finally made it home. "I'M BACK!" She yelled to nobody in particular. There was no response, so Gumi assumed that they'd all gone to the recording studio. She sighed and put the truckload of carrots into the kitchen. Although Nero was just down the hall, she took out her phone and decided to text him anyway.

"I am so freakin BORED."

When it was sent, she put the phone back in her pocket and went to her room. There wasn't really much for her to do either considering she was the least known vocaloid. While Miku was busy signing autographs and doing private singing sessions, she was stuck in the house with the other least known vocaloids.

Now that she'd thought about it, they really needed to get their spark back. They used to be very famous all together, but lately, people weren't really caring for vocaloid. And as usual, it was her job to figure something out (even though nobody ever asked.)

"Hmm..." She thought aloud. "What do other really famous singers do?"

8/18/2010 #6
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Guess who" Nero appeared leaning on Gumi's doorway looking his golden yellow eyes away from her while rubbing his head unamusingly. He introduced himself in this fashion often since the others and even his very own sister occasionally forget his name which comicially adds to his "fame".

"What's happening" the bored blond continued.

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #7

"Oh, hi...uh, what's your name again? Ha! Just kidding!" Gumi said. "I was just thinking.. We all need to get our "sparkle" back. Like the days when it wasn't just Miku everyone was crazy about. Plus, this house is getting on my nerves! Got any ideas Nero?" Gumi asked.

8/18/2010 #8
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Leeks" Nero instantly said unamused by her humor, "It's the goddamned Leeks."

He sat right next and real close to her on her bed that had a carrot design on her blankets.

"That or I don't even freakin know." Nero laid down staring at the ceiling with his arms spread out, it was such a comfy bed. He was lazy like his sis but the way he laid down might invite some unwanted thinking for Gumi or making her uncomfortable since he was ignorant of the lesson of "personal space" sometimes because of his laziness and that he didn't know he was too close.

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #9

"You're such a happy person aren't you Nero?" Gumi said sarcastically, still schemeing. "I don't have any ideas either...maybe I will after I eat a carrot!" Gumi reached under her bed and pulled out a cooler stuffed with all kinds of foods with carrots in them. She pulled out a peice of carrot cake and pit a large peice off. "Ah...Carrots always calm my nerves..." She said, biting another peice of the carrot.


Meanwhile, Riku was falling asleep in class. She didn't realize it, but she'd accidentally picked up Gumi's wallet when she was helping her with the groceries.

8/18/2010 #10
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero raise his head and sweatdropped at the sight of the Carrot Cake pulled from the cooler that came out of nowhere, "...You keep a cooler filled with carrot stuff.... under your bed?"

He didn't know how to react whether disturbed at the fact, annnoyed by her carrot obsession or to laugh out loud. Instead he let it go and just took out his i-Phone from his left pocket and sighed and thought aloud "How long is Mikuo gonna to take before he replies back. Come on Mikuo-kun!"

He look at his phone frusterated waiting for the upcoming Message, the Akita Family's defining characteristic is that they are usually obsessive over their phones and are texting freaks.

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #11

"Yeah..." Gumi said defensively. "And for the record, you should really consider putting that phone away for about ten minutes a day. It'll ruin your eyes...and then you can probably regain your sight back by eating carrots!"

Gumi was wondering in the meantime when the other vocaloids would get back. The silence in the house was normal by now, by VERY annoying. After trying to think of some kind of way to get vocaloid back on the trail to stardom and failing, she turned on the TV. The cooking channel was on, and the chef was making none other then carrot and peanut butter soup. "Hey! Cool!" She said, turning her complete attention to the TV.

8/18/2010 #12
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Yeah Right" Nero chuckled at her innocent advice while he placed his phone away, still waiting for that message.

He sat back up and watched the program with Gumi since there was nothing else to do, he smirked and said beside her "You know you could be very werid at times, but I think that adds to your cuteness" Nero admitted.

He rarely talked his complements aloud before, because of his somewhat negative attitude.

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #13

Gumi's face turned a shape of deep red at hearing Nero's compliment. She quickly took another huge bite of her carrot cake and chewed on it. "Thanks..." She said, looking slightly at the floor with a very faint smile on her face.

To get rid of how awkward she felt, she reached into her cooler and pulled out another carrot delicacy: A plain old carrot, and chewed on it.


School ended early for Riku.

As she was packing her books and preparing to go home, Gumi's wallet fell out of her bag. Riku picked it up and looked inside. She was shocked to see about 50,000 yen (I think that's about 500 dollars) inside, and even more schocked to see Vocaloid Gumi's picture on the ID in the wallet.

She actually considered taking about 500 yen to buy coffee cake, but she found herself running straight past the bakery after school and following the address on one of the cards in the wallet that led to Gumi's home. She was so excited about the possibility of seeing her favorite Vocaloid, she didn't even care about her precious coffee cake!

8/18/2010 #14
This Is My Horse Dammit

((Now we wait for Sakerune's post XD))

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8/18/2010 #16

(( lol I apologize for my absence, I had band practice and then I had to help my mom clean out the basement because it's slowly flooding with water OWO. But I LOVE fast roleplayers, you guys are awesome! I'll just hustle in a post now. XD ))

Mikuo wandered out of the kitchen and back to where he'd left his phone. One new message. How did I not hear it ringing?

"We should do somethng. I'll come over and we'll hang out, lol. And HEY, concerts are fun! Sry about the wait." he typed.

He wasn't really looking forward to being in the house, but maybe it was a quiet day. Mikuo grabbed his keys and left. His car was in the parking lot below, a nondescript teal four-door. Because he wasn't an official Vocaloid (or even an official fanmade, like Neru), he didn't quite make the same money as his sister, and so his car was much less fantastic than hers. But it was reliable and ran well, and Mikuo wasn't a very material person anyway.

He liked his music LOUD, and his windows rolled down, and so he could be heard from inside the house as he pulled into the driveway.

8/18/2010 #17
This Is My Horse Dammit

((Thanks =D Basement flooding with water lol what happend? Where I live we don't have basements))

Akita Akita Akita Nero pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked into his phone "Mikuo's Coming" he said to Gumi closing the message.

Later on he heard the blamming music putside and stepped out of the house onto the doorway, "Hey there!" he waved to Mikuo grinning a mischeivious grin. Nero and Mikuo both seemed a bit similar each other in a way in build, physique, clothing and hairstyle. Only Nero had a few of his hairs stick up in a small curl in the middle and his voice was higher than his friend's.

((Mikuo's here already right? I think I've misunderstood))

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/18/2010 #18

(( I actually don't know what happened yet, all I know is that if I step down on the carpet water squelches between my toes, and there are people here messing with the pipes now OWO and my bedroom is in the basement so all my stuff is probably going to be ruined. And yeah, he's already there, I didn't want to cut off halfway through lol. ))

Mikuo shut off the car and swung open the door. "Hey Nero!" he called, waving back as he stepped out and walked up to the house.

(( Short post is short. I apologize. ))

8/18/2010 #19
This Is My Horse Dammit

((Crap out of all the rooms, your's has to have water in it X( I feel sorry for you. ))

"Damn..." As Mikuo began walking towards the house Nero remembered something seeing his face around these parts again, "How long has it been since we've actually seen each other face to face? Last time I remembered was that failed project we tried with Ted four months ago I think?" He rubbed his chin leaning on the doorway smirking

"Didn't we try to make a boys version of every single song our sisters sang? We only finished up Bakunyu Ondo, Triple Baka and other until..." Nero's facial expression change into a dark one, his head popped a vein anime-like and began raising and shaking his right fist up flank his face, "Our sisters' companies pulled a copyright on us and pulled the plug on our project. Damn Crypton and UTAU...."

Nero slammed his fist hard in anger on the doorway's edge and later regretted that action. "......Ow...... at least.... that's... what I heard" he held his hand cringing in pain. Awkward and unnecessary moment for Nero there...

(Yep there actually a boys version of those songs I've mention ^^ one of them has all three of them actually performing it in MMD Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUlwgaonYq0

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th0s_XED__0 )

8/18/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #20

((It was about 12:00 midnight over here and I had to go to bed -___-))

Gumi came running outside and gave Mikuo a giant hug. "It's about time you came back!" She said. "Where've you been? Wait, never mind, dumb question."


Riku came running down the sidewalk just in time to see Mikuo park in front of the car and some guy with blond hair that she didn't know come out of the house. Then Gumi came out. For a while, she was debating on whether or not to give the wallet back, but eventually she decided it was better then keeping it, so she built up her courage and slowly approached the three.

((Sorry about ur room .----.))

8/19/2010 #21

Mikuo hugged Gumi back and looked over her head at Nero. "Yeah, I was so jealous of Miku, but I'm not really anymore. I think getting out of the house did me some good. It's been a while, hey?" It was plain to see that Nero still had issues with being the most unappreciated of the Akitas, but Mikuo wasn't really sure how to deal with this so he let it go.

Footsteps sounded from behind Mikuo, and he turned in time to see Riku approaching cautiously. "Hello...?" he said apprehensively.

(( And uh, the water has stopped running, it appears. But we have to tear up all the carpeting now because it's ruined. But it didn't actually go into my room, we fixed it before it spread that far. Thank goodness, haha. ))

8/19/2010 #22

Riku blinked at Mikuo and quickly turned her gaze to the ground, clutching Gumi's wallet. Curse you Mikuo for being so good-looking... She thought. "...Um..."

"Hey! I know you! You're the girl that knocked over my carrots!" Gumi said, letting go of Mikuo. "How'd you find my address? Are you a fangirl?" Riku held out the wallet to Gumi. "You dropped this." She said in the smallest voice possible. Gumi took the wallet back. "Thanks!" She said.

8/19/2010 #23

Mikuo flashed a grin. "What a nice thing to do," he said.

(( I will be back in five hours OTL ))

8/19/2010 #24
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Who the hell's this?" Nero said loud and impolitely and suddenly appeared all over her. Mikuo and Gumi didn't notice him moving away from the doorway where he was, surprising them maybe. Nero placing his finger on her chin and raised Riku's head up to him, his face in front of her's, his own sun-golden eyes ready to burn her purples ones, bending toward her with his hand on his hips frowning slightly. He looked like a fiery yellow version of the calm Teal-Blue Mikuo to her probably and maybe will not like him.

"So you accidentally-" He poked her with his finger on her chin on that last word, "Again, accidentally bumped into Gumi causing her to drop her carrot and wallet and stole it eh? And decided to give it back after much regret theif-kun?" he said to Riku with an inquisition and a rude tone.

8/19/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #25

((XD Nero))

Riku blinked but then lowered her eyes to a glare. She had to admit, this weird kid was just a little bit scary. "I" She started. "Am Sakurai Riku. And YOU, are apparently having one hell of a bad day." She said, slapping Nero's hand away from her chin. In the five seconds Nero was glaring at her, she'd lost all of her shyness.

Gumi stared at this site in astonishment. "Um..." She started.

"And I'm NOT a theif. Don't EVER CALL ME A THEIF." Riku said, raising her voice to a very annoyed and angry tone. Gumi halfly wanted to stop the tension before it advance any farther, but she mostly wanted to see what would happen next. She bit into her carrot, watching the two closely.

8/19/2010 #26

Mikuo, being the calmer of the two males, stepped in to break up the argument before it escalated. "Hey Nero," he warned, "don't start. That's not fair." He ended up standing between Nero and Riku, with one hand on Nero's chest and the other on Riku's arm. "Sorry about him," he said to Riku, smiling gently.

8/19/2010 #27
This Is My Horse Dammit

At first, Nero got irritated that Mikuo had to butt in. He glared at Riku who blantly slapped his hand earlier, staring at her a few moments with a slight frown.... then a smirk... then a grin... then he started chuckling a little with his eyes closed before he "Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! You've should of seen your faces!!!" laughed heartly with his face straight to the sky pointing at her, he pulled his arm warmer up to cover Mikuo's face on purpose.

"Such a Feisty little girl!" he continued with an insult to Riku.

Whether he actually had been faking out or not it didn't matter, he usually loved to p*** people off at times.

8/19/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #28

Riku's eye twitched and growled. "HOW DARE YOU!!! SON OF A--" "Hey!" Gumi interupted, quickly grabbing hold of Riku's other arm. "I just noticed the numbers on your arm! Are you a robot, can you sing?" She asked eagerly. "Uh..." Riku started, sweatdropping. "That's awesome! I'm a robot to! Where do you live? How old are you? Come on, Let's talk!" She yanked Riku into the house forcefully and ran to the kitchen. "W-wait! I need coffee cake!" Riku said.

Gumi was actually very happy that there was another girl around, (even if she was just a stranger.) She was clearly very lonely in the house sometimes.

8/20/2010 #29
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero simply cocked his head in confusion to all of the suddeness, before returning to his usual frowning expression turning to Mikuo and said "Hey come on what are you waiting for? Falling leeks from the sky? Lets go!" he gestured annoyed.

Nero began walking back into the house with his hand in his too tight black pants pockets, "Oh great, another one" he murmured as he pulled out his phone and started replying to all sort of messages from earlier.

The only thing Nero hated more than boredom and his siblings' overrated fame, was new Vocaloids moving in.

8/20/2010 . Edited 8/20/2010 #30
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