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Oh. ._. Sure then. :3

10/8/2010 #31

Name: Natsumi Kei

Age: 17

Hair Colour: Light brown almost blond colour, her long hair is tied in a low pony-tail

Eye colour: Pale green eyes


Class/Rank: Archer, wanderer

Personality: Headstrong girl, who tries her best to keep her mother's teachings alive and often rebukes her younger sister. She will rarely want to admit that she is wrong even if it is obvious. She somewhat has a belief of right and wrong though she often will ignore that sense when it comes to her.

History: Natsumi came from a village that is famous for their archers. She trained with her father often and listened to her mother's teachings. When she turned 17 she was allowed to leave the village to travel the world because in the new year she will have to bring the hide of a wolf and a feather of a harpy so she can offcially recognized as an adult in her village.

Relationships: She has a sister; Sakuyo


Name: Sakuyo Kei

Age: 14

Hair Colour: Light pink hair that goes to the middle of her back. Part of her hair is tied in two pigtails

Eye Colour: Lilac


Class/Rank: Medic, wanderer

Personality: A naive teenager who just wants to have fun. She often sticks to her sister because she is rather afraid of strangers. She is often rebuked by her sister since she often forgets their mothers teachings.

History: Sakuyo didn't follow the path of her sister, but instead she preferred to develope healing magic like all other medics in the village. Her mother told her to follow her sister in her journey since it would better develope her healing abilities and help her sister greatly in her quest.

Relationship: She has a sister; Natsumi

10/31/2010 . Edited 11/1/2011 #32

Are Natsumi and Sakuyo approved for the Dark Ages RP?

11/1/2010 #33
This Is My Horse Dammit

Of course! You don't have to wait for it to be approve in this topic ;P

11/1/2010 #34

Ack, silly me. So..... Where`s everyone in this Rp?

11/1/2010 #35
This Is My Horse Dammit

^^" Funny thing you should ask *Rubs hand against the back of my head* I think everybodies a little busy right now with school and all. We did post more during the summer break... Guess scholl has got everyone baked hehehe.

11/1/2010 #36

Er.... It wasn't that what I meant LOL. I meant where are the characters in the RP. Like in what are they doing and such XD

11/2/2010 #37

No, I didn't steal him from a manga. And I also didn't name my account after him.

Honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Name: Necoco Ishikawa

Age: 16

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hot pink

Clothing: White military- or band-style double-breasted jacket (six on three). Striped bow tie. Black shorts & black boots. Because I know this is kind of a sucky description, I haz picture. On the left in the top panel, and from behind in the bottom panel. That's his full appearance, including the ears/tail. :)

Class/Rank: Necoco works as a butler in the manor of a wealthy family in town. He himself has no rank, and the family he works for has no title. So he's just a villager with a good job.

Personality: Selfish, cheeky, impulsive, flirtatious, and not too proud to cry or show emotion. Necoco is fine with a little harmless manipulation if it will get him what he wants. He is very loyal, though, and will do anything to avoid hurting those he loves.

History: Ishikawa boys have served the Watanabe family for generations, so Necoco's career path was laid out for him from birth. He's fairly happy with where he is in life, having never known anything else, but he would jump at the chance to go on an adventure.

Relationships: Fffttt when I figure out exactly how to bring him in, I'll let you know. I have a bit of an idea thoughh.


12/8/2010 #38

Name: Hiyama Kiyoteru

Age: 22

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown/black

Clothing: Just add the trademark glasses to this picture.

Class/Rank: Historian, Researcher from the Royal Academy.

Personality: He is rather serious when it comes to research and history. He tries to pinpoint the exact details, but often misses the point. When he tries to crack a joke, which is kind of rare, he often fails leading everyone into confusion. So resuming, on the surface he seems like a person who only cares about proving his research to be true, but he acutally cares about his few friends. He is extremely afraid of earthquake and is interested in magic artes.

History: His village was destroyed by an earhquake but only four people were killed. But the earthquake itself was strange since there were no known faults in the area. Determined to know what actually caused it, he began heavy studying in all subjects, but with special attention to History and Science. He eventually made connections that disasters in the world could have relation with the fall of the Venetia empire. With a few more years of studies he entered the Royal Academy, an academy devoted to researching and full of young, intellectual youths and also devoted to train the researcher in magic proweress. After a year of researching the eco-systems he made a theory about cores but was met with much scorn by his fellow researchers and eventually lost credibility.

Relationships: He has /seen/ the royal family a few times but never talked to them before.

(So, what do you guys think of Kiyoteru for the roleplay?)

12/10/2010 . Edited 11/3/2011 #39

Not gonna lie, I like Kiyoteru anyway. ^^

Bring him in! :D

12/10/2010 #40

Can a girl be a knight/Diva?

5/24/2011 #41

Hm.. probably not a knight, if we were following it traditionally, but I think you could always make her one if you really want to(:

And as for the DIVA, Rin is already one for the Hatsune castle/empire. Your character could always be one for a different empire, I guess, maybe Kaito's? I'm not sure.

5/24/2011 #42

Ok thanks !!!! =]

5/24/2011 #43

No problem~ (:

5/24/2011 #44

I am going to restart this Role play thing of the dark agess!!!!!!

Name:Rose Beauty


Hair Color:Black(same length as Rin's)

Eye Color:Blood Red

Clothing: As a Knight she wears a black shirt,silver chest armor,arm armor,black pants,black military boots,and a sword at her waist.As a DIVA she wears a black long sleeve skin tight shirt with puffs at the top and cuffs at the bottom,a white corset with ruffles,black skirt that stops above her knee,black boots,white headband, and white tights.She is flat chested...When not working as a knight or Diva she wears a pair of black short shorts which she made,a black shirt,black boots and a dagger in her left boot...she always carries her sword and a bottle filled with water...

Class/Rank: Knight/DIVA

Personality:Yandere/Tsundere,caring sometimes,cold and silent, most of the time is like that but she sometime shows her caring and compassionate side....she is a good friend.....loyal and honest....can be a pervert....

History:Rose was abused at a young age until she was abandoned by her family.From there she trained as a swordsman and was found by Kaito Shion where she met Len....(whom she secretly likes)...Soon after she met the Hatsunes and Rin who she thought of as one of her best friends.....the Shions and Hatsunes soon found out her ability to sing and she also became a Knight and the Diva for the Shions....

Relationships:Len,Rin,Kaito,Miku,Mikuo,Kaiko,and Neru...

5/25/2011 . Edited 5/25/2011 #45

Again, I like her.. I just don't think she should be both a knight and the DIVA. I don't think it would be actually possible to be both at once :/

5/25/2011 #46

Oh well she is not a Diva at the same time as she is a knight... she is only called as a Diva for special things or sometimes but she is mostly considered a knight but she sings as well making her Kaito's diva.....and one of his most prized knights...and do you want to rp with me in the dark ages rp?

5/25/2011 . Edited 5/25/2011 #47

You all should check out my new forum..Its calld Dark Millennium....its a Vocaloid Rp....based off of Dark Ages rp...

5/25/2011 #48

Hm.. it still seems like a lot for one character to shoulder alone.

And sure, I'll reply soon :D

I'll go check out the rp~!

5/25/2011 #49

Name:Osen Chou [goes by Chou]


Hair Color:Lavender

Eye Color:Emerald

Clothing:light purple tank top/belly shirt, Black skirt with purple lining, sky blue stockings, and shoes



History:she was abused as a child, and the doctors gave her too much morphine and painkillers, so her growth was stunted [she stopped developing at age 14]

Relationships:She doesn't really talk to people a lot

11/3/2011 #50

whait, this is dead isn't it?

11/3/2011 #51
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