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(( Here we go, guys! Sake is dumb and doesn't know where to start so first poster gets to set us up! orzlol. ))

10/3/2010 #1

Miku walked through the huge corridors of the castle, heading towards her brother's room.

When she reached it, she knocked on the door. "Mikuo?"

10/3/2010 #2

Mikuo looked up from his books. "Miku!" he said happily, standing up and stumbling from his bed to the floor. "Door's open!"

But before he had even completed the invitation, he had opened the door to let his older-ish sister in. "Do you need something?"

(( lol why is he so cutesy D: ))

10/3/2010 #3

The older Hatsune twin shook her head, her long teal pigtails swaying slightly with the motion. "I was just lonely." she said, walking past him and sitting on the edge of her brother's bed, turning to face him.

10/3/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #4

Mikuo smiled. "Well I'll always be here to entertain you!" He sat next to his sister and closed his books before looking out the window thoughtfully. "We should go outside. Do you think Father would be okay with that? I really should be studying, but I'd rather take a carriage ride or something."

Then he laughed at himself. "I haven't seriously studied in days. The tutor would have a fit if he knew. Don't tell anyone."

10/3/2010 #5

Miku grinned. "I won't, I promise." she replied, putting her hand on top of her brother's.

She frowned. "Couldn't we just walk? I promised Takeko-chan that I'd visit her soon." Miku said absentmindedly.

10/3/2010 #6

Mikuo shrugged. "I suppose we can walk. But I'll have to find my old boots. I just got new ones and they're too stiff to walk in, my feet will be sore." He stood up and went to dig in the wardrobe.

"Father will be angry if he sees me wearing the old ones though, we'll have to be sneaky."

He found what he was looking for and changed his shoes, then stood up. "Are you ready to leave now?" He opened the door and looked up and down the corridor.

10/3/2010 #7

Miku nodded, smiling at him, and humming the lullaby of her deceased friend that Takeko reminded her so much of - Rue. She stepped out of the room, and then waited for Mikuo to follow.

(Yes, a ref from the Hunger Games. Rue's lullaby is so sweet, it almost makes me cry every time I hear it D:)

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #8

Mikuo followed his sister and then led the way to the main doors, peering around corners the whole way. Somehow luck was on their side, because he pushed through the doors and hurried across the courtyard without incident. The guards let them through the gates and then they were on the road that led to the village below.

At this point, Mikuo let his sister take the lead again.

(( Rushed, logging off, goodnight! ))

10/3/2010 #9

(Night :3)

Miku led the way, heading towards a meadow on the outskirts of the town, to see a small pink-haired sitting in the middle of a field of daisies.

Takeko looked up. "Miku-nee! Mikuo-nii!" she yelled, hugging Miku as she got closer. "I knew you'd come!" she exclaimed, as she pulled back. "Can you sing Rue's lullaby again?" she asked the taller girl craning her neck upwards.

Miku nodded, smiling wistfully. She sat down, leaning against a nearby tree, with the pink-haired girl in her lap.

"Deep in the meadow, under the willow..

A bed of grass..

A soft green pillow..."

she continued singing the soothing lullaby. As she sang, the pink-haired child's eyes fluttered shut, and her breathing slowed down.

"..A place where I love you."

(YAY. ANGST. I'm such a sap xD Oh, also, here's Rue's lullaby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCmoAuZgsnE&feature=related)

10/3/2010 . Edited 10/3/2010 #10
This Is My Horse Dammit


As the bittersweet moment came between the two girls, on a dirt path a few yards away the Imperial Carriage rode on casually with a driver on top, Count Len riding on his white horse in front and two metal-clad Knights on their brown horses on the back. The princess they protected came bearing news from the Northern Empire to present to their royal hosts the Hatsunes who they didn't notice that were leasuring nearby outside on flowers. But just as they past the three without notice, the front wheels broke in thick mud and the carriage violently fell to a stop flingin the driver and giving a rude awakening to whomever was inside. The horses pulling the carriage panicked and if it weren't for the Count's quick responce they would of pulled the wheelless transport foward.


"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Len yelled as he pulled the panicked horses' ropes once calmed he dismounted and ran towards the fallen carriage which the knights, off their horses as well, pulled out a dizzy blue princess. Her gloved hand on her forehead as she closed her eyes and frowned as she stepped off to dry ground.

"Your Majesty, are you alright?" Len said, trying not to panic as it would be unfitting of a count.


"I'm alright Len just... Shaken" she said as she removed her hand and smiled to assure him, little bit of blood trickled down her forehead.

10/4/2010 #11

Miku's head shot up at the whinnies of the spooked horses. She frowned, but smiled for an instant as she saw who was there.

She laid down the sleeping Takeko under the shade of the tree, and walked over to where the carriage was stuck. "Len! Kaiko!" she called.

"Are you two alright?" she asked worriedly, as she neared the carriage. The damage it had taken looked worse from here, compared to out in the meadow.

10/4/2010 #12
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Miku!" Kaiko recognized that high pitched voice and teal twin from anywhere, "Oh she can't see me like this!" she covered her wound.


Len pulled a hankerchief from his pockets and said somberly "Here your majesty..." I knew I should of checked on those wheels! Things more older than earth itself! he cursed himself for not taking precaution.


"Thank you Len" She said as she took it and wiped her forehead. Keeping the hankercheif on her forehead Kaiko turned to Miku and replied chuckling weakly, "Just a scratch dear, what are you doing here in the middle of the meadows?"

10/4/2010 #13

Miku frowned slightly, but accepted the blue-haired princess' answer. "I'm in the meadow to visit Takeko, I promised her that I would." she replied.

10/4/2010 #14
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"How cute is that you are keeping your promises even to a peasant! Though I'm guessing your father is not in the slightest thought of your absence?" Kaiko replied winking a eye"Anyways I have a message fro- Count Kagamine what on earth are you doing?!"


Len had his sword pointed at his stomach ready to impale himself, "I'm trying to perform 'Seppuku' to keep what is left of my honor for not protecting your Highness!" he shook nervously.


"Len... Don't... Poke yourself." she sweatdropped, this boy might have been mature for his age but he's still just a boy, "I know you don't have the guts to do that..."


"Yes Princess Kaiko..." he sighed, relieved that she had made him come to his senses

The knights stood silent to all this


"Sorry about the young Count." Kaiko said to Miku smiling, "He's not used to this summer weather since we usually come visiting in during the winter months and the fact we live in a frozen wasteland."

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #15

(( Derpaderp, I keep getting distracted and forgetting to post lol. Soyeah. ))

Mikuo had been listening happily to his sister's singing, but he snapped his head up as the carriage tumbled forward. He hurried after his sister and recognized the carriage's occupants shortly.

"Good afternoon, your Majesty," he said, with a respectful little bow in Kaiko's direction. "Count Kagamine," he said simply. "If you do that, then there will be no one fit to escort the princess back to the North. Surely it would be a much more severe crime to leave her without protection." He smiled a little and then turned back to Kaiko. "May I ask what brings you to this area?"

10/4/2010 #16
This Is My Horse Dammit

"You're right..." Len kneeled down embarassed.


"Oh Prince Mikuo!" Kaiko tighten her grip on the hankerchief, last thing she wanted to see in her condition was the fair prince of the land "I-I-I-I..."

She shook her head and sighed, "I've come to deliver a message to you from the Emperor himself!"

Bowing awkwardly with the fabric covering her face.

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #17

"To me, your Majesty? Perhaps a message so urgent as to be sent by the Emperor's sister would be best received back at the castle." Mikuo frowned a little. "Although I would hate to make you walk all that way, it seems awfully unnecessary."

"Forgive me for asking, but are you injured? I'm sure the physician could tend to your wound."

(( Gotta go, back later maybe? ))

10/4/2010 #18

Miku smilied. "Yeah, her mother was the ex-DIVA.." she said. "And she reminds me of Rue."

Miku blinked in surprise. She turned away from Mikuo and Kaiko for the moment, facing Len. "Did Mikuo say Kagamine..?"


Takeko opened her eyes blearily, looking up to find herself under the shade of the tall oak tree.

She looked around, and saw the Hatsune twins with two others at the outskirts of the meadow, by the road. She ran over. "Miku-nee!" she yelled, latching herself on to Miku.

She glanced shyly at Len and Kaiko "Who are they?" she whispered.

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #19
This Is My Horse Dammit

Not noticed the stares he was getting, Len, the Driver, and the Knights were begin to pulled the carriage out of the mud.

He did look like a certain DIVA back at the castle and it would be cruel not to introduce them.


Appling pressure to her wound, the blood stopped she took off the hankerchief and said "I'm okay and how about we could discuss this behind that tree over there?"

Before the prince could reply immediatly Kaiko locked her arms around his "Excuse us for the moment" said to Takeko and Miku and made a mad rush over to the tree dragging Mikuo along and leaving dust behind. Once they reach their destination, Kaiko sat him down under the shade and looked back from behind the trunk of the tree panting. Once she was sure they were alone, she made a heavy sigh and sat down right next to him.

"Okay, first thing things first Mikuo-san, Enough with calling me by formal titles such as Your Majesty, can't you call me by my real name you used to when were kids?" she changed her gentle tone to a more serious one and glared at him with those dark blue saphire eyes of hers.

"I'm starting to miss those pet names you used to call me by..."

10/4/2010 . Edited 10/4/2010 #20

(How should I reply? There's not really any openings unless Takeko interrupted Kaiko and Mikuo, which would kill a whole scene xD)

10/4/2010 #21

"Yes, Miku, Kagamine. I'm sure it's a coincidence." Then he glanced down at Takeko. "They're just friends of the family," he said with a smile, patting the top of her head.

Then Kaiko dragged him behind the tree and his first move was to spring back to his feet. "I would love to sit with you, but if I get my clothes dirty my father will know I've been out without permission. And now that we're adults, first names are really no longer appropriate in our positions. But perhaps if I was careful to not be overheard, some lack of propriety would be acceptable."

He looked at her sadly. "Please don't glare at me, Kaiko-sama, I feel like I've hurt you."

10/4/2010 #22
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Kaiko crossed her arms and pouted turning her head away, "That's Little Kiko to you-" The blue princess smiled winking an eye at him, "Negi-chama"

She giggled at mentioning their former playnames, how she wished Mikuo wasen't such a baka at times now in his adolscence.


"Heave!" The Count said as he pushed the carriage

"Ho!" The Knights and the driver pulled

What a spetacle they made to Miku and Takeko with their muddy boots.







Success! They finally pulled the carriage out of the mud at the sacrifice of Len's clothes. He pulled his face out, caked with mud and wiped it with his free hand with no hard feelings.

"Excellent men.... Now get me out of this." His other arm was stuck all the way inside the earth.

The knights did nothing and neither the driver, "Assistance?"

No responce

"Assistance.... Please?" Not a single movement they made

"Oh come on! Just because I'm a young boy lower ranked then you 'Noble Royal Guards' doesen't mean you can ignore my cry for help!" poor Count Kagamine complained trying to pull himself out of the mud.

Still no answer, "Hmph..." he grunted as he made some effort, Miku and Takeko might help their fellow Noble out

10/5/2010 . Edited 10/5/2010 #23

Miku rushed forward. "Are you alright, Kagamine-san?" she asked the younger boy.

As she held out a hand to Len, she looked back at Takeko. "Takeko, can you help me?" she asked.

The little girl giggled and nodded. "Of course, Miku-nee!" she replied, walking over and also extending a hand out to Len.

10/5/2010 #24
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Thank you your Highness and Takeko" Len gently extended his free arm out, "Though it wouldn't be fair for a beautiful princess and a cute peasant such as yourselves to be pulling a low commoner out of the dirt, I would be putting a bad example to my 'loyal' fellows over there." he glared back at the escorts with this sarcastic comment.

The knights snicked under their armor while the driver looked away in snobby mood.

10/5/2010 . Edited 10/5/2010 #25

Miku giggled. "It's fine Len." she said.

After a moment, she began talking again. "At the castle, there's someone I'd like you to meet. She reminds me of you."


Takeko glared at the knights. "Hey! That's not nice!" she yelled childishly.

10/5/2010 #26
This Is My Horse Dammit

They stopped and cleared their throat, but the Northern Knights still chuckled a little at The Count's misfortune.


"Really? Then she's not good person I tell you your Majesty" Len laughed as he was pulled out.

Standing up, he tooked a look at his outer garments, they've all been ruined by the mud and stained. His favorite black jacket with an orange tie along with everything especially his scabbard now with spots of brown.

"Once Princess Kaiko has finish conversating with Prince Mikuo we can arrive at the Castle" Len said "But yikes, my apologizes Your Majesty but I'm in no condition in meeting ANY-body like this."

10/5/2010 . Edited 10/5/2010 #27

Miku blinked. "Why do you blame everything on yourself, Len?" she asked the blond boy.

He was only fourteen, after all, even if he was a Count. This seemed like too much for him to bear.

10/5/2010 #28

Mikuo frowned. "Very well," he said slowly. "You are aware, of course, that as soon as we arrive at the castle we will have to cease all familiar terms. Until there is a union between our families you are as a foreign ambassador to me. Please understand that this is something my father has worked very hard to instill in me, and I cannot let him see us behaving so familiarly." His frown turned into a mischievous smile. "Now if that's all for now, let's get back to the others, shall we, Little Kiko?"

10/5/2010 #29
This Is My Horse Dammit

"It's complicated..." Len scratched his head smilng like a fool, "It's mosty though related to the Shion Royal Family and my duties to them. They have given me very much.... Ever since my family..."

Len looked down in silent sorrow not wanting to finish his sentence, it is widenly known what has happen to the rest of the Kagamines.


Kaiko grinned and raised her hand to him to be picked up, "Actually Negi-chama that is not all as I haven't told of my brother's message yet."

"He longs for Miku to become his Queen and suddenly left, dressed in wedding garments and all to marry your charming sibling with a band of his men and ministrels. But alas, he has unfortunately run into some skirmishes with the barbarians to the south while marching to your borders. So he has sent me and Count Kagamine to make preparation for the wedding while he takes care of the usual business."

Kaiko playfully placed her index finger to her lips as if saying a secret, "Shhhh Don't tell Leek-tan (Miku) though, Brother wants to make it a suprise for her."

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