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"Yeah, but like I said, you'll be fine," Lily said with a smile. "I've been living here since I was...like nine, and nothing bad happened to me!"

She opened the door into a room with two large beds. "Well here's the deal. My room is one of the only ones with two beds, because my brother used to be here." She faltered a little over the word brother but caught herself quickly. "There's one more room open down here and another one upstairs, but they both have one bed. So you and the kid could stay in here, or you could stay with your brother, or the boys could share a room and you could share with the kid, or whatever. Your choice."

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Miku looked, up slightly startled, as Mikuo entered the dining hall. "Hai, come on over..." she replied, motioning for her brother to come to the table.

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This Is My Horse Dammit

(I've always imagine Nero as the comedic Idiot XD)

When he calmed, Len saw the eyes of Rin which showed a sense of loneliness he felt something. He no longer felt empty inside, the pain of being alone. For the truely first time he felt... complete.

A tear felled down his cheek as he stared in to her eyes.


"Sure Mikuo, we were just discussing about Rin and Len." Kaiko looked to him smiling lighty, tapping her fingers together playfully.


"Aww!" Naoki extended out his arms and gripped everybody to a hug grinned very wide, "And you girls would turn out into kawaii princesses hahahaha With fluffy dress and all!"

A scroll felled from inside his cape and rolloed onto the dirt.

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Rin let go of one of Len's hands, and wiped the tear off of his cheek.

"Don't cry." she pleaded, her own eyes watering.


Takeko grinned, but still being a child, got distracted by the scroll.

Not bothering to get up, she got on her hands and knees, and crawled over to it.

"What's this?" she asked, as she sat back on her knees. She picked up the scroll and opened it.

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"Oh!" Mikuo sat next to his sister and stared intensely at Kaiko. "So there is a story here!"

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Neru didn't notice the falter, but was curious at 'used to'. She decided not to go digging into Lily's personal life, it was enough they were getting a place to stay.

"Thank-you for everything, my brother should be back soon to pay." She then remembered, they had left Naoki with the carriage and their stuff. She sighed, I'll dump Naoki on Nero, and bunk with cat-girl. But now I need to find Naoki... With him out there alone, someones probably stolen the carriage. "I need to find Naoki and bring the carriage here, too. Nero had the directions, but I doubt kiddy prince could even find his way to the black smith's before getting lost, if he even heard the directions. I'll be back soon, bye." Neru said.

She retraced her steps, and found the door out of the house. Neru began the walk toward the carriage, hoping to be back by nightfall.

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"Oh its a map!" Naoki crawled to right next to her, "A secret treasure map I've had found long ago that has riddles and stuff to the vast treasures of Venetia!"

Placing his glasses on, he pointed to a solo red X's on the map, "You see, the Akitas' dont know I had it because I want to find it myself so that why we travel to place to place!.... But I can't solve the last clue!"

There was a written riddle that glowed magically under the X, it said, "I am the fruit of your body, I can be either rotten or pure, Ice cold or warm.... Who am I?..."

Naoki added, "The treasure is near this place, but it only appears when you solved the clues and I'm on the last one!.... Help since you girls are so fun? Pretty please?" He said smiling to Yuuki, Takeko, and Ai.

That explain the Prince's Wandering! And people thought he was mad.... well maybe he is a little


Len hugged her barely able to contain his tears, he didn't mind he was bare-chested in front of her. All that matter was that he had found a living member from his family.

"They haven't killed all of them!" Len cried, "I knew they haven't."

He cried loudly as his eyes watered


Kaiko frowned and lowered her eyes, "Len and Rin are separated from birth, while she was able to live her childhood peacefully with you.... Len's has been stained with the blood of his family from wicked men..."

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"A vampire princess." Yuuki corrected, smiling.

She gasped, "A treasure map!" She exclaimed, "Fruit, I know an apple tree. Fruit of your body?" She trailed off, confused.

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"Oh!" Takeko exclaimed.

"Um.. the heart..?" she guessed, as an answer to the riddle.


Rin's eyes widened as Len hugged her, but then softened. She soothingly ran a hand through the boy's hair.

"Killed?" she whispered. "What do you mean?"

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As Yuuki told her answer, nothing happened.... "Awww..." Naoki whined

As for Takeko's answer, the Red X began glowing and a beam burst from it, nearly hitting Naoki face and onto the leaves of the tree they were under. The beam formed into a ball of energy that glowed brightly under the leaves and which then began to take into a shape of a heart-shaped red jewel that rested between the branches.

Recovered from the shock, the prince looked at the glittering jewel smiling like crazily "YAY YOU SOLVE IT!!!" He squeezed Takeko in gratitude, "I got I got it!" and Naoki immediaty ran and jumped onto the tree to climb it which he failed and fell off "Oof!"

He hit the ground and his cape covered his face.


"Mother, Father... everyone!" He sobbed, "But you...."

Len calmmed, "Why have I never heard about you.... Are you even a relative..."

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"Ruo?"Ai said as she looked over at the fallen prince.

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Naoki made a thumbs-ups gesture from under his cape to annouce that he was okay to everybody.

"I need a climber for that treasure!" he said waving arms and legs childishly from the ground as he sat back up and pointed at the jewel.

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"Ai Ichigo good!" she said jumping up and down then climbing up the tree and grabbing the jewel. She then jumped down from the tree and held out the jewel to Naoki,"Here it!"

10/12/2010 #133

"Yay!" Yuuki cheered, happily. "Takeko, your smart!" She exclaimed, patting the girl's head.

She pulled the cape off of Naoki's face, "Does this mean your a prince now?" She gasped, excited.

10/12/2010 #134

Takeko squealed as Naoki hugged her. "I got it right? Yay~!"

"Ooh~" Takeko said, entranced by the read jewel.


"Well.. I had a brother.. that's all I know." Rin said, looking to the side.

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This Is My Horse Dammit

"Ummm." Naoki stood up and grabbed the jewel from Ichigo.

"Hmm I don't feel any different...." the prince shooked the jewel around, "Nope, Just a Jewel!" Naoki smiled ruining the suspence

The scroll glowed and another X appeared on the map with another riddle.


"Then your... my sister?" Len guessed and stood in front of her, wiping off his watery eyes

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"Ohhh!" Ai said looking at the scroll and poking it.

10/12/2010 #137

"I thought you said that was the last riddle!" Yuuki whined, "The map is a dummy." She crossed her arms, but couldn't help looking to see the next clue.

10/12/2010 #138

Takeko blinked. "What's the riddle on this one?" she asked, pointing to the next X.


Rin started to nod, but stopped abruptly, suddenly unsure. "I-I think so..."

10/12/2010 #139

Mikuo gaped. "What? Why? Why were they separated? They're both in the castle right now, what if they cross paths? Is that okay? Are they aware of one another?"

He was probably making way too big a deal out of this, but it never crossed his mind to calm down and wait for answers.

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This Is My Horse Dammit

"Hehehe" Naoki grabbed the scroll and rolled it up, "That's probably enough for now. I'm tired of searching for the very first treasure you guys found."

He yawned, "Nero and Neru should probably be getting worried about us!" The prince looked around, it was sunset.


Nero returned to the carriage with an armful of supplies and carelessly dumped them onto the supply horse, "Well that's done! Where's everyone els- Oh that's right..."

Nero quietly reviewed the direction in his mind Lily had given and then called for Naoki, "Your Maaaajesty!"


"That's him!" Naoki cheered and got Ai's hand, "Let's go and keep this heart out of sight!"

He handed the jewel to Takeko, "Since you found it, you could handle it Takeko-chan!"


"Let's go then and talk to the others." Len said suddenly in a serious tone and grabbed his shirt, "I have a feeling they know the answer."


Kaiko moved her eyes around, "It's kinda of hard to explain, we'll just see when they meet. For now, let's just eat." She tapped her finger on a spoon patiently awaiting the meal.

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Takeko stared down at the heart-shaped jewel in her hand, and then up at Naoki, an expression resembling awe on her face.

"Bye!" she yelled suddenly, waving and grinning.


"Um.. alright.. do you know where anyone else is?" Rin asked.

(sorry that it's rushed, i gotta go for a bit)

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(You know the riddle reminds me my OC and the fact that a heart popped also makes me think so)

Ai Ichigo nodded following Naoki. She would have to leave them soon she thought sadly. She didn't want to go but if she didn't then her friends in the forest would think something bad happened to her. The last thing she would want is for them to worry. I'll do go tell them that I'm going be living with these people while everyone is sleeping. I hope Elder will allow me to, she thought to herself. It didn't matter if he did or not because she was going either way. Ai liked them, she felt like they where really nice especially Naoki. She wanted to learn more about them and the way they talked. She would just like to and feel better about leave with the Elders permission. He was the one who found her.

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"Bye!" Yuuki called, "Bye-bye, Takeko." She said, "I need to get home..." She grumbled, walking away. She sighed, realizing the apples had rolled away.


Neru arrived in front of the carriage to see Naoki returning with Ai, and Nero by the carriage.

"Good. Were all here, now to the criminal hideout." She announced, poking Nero's arm. "Great job bro, you picked a house full of criminals. With any luck we'll get a night of restful sleep before we end up in prison." Neru teased him.

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This Is My Horse Dammit

(Let's come back to this RP and take a timeskip from the Royal family part ^^" I got five people to play X_x)

Nero choked a litter and then scrambled for a bag on a horse taking out a dagger and a crossbow loaded with a sharp arrow, "Hell no! I knew that girl was trouble from the start! Let's arm ourselves"

He gnashed his teeth thinking what dangers awaited at Lily's hideout of bandits, blackguards, brigands and rebels.


"Criminals?" Naoki said then he unsheathed his sword, "To the hideout! Let's bring justice by vanquishing them!"

As a prince he felt the need to help the people guard against thieves of every kind, whetever be pickpockets or raiders.

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"Bye Yuuki~!" Takeko yelled, waving as the girl walked away.

(That's all I can really do, unless I have Takeko run into Naoki again or something =_=)

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"C-c-c-crimi-i-inamals? Crianmals?"Ai Ichigo asked struggling a little bit.
10/31/2010 #147

"Yes! ...Sorta, Crim-i-nals." Neru said, patting Ai Ichigo's head.

She walked back over to Naoki and Nero, "Not very smart. Actually she said petty criminals, thieves, pickpockets, that kinda thing. It's not like they murdered anyone." She explained, "So what sounds better, get our butts kicked and sleep on the ground or stay in the criminal safe house?"

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This Is My Horse Dammit

(Hahaha, topic almost dead)

Nero paused for the moment "...Very well..."

(Timeskip cause I'm out of ideas for our peasant class chars xP)


Meanwhile drama was unfolding at the castle as Len (Now dressed in Mikuo's princely garments) confronted everyone down stair standing behind the dinner table.

"With all due respect, Why?.... Why for so long!" he glare at Kaiko and the Hatsunes.

"We felt it would have been too much for you to see Rin at the time." Kaiko said

Len blurted out, "Too much! Too much!? My family's gets murdered before my eyes and you thought that was it too much to see my only surving sibling?!" He firmly said.

12/5/2010 #149

(Hehe, yup.)

Miku flinched at Len's outburst, but silently watched the conversation between the two.

(Sorry.. I'm feeling really lazy. e.e Also, is Rin there too, or..?)

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