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Well, I've been lazy putting this up but I figured I might as well since I'm up!

I've been lazy T_T I'm shorry...

This Act two should mostly be about the "rejects" rise to fame *stars in eyes* with the concert and stuff ^_^

10/25/2010 #1
This Is My Horse Dammit

((Shall venture into the deep halls of Chaos?))

Before we see our group of rejects six days after the events of the first forum and the day before the concert, we see an intro of them (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrZlxJp9BsQ use your imagination and replacing the characters )).

After a cute opening and the intro fades out we see a pink title card with almonds on the background and a chibi-fied Naoki smiling and waving behind a set of words.

We hear Naoki read the title of the episode.

"Exciting! -It's Showtime!!!"

**....Screen fades out....**


It was a cold dawn in city streets, few people were out jogging and everybody minding there own businness as the sun was almost ready to rise out to greet the day. In a small grocery store not too far away from the famed vocaloid house, a adolescent of light cyan hair was sitting on a chair behing the register sleeping dreaming being a prince in a timeline way different from this era. He had been sorting boxes all night for the family who own the place and was very sleepy.

"Ohh Princess Peppermint-chan.... Of course I would love to dance with you and drink tea all day long." He snored lost in his fantasy.

Not too much later a few taps were heard behing the glass door.


Outside the door on the entrance was a frowning 16 year old in a yellow jacket and a scarf, today was the day that he would buy all the grocery needed for the colony of the vocaloids. He continue to tapp on the door while he looked into a scroll of things to buy.

"Damn, It's cold, it's early, and I'm buying Leeks, oranges, Bananas, Carrots, and Even Coffee Cake!" The blond gnashed his teeth, whomever wanted Cake was probably his least liked.

He began to knock harder on the door, "Naoki open this door!" he yelled switching his face into the face to see inside.


"Eh? Akita-chan?" Naoki rose up as a Anime sleep bubble drop popped, he yawned and streched his arms.


"Naoki!" Nero yelled once more.


Naoki grabbed his apron and turned on the lights in the store. He grabbed a broom and began sweeping the floor.


Nero widen his eyes as he was being ignored, "NAOKI!!!!!!" He yelled

An old man from an apartment building one story up across the street opened his window and shouted, "HEY SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STUPID KID!!! WE'RE SLEEPING!"

Nero turned around and waved a fist at him, "HEY! F#CK YOU AND SHOVE THIS UP YOUR LAZY A$S OLD MAN!" He took his glove out and flipped the bird.


Naoki hummed to Hatsune Miku's "Innocence" on the radio, oblivious to the conflict outside and continued to broom peacefully..... Until Nero smashed through the glass door and slided to the broom with a literal boot to the face. Naoki blinked as his mouth gaped opened at the suddeness.

"That'll teach you to respect your elders!" Yelled the old man from the apartments across the street.

"Nero! Are you okay!?" Naoki said as he kneeled to pull the black boot of his face.


Nero had a comically giant red shoemark on his face.

He smiled sacastically at Naoki, "You're an idiot...."

The radio played "Triple Baka"

10/26/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #2

Gumi and Riku were walking along the street doing their morning jog and were on their way to the park when they passed Naoki's store just in time to see Nero get owned by an old guy.


Gumi gasped and ran into the store. "WATCH WHERE YOU THROW YOUR DIRTY SHOES YOU CRANKY OLD BAT! I HOPE CARROTS FOREVER HAUNT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!" And with that she burst into the store.

The radio was playing "Triple Baka," A song that Gumi liked and knew well. The scene in front of her was a Nero with a red boot mark on his face and a very concerned Naoki.

"Wow." She said, standing with her hands on her hips. SOMEONE'S sounds like they had a carrot shoved into their ears and out through their eyes." She said, grinning at Nero's face. Grocery shoppin isn't that bad. Just be glad you're not cooking 'em!"


Riku was quiet when she walked into the store. She was staring at the people around the totally beat Nero. Gumi was staring back at her.

She thought about what had just happened, and thought about the boot that had been flung into Nero's face. She thought about Nero having to be the one to pick up HER cake and then she couldn't take it anymore.

"PFFT AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!" She laughed uncontrobably, slapping her knee and crying at the same time.

"TELL ME YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT!!! HE WAS TOTALLY OWNED BY A 90 YEAR OLD MAN WITH SOME DIRTY BOOT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Man, first shopping for everyone, now this boot??? HAW!!! You're day just gets better and better doesn't it Nero?!?" Riku managed to say through laughs.


Gumi sweatdropped at Riku's comments. " I wouldn't be laughing so hard Riku. You have to pick up the groceries next week." She said.


Riku didn't hear Gumi because she couldn't stop laughing. She was probably laughing a lot more then neccessary too. In fact, any average person would think she had been drinking.

10/26/2010 #3
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero stood up hunching his back in disgust sighing, "I never was an early bird." He frowned fixing himself, "But if we want to get ready for that concert we might as well do our chores early... Shouldn't you be at school, brat?...."

He felt his face and bolted straight, "OW!"


Naoki stood up and extended his arms out to Gumi and Riku, "Good morning Carrots-chan and Coffee-tan! Welcome to the store!"


Nero shoved the list on Naoki's face, "You not getting away that easily, you are going to give me the groceries and give them to me now!"


Naoki looked downed at the list for awhile and saluted darted in the backdoor of the groceries. Chicken sounds and pan clanging were heard.


Nero crossed his arms tapping his foot, "Soooo....." He turned to the girls, "What's up?"

He felt uneasy now that he had been thinking of the boot earlier.

10/26/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #4

Riku sighed. "The ceiling." She said. "And yes, I'm supposed to be at school, but I feel bad today so I'm gonna come at 4th period today." She said, stretching her arms to the sides of her head.

"And besides, shouldn'y YOU be at school Nero?"


"Nothing much." Gumi said. "I was on my way to the park for a morning job, and then I was gonna take Riku to school. I haven't been to a real one in a few years. Riku tells me there are monsters in the hallways and that the people there use carrots to squash tiny animals. So I'm gonna go check it out for myself..."

"I even got a disguise!" Gumi reached behind her in to a carrot shaped backpack and pulled out a wig and a pair of cosplay clothes. "Tada! Now I'm Sae!" (from Peach Girl).


"I bet you 5000 yen that her wig is going to fall off." Riku said, picturing the scene in her head. "Well...at least if all the kids form a mosh pit, we might be able to go without 7th period..." She thought aloud. "That means I probably won't have any homework!!!" Riku squealed. "No homework!!!"


Gumi bit into a random carrot. "Mmmm..." She said.

10/26/2010 #5
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Vocaloids don't go to school..." Nero changed his eyes to a bored look, "We study back at home."

Nero then sweatdropped at Carrots-chan, "Monsters?..... Riku......." he glared at Riku, "If she's going, I have to come too!"

He closed his eyes and crossed his arms, there was no way he was going to leave Gumi alone with High-school guys these days. Yeah, he pretty much thought he was more mature than public school boys.

10/26/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #6

"Oh no no! You stay here and rest your weary self." Riku said saracstically, getting ready to leave the store. "After all, vocaloids don't go to school! You just focus on buying everyone's food."

An evil cat smile spread across Riku's face.

"Besides," She continued, "Gumi's not a vocaloid, she's a mepoid. Now come on Gumi!!!" Riku said excitedly. "I cna't believe I get to bring my favorite celebrity to my school! It's like a dream come true! OMG!!! OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!!!" She squealed jumpping around happily, flapping her arms.


Gumi was busily pulling out the items from her bag. She's gone behind an isle and started putting her cosplay on.

"TADA!" She said when she was finally done. "How do I look?!?" She asked, patting her wig.


"You look great!!!" Riku said. "The kids are gonna LOOOVE you! Put just watch out for Romeo. He's the school's biggest perv." She said, interlocking her arm with Gumi's and heading towards the door.


"Come on Nero! Don't be shy!" She said. "I have plenty of cosplay outfits! I hope you don't mind looking like Sailor Mars though..." She said, digging through the contents of her bag.

10/26/2010 #7
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero twitched at Riku's insults, "You pushing it...."

Then he looked at Gumi as she wore that beautiful dress-up, Wow.... without the fake wig she would look perfect in that skirt...

Entranced by her cosplay, Nero then snapped immediatly at the word "perv"

"PERV, WHAT PERV!" He took a step foward before paling at Gumi's idea of placing him in a sailor cosplay as he remembered the antics of last week.

"Sailor Mars! Uhhh," He sweapdropped showing a fang in his frown laughing nervously, "Don't you have any boys cosplays? Like Tuxedo Mask?

10/26/2010 #8

Riku rolled her eyes. "Perv at 12:00!" She said, pointing in the direction of Nero.


Gumi dug around in her bag and dumpped all the contents onto the floor. "Oh! Let's see here...I have a Ted Kasane cosplay, a Goku cosplay, a pikachu cosplay, sailor venus cosplay...and let's see...Oh!" She pulled a giant purple costume out of her bag. "I have barney too! Which one do you want?" She asked.


"We're gonna be late for lunch! They're serving funnel cake today!!!" Riku whined, stamping her foot on the ground. "I WANT MY FUNNELCAKE!!!" She yelled.

10/26/2010 #9
This Is My Horse Dammit

Akita, ignoring the statement Riku made picked out the Ted Kasane cosplay. After placing them on, he felt awkward wearing pink hair with a long twisty ponytail and glasses but he was determined to go to school to keep an eye as he convince himself on things (not just Gumi), "Okay let's go!" he nodded.


Moments later, "Uhhh!" Naoki came out of the backdoor carrying ten huge crates, "Were- do... you.. want this.... Nero" He said straining.

"Nero...... Nero?" He looked to the side and they were gone.

Naoki placed the crates on the ground and rubbed his chin, "Now where have they could of gone?"

10/26/2010 . Edited 10/26/2010 #10

(( SHOOT DIDN'T EVEN THINK TO CHECK FOR A NEW THREAD D: Let's not let it die, kk? ))

Isendre slapped the nightstand a few times before she found what she was looking for.

Not the alarm clock.

The bowl of peppermints.

She grabbed one and popped it into her mouth as she sat up. The mirror across the room reflected her wild morning hair back at her and it was the first thing she looked at. The second thing she looked at was the peppermint bowl.

Which was now empty.

Panicking a bit, she grabbed her cellphone and sent a quick message.

Naokiiiii~! What time do you get done with work?

10/28/2010 #11
This Is My Horse Dammit

Naoki struggled to push the crates back behind the counter when the phone beeped twice next to the register. He looked at his white cellphone and walked towards it to grab it, he saw that it was a message and paused for a moment on how to use it. He wasen't a celluar fanatic as Akita was nor used it very often, "~Kya, Suou-chan's never payed attention that Naoki-kun arrives at 3 'o clock."

He frowned feel a bit ignored but only for a moment as he tried to compose a text message pressing random buttons, "Nero always types this way so it couldn't be so hard.... askonatadfleichikutourangoouwqmdidm111337omgsksjdaywqwerty77nsniisandifnmgf -I3suidfhndaisukedbfjhihaxorsrkjvcnf------"

He (By luck) pressed the sent button and smiled at the success, "Yay! My first text message!" he hopped for joy.

10/29/2010 #12

((I like that idea!))

((XDD Naoki))

Meanwhile Riku, Gumi and Nero were at school. When the three entered the classroom, all the kids jumpped up and started saying "Hi," and things like "Oh, Riku! Who's your friend? He's cute!" And "I didn't know you could sing! Think you can hook me up?"

Hundreds of fangirls were cutting up pictures of Nero, Mikuo and Naoki and putting them on their binders and on random sheets of paper with dreamy looks in their eyes.


Riku just grinned nervously and tried to struggle to her chair. "Um...Th-thanks?" She said quietly. Although she seemed like it, she wasn't any type of social butterfly. All the kids there were making her nervous.

"Riku! Want me to do your homework?" "Since your famous, how much do you get paid?" "Can I get free popipo juice?" "Can I have your autograph???" "Who are your friends? Are they famous too???"

Riku buried her face in her hands and sank in her chair. Next time, I'M wearing a disguise. She thought.


Gumi looked around the classroom for a place to sit down. There were two empty seats in the back. Gumi nudged Nero and said: "Sit over there with me!!!" Then, without actually waiting for a reply, she ran over to the chair.

About five minutes later, a group of kids were at Gumi's seat asking her questions. Unlike Riku however, Gumi liked the attention! She'd been working to get it all back for three years!

"It all started with this..." She began.


And of course, Nero wasn't exempt from the attention either. A group of girls and boys didn't even give him time to sit down before them started asking him questions about all kinds of weird things, like his shoe size.

10/29/2010 #13
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero sweatdropped as he fixed his dark pink wig in a way unsuspecting, this ponytail's going to be a problem once somebody's pulled on it he thought.

Then he immediatly pushed and shoved his way through the swarm, "Excuse me! Get the **BLEEP** out of my way please!" he asked slightly irritated with all the attention, he didn't mine the crowd actually, they were just in his way.

"Shimai! (sister)" he said to Gumi and gestured "Shh!"

They were to keep a low profile since they were in disguised.

10/29/2010 #14

Gumi was just about to get into the story of how she became a reknowned vocaloid, when Nero said: "SHH!!"

"Holy crap!" She thought. I forgot that if these wigs come off we're screwed!!! "Thank you!!!" She mouthed to Nero.


Riku was sitting in the corner writing autographs on various binders and body parts when the teacher came in. All the students ran to their seats and sat down.

One of the kids in her class was the renowned Romeo, and she watched as he shoved Nero off of his seat so hard she slid through the next two rows into the wall. "Move it baka, You're in my seat!" He said.

The teacher walked out of the room at the wrong time so she didn't see Nero get totally owned, but all the students did.


"Oooooooohhhh..." They said.


Riku's eyes widened. Then, as if by habit, Riku said "!!!Are you gonna TAKE that Ner--Neyo???" She asked, standing up in her chair.


Gumi was about as speechless and dumbfounded as the other kids.

10/29/2010 #15
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero just stood there next to the wall, his top half of his face darken. Slowly he turned to face the bully in his dark expression, he had been pushed around before many times as a kid in his lonely childhood... but that last one had finally made him snapped.

He raised his head to take a look at Romeo, his golden eyes began to literally glow with fury underneath the darkness behind the glasses, "You... You better say sorry!" he clenched his fist saying those words coldly threatening.

His inner demons were ready to emerge as a new side of him began to show.

10/29/2010 #16

"Or what are you gonna do about it?" Romeo said, uncaringly, reclining in his seat. "You don't even have the muscle to stay in a seat when people punch you. I'm not scared of you." He continued.


Riku realized Nero's encredibly scary expression and sunk into her chair a little bit. She started to lift the binder she was holding slightly, so she would be ready to sheild her eyes when it was just getting ugly.

"Whatever you do Romeo, PLEASE don't say the "F" word..." Riku thought. "Don't say it...Don't say it..."


Gumi narrowed her eyes and pulled a carrot out of nowhere. She broke it in half and was preparing to throw one big chunk at Romeo's head.


Romeo yawned. "You bore me." He cotinued. "Now get out of my face."

10/29/2010 #17
This Is My Horse Dammit

"...I'm not going to repeat it one more time.... Apologize to me, you damn prick before you get seriously hurt." Nero warned maliciously turning even more heartless by the second as he stepped forward lifting his fist in front which had a vein.

All hell was about to break loose in this now awkwardly silent classroom, even the other classmates were afraid of Neyo's mood right now.

10/29/2010 . Edited 10/29/2010 #18

Gumi slowly put the carrot down and started to back up against her chair. "Um...N-Neyo..." She said quietly. "Don't get any blood on me..." She said.


Riku swaetdropped. "Hey, Romeo, really, just...please...say sorry...for your own sake." She was actually starting to get worried with Nero's mood. She'd never imagined he could ever get so upset!


"Romeo Ueda doesn't apologize to anyone! HE should be aplogizing to ME for sitting in my chair! Now get out of my face pipsqueak!" A few of Romeo's friends began to laugh.


Riku sank in her chair even lower. This day is NOT gonna have a happy ending. She thought. "Hey, Neyo, Just calm down! k? Romeo's just an idiot, he does his all the time and doesn't really mean it so--"


"Shut up Riku!" Romeo yelled. "And get outta here shrimpet!" Romeo reached up his hands to puch Nero again.

10/29/2010 #19
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero's glasses shined as he heard Romeo rudely silence Riku and the next moment he grabbed Romeo's hand and neck and backflipped him fiercely, "HYAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Slamming the boy mercilessly on the ground.

"Fight! Fight!" Cheering all the boys in the classroom as Akita was marching towards Romeo like a fercious monster ready to kill.

"YOU THINK YOUR ALL THAT ON A HIGH PEDASTAL B***?!?!?! GET UP!!!" he shouted angrily he grabbed his neck collar to pick him up, "YOU THINK YOUR BETTER THAN ME!?!?! DO YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME!?"

10/29/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #20

Gumi looked in horror at the scene before her, but she couldn't help but get out of her seat to look at the action. What if his wig falls off??? What would happen if the press found out that Nero beat up a high school kid!!! The fans would go crazy! Oh crap this is bad... She thought, biting her nails.


Romeo stood up weakly and faced Nero. He reached up and punched Nero across his face, knocking him off balance momentarily. "What kind of question is THAT @$$HOLE?!? You're in MY territory, Get the f*** outta here!" He yelled, trucking into Nero with his shoulder.


"HEY! QUIT IT!" Riku yelled, jumpping out of her seat to try and calm the steamed Nero and Romeo. "NEYO! ROMEO CALM DOWN!!! CALM DOWN!!!" She pleaded, reaching to grab Romeo's hand before there was a serious injury. It was hard to reach the two in all the havoc.


"I TOLD YOU TO CAN IT BARBIE!" Romeo yelled at Riku furiously.


"Quit hitting people you big sack of nasty!" Gumi yelled, flinging the carrot at Romeo. It didn't miss.


By this time, Romeo was so overcome with anger, that he grabbed Riku by the hand that she was trying to stop him with and shoved her into Gumi. The two both crashed into some chairs and Gumi had hit her head on the edge of a desk, knocking her out.

10/30/2010 #21

(Oh gosh.. I'm lost. Help? ^^;)

10/30/2010 #22

K, well, last episode, everyone was getting ready to do the popipo commercial. This episode is a few days after the commercial and what happens. Riku took Nero and Gumi to her school and now Nero and the school bully Romeo, are in a fight ^^

10/30/2010 #23

Alright :3 Mind if I add in a few of my characters?

10/30/2010 #24

Go right ahead!!!

10/30/2010 #25

(Okay.. I guess I'll have actual Vocaloids in disguise, and any OCs just how they are.)

A girl with long, black-and-purple hair tied up in a ponytail, and teal eyes ran into the room. "Hiya Riku-chan~!" she yelled, glomping Riku, totally oblivious to the fight.

The black-haired, blue-eyed girl that followed sweatdropped. "Ehh.."

(I guess Rin could be Lin and Miku could be.. err.. Ren? They could pose as sisters or something. xD)

(..Oh, and they're still in concert/play-ish outfits..)

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #26

((XD k))

Riku was currently spaced out, so she didn't realize when she was totally glomped. Did that j*** just...hit ME??? She thought unable to believe what had happened. She put her hand on her head, and stared.


Gumi meanwhile was seeing little carrots dance around her head.

10/30/2010 #27

"Ehh.. Mi- Ren.. I don't think this is the best time to be glomping Riku..?"

"Eh?" The so-called "Ren" looked down. "Oh! Gomenasai, Riku-chan!" she exclaimed, getting off of the white-haired girl and holding out a hand to help her up.

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #28

Riku blinked. The part of her head that had hit the table had been but and was bleeding a little. THAT FAT@$$ She screamed in her head, taking Miku's hand to stand up.

When she was up, she looked at the girl next to her and stared. "...Do I know you?" She asked.


Gumi was still seeing carrots dancing around her head.

10/30/2010 #29
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero dodged a few hits and took a few, but when he saw what Romeo did to Riku and especially to Gumi he snarled, "YOU'VE JUST SIGNED YOUR DEATHWISH!"

Flames began to mentally appeared around he as the blond charged at him, he bashed-kicked him into a corner and began to ruthlessly swinging his fist with a left and a right aimed at Romeo's face so fast it was non-human!

Apparently being a vocaloid has it's advantages, "TATATATATATATATATATATA!" Nero yelled in his adrenaline filled fury.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz4G7UVhLos )

10/30/2010 . Edited 10/30/2010 #30
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