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This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero's eyes widen and fell down to his knees covering his crotch, "OOWWWWW! WHAT THE F$CK!"

He was in deep pain as Natsumi dragged him back cursing, "I don't care as long I'm away from that -bleep-!"


Naoki suddenly glomped Kira "HIIIII!~"

"I'm Naoki and you're so cute!" he said with a cat smile.


5/26/2011 #511

Natsumi looked back at Rose as she continued to drag Nero to the RV.

"Oi! That was uncalled for Rose!" scolded Natsumi.

5/26/2011 #512

Rose suddenly relised what she did."I did it again..at this rate no one will like me...",Rose said close to tears with her bangs covering her eyes as she followed the others to the RV.

Why do I have to be like this?Why did I come here?I might not make any friends if this keeps up...Ros thought as she silently walked into the RV bangs still covering her almost tear stained face.

5/26/2011 #513

Kira's eyes widened. "Um, th-th-thank y-y-you" she stuttered out blushing as she tried to figure out what he was doing." I-I'm K-k-kKira Mujokina" she said still trying to figure out why she was being glomped.

5/26/2011 #514
This Is My Horse Dammit

"So Kira-chan! How did you get here?" Naoki said letting her go and smiling at her naively.

Naoki has this habit of being overly friendly to everyone he meets due to his childlike nature.

5/26/2011 #515

"Sixteen, seven on the floor," Mikuo sighed as Kira fell into the van, still hoping that everyone would calm down and go to sleep. "But I don't know if we'll see Riku again tonight. Is Kisaragi sleeping up there?"

He peeked out the window to see how the Calm-Nero-Down Task Force was doing. It appeared to be...not going pleasantly at all. Natsumi was dragging Nero into the RV, with the new girl close behind, looking dejected.

"I really hope he's going to let someone else drive."


Isendre sunk down in her chair, glowering at Kira. It was an easy way to maintain her standing with the others while still trying to process the fact that she'd helped someone.


Ren's smile faltered a bit as he looked at Sakuyo. "There's a studio room on this RV, right? Maybe it would be better to sing for me in there."

(( Natsumi walks in, sees Sakuyo disappearing with random guy, epicness ensues. Just a thought. ))

5/26/2011 #516

As Rose walked into the RV she couldn't take it anymore and the tears rolled freely down her face.She doesn't usually cry unless she did something she regrets.She thought no one would notice her crying as she sat in the corner and buried her face in her knees.

5/26/2011 #517

"u-u-umm, I-I-I f-fell out of th-the vent, b-because I w-was d-dared to cl-climb into the v0vent on one of the vehicles at your guys-s last stop and th-then you guys st-started l-leaving b-before I-I could get out" Kira stuttered out with wide eyes as she shrank back a little.

5/26/2011 #518

Sakuyo nodded happily. "Let's go then~," said Sakuyo, walking over to the studio with Ren.

Natsumi entered the RV at that moment. "Guys! I have an important thing to annouce!" hollered Natsumi before her eyes fell on her sister. Sakuyo seemed to be talking with a boy she didn't know, and it didn't help that she seemed to be disappearing with the boy.

Instantly she let go of Nero and grabbed Ren's shirt. "Who the heck are you and what the heck are you going to do with my sister?!" screamed Natsumi.

5/26/2011 #519

"Me too," Rin agreed. "I'm scared we'll all die if he keeps driving." she deadpanned, although her eyes shone with amusement.


Hope, noticing the nervous girl, walked over so that she stood a few paces behind Naoki.

"Are you alright then? You were in the vent through all of that." Hope asked curiously, her timidness forgotten for the moment.

(I'd have Rin go over to Rose, but I dunno how to without it being awkward. And I failed with Hope OTL)

5/26/2011 #520
This Is My Horse Dammit

"Aww! Poor Kira!" Naoki hugged her again, "Don't worry! I'll be your friend and protect you!"

He winked at her and cat smiled, but then a crying Rose caught his eye.

"Excuse me please!" He said to Isendre and Kira as he went away to the girl crying in the corner.

As he kneeled down right next to her, he patted her on the head, "Hello! Why are you crying?"


Nero crawled on the floor exagerratively in pain as if he was a zombie with no legs.

The blond hair vocaloid grab a hold of Mikuo's right leg and whined, "I'M DYYYIIIIIIIINGGG... Before I go, I just want you to know you were the best friend I ever had..."

Really now, guess the Task Force was successful in calming the fiery Akita down...

5/26/2011 #521

Kira blushed and facepalmed before looking at Hope. "I-I-I'm f-f-fine, th-thank you f-for asking" she stuttered out.

5/26/2011 #522

Hope smiled. "That's good." she replied, pushing a few stray strands of hair away from her face.

(Rushed as usual. I gotta go in a little bit, I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow. The coach bus for going upstate leaves at 7:45 .__.)

5/26/2011 . Edited 5/26/2011 #523

"I-I'm Kira Mujokina" Kira said as she shook her head a bit to get her bangs out of her eyes.

(Lol, at least you have an exscuse XD My posts are usually this short :P)

5/26/2011 #524

"I'm Hope." the shorter girl replied, still absentmindedly fiddling with her hair. "Nice to meet you~"

(My theory is that Hope's not timid around Kira because she's timid too, so Hope doesn't feel threatened.

Ohgod. That makes it sound like Hope's a dog or something. xD)

5/26/2011 #525

Gumi barged into the RV, slamming the door open. She stood in the doorway panting for a minute, before she sucked in a lot of air and suddenly yelled: "SSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAALLLLLLLLKKKKKKEEEEEEEEERRRRRRS!!!!!!" And then she continued her rampage in the RV. She looked in the drivers seat, she looked in the cabinets, she looked under the beds, she looked under the floorboards, she looked in the pillows, the toilets, the sinks, under the tables, and everything in-between.

While going crazy, she tripped over Nero and came crashing down to the floor.

"fffffffffffffffffffffff...." She hissed, straightening her now broken goggles. "I'M GONNA KILL WHOEVER TRIPPED M---, Oh, Nero-chan, when did you get on the floor?" She asked, lookiing behind her and momentarily forgetting her rage.


"Yeah..." Riku said, her voice trailing off, admiring the sky and its stars. "Some...shine brighter than others..." Riku was lost in deep thinking when she then heard the sound of a certain blond boy screeching in pain.

She looked over then edge of the RV to see Rose, Nero and Natsumi, Rose had just kicked Nero and Natsumi was dragging him into the RV. Rose was dismayed and hung her head as she walked in, but Riku was dying!

"PPFFT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" She cried, grabbing her sides. "OH MY LORD THAT WAS SO EPIC!!!" She curled inwards as she laughed. She was at it for about a minute before her laughter finally died down. "Ah! That made my day!" She said, wiping tears from her eyes. "I like her!"


Meanwhile, Gumi had gotten up from her place on the floor and was continuing to (calmly) search for evidence.

((GAH! my posts come at the most inconvinient times!!! So much has already happened and then BAM! I've ruined the precious cycle. Ah well. Such is life xP))

5/26/2011 . Edited 5/26/2011 #526

"Its nice to meet you too...although not under these circumstances" Kira said with a sweatdrop.

5/26/2011 #527

Rin glanced over worriedly at the small girl huddled in the corner, but once she saw Naoki go over, she was reassured. Naoki could cheer almost anyone up from almost anything.

She looked down nonchalantly at the somewhat strange pile of people next to her - Nero clinging to Mikuo's leg like a lost child, and Gumi sprawled on the floor - albeit on for a second or so - from tripping over the blond.

Rin just sweatdropped. "Nero, what the hell happened to you? And what about stalkers, Gumi?" she asked.


Hope shrugged, flinching slightly at Gumi's scream. "True, but you get used to it." she said.

"Or at least I have, considering that that guy over there-" she added, pointing to Gakupo, "-is one of the people I trust the most. And a bit crazy."

(Your posts are fine, Kimmy. Better than mine, anyways~ x3)

5/26/2011 #528
This Is My Horse Dammit

Nero replyed to Gumi by pointing at Rose being comforted by Naoki.


Kisaragi blinked, being the ever observant seemingly emotionless vocaloid that she was commented, "... Oh that poor boy, judging by the impact and his reaction... I fear he may not be able to reproduce for the rest of his life."

She thought aloud enough for Natsumi to hear.

5/26/2011 #529

Kira looked around. "So...I take it this is normal behavior?" she said as she looked all around her, and at everybody.

5/26/2011 #530

Rose looked up at Naoki.She was still crying."I-I-I a-accidently l-l-let my a-anger i-issues...g-get the b--best of m-me andd I k-kicked Nero....Now everyone is going to hate me!",Rose cryed.

5/26/2011 #531

Mikuo looked down at Nero, then at Gumi and Natsumi. "Huh. I thought you were mad at me, Nero. You're my best friend too, so I don't feel bad telling you that you're probably overreacting. Gumi, what are you looking for?"


Ren was in mid-stride, and the lower half of his body continued moving while the upper half stopped, causing him to stumble backwards. He flinched and turned around, holding his palms out defensively.

"Nothing that a loving older sister wouldn't approve of, I'm sure!"

5/27/2011 #532

"How don't I know that you're not pretending to be nice to catch her when her guard is lowered?!" inquired Natsumi.

"Natsumi-nee! Its Ren-kun! I just wanted him to hear me sing," explained Sakuyo.

Even though Sakuyo techinically explained everything, Natsumi still really doubted everything. She narrowed her eyes at the male vocaloid.

5/27/2011 #533

Rose continued to cry and put her head back down in her knees.

5/27/2011 #534

Kira backed up into a corner and sweatdropped as she watched everything happen. "....we could just jump out the window...No, the vehicles moving.....Oh..." she thought internally arguing with herself.

5/27/2011 #535

"Cameras! Microphones! Things that a stalker would use to track his prey..." She examined Gakupo's headset and glared at it. "This headset looks suspicious..." She said before snapping around to face Gakupo.

"NII-CHAN! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THIS FROM!" She said, raising her voice slightly. "Tell me, or the eggplant gets it!!!" She pulled an eggplant out of her shirt and waved it in front of Gakupo. "Teeeeell meeeeee..." She said, morphing her voice into to sound ghostly.


Riku turned over on her side once more when she was done laughing. "Well, thanks for the lesson Kisa-chan." She said, closing her eyes. "It...was...helpful..." And then she drifted off to sleep.

5/27/2011 #536

Rosellia was watching Mikuo all day and decided to show herself.So she walked out from one of the cabinets in the RV and glomped Mikuo."Oh Mikuo I love you!",she yelled as she continued glomping Mikuo.Soon she saw Rose.She growled and got up.Soon a scythe appeared out of no where and was now at Rose's neck.She was still crying howwever and didn't care."You Rose!I challenge you!Who ever can kiss Mikuo first wins and they are the best Vocaloid in the world!",Rosellia declared.


Rose didn't care what so ever."Rosellia Beautia just leave me alone!",she yelled and grabbed the scythe.She does this to approve of the challenge,Rosellia smirked and put the scythe away.She soon was all over Mikuo again.All Rose cared about was apologizing to Nero for kicking himShe didn't know why she wanted to say sorry unless.Maybe she had a crush on the blonde.Couldn't be.Rose swore never to fall inlove.For her this was bad.

5/27/2011 #537

Gumi blinked. "Wow Mikuo-kun, you are quite the ladies man aren't you?" She didn't stop waving the eggplant, but she did laugh. It's gonna be a VERY long road-trip. She thought, secretly down-trodden.


Riku meanwhile, was fast asleep.

((lazy post!!!))

5/27/2011 #538

"Yes he is!!!And Anyone who gets to close to him will die!",Rosellia threatened to all the girls in the RV.Soon she was hugging Miikuo tighter."I love you Mikuo-Koi!",Rosellia smiled.

5/27/2011 #539

"No, no, no! Absolutely not! Get off of me!" Mikuo pushed Rosellia away and glared down at her. "I've never even met you and I am not going to be the subject of your games! If you thought I'd go along with that then you obviously don't know me well enough to be so in love! Don't give me those stupid pet names and don't touch me again!

"And the rest of you - I wish you could see yourselves right now. Screaming, crying, fighting, crawling on the floor. I'd laugh but I'm afraid I'd end up hysterical."

He rubbed his forehead and took a deep breath. "It's the middle of the night, we just put on a huge concert and apparently I'm the only one who was looking forward to a little sleep. Settle down."


Ren dropped his eyes in guilt. "I'm sorry that you don't trust me, but she really was just going to sing. I would never use such a sweet girl for my own gain. If you'd like, you're welcome to come along and supervise."

5/27/2011 . Edited 5/27/2011 #540
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