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(o3o Can I join in? As in maybe Natsumi and Sakuyo are found, almost dead from exhaustion from running from those DeadLow thingies? o3o?)

11/1/2011 #91

((I'd say have them somehow make it to the grocery store. That's where Sake and I are now 8D;))

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #92

(Okey, dokey~)

Some crying could be heard from deep inside the grocery store. It was a girl crying, another voice could be heard, as if someone trying to sing a comforting song to the crying girl.


Kiyoteru panted as he sat down against the wall of Hachigata-jou Minami primary school. It happened so suddenly, he was in the teacher's lounge, talking to his senpai-teachers about the possibility of his band, Ice Mountain, performing in the weekend, when all fellow teachers just morphed into some kind of zombies and tried to attack him. He barely managed to escape and lock the teacher's lounge. That wasn't the worst part of the mess, the brunt of the horror was when it hit him that his friends and band members, Azuchi Tohma and Amane Haruto were inside and had become one of those creatures.

Kiyoteru forced himself to swallow back a few tears as the banging of the door increased. He had to escape the school, but first he needed to check if any children had not been turned into those zombies. He got up and ran down the long hallway, first he needed to find himself something to defend himself with...

(Short post, but long post when they find Sakuyo and Natsumi. Me hopes~)

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #93

((Kayy. I guess I'll pull Luka back, since Lily and Miku are still talking xD))

Luka, only semi-focused on the discussion in front of her, seemed to be noticed as soft noises came from farther within the abandoned store. She frowned slightly, her gaze flitting from Lily to the two siblings as if weighing her options. After a moment, she made a decision, reaching out to grasp Lily's free hand for a moment.

"I'll be right back. I think I heard something." she murmured to her slightly taller companion. Without waiting for an answer, the pinkette quickly brushed past her into the aisles, knowing that the blonde would be alright on her own.

((Lame post is laaaame :D))

11/2/2011 #94

The crying continued and so did the singing. Between sobs the crying girl asked the singing voice.

"Natsumi-nee, do you think mom and dad are alright?"


Kiyoteru found himself in front of the janitor's room. Certainly there would be something there that he could defend himself with. He quickly entered and searched the items. An idea came to him that maybe Natsuki and Akito could be alive. Most likely Akito, there was no way in Hell that Akito would like himself turn into one of those monsters, Kiyoteru smiled at that thought.

He stopped in his search of a weapon to pull out his cellphone and punched Akito's cellphone number. He silently prayed that his childhood friend would answer him.

(Dang, I'm making too short of posts. Meh, at least Kiyoteru's was longish :'D)

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #95

((Wait... I'm confused. How are they fighting all the way in the grocery store? o.o))

11/2/2011 #96

(Back door maybe :'D Er... Lemme change my post then :'D)

11/2/2011 #97

Lily watched surreptitiously as Luka disappeared, worried not for herself but for the other. But they were both armed, so ideally there was nothing to worry about. She returned her eyes to the siblings in front of her, watching as the boy lowered his gun as well, and bluntly asked the important question.

"Are there more of you, here or elsewhere? I don't need specifics if you're not willing to give them, but I would like to know how many survivors there are in the area."

11/2/2011 #98

Kiyoteru gave a small sigh. Akito was not answering his cellphone. Something was probably happening to him. He had to find Akito and fast. Kiyoteru grabbed a plastic broom. That wasn't going to last long. Sighing, Kiyoteru looked up and grabbed at one of the exposed steel pipes in the ceiling.

"I hope I'm strong enough to pull this out," muttered Kiyoteru, as he started pulling on the steel pipe.

Mustering all his strength, Kiyoteru found out that he couldn't budge the steel pipe. Another idea clicked in him, maybe if he entered the area where they kept the sport equipment, he could get himself a baseball bat. The young teacher dashed out of the room and down the hallway. He continued with no problem and finally entered the sport equipment storage. He grabbed a steel baseball bat and headed out.

Everything was alright until he saw a zombie figure. Kiyoteru cautiously approached it, baseball bat held high, ready to swing. His muscles froze as he saw that the zombie figure was of an elementary student. Kiyoteru swallowed. He... just couldn't bring himself to hit the child, even if it was a zombie.

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #99

Miku, after a moment's hesitation, nodded, her eyes staying trained on Lily even as Luka left. "There are more. I can't say any more yet, though." she responded.

"I presume that you two are alone, then?" the tealette asked, shifting her weight slightly.


Luka, hearing the mumbled words, quickened her pace slightly. Her gun stayed clutched in her hand, although she seriously doubted that it would be needed, judging from the naivety in the voice she heard.

As she reached the aisle, the young woman slowed. Two girls- one with light pink hair, and the second a brunette, sat in the back near a small employee door. They hadn't seemed to have noticed her yet.

11/2/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #100

The light pink haired girl kept looking at the floor while the older girl gently patted her head. Beside the two girls was a traditional japanese sword, those ones that were real but used for decoration. And beside the sword was a small gun, albeit, it had no bullets.

"I don't know Sakuyo," muttered the brunette.

Sakuyo looked up at her sister as sobbed. Natsumi sighed, in the corner of her eye, she saw a figure approaching them. Out of instincts, Natsumi grabbed the sword and unsheathed it, ready to attack the figure.

11/2/2011 #101

Luka stopped completely as the older of the two raised a traditional katana, which almost seemed to be modeled after those of the Edo period. She raised her free hand up slightly, signalling that she didn't mean harm, but the revolver stayed aimed downwards in her right hand.

"Whoa, there." Luka murmured, her voice soft as she watched the two. The younger girl, with a hair color almost similar to her own, couldn't be any older than fourteen, and the brunette didn't seem to be much older. "I'm not here to fight you two."

11/2/2011 #102

Natsumi narrowed her eyes but lowered the katana. She didn't trust the woman just yet, she held up her arm protectively at her sister. Sakuyo looked at Luka with a pleading look, as if she had the answer for her question.

"Survivor as well?" asked Natsumi dryly.

11/2/2011 #103

"It's just the two of us," Lily confirmed evenly, "and that's perfectly understandable. Is there any way we can earn your trust enough to learn more and maybe join you? I'll freely admit that I'm run-down and sick of seeing nothing but zombies around every corner."

Normally not the type to admit weakness, Lily hoped that this discarding of pride wouldn't become a recurring thing.

11/2/2011 #104

Kiyoteru acted quickly, instead of hitting the zombie, he dodged it and ran straight for the exit. He wondered how in the world he ended up thinking that he could defend himself. When those zombies were alive, he would never have to courage to hit the person or child, even now he didn't have the courage. He was the type of guy that wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Out in the courtyard, Kiyoteru paled. There was no way the could dodge the hoards of child zombies that were there. Suddenly, one of the windows crashed open, and to his horror the zombie of the teacher's lounge were able to leave the building.

11/3/2011 #105

Luka's blue eyes flitted from Natsumi to Sakuyo, her gaze softening. "Yeah," she replied, nodding slightly. The tall woman lowered her free hand as her grasp on the gun loosened.


Miku smiled slightly. She could relate to the blonde; even with everyone at the agency, fighting DeadLows day after day was not something she looked forward to. In fact, without the company of others, it would be torture.

With only the two of them, it must be even worse.

"Officially, it's not up to me to decide." she replied evenly, the smile still set in place. "But I'll see what I- or we, can do." Miku finished, glancing at her little brother for affirmation.

11/3/2011 #106

Natsumi kept her sword lowered. She got up and helped Sakuyo get up. The brunette sheathed the sword and picked up the gun, handing it to her sister.

"Here, you're going to need it," said Natsumi.

"But, Natsumi-nee, there's no bullets in them,"

"Doesn't mean you can't bash those zombie heads in if they get too close to you while I'm fighting some off."

Natsumi then turned to Luka, observing her critically. Maybe that woman knew more survivors and even if she didn't, one more in the group was a good help. After all, one does get tired after killing so many DeadLows on their own.

11/3/2011 #107

Mikuo palmed the radio on his belt thoughtfully. "We could try to contact Kasane-san from here and broach the subject," he offered quietly.

And then he worried that maybe he shouldn't have said their leader's name, or that they had contact with her at the time, but it was too late.


"I'd appreciate whatever you could do," Lily said, addressing both siblings. "We would both appreciate it. Luka and I."

(( I can't think of anything fitting for Ren's entry, haha - I may just be too tired, I'll try to edit it in the morning orz. ))

11/3/2011 #108

Luka watched the interaction between the two silently. In a way, it almost reminded her of Lily and herself...

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts, though, smiling weakly when Natsumi looked back.

Seeing that the girl wasn't going to say anything, the pinkette took the initiative. "What are the two of you doing here, alone?" she asked, unsure of how to start.


Miku shot Mikuo a warning glance as he mentioned Teto's name, but let it slide. It didn't give away much, and Lily seemed honest enough.

The older Hatsune nodded in agreement. "Can you contact her, Mikuo?"

11/5/2011 . Edited 11/5/2011 #109

Natsumi rolled her eyes. What else would she and her sister be doing here? A rather dumb question. Sakuyo smiled weakly at the older woman, appreciating the initiative.

"We came here because of the zombies outside. It was the only empty place that we found that was zombie-free," explained Sakuyo.

11/5/2011 #110

Luka nodded in understanding. Her gaze shifted to the youngest of the two, ignoring the eldest's reaction. While there were actually no DeadLows in the immediate area, but the store was most likely safer than staying outside.

"Were you two.. from a town near here?" the question was directed as Sakuyo. Luka knew that it could be a touchy subject depending on their past. Keeping the conversation flowing, however, as well as calming the brunette, was more important at the moment.

11/5/2011 #111

Sakuyo nodded. "We're from this town. Natsumi-nee was in her high school when it started. It was during my P.E class that it started too," explained Sakuyo.

Natsumi kept observing the pinkette. Still distrustful of the woman, espcially because of the gun.

"I ran away and meet Natsumi-nee close to the park. We both decided to get home to get the sword and the gun. But..." said Sakuyo, her gaze turning to the floor "We don't know if mom and dad are alright..."

11/5/2011 #112

Mikuo averted his eyes sheepishly. "We're still in range, but I'm not sure how good the signal will be." Most VDA members were carrying police-issue radio transceivers, so he didn't think it would be too hard to hear. He brought the transceiver to his mouth and pressed the transmit button.

"Miku and Mikuo" - he was careful to omit any more important or identifiable information - "for home. Kasane-san, if you can hear us, come in."


(( Sorry for enormous wordy fail post. But here you go, Glace~! Sorry it took so long orz. And sorry that frickin' ALL of my characters are carrying guns, but I think they're the most realistic weapon to have. 8D; And I apologize too much and now I'm rambling, so sorry for that too. //shot. I feel like Ren is a little awkwardly OOC in this post but I'll get the hang of him again soon. ))

Three days after arriving in the city, Ren was beginning to lose hope that he'd ever lay eyes on another living person. He had planned to find a place to hole up for a day or so, sleep, stock up on supplies, and then move on to the next town to look for more survivors. It was frustrating, because he knew there were people here - flashes of color that didn't belong, the sensation of being watched, it was all there - but he just couldn't catch it fast enough to make contact with anyone. So when he heard the shattering of glass just down the road from where he was, he knew he had either found people or trouble. He ran toward the sound, rolling his feet carefully to avoid making too much noise, and found himself at the gate, latched but not locked, of what a sign proclaimed to be the local primary school.

He scanned the schoolyard. There was indeed a horde of zombies - the schoolchildren themselves, by the look of it, and some adults trying to come out through a window - and their movements were startlingly purposeful, rather than aimless as he'd expected them to be. Upon further examination, their purpose was to get to the man in their midst, holding a baseball bat but seeming unwilling to strike. Ren's first thought was that this was weak and foolish, but he quickly reconsidered - most people would probably be unable to attack a crowd of children, even if they were no longer quite human.

However, Ren wasn't one of those people. He was firmly of the belief that these creatures didn't have a sense of pain - and if they did, they certainly didn't have a sense of self-pity - so he had no qualms against pulling out his handgun and firing three times into the horde of children. He didn't intend to even dent their numbers, but if he could distract them and allow the man to escape, the zombies could easily be shut in the schoolyard.

11/6/2011 #113

The many of the horde looked rather confused for a moment. Kiyoteru breathed a quick relief. He didn't need to strike them down, but if he stayed too long he would be trapped again. Quickly, he left the baseball bat, and dashed towards the fence of the primary school. He climbed up the fence and jumped to the other side.

Panting, he looked around. Who had fired those shots? Certainly it would be a survivor, a zombie, no way in Hell, would be able to fire any type of gun. Quickly reminding himself that he should try to call Akito, he pulled out his cellphone and punched in Akito's number. Hoping the call to be answered.


11/6/2011 #114

Back at the VDA's headquarters, the pink-haired leader blinked in surprise as a message from the Hatsunes was transmitted through a small and- fittingly- pink radio attached to her thin belt.

Lifting the device to her mouth, she swiftly pressed a button on the side. "I'm here. What is it, Mikuo-kun?" the chimera replied.


"Ah... I see." Luka replied in understanding. "I'm from pretty far away myself, so I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to see your hometown destroyed." she paused for a moment, biting her lower lip.

"What do you parents look like? I've seen a few survivors, although I never got the chance to talk to them- one of them looked a lot like you." the tail end of her statement was directed at Natsumi.

11/7/2011 . Edited 11/8/2011 #115

Natsumi seemed to be caught by surprise. She quickly recomposed herself and glared at Luka.

"You seen mom or dad? Mom has strawberry blond hair, did the person have strawberry blond hair?" asked Sakuyo, eyes lighting up with interest.

11/8/2011 #116

Mikuo's face lit up at the crystal-clear response. "There are people here. At least two, maybe more." This last was in reference to the noises Luka had gone to investigate. "Should we bring them back with us?"


Ren watched the man - a teacher at the school, judging by his clothes - hop the fence on an adjacent edge from where Ren himself stood. He quickly ran around the corner, only to find that the other survivor was on a cellphone.

For once in his life, Ren thought before acting impulsively and decided to wait for the other to put his phone away before approaching him.

11/9/2011 #117

Nothing. Kiyoteru sighed. He looked up and to the sides, to see who really had fired the shot. The only person he saw was a young boy, probably in his late teens with hot pink eyes and black hair. Had he fired the shot...?

11/9/2011 #118

The young woman nodded. "I did, actually. She ran away before I could reach her, though." The woman, unfortunately, had gotten lost in the commotion when Luka had seen her, and if the pinkette had followed she would have left Lily behind.

That possibility was the worst to Luka- probably similar to what the two sisters were going through at that moment.


"Sure, sure~" the chimera replied, barely even taking a second to consider her choice. "Just wait outside with them first, Kisaragi-chan would get angry if I let them in without her knowing..." the leader trailed off with a childish giggle, not unlike that of a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

11/9/2011 . Edited 11/9/2011 #119

"I see..." said Sakuyo, sadly looking down.

Natsumi sighed and sheathed the sword. Their mother was probably looking for their father since they worked near each other, after that, Natsumi inferred, they would come looking for them. She and Sakuyo would have to hurry in order to catch up with their mother.

Natsumi got up and helped Sakuyo up.

"Let's go then. Mom might be looking for dad then," said Natsumi.

"Natsumi-nee, what about the nice lady? We should go with her," replied Sakuyo.

Natsumi eyed Luka.

11/9/2011 #120
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