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Shadow of the End

Here we go! Join at your own risk! XD

8/23/2011 #1
THE Steel Armored Dragon

(Sorry i haven't been on. Gots school.)

Esu sat in his room, playing his guitar slowly, trying to write a new song without outside help. All of a sudden, his laptop gave him the generic BLIP! YOU'VE GOT MAIL! bs.

"I've got to change that," he muttered as he moved his chair to in front of the screen. He opened the strange message. "Reikuro?" he asked to himself. Somehow interested, he kept reading. "Awakening Program? It will awaken your true powers... but I must warn you, it's an extremely complex program," he continued grumbling as he skimmed the e-mail.

Then, as if out of nowhere, his external hardrive, which was for him, not the computer, detected an unknown program trying to install itself directly to the host: him.

The screen read: "Do you want to continue with the installation?"

The grey haired Ace of Spades, as he was more commonly referred to as, contimplated this for almost an hour, then spoke only two more words before pressing OK: "Why not?"

A sharp tone rang in his synthetic ears. A chill ran up his arms. He felt like his entire being, algorithms, circuits, hard drives, and miles of wiring, were being rearranged.

Then he blacked out.

When Esu finally woke up, he was in a forest somewhere, lost and cold and alone.

"Where am I?" he wondered aloud.

8/29/2011 #2
Shadow of the End

Reikuro was walking through the streets, people giving him the usual attention: he's wearing those clothes- BE WARY!

He'd been very busy all week, trying to figure out what to do about this whole situation, and none of his options looked like they'd bare even the slightest bit of fruit..... Until now.

It was so simple, so easy to think of, that he'd passed right over it and not given it a single thought until his more complicated ideas led him back to it: a simple revolution.

He'd gather what Vocaloids and Fan-mades were still out there and give them power, give them purpose, and create an unstoppable force of 'Loids that would stand beside him as they stopped this from happening.

After all, he'd made a promise, and he wasn't about to break it.........

8/30/2011 #3

Ayame sighs as she looks up at the sky from the park bench she was sitting on. She had been wondering for a while why she was even out here, due to her 'personal.'

"Guess I just needed some air." She thought as she stood up, deciding to head back to her current state of adress

8/30/2011 #4
THE Steel Armored Dragon

Esu looked at his surroundings in awe. He'd never been outside of the city before. He was captivated by the forests beauty. The soft wind through his hair, the sweet smell of pine, the birds chirping merrily as they sang to one another. "I wonder if I'm dead," he whispered slowly, "because if i am, this is Heaven."

(yeah, Esu be in limbo. waiting on outside interaction.)

9/3/2011 #5

Ayame swears she hears a voice in the nearby woods. Her behavior was keeping her rooted to her spot, despite her feet wanting to follow it. The two make a compromise, as Ayame shyly moves through the trees' shadows towards the whispers.

(Guess who's back from Lake Worth! Hi! XD)

9/4/2011 #6
THE Steel Armored Dragon

Esu stopped suddenly and wpun around as he heard a rustling sound from just beyond the clearing. "who's there?' he called, ready for a fight.

9/11/2011 #7

Ayame jumps at the voice, stumbling over a root until she catches herself from falling on her face.

She looks up shyly at Esu, scratching the back of her nervously as she comments "heeheehee,....hi"

9/15/2011 #8
THE Steel Armored Dragon

(sorry it takes me so long to reply. i have honors classes and its hard for me to keep up.)

"Oh, um hi." Esu, who was never accused of being good with girls, said, turning a bright shade of red. He helped Ayame to her feet. "I'm Esu, but everyone just calls me Ace. Apperently, that's the literal translation from Japanese, or something like that."

9/21/2011 #9

(It's ok. ;) )

Ayame blushed as Esu helped her stand, brushing off her vest as she speaks shyly "Hi. I-I am Ayame. I don't really use a nickname"

9/21/2011 #10
THE Steel Armored Dragon

"well," Esu began, blood rushing to his face, "i can see why. Ayame is a pretty name." he suddenly whipped around to hide his grapidly growing blush.

9/23/2011 #11

Ayame blushes deeper, nervously giggling "T-th-thanks. But, um, wha-what are you doing out here anyway?"

9/24/2011 #12
THE Steel Armored Dragon

The question intrigued Esu. "You know what, I have no idea. One minute, I'm writing a song, the next I'm installing some 'Project Awakening,' and then I wake up, not knowing I even passed out, here, in the middle of nowhere, just to stumble upon you.

9/30/2011 #13

Ayame blinked "How strange. Are you alright though?"

9/30/2011 #14
THE Steel Armored Dragon

"I suppose. Wait, did you install 'Project Awakening' too? Or are you human? I can't tell."

9/30/2011 #15

Ayame blinked at this, then shook her head. "Haven't gotton anything like that. But I am a Vocaloid"

9/30/2011 #16
THE Steel Armored Dragon

Esu stood silent for a moment, taking in what Ayame just told him. 'She's a Vocaloid, but she hasn't gotten the program...maybe it was just me?' He thought to himself.

With a soft sigh, he turned away from the girl and looked around, trying to find a way out of the wilderness.

9/30/2011 #17

Ayame thought for a minute, until she heard a beeping coming from the flash drive she always carrys with her. She pulled the orange device from her pants ocket and noticed there was a new program

10/1/2011 #18
THE Steel Armored Dragon

Ace heard the small blip from behind him. He turned to face his new acquaintance. "What is it?" he asked.

10/1/2011 #19

Ayame looked at the drive and blinked "...Project Awakening" She looked up at him

10/1/2011 #20
Shadow of the End

Reikuro beat his wings powerrfully, flying over the forest... Little did he know that two of his new 'soldiers' were there, as well, until he looked down into the clearing and saw them.

"What are you two doing out here?" He asked himself, alighting on a branch not too far away to observe them.

10/1/2011 #21

Ryu sighed clicked yes on the Awakening Program. Once she did she was knocked out. Soon she found herself in some sort of forest."What the heck..,"was all the goth ggirl said as she got up aching all over. With a sigh she began to walk and try to find out what was going on.

((Short sorry! ))

10/1/2011 #22
THE Steel Armored Dragon

"I still don't really know what it does. Be careful. do not install it yet." Esu felt the presence of another being, watching the two of them. He spun around quickly and somehow willed the trees to split to reveal the watcher.

10/2/2011 #23

Ayame turned at Esu's action, then jumped at the sight of the stranger with a yelp

10/2/2011 #24
I Am The Raptor

Aiko sat on the couch, drumming her fingers on the table. It was so boring these days. Ryu threw himself on the couch next to her.

"Wacha doin'?" He asked.

"Absoloutely nothing." Aiko said with a bored expression.

"Well, you're drumming your fingers on the table." Ryu remarked, smirking.

"...I hate you." Aiko growled.

"I love you, too." Ryu said, making a kissy face at her. She punched him.

"I'm gonna check my e-mail." Aiko said, getting off the couch and onto the computer. She moved the mouse to turn the screen on, and-

"RYU, WHY THE HECK IS THERE A PICTURE OF A N*** GIRL ON THE DEKSTOP!?" Aiko yelled angrily. Ryu burst into laughter as Aiko quickly went to Google and replaced the image with a picture of Spongebob.

"Spongebob? Really?" Ryu asked, still grinning widely.

"It was the first thing that popped into my head! Jeez, you're so immature." Aiko growled and went to her e-mail page. She boringly scrolled down all the e-mails. She almost never checked it. Then she saw something that caught her eye.

"Awakening program...?" She mumbled, and clicked it. Ryu saw her curious stares and walked over to her.

"What's that?" He asked.

"I dunno. It's from some guy named Reikuro." She responded. Ryu made a serious expression.

"Don't accept it." He said bluntly. Aiko looked at him.

"Why?" She asked.

"It's a virus or something. Don't. Click. It." He said. Aiko raised an eyebrow. Then she smirked widely.

"I'm gonna click it~!" She said, scrolling her mouse over the button.

"Aiko, I mean it, DON'T." Ryu said threateningly.

"I'm going to cli~ck it~!"


Aiko smirked and lifted her finger to press the mouse button, but Ryu tackled her. Her hand fell down over the mouse, pressing the button, and she was out cold. Ryu saw this and cursed loudly. Suddenly, his phone rang and he picked it up.

"What? Oh. Coming." Ryu said into the phone line and hung up. With another frustrated growl he marched out the door. When Aiko opened her eyes, she noticed she was laying on something. No, someone. She looked down to see a gothic girl under her. (Aka, girl Ryu xD)

10/2/2011 #25
THE Steel Armored Dragon

Esu stepped in front of Ayame protectively, and glared at the stranger. "Who are you?" He yelled out. For some reason, he felt like he knew this person, but he could not remember meeting him. "And why do i fell like I know you?"

10/2/2011 #26

"The fifth alice was a young boy of the Joker. He walked through all the doors that he could find through wonderland. His will to escape all the horrible things in his past. Suddenly he caught a cough worse then a smoker. That Alice's young lungs filled with smoke! Turned a sickly like the aiming of his goals. The young had only wanted to escape for there. To reak havoc on the people weaker then him.." Mako sang to himself.

He had heard the Alice Human Sacrafice song and that was his verse that he wrote.

Not bad for a little kid

10/4/2011 #27
Shadow of the End

Reikuro smirked, then moved as if to step off the branch, then flared his wings, gliding gracefully to the ground in front of Esu and Ayame.

"Greetings. I am Hatsuko Reikuro. I assume that you've received my message..." He said, smirking and showing his razor-sharp teeth.

"Esu, and Ayame."

10/9/2011 . Edited 10/14/2011 #28

Ayama stumbled back, blushing. "Wha-what message?"

10/9/2011 #29

Mako looked at the city around him. He wished the Vocaloids were still around. That's when he got an idea. He had gone up to the fountain and put a CD in the boombox he sometimes carried. Suddenly a familar tune started up. Po pi po.

10/14/2011 #30
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