The Warehouse 13 Prompt Challenge!
This forum is open to any writer looking for inspiration or a challenge. Every month or so, Haven't quite figured that out yet.. A new list of prompts will be posted. Any ideas are welcome and I look forward to any and all Warehouse writers participating
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Ok, so I'm a little new at forums but I wanted a place for Warehouse writers to converge and get a challenge. Sometimes only a few words can bring on a whole story idea. For the first list there will be two lists. The first is a list of single words, the goal being to use as many of the thirteen as you can (OR you can just use a few. It is completely up to you!). The second is a list of random beginnings OR endings, the goal being with this list to pick the one you like the most and write a fic. You can use more then one if you go for a mullti-chap fic and you can also do more then one story. I wanted to do both this first time to see which you guys liked the best. Please post the links to your stories and any questions or comments. Thanks!

List #1














List #2

Pete was sick...

He wouldn't disturb sleeping beauty...

Claudia watched it all...

He felt like crying, but that wouldn't be a manly thing to do...

She felt arms encircle her...

All she needed was her best friend...

Claudia watched Pete in horror...

Artie did something he didn't just do for anyone...

Pete looked Myka straight in the eye and lied...

Myka looked Pete straight in the eye and told him her biggest secret...

As if he could stop her...

Perfect never really existed for them...

Lying wasn't easy for her...

NOTE: You may add words before, after, and in between the prompt sentences, as long as the original sentence can still be distinguished.

Happy Writing!


8/19/2010 #1

Hmm....I think I can write something fun with "ferret" and "Pete looked Myka straight in the eye and lied..." XD

8/25/2010 #2

Hmmm, toes, water, tattoo, and camera call interesting senarios to mind!

8/31/2010 #3

Ooh 'He wouldn't disturb sleeping beauty' also sparks a brain wave. This is cool thanks.

8/31/2010 #4

Glad you guys like it! It seemed like something that was missing from the Warehouse Fandom so far :)

9/2/2010 #5

Hey guys! Newbie here! I loved your List #1 and it sparked a really cool idea. Check it out and see if anyone can tell me which words I didn't use!

Thanks again for the list! Nice day to ya!


9/13/2010 #6
forever faerie

hummm "Claudia watched it all..." Hamlet Tattoo moonlight strike a cord in me...maybe i'll creat a small one-shot ficlet

9/13/2010 #7
Lady Blackwolf
Oooo I think Ill take "water", "tattoo", and "she felt arms encircle her" all those sound like really good stories.
3/5/2012 #8
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