Digimon Tamers: Another Story
This role-play is set three years after the events of Tamers. Come inside and play an original Tamer or one of the characters from the T.V. Show!
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Evolution XIII

I am not too picky about the template of your character description, but please follow these simple guidelines for basic information:





Digimon Partner

Digimon Gender

D-Arc Coloring

Background History

Links are acceptable and if you make your own Digimon please provide a description and their attacks. Thank you!!

The Following Original Tamers Are Available:








Ai and Mako

8/21/2010 . Edited 8/21/2010 #1
Pirate King Navi

Name: Roy Hatake

Age: 17

Gender: boy

Appearence: Shoulder length white spikey hair, red t-shirt under a black trenchcaot (Like dante's in DMC3),black baggy pants,and white sneakers. red eyes. Has an X-shape burn scar on the left side of his neck.

Digimon Partner: In-training=Sunmon





Digimon Gender:boy

Power D-Arc: body: deep red, rings/buttons: yellow

History: When Roy was younger he was trapped inside a burning building with the ceiling collapsed ontop of him. With no way to escape he had given up hope of being saved. There was a bright flash and coronamon appeared. He absorbed all of the flames. After he saved Roy he handed him the D-Arc and some cards and said, "From today on, you and I are partners." Roy doesnt play the digimon card game much anymore after becoming the world chapmion. His signature style is flame related. ( XD )

Attacks: Sunmon: bubble blow

Coronamon:Coro Knuckle, Corona Flame, Petite Prominence

Firemon: Flame Dive, Fira Bomb, Fira Claw

Flaremon:Crimson Beast-King Wave, Red Lion Dance, Burning Roar

Apollomon: Sol Blaster, Arrow of Apollo, Phoebus Blow, Terra Force

8/21/2010 . Edited 8/24/2010 #2

Name: Naomi Nyoko

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: English - Japanese (Mother - Father)


Personality: Keeps herself to herself Until She Trusts People, Ruthless To Digimon, Tough, A little Anti-Social, Willing To Risk Her Life For People In Need, Mature.

Background History: Mother and Father's occupation were researching Digimon. Naomi lived with her mother in England until she was 9 years old until they moved to Japan with her Father. They all lived in the research centres accommodation. One day they captured a Dorumon in order to study the X-Antibody and it went into fright attacking all the employee's in the room, chaos erupted in the research facility and when Naomi discovered her parents in the same room as the out of control Digimon she rushed to their aid. Arriving at the room she discovered everyone had been destroyed by Dorumon including her Mother and Father. The Digimon then attacked Naomi and bit her, she was about to destroy Dorumon when a flash of light interrupted revealing the D-Arc. It took time for one another to trust each other but now they depend on each other since they have no one else.


Base: Purple

Buttons: Red

Ring: Black

Strap: Black

Digimon Gender/Personality: Female - Complete Opposite of Naomi - Fun - Cheerful - Loyal - Brave


Baby: Dodomon - - Attacks: Little Iron Beads

In-Training: Dorimon - - Attacks: Metal Drop

Rookie: Dorumon - - Attacks: Metal Cannon - Metal Dash - Hyper Metal Dash - Dino Tooth

Champion: Dorugamon - - Attacks: Power Metal - Bloody Tower

Ultimate: Doruguremon - - Attacks: Metal Meteor - Bloody Tower

Mega : Dorugoramon - - Attacks: Brave Metal - Doru Djinn

Alphamon - - Attacks: Seiken Grandalpha - Digitalize Of Soul

(Depending On The Situation and Mood Of The Tamer, Depends what Mega they turn into)

8/22/2010 #3
Evolution XIII

(Alright, you both are approved!! You can go ahead and start role-playing and I'll get around to editing my reserved slot on the rp with my intro.)

8/22/2010 #4
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Name: Elizabeth (Liz) Ruin

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blackn hair In a Pony tail the tips and bangs are white and purple and the bangs stick out like Yugi's from Yugioh. she wears a Short Lilac leather jacket and jeans to match. shirt underneath is Navy Blue and short sleeved also wears a pair of white goggles that rest on a Back head band around her neck as well as a black deck holster for her digivice and cards.

Digimon Partner: Popomon - Popomon - Digimon Wiki

Frimon - Frimon - Digimon Wiki

Liollmon - Liollmon - Digimon Wiki

Liamon - Liamon - Digimon Wiki

LoderLeomon - LoaderLiomon - Digimon Wiki

Leopardmon -

D-Arc Coloring: Black with Dark Blue Rims.

Background History: Liz and her parents moved to the Shinjuku area two years after the D-reaper attack. Both her parents are Businessmen and are always traveling. She met Liollmon When she unknowingly walked into a Digital field when she was Ten just before moving to the Shinjuku area. Liollmon saved her from the Digimon inside and a glowing sphere of light appeared between them forming into a Digivice. Ever sense then they have only fought a handful of Digimon Though Liz has actively played the card game ever sense she met Liollmon. Her parent's being away so often do not yet know About her being a Tamer if they did they would not approve.

8/23/2010 . Edited 8/23/2010 #5
Evolution XIII

(You are approved if you will be active this time, Zack Maniac. I am approving only those who will be active on this role-play. Alrighty? )

8/23/2010 #6
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Sorry About that I had to go away for the weekend see my great grandma doesn't own a computer so I didn't even know I was accepted until I came home yesterday sorry.

8/23/2010 #7
Evolution XIII

(No big. Just saying. ^__^ )

8/23/2010 #8
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Don't worry I'll remember to tell you when I have to go away next time and I'm a VERY active Role Player so no problems!)

8/23/2010 #9
Evolution XIII

(Alright XP)

8/23/2010 #10

Name: Samuel Uzumaki

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese - American

Appearance: oc&order=9&offset=288#/d1vujse

Digimon Partner: Gaomon

Digimon Gender: Male

D-Arc Coloring: Black and red

Personality: Sam is a street smarts punk, who likes to get into trouble and get away with it. Through he shows no adult respect, he takes great care of the children in the orphange where he works. On the outside he may look like a no good punk with no future, but Sam has 178 IQ and is one the kindest people one would meet in this day and age. Not the type to get on the badside of, but if he's your friend expect to have someone watch your back the rest of your life.

Background History: Sam for his whole life grew up in America, in the city of Boston, it was there where he got into his first amount of crime. At first it was just stealing candy from the local store and before long it was breaking and entering, picking fights, and getting arrested. It came to the point where his parents couldn't handle it anymore and sent him away to live with his grandparents in Japan. It was there that his grandmother beat some sense into him and changed his way, though still keeping the style and skills Sam all but changed his evil way, and it was just thanks to his grandmother, but his best friend Gaomon, whom hatched from an egg he found one day.

(hope he's good)

8/27/2010 #11

Evolution is tied up with college work at the moment and not sure when he is going to get back ... IF ...he comes back, hopefully he will :)

But in any case I say approve if Zack and Navi agree as well :D

8/27/2010 #12
Pirate King Navi

I guess he will do good ^^

8/27/2010 #13
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Join whenever!

8/27/2010 #14

How many ocs are we aloud? Casue I would also like to make someone evil :D

8/27/2010 #15
Pirate King Navi

from experince I'd say about three characters to one person

8/27/2010 #16

Alright kewl, I'll jump in first and get settled before I make someone evil. Whats happened so far, just to catch up and try to figure out how Im going to be jumping in.

8/27/2010 #17

Hi New Person :D Currently they just finished school and are in the park :)

8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #18

Name: Kaede Iwasaki

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaede has shoulder lenght blonde hair, violet eyes, somewhat tanned skin. She stands at 5'5 and weighs 120lbs. During school she wears her uniform, while at home she wears a black mini skirt with black leggings, a light blue tank top with a white sweater wrapped around her waist, and she wears a pair of black and yellow tennis shoes.

Digimon Partner: BlackGatomon

Digimon Gender: Female

D-Arc Coloring: Black and Yellow

Background History: At a young age Kaede lost her parents to a terrible car accident and she was left her familys buisness empire and the inheritance making her the richest child in all of Japan. Of course Kaede didn't care for the money as she would trade it all away for the family she lost, as the years went on Kaede became cold and distant from everyone, even becoming crule and ruthless espically as Student Council President of her highschool. The only thing that kept her sane was her digimon Gatomon, but one day Leviamon came to Kaede and promised her a family if she worked for him, blinded by envy and the hopes of getting the family she lost, she took the offer becoming one of his minions and turing Gatomon to BlackGatomon.

(just wanted to make someone evil (: )

8/30/2010 . Edited 8/30/2010 #19

Name: Lilly Vixen

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Appearance: A little girl around 5,5 with light blue eyes and long, straight combed long blond hair. She usally wears a black skirt that hangs down to her knees, a yellow t-shirt and cheap white sneakers.

Digimon Partner: None

Background History: Lilly's mother died at child birth. Her father, driven partically insane by his lost englected and abused Lilly.

Being a famous scientist he delved into strange research to take his mind of the lose of his wife and discovered the existance of digimon after hacking into Hypnos.

He began to experiment reconstructing the 'DNA' of a certain Digimon after using votage and data collected on it. He began to use Gene-therapy on his daughter, she recently broke out and is feeling oddly ill....

9/18/2010 #20
Black Knight Dai

Hello, just checking but is this RP still going?

10/13/2010 #21
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Yeah It's still going we just ran outta filler Ideas. Just to let you know we've kinda mixed in Naruto and Yugioh into this.

10/15/2010 #22
Black Knight Dai

How so?

I'm confused.

10/16/2010 #23
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Well Liz is related to Yugi Roy is related to Kakahsi and kaiba held a Filler Tournament in the City.

10/16/2010 #24
Black Knight Dai

. . .

Alright, so how exactly do you want me to enter?

10/17/2010 #25
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


I entered during a random Digimon attack.

10/17/2010 #26
Black Knight Dai

Alright, well I guess it's time *puts on sunglasses* to introduce myself. *CSI Miami Scream*

Name: Tamakoyo

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown bushy hair with two cat ears sticking out of it. A tight black T-shirt exposing his muscled and scarred arms. Dark Green cargo pants with a hole in the back for his tail and black boots which match his black wrist bands.

Background History: Born in Neo Domino city as part of reserch project to cure infants of disease and imperfection, Tamakoyo was dumped as a failure before being rescued by a kind sister of a neighborhood church. Growing up in the abbie taught Tamakoyo to be kind, not quick to anger, and to be accepting of others as they had been ascepting of him. Here he also learned Duel Monsters and became rather good amoungst the children of the church. However, not long after his 10th birthday, Tama's life was shattered once again when the church he had been raised was burned down by greedy land developers. Flung into a life on the street, Tama began to forsake the teachings of the church and began to trust in his own strength. Through winning card games, fist fights, and the occasional assist with the police, Tama quickly managed to get the parts he needed for his own duel cycle, a black a green machine he simple calls Sorrow. Now on his jounrey to make his way in the world, Tama has stumbled onto the current state of affairs in this story.

10/17/2010 #27

Hi hi is this place still open?

11/25/2011 #28

Name:Jonathan Rodrick Jones



Appearance:5ft tall, reddish brown hair, half black half white T-shirt, grey shorts, grey eyes, pale skin, black snow boots, and white gloves.

Digimon Partner: Wizardmon

Digimon Gender:Male

D-Arc Coloring:Aquamarine

Background History:an avid digimon fan with very few friends, when he got his digimon after accidently deleting one of his digimon games he became devoted to making his partner stronger.

Name:Max Redwood

Age:9 1/2


Appearance:4'7ft, Red T-shirt with the Digimon logo, Grey pants, bright red hair, brown eyes, average skin, blue sneakers, and a red hat with the digimon logo.

Digimon Partner:Opossumon

Digimon Gender:Female

D-Arc Coloring:Yellow and blue

Background History:A kid who actually didn't like digimon much, bullied for his differing opinion he started playing the card game only to find he was really good at it, after beating everyone at his school he started playing competitively. soon after a crushing defeat that made him the laughing stock of his hometown. Opossumon appeared along with his D-Arc.

12/23/2011 #29

Can I join? I've got a couple of OCs, and I was wondering if I could play Ai and/or Mako. I'm a big fan of Impmon, lol :)


Name: Shiaru (Shi) Takahashi (her father re-married, and she took her new mother's maiden name)

Age: 12, almost 13

Gender: Female, duh! ;P

Personality: Normally bubbly and childish. She loves jokes, but not pranks (though she does laugh at them). She tries to help out others whenever she can and has a pure heart as well as 'a heart of a lion'. Recognize that line? Always trying to be positive; although, when sad, she becomes very depressed and avoids all attention. Essentially, the opposite of her usual personality. She is shy when she first meets someone, but that ends quickly. She often gets along very well with most people, and tries to make as many friends as possible. Due to this, she hates fights. If you want a comparison, try a slightly older, human version of Calumon, or maybe Jeri from Tamers (my favorite of the series'). Surprisingly though, she can be very wise for her age. Another comparison would be Guilmon. One more thing to note is that she idolizes Kari from Adventure--the TV show.

Hobbies: She enjoys trying out new things and likes variety, even if she's not always that good at whatever she's doing. ;) She loves to read, write, and draw. She's actually quite good at all three. That helped her stay sane while her father was drunk. And let's not forget her love of jokes and joking!

Appearance: Her eyes are a golden brown and often sparkle in a kind or joking light. She also has long, ruffled, light brown hair reaching a little past her shoulders. Oh, and slight bangs, similar to Rika's from Tamers. She has fairly pale skin, though slightly tanned. She is also average weight, but fairly small for her age, making her an easy target for bullies. Scars given to her from her father also cover her arms and back. Most of them are beginning to fade away, thankfully. You can normally find her smiling.

Outfit: She tends to wear lots of light colors, essentially pink, blue, and gold. Her casual outfit is a long, light pink T-shirt with a large gold peace sign in the middle of it, light blue shorts reaching to just above her knees, pinkish-purple shoes similar to Kari's with ruffled socks, and a cute little pinkish-purple bandanna/scarf with a silver/white trim. She also wears a necklass hidden under her shirt, a gift from her deceased mother. (Another comparison to Jeri.) It is a gold, heart-shaped locket that holds a picture of her mother.

Digimon Partner: Candlemon

He prefers his Wizardmon form. He can also end up being a Royal Knight.

Much like his Tamer, he is very bubbly--in a boyish way as a Candlemon and DemiMeramon. Becomes far wiser as Wizardmon, and often is the peacemaker amoung the digimon, or even the whole group. He is still cheerful though, and is a bit of a prankster, which Shi often scolds him for, calling him Wizzie. Good friends with Shi, he is extremely loyal and will never leave her side. The two are best friends and care deeply about each other, though they might not always show it. In fact, he cares so much, he is willing to go as far as to sacrifice himself for her. (Remind you of someone?) He comes close to this many times and may very well end up (gulp) dieing for her in the end, breaking her heart. If that happens, her partner comes back to her somehow.

One more note would be that she gives him a scarf soon after they first meet. (Silver/white with royal blue trim and a gold/yellow sun in the middle.) As a Candlemon, he wears it around the middle of his gold candle-holder-thingie. (You know what I'm talking about, right?) As a Wizardmon, his right arm. (Similar to Beelzemon, only other arm). If here wears it in his other forms, I'll come up with how. :)

Digimon Gender: Male

D-Arc Coloring: Dark blue/purple trim and strap with golden buttons. Looks a little like her sister's (both have purple).

Extra: Rosa's sister and Ai and Mako's cousins. She is also best friends with Jeri and Calumon, along with the other Tamers (not very fond of Kazu, though). She quickly became friends with Jeri due to their similar pasts and because they can easily relate to each other. Wizardmon gets along the best with (not including his Tamer) Henry and, as a lower level, Terriermon. He gets along well with everyone. He has also made a bad habit of occasionally going out with Ai and Mako's Impmon to prank and joke around when their Tamers are supposed to be asleep (sometimes Rosa's Impmon comes, though grudgingly).

Background History (for both): Woot! This is gonna be a long one, lol. You ready? Yah? Alright, here we go! *Cracks knuckles*

At first, Shi lived a normal, happy life. She had loving parents, a caring sister (Rosa), a dog, got decent grades at school, as well as so much more! All she could ever really want, however, were the first two (Though she still loved her dog). That all changed when she turned 6 and Rosa 10. Her mother became deathly ill, and within a year, passed away. (Similar to Jeri, no?) This affected her whole family to its core. Not even the dog was quite as cheerful. Rosa was possibly affected the most. She was never the same after that, becoming secluded and avoiding all contact, wallowing in her misery and self hatred, as she blamed herself. Soon, however, that sadness turned to hatred, and has been ever since. Their father, Lucas (or Luke), wasn't any better. He fell into a depression, and began staying out late at night and drinking. He would often come home, still drunk, and beat his children. The scars on them came from that. In one of his fits he bet their dog in a gambling game after spending all of the family's money. Shi had to get a job due to this in order to pay off their debts and help their family. (Poor gal...) A years went by of this, and Rosa's state was at its worst. Her grades were straight Fs, she kept skipping school and picking fights, and to top it all off, she had joined a gang. You can imagine how shocked Shi was at this. But, despite it all, Shi retained her cheerful attitude and faith in her family. Another year and a half went by of this--Shi had been kicked out of the gang by this point 'cause of a being blamed for a failed robbery. She didn't want to do it as much as the others (she knew that it would end badly) and it was assumed she had sabotaged the mission when the police had found out about it. In reality, she had nothing to do with the police finding out, so you can imagine how bitter she was. She got over it and decided to stay a lone wolf as long as she could. Like she said, 'Nobody can be trusted, other than Impmon of course.' By this time, their father had remarried 'wanting to start over', which Rosa wasn't to pleased with. They moved to the Shinjuku district, where Shi's and Rose's cousins--Ai and Mako--lived. For a while, everyone had thought he had returned to normal, but when a year past and he declared he wanted a divorce, that notion was quickly swept aside. After the divorce, their father had finally realized his mistake. He realized he could never bring Sandra (his wife and their mother) back, and that she would want him to be happy and to take care of the kids, but it was to late. He stopped drinking and made sure he was a better father, checking up every so often. He didn't truely love their new mother, he realized, and appoligized to her for this. Their mother (Lilia) had taken it surprisingly well and soon forgave him. Shi was the same, but Rosa never did. 2 years later, (present) the sisters and their new mother are now living happily together (aside from Rosa, who was still acting like she had before) and their father had gone on a self-proclaimed journey to find himself. Shi was happy for him when she got the news, though still sad, while Rosa didn't seem to care. Shi and Rosa now go to the same school as Takato and the rest of the gang (Rosa is often later than even Takato, and doesn't get along well with all of them. She continues to act the same way as before, and Shi beleives she is still broken hearted over their mothers death.) and Shi has made a habit of meeting up with (and kinda babysitting) their cousins every weekend. Shi continues to be her cheerful, inosent, pure self till this day, acting as a role model for her father. Rosa is basically the same, though she becomes a bit happier when she finds Impmon.


Name: Rosa (Rose and Thorn--gotten from the gang she joined) Terada Akisame (ah-kee-sameh)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Bit of a cruel jokester, often playing pranks with Impmon. Makes many insults, sometimes without knowing. Naturally, she has a hard time watching her tounge. At first, shady and is thought unreliable by the others, often wanderig off with Impmon, avoiding contact. It doesn't help that she was one of the last ones to join the group (possibily later than the rest). Is a bit of a loner, only joining in to make fun of the others and fight; like a mixture of Rika and Impmon's original personalities from Tamers. She acts harshly due to mental scars gained as a child. Occasionally gets into fights and normally enjoys them. (Wow, not like Shi at all ;P) Later on, she becomes far nicer, but still has a tendancy to prank. In the beginning, is only nice to Impmon and will do anything for him, as he is her only real friend, though she prefers not to admit it. At some point, she may turn on the others, depending on the story-line. You know, like joining the enemy, probably when Impmon digivolves to Beelzemon.

Hobbies: Remember, she loves cruel jokes along with pranking. She also secretly likes to read, write, and draw in her spare time, like her sister. She's not half bad at those three either. She occasionally boxes (not always with gloves, or going by the rules) and does other hand-to-hand combat with the boys at her school when bored.

Appearance: She has shocking emerald green eyes. If turned evil, may connect with Impmon and have eyes turn blood-red. (Just a thought) Her hair is short, spiky, and colored dirty blonde with red highlights at the tips and long bangs. Pale skin. A little tall for her age. Has scars on back and arms to, though she proudly displays them, thinking they make her look cool and tough.

Outfit: Her outfit tends to be composed of mainly black and other dark colors. She looks almost goth, but is not (plus no black make-up, nail polish, etc--Never wears make-up) Basic outfit is a scuffed-up, black, fake leather jacket with the hood often up (her signature item), mildly torn and scuffed-up dark blue jeans, a black T-shirt with a white skull and the words 'death is release, do not be afraid' in white cursive underneath the skull, long, laced up black/dark gray boots, and black/dark gray fingerless gloves. She wears a red bandanna, like Impmon's. Either she wears it on her arm, around her neck in an imitation of her partner, or she uses it to tie up her hair (normally when hot). Occaionally, she might use it as a bandage.

Digimon Partner: Impmon

The actual Demon Lord Beelzemon, though he doesn't know it. He also prefers his Beelzemon form for a while once he obtains it. He was also drawn to Rosa because of, one, her bottled up hate, and two, Ai and Mako's Impmon.

Think Impmon's original personailty from Tamers. Yup, that j*** again. :D As you can probably guess, he loves pranks, is annoyed by Impmon's (Ai and Mako's) change of heart, not understanding why he changed at all. He also dispises the other Tamers for reasons unknown, much like his unwanted Partner. Unlike her, he doesn't care much for her, but for some reason will still protect her. Occasionally doesn't follow her orders. He likes fighting even more than his Partner, but due to being rash, often loses, not gaining much experiance. Yes, he is almost exactly like the original Impmon. Naturally, Ai and Mako's Impmon tries to help Rosa's Impmon once he finds out about him. He also tries to stop him from getting into to much trouble (though sometimes joins in on his schemes. What? He is a little trickster ;P) Definitly (temporarily) turns evil and becomes the Demon Lord if possible. When Rosa becomes friends with the Tamers, he doesn't become quite as friendly as the original Impmon, but he at least doesn't hate the Tamers, for a start.

He is basically a huge annoyance to the destined who rarely helps, and when he does, isn't able to help much. He will also be one of the last (or last) to Digivolve, taking a long while and either going to champion (Devimon?) then skipping to mega, or just going to mega, probably the latter if possible. And his digivolution might be caused by the other Demon Lords once they find out about him. Until then, he wouldn't know about who he really is.

Digimon Gender: Male

D-Arc Coloring: Black trim (much to her liking) with a dark purple strap--the color of Impmon's fur--and dark red, almost black buttons.

Extra: Shi's sister and Ai and Mako's cousins. She kept her father's last name due to not wanting to admit having a new mother, still deeply caring for her deceased one. No one currently knows about her partner, Impmon. Impmon also has a slight crush on Renamon, (she tries to help him like she did with the original) though will never admit it, as long as he can help it. That doesn't mean she wont find out about it, though. *Snickers*

History: Above

That should be plenty, right? I might change them a little bit while RP, just so you know. Hope you accept mine! :D

6/8/2012 #30
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