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SHERLOCK! WOO! Basically, come, make a character and be a smart-ass in SHERLOCK WORLD! Don't worry, we're all a bit strange in here *Laughs evilly*.
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Here you can talk anything to do with SHERLOCK!!!

9/3/2010 #1

LOLLYLOLLYLOLLYLOLLOL. Ok that was completely unrelated to Sherlock whatever to you, but to me it's slightly related. Here's how:

I right something random.

I do it because I'm bored.

Sherlock is always bored.

He does something random when he's bored.

Now we're talking about Sherlock.

You see now? I turned one subject and turned it into Sherlock, and everybody understands how. Therefore, it is related to Sherlock. =)

9/7/2010 #2


Man, I find the randomest things entertaining.

Just like a certain high-functioning sociopathic consulting detective :) Heh

9/7/2010 #3
Hello Anyone There

Smiley face! Shoot it!!

9/7/2010 #4

Whilst trying to avoid your landlady spotting it and therefore having to pay more rent for it...

I am aware that sentence may not have made any sense whatsoever.

9/7/2010 #5
Hello Anyone There

It does to Sherlock fans. I think that scene where he smiled at the smiley face then got blown up may actually be my favourite...what's yours?

9/7/2010 #6

I love that scene. Especially the bit where he just walks over the coffee table! So casual :) But the swimming pool scene... Dear god the swimming pool

9/7/2010 #7
Hello Anyone There

Ah, the swimming pool....*pulls hair out* I wanna know what happens next!

9/7/2010 #8

Me too. The swimming pool scene.....It reminds me of Queen's post, "Moriarty's accent for one!...*Drools*...." The Pool scene has to be my favourite. Though I do love the second scene with the smiley face. And I quite like how Sherlock's always correcting that guy in Belarus. XD. And I love it when he tells John he's bored and does the gun thing by his dressing gown.

I think Molly or Sarah are going to call the police and show them Sherlock's posts about Carl and the pool, and then they'll come running in.

Do you remember in Study in Pink when John returned from Mycroft, Sherlock asks whether he took the deal, John says no and then Sherlock says, "Pity we could have split the funds!" I loved that too =)

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #9
Hello Anyone There

That was brilliant, not as good as the 'He's your brother?!' moment though...

9/8/2010 #10

"I'm in shock. Look, I've got a blanket"

Seriously adorable/hillarious. At the same time. This is why Steven Moffat is the reason I want to become a screenwriter.

9/8/2010 #11
Hello Anyone There

Awwww, that part was so cute. I wish he'd kept the blanket though, he looked good in it. Although BC can look good in anything.

A screenwriter, really?

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #12

I also found the part hilarious. Who wouldn't? You know the time where BC doesn't look so great though? At the swimming pool scene, when he's pointing the gun at the explosive coat, and it zooms in on his face. He looks different there.

I can understand. I want to be an Actress, so.....I'm ready for you awesome plays and shows. Remember: I am there, and ready to act =D

9/8/2010 #13

Now you've given me another (slim) excuse to watch that scene again (do I really need one). After I've watched "The Pandorica Opens" for the fifth time (seriously. Its on IPlayer. I'm not missing the chance, I love that ep).

Well, screenwriter and children's novelist :)

9/8/2010 #14
Hello Anyone There

I'd say it needed watching several times just to get the full effect...*g*

Children's novelist, excellent! I look forward to reading. I plan to be an editer myself so maybe I'll see your work someday?

9/8/2010 #15

Hey, maybe. That'd be pretty damn awesome, I'd say :)

9/8/2010 #16
Hello Anyone There

Lol, it would be interesting. :)

I'm bored...why can't people write fanfiction faster?

9/8/2010 #17

*shrugs* Hey, I have a oneshot on the go. Not a Sherlock one though

And I'm waiting for another Sarah post. Can't really notice Irene as her poster's gone to bed. The only complication with RPs, I guess :)

9/8/2010 #18
Hello Anyone There

Lol, I'm waiting for a load of updates. Wish I could write but reading is almost as good. Have you written any sherlock? I really should check...

Mmmm, me too. We should arrange a specific time to be on.

9/8/2010 #19

We should. Gah. Irratatingness.

I wrote a Moriarty-centred oneshot. (badficpimpinordertogetmorereviews,lol)

9/8/2010 #20
Hello Anyone There

Hmmm, what times are you generally on?

Lol, pimp all you like, I'm a terrible reviewer. I'll read it though. *heads off to do so*

Shall I send John home, then you and him can argue.

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #21

Hm. Early mornings, 7.00-8.00 am, then (depending on when I have free time from sixth form) mostly from 4.30-10.00 pm with random breaks in between. Sometimes ealier than 4.00 but yeah, frees depending.

I don't care if you're a terrible reviewer! Review anyway! I wanna know what you think, even if you think its dreadful!

9/8/2010 #22
Hello Anyone There

I'm never on in the mornings, I get home about five, meet me then tomorrow?

Lol, okay, give me a moment, I think I read it before and liked it though...

9/8/2010 #23


I just watched "The Pandorica Opens" again. Gonna go to bed now. And cry for Rory. And pretend I'm crying for the Doctor when actually I quite enjoy watching him being manhandled and put into a weird prison type thing...

9/8/2010 #24
Hello Anyone There

Mmmmm, torture...

9/8/2010 #25

I just burst out laughing at that! HA!

9/8/2010 #26
Morning everyone, only just seen this forum topic, haha! Last night it occurred to me that I should probably do a character bio for Irene, so I'll be posting that a bit later on.
9/8/2010 #27

Awesome and socks ans stuff :)

This is turning into a rather amusing thread...

9/9/2010 #28
Hello Anyone There

Socks? Socks vs Shoes. Shoes win hands down.

9/9/2010 #29

Anyone else love Benedict's hat on the One Show?

9/10/2010 #30
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