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"I am the FORMER Arrowette."


8/24/2010 #1
Avenger 22

Hi.....what's it like being on a superhero team? I mean like this one?

12/9/2010 #2

Arrowette smiles.

"I was on it until I almost killed someone. I knew then that I couldn't be trusted not to lose it again so I left. But it was awesome."

12/10/2010 #3
Avenger 22

Why'd you almost kill someone? Heroes don't ALMOST or KILL ANYONE!

12/10/2010 #4

Arrowette looks shamed.

"I know. This guy killed my therapist who I really cared about."

12/12/2010 #5
Avenger 22

I'm sorry

12/12/2010 #6

Wait wait wait, so you nearnly killed someone because they nearly killed your therapist. Seriously? You must've visited him a lot if you would almost kill the guy who murdered him...

12/5/2011 #7

Weren't you the one whose mother was...difficult to get along with?

A retcon, since her original character in the Silver Age was nothing like that.

12/24/2011 #8

Arrowette sighs.

"SHE was like the mother I never really had. And I'm pretty sure you find it difficult to get along with her too. She's overbearing."

12/28/2011 . Edited 3/5/2012 #9

And she seemed so nice back in the Silver Age. Wonder what happened?

12/28/2011 #10

So what do you do since you're no longer the Arrowette?

5/12/2012 #11

From the few issues I've read Arrowette was never a very happy character.

2/25/2013 #12

Peter David later said he decided comics characters were too dark and violent and he'd contributed to that trend himself.

9/15/2013 #13
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