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A half-abandoned, starlit clearing with many trees lining the borders. A small stream runs to the side, bubbling and gurgling at all times.

9/16/2010 . Edited 9/2/2012 #1
Cici's Pizza


(im wondering what happens if u die in starclan?)

9/16/2010 #2

Flamepaw woke with birds chirping, he opened his blue eyes and noticed that his crippled legs were healed. "Where am I?" Flamepaw spoke out loud.

"In Starclan silly." A she-cat meowed happily

"Who are you!"

"I'm your sister silly, Flowerstar."

"Flowerstar?" Flamepaw questioned

"If I had lived I would have been leader." Flowerstar answered

"I'm sorry I hadn't protected you and Blizzardkit and Hawk-kit." Flamepaw mewed

"Blizzardstorm and Hawkshadow forgive you brother, but you're not supposed to be here Flamefang."

"B-But I died." Flamefang said "Is Autumnpaw ok?" He questioned

"Yes she is, and maybe we could give you a second chance but It will cost another cat's life." Flowerstar mewed

Flamefang remained quiet. "You are between Life and death brother, you're not a full Starclan member yet." She meowed

Flamefang tensed "I'll do anything to go back." Flamefang pleaded "Very well brother, follow me."

9/18/2010 #3

(ANOTHER CAT'S LIFE! He won't chose Wolfgrowl to die will he?)

A wraith like StarClan cat passed by. She had almost faded. SHe looked right at Flamefang before moving on.

9/18/2010 #4

(No he and Wolfgrowl are friends, he probably choose to die or pick someone who mocked him...)

"So who will it be?" Flowerstar mewed.

9/18/2010 #5

The she-cat faded away.

(That wasn't really important...)

9/18/2010 #6
Cici's Pizza

(pick tigerleap or a villian :D rp's r best with drama :DDD))

Eclipsewatcher looked at Flamefang. "Leafshine is thinking," she hadn't finished her sentence, although she was pretty sure he knew what she was talking about. "Better choose quick." (see camp topic for leafshines post)

9/18/2010 #7

(Tigerleap's dead.)

9/18/2010 #8

Tigerleap slunk to Flamefang "So who will it be?" He hissed

"Go back to the Dark Forest Tigerleap!" Flowerstar unsheathed her claws.

Flamefang stared at his reflection then spoke. "Choose anyone for me Tigerleap." Before he could take the words back Tigerleap spoke, "So be it."

9/18/2010 #9

(Dun, dun dun!)

9/18/2010 #10

"I choose that you should stay dead." Tigerleap's voice was a snicker.

Flamefang sighed and Flowerstar put her tail on his shoulder. "Its ok." She mewed her voice rang with wisdom.

Flamefang nodded he just hoped That Stormyleaf, Featherkit and especially Autumnpaw could move on.

(I didn't kill anyone since I don't want their creator mad at me)

9/18/2010 #11

( AHAHAAHAHAH o.o That hore )

9/18/2010 #12

(Can Tacostar wander around here?)

9/18/2010 #13
Cici's Pizza

(oops xD)

Eclipsewatcher looked at Flamefang miserably. "Sooner or later, she's going to starve herself to death."

9/18/2010 #14

"Then maybe one of the other toms can do something." Spat an old cat. He was one of the older ones.

9/19/2010 #15
Apprentice Writer

"She should be able to take care of herself," mewed a small white she-cat, around apprentice age. "Any cat who relies on others is fox-dung."

9/19/2010 #16

The old tom flicked his tail, "Oh, what do you know?"

9/19/2010 #17
Apprentice Writer

"I've been in Starclan longer then you," hissed the she-cat, arching her back.

9/19/2010 #18

"I was alive when you were born." The elder spat, "You died because of someone you relied on. Is that why you're so bitter?"

9/19/2010 #19
Apprentice Writer

"I'm not bitter, I just see things without interference, unlike you, sappy," mewed the she-cat.

9/19/2010 #20

"Watch it, paw." The elder spat.

9/19/2010 #21
Apprentice Writer

"Don't call me paw, grumpy butt!" hissed the former apprentice.

9/19/2010 #22

"Isn't there enough to worry about?" A soft voice asked. The former medicine cat sat with her tail curled around her paws.

9/19/2010 #23
Apprentice Writer

"far too much..." mewed another former medicine cat, one that never made it out of apprenticehood, her mentor having snapped her neck when she found out a secret.

9/19/2010 #24

"Wolfgrowl's sturring up trouble." One said "I'm sure his father's thrilled."

9/19/2010 #25
Apprentice Writer

"Well, at least he'll become a leader," mewed a ginger tom.

9/19/2010 #26

"True." The elder agreed, "And he makes a good point."

9/19/2010 #27
Quince's Blue Moon-Chillflower

"What's going on here?"

Tacostar entered the scene, eyes hard and tail swishing.

(I'm so thrilled that I play Tacostar.)

9/19/2010 #28

"Your son."

9/19/2010 #29
Quince's Blue Moon-Chillflower

"I know. He's destroyed what I've created..."

Tacostar murmured solemnly. He sighed emptily.

9/19/2010 #30
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