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Anna widened her eyes, blushing wildly before she found herself closing her eyes and kissing him back.

1/9/2011 #1,291

Justin kissed her back as well, before he cut it and smiled at her. "How long would this had been goin' on?" he asked, smiling.

Swampert looked at Luxray. "Finally!" he said, "about time."

1/9/2011 #1,292

"...Since I met you."

Luxray blinked. "Never knew she had it in her."

1/9/2011 #1,293

"Well, must say you're good at keepin' secrets" Justin chuckled.

"Justin's always been kinda patient" Swampert said, "he kept waiting forever, training me from a tiny Mudkip."

1/9/2011 #1,294

"I see..."

"I see."

1/9/2011 #1,295

"Well, the next match is about to start soon" Justin said, then looked at his team, "and I think Zuruggu will be fighting once again."

"Alright!" Zuruggu said and jumped up and down, before he got onto Justin's shoulder.

1/9/2011 #1,296

Anna nodded. "Ok."

1/9/2011 #1,297

(I gotta go. Cya)

Justin then got up and looked at Anna. "You coming?" he asked.

1/9/2011 #1,298


Anna nodded.

1/9/2011 #1,299

Justin went into the arena, as he saw two more goons with a Buffalon and a Tauros.

1/10/2011 #1,300

Anna glared at the two goons.

1/10/2011 #1,301

Silver ignored Crash and walked over to a table. There was a map, just like he was looking for, he analyzed the map for few seconds before snatching it. This was going to come pretty in handy.

"First observe you surrondings then tell me that," said Silver as he watched his Sneasel go up the airvent.

Apparently, in the room there wasn't just pokeballs, there were tools to do other things with the pokemons. Boards showing how to do processes and schedules, this was a storage room that stored pokemons for the goal of Team Genesis.

1/10/2011 #1,302

Justin just grinned, as Zuruggu entered the arena. "You think I'm scared of you?" he asked simply.

"We'll give you a reason soon enough" one of the goons said.


Crash nodded and began to search. "Poor pokemon" he said, then looked around. "I may not be able to rescue all of them right now..." he mumbled, then snatched one of the pokeballs, "but at least I can rescue one."

1/10/2011 #1,303

Anna said, "Justin's going to kick your a***!"

1/10/2011 #1,304

"WE are gonna kick their a***" Justin said.

Zuruggu nodded at Anna.

1/10/2011 #1,305

Anna sweatdropped. "Right...I want to make your boss cry!!"

1/10/2011 #1,306

"With no pokemon?" one of the goons said, "gonna be a tough job."

1/10/2011 #1,307

"..." Anna was silent.

1/10/2011 #1,308

"What's wrong?" Justin asked.

1/10/2011 #1,309

"Nothing...I'LL KICK ALL THEIR A***!!!"

Luxray gulped. "Uh-oh...they made her snap..."

1/10/2011 #1,310

"Is that a bad thing?" Swampert asked.

Justin got surprised by the sudden outburst.

1/10/2011 #1,311

Anna yelled, "FURRET!!!!!"

Furret went next to her.

"Yes..." Luxray said.

1/10/2011 #1,312

(gtg. Teacher, which I just would wish I could send to hell, is annoying me like crap.)

1/10/2011 #1,313

(I am back! It's amazing, but the teacher let me get back!!)

"Ooooh, a furball" one of the goons said. "Really scary!"

1/10/2011 #1,314


Furret growled angirly.

Anna laughed, still having the pissed off look on her face. "Let's kick a**!"

1/10/2011 #1,315

"Zuruggu, Drain Punch!" Justin commanded all of a sudden, and Zuruggu rushed off, just as fast as the command was given.

"Iron Head!" the goon with the Buffalon commanded, and the attacks collided, blocking Zuruggu's chance of draining Tauros' energy.

1/10/2011 #1,316


Furret did those commands.

1/10/2011 #1,317

The two pokemon got knocked out instantly, and Justin just wide-eyed. "wow..." he said.

1/10/2011 #1,318

Anna then got back to her old self. "Hoo...I'm okay now."

Furret nodded.

1/10/2011 #1,319

Zuruggu looked at Furret and smiled happily. It had been surfing on the wave that Furret had created.

1/11/2011 #1,320
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