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Amy: -glares at Karen- -looks at Will- -tries to scare him again- BOO!!!

Silver: -faceplam-

9/4/2010 #181
Sakura Mau Toki

Will: zzzzz.....

Karen: *amused*

Xatu: *bored*

9/4/2010 #182

Amy: ... -takes off Will's shoe and starts tickling his foot-

Silver: Shouldn't we be doing something more interesting?

9/4/2010 #183
Sakura Mau Toki

Will: *twitches in his sleep*

Karen: *so amused*

9/4/2010 #184

Amy: -still tickling Will's foot-

Silver: .... -not amused-

9/4/2010 #185
Sakura Mau Toki

Will: *eventually stirrs awake* *sleepily* Wha-?

Karen: *wearing an amused smile*

9/4/2010 #186

Amy: -pounces on Will- BOO!

Nightshade: -sweatdrops- -looks at Umbreon- Ab...sol..

9/4/2010 #187

I missed and missed and kept of missing over and over again because of school.

I faaaaaail. : D

But weekend-ness is my happy-time.

I'm here. XD

9/4/2010 #188
Sakura Mau Toki

Will: What the-? *ends up with Amy on top of him after the latter pounces*

Karen: *liptwitch* *waits for another purple haired esper to show up*

Umbre: Bree...

Xatu: ..........................

(NEEEEE-CHAAAAAANNNN! *flytackle glomp*)

9/4/2010 #189

Amy: I scared you didn't I? Admit it XD

Silver: -face palms-

Nigthshade: -walks over to Umbre and sits beside- Sool... -nods-

(Hey, Nee-chan. Here is where we use the character in the randomness of the Safari Zone ^^)

9/4/2010 #190
Sakura Mau Toki

Will: A bit.... *looks to the other who's on top of him* ................

Karen: *smirking in amusement at her friend's predicament*

Umbreon: Bree~

Xatu: ..........

9/4/2010 #191

( Heeeeeyyyy~! I'm all away from home and stuffs. XD And okay~! )

Luci: *walks in to see such a sight before him* . . .

9/4/2010 #192

Amy: I knew I would scare you while you were asleep but you're really a heavy sleeper. So I tickled you ^^

Nightshade: Sol~

Lilac: -running around happily- -pounces on Lucian- X3

9/4/2010 #193
Sakura Mau Toki

Will: *looks over, spotting the other* L-lucian..! *flushing slightly at the other seeing him like this*

Karen: *watching with a smirk*


Xatu: .... *glares at Lucian*


Will: *looks to Amy* Y-yeah...that happens....

9/4/2010 . Edited 9/4/2010 #194

Luci: *blinks when he's pounced, managing to keep his balance but his book dropping from his grasp* ............

9/4/2010 #195

Lilac: -skipping happily- X3 -tries to take book away-

Amy: -gets off from ontop of Will- Hello, I think we didn't meet before. I'm Amy Searle from Hoenn. I bet my Hoenn accent gives that away right?

(Haha, my headcanon says that they have different accents in the regions just like in real life XD)

9/4/2010 #196
Sakura Mau Toki

(*nod* I can see that)

Will: *sits up, now a bit flushed due to embarassment*

Xatu: *still glaring daggers at Lucian*

Umbreon: Breee..... *tone not happy as she talks to Xatu who's too busy glaring at the other psychic*

(In my headcanon...Xatu hates Lucian for no reason 8D)

9/4/2010 #197

Luci: *bends down, grabbing his book before the pokemon can take it* .... I'm Lucian of Sinnoh.. *smiling lightly* Will's... Friend....

( XD~! They probably do. Wouldn't be surprised if that's what the guy who made Pokemon wanted before the anime. Also Pft.. Jojo... Xatu dislikes everybody except for like three people.. Just hates Lucian.. Bronzong does not agree. Thinks Xatu loves the whhhoooolllleeee woooorlld! *twinkly-eyes* )

9/4/2010 #198
Sakura Mau Toki

(That's true...Xatu's emmmmooooo *shot* And we all know Bron looooves Xatu *bricked*)

Will: *nod* Yeah, friend ... *now a bit off at how Lucian worded that*

Karen: *smirking at the whole scene*

9/4/2010 #199

Lilac: .... -pouts-

Amy: Oh really? I beat you know about the Elite Four there right?

Nightshade: -shakes head-

Silver: -bored- -looks at Cyndaquil-

Cyndaquil: -sleeping-

(XD I wonder how they would be in real life.)

9/4/2010 #200

Lucian: *smiles mysteriously* I do in fact know about them... *glancing to Will*

( They would be all high in real life........... Jessie and James would probably be dealers...... And make money from Meowth.... They're talking cat.... Be on Jay Leno and The tonight show... Xatu's such an emo bird-like-thing.... Bron loves everybody. Even you're mum. )

9/4/2010 . Edited 9/4/2010 #201
Sakura Mau Toki

(OAO! Not my mother! *bricked*)

Will: *finds himself flushing a bit more as the other glances to him, ignoring Karen's soft snickering*

Xatu: *glaaaaare*

Umbre: T.T

9/4/2010 #202

Lilac: -sneaks behind Xatu- -bites it-

Nightshade: -shakes head-

Amy: I've heard from Karen that Flint has a huge afro. I bet he's funny.

(Anyone have any idea on what we can do to have the main roleplay moving on?)

9/4/2010 #203
Sakura Mau Toki

Xatu: *flinches, jerking out of the way* *glares at the tiny pokemon*

Umbreon: =w=

Will: Huge? It has it's own orbit...! If you look closely, you'll see little bits of items circling it every now and again.

Karen: *snorts before bursting out in laughter*

Will: *grins*

9/4/2010 #204

( Possible time-skip or something?.. *clueless* )

Lucian: Yes... Flint is indeed 'funny'.. *amused* As Will said... His Afro certainly does.. Stand out in a crowd..

9/4/2010 #205
Sakura Mau Toki

(Like to the next day when Amy sets out on her adventure and Will enters out of nowhere...to continue with the 'stalker' idea you had XD)

Will: Oh it stands out alright

Karen: *still laughing*

9/4/2010 #206

Amy: Really? XD At least it's better than Sidney's weird hair thing and Drake's big mustache.

Lilac: -grin- -nudging- -wants to play-

(Well, Amy is heading to Cherrygrove City. Silver has run away with his stolen Cyndaquil somewhere and yeah)

9/4/2010 #207

Lucian: I've heard that Flint is a hot-head...

( Silver should be on cops. )

9/4/2010 #208
Sakura Mau Toki

Karen: *sniggers* It's a 'tuft', as he puts it anyway. I still call him Baldy.

Will: *rolls eyes* You torture the poor guy way too much.

Karen: Pfft.

Xatu: *doesn't want to play*

9/4/2010 #209

Amy: XD

Lilac: -wants to play- -bites Xatu again-

(Eh? -doesn't get it- Can you explain it Nee-chan?)

9/4/2010 #210
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