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(And here we are! DUN DUN!)

Nightshade: -still feeling the effects of the tranquilizer- -but still just for dramatic effect; starts moving and whimpering-

4/13/2011 #1

Venus: *growls* Hold still! *continues cutting Nightshade's wrist to say "I serve Venus"*

4/13/2011 #2

Nightshade: -starts to struggle some more- -whimpers-

4/13/2011 #3

Venus: Little... *finishes cutting* If she keeps up her resistance then Aren won't have enough time to lock all of our minds together!

4/13/2011 #4


4/14/2011 #5

(Right, so Venus and Aren kidnapped Nightshade while she was going to lock Thauner and Lilac in the closet. They're going to torture her mentally now.)

Aren: Right. I'm gonna have to hypnotise you both, now... *Starts concentrating on hypnotising Nightshade, puts an arm on her shoulder and starts channeling power*

4/14/2011 #6

(Okay Snow. SSZ?)

4/14/2011 #7

(Sure, but I have to go soon)

4/14/2011 #8

Venus: I hope this works.

(Quick post to all the forums I go to.)

4/14/2011 #9

(Just post on the SSZ when you get back then Matt.)

4/14/2011 #10

Aren: You ready? *Already getting ready to hypnotize her too so he can link her mind to Nightshade's.*

4/14/2011 #11

Venus: Ready when you are.

4/14/2011 #12

Aren: Right. *Places his other hand on Venus' shoulder and starts hypnotizing her as well*

4/14/2011 #13

Venus: *staring into Aren's eyes as she gets hypnotized*

4/14/2011 #14

Aren: *Uses physical contact to hypnotize by channeling ectoplasm* *Can only put people to sleep with Hypnosis but can control their dreams completely* *Waiting for her to fall asleep*

4/14/2011 #15

Venus: *starts to get drowsy*

4/14/2011 #16

Aren: *Starts humming a soothing but slightly eerie tune*

4/14/2011 #17

Venus: *falls asleep and falls onto the bed*

4/14/2011 #18

Aren: *Smiles* Alright... *Sits between both of them, takes a second to admire the blood, then puts his hands on both their foreheads* *Starts linking their minds so that Nighshade's consciousness is slowly forced into Venus' mind, where Venus can do whatever she wants to it* *Quickly lets go before it can transfer back, then gets the camera* *Uses trick room in front of the lens so that it's taping what's going on inside their heads, then puts it down and lets his link to both their minds allow him to see it* *Closes his eyes and lies down on the floor so that the outside world doesn't interfere with his viewing* *Is also acting the part of the camera so his perspective is the perspective that the Trick Room is showing*

4/14/2011 #19

Venus: *looks around* *imagines holding a sword and instantly gets it* Coooool.

4/14/2011 #20

Aren: *Smiles* You can do anything in here... I think Nightshade's a little ways away. *Is making the words appear in giant firey letters* *The area is currently pitch black*

4/14/2011 #21

Venus: Hmmm... better get to her before she wakes up. *starts walking in the direction Nightshade is in*

4/14/2011 #22

Aren: Don't worry, she can't do anything in here. If you wanted to you could just teleport to her right now.

4/14/2011 #23

Venus: *blinks* Good idea. *does so* *finds Nightshade asleep on the ground* Alright... how am I gonna do this? *starts to imagine the hall Venus and Aren met Nightshade in* *area turns to that location*

4/14/2011 #24

(Right, we should wait for Glacia now. V_V)

4/14/2011 #25

(Venus: Ugh... I hate waiting.

Blade: Be paitient.

Venus: Fine... I'll just go hang with Aren.

Shade: Um... maybe you should just keep complaining. *does not want those two together as he fears he and many others will be tortured*)

4/14/2011 #26

(I guess we just wait in here?

Aren: *Walks over* Hey! =D

Thauner: ...*Goes over to a wall and starts headbanging*

Movie screen: *Starts playing the jeopardy theme song*)

4/14/2011 #27

(Shade: ...Balesye in here?

You're obssessed with her you know that? In the RP you two are together on a Wailord heading for Johto doing Arceus knows what.

Shade: But I don't get to see her anywhere else ;A;

Venus: Hey~

Blade: .... *walks over to where Thauner is headbanging and starts doing the same*

Allie: Are we gonna play Jeoprady?)

4/14/2011 . Edited 4/14/2011 #28

(Alex Trebeck: I'm here with the interlude!

Thauner: ...*Leaves*

Aren: What do you want to do? )

4/14/2011 #29

(Raichu: *blinks* Who's that? *has never seen Jeoprady*

Allie: How do you not know who that is?

Raichu: *shrugs*

Venus: *shrugs* Make out?)

4/14/2011 #30
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