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This is the form

Name: (you can also add their nickname ^^)

Age-(Make sure its human years, to make it easier to understand ^^)

Description-(Like....the color of their fur, eyes, etc.....)


Past-(if they have one)

Mate-(if they have one. And if you're going to have your character mated to another person's then get permission from them!)

~Anything else that is needed, then just tell me ^^

Here's mine ^^

Name:Essmerelda (Essa)


Description-Pale silver, almost white queen with lavender stripes on her face and the same colored highlights in her headfur and tail. Her eyes are a stunning blue and her tail is noticeably fluffy. Her body is tall and muscular, due to her past with the Siamese Warriors. She stands a bit taller than Bombalurina, but not by much and her claws are always extra sharpened and highly impressive for a queen. A very seductive figure and knows how to use her muscular, curvy body in just the right ways.

Personality-Essa is known for her fiery temper and sharp tongue. She has a dirty mouth and knows it, and despite all of JennyAnyDot's and Jellyourum's warnings, she never takes any heed to watching her language. Hardly ever shows her tender side and was once a much WANTED criminal, so that simply tells you that she's very deceiving and sly. Smart and powerful. But, despite all of that, she's quite a dirty-minded way. She's a party girl and LOVES to have a good time. Usually the life of the party and also an over user with catnip.

Past-(Ill type it later, a BIT long XD but heres a bit) Was abused by her mother all through kitten hood, ran away and was taken in by Siamese Warriors who trained her for her entire adult life. While she was there, she was cut off from the outside world. It was a vow she had to take in order to stay. She grew tired of that and ran away as well and began to build her reputation as a thief, murder, and just a most wanted criminal. As a kit, she had been close friends with Bombalurina and Demeter when she met them by the entrance of the junkyard, and anxious to see what had happened over the years she had been gone, she ventured to the junkyard where she reunited with them. But she mostly caught up with Bomba. Since those two were so close, they were practically sisters.....But one day, during a Macavity scare, she recognized Macavity from the wanted posters she had seen beside hers...Curious, she snuck out and followed the trail left by his henchcats. She finally found the hell-like lair and entered....(Im gonna leave it there ^_^)

Mate-None yet.

8/25/2010 . Edited 8/25/2010 #1

Catdancergirl is making an OC? Oh yes. And admitting right now to basing her off of Caroline,(Whom y'all will hear me talk about, like it or not.) I love my little sister.

Name: Abbithania, Or Abbi

Age- 7

Description- A tiny yellow queen, Round cheeks smattered with freckles, and round blue eyes. Still to young to understand most of the 'big-queen' things, Abbi's much more likely to be found tailing the younger kittens for attention. Young enough to giggle and laugh with her friends, Abbi's prone to blushing, and getting fairly aggressive, but only as much as your normal 7 year old.

Personality- Being a kitten, Abbi loves any and all attention, particularily coming for THE Rum Tum Tugger. She still throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way, and clings to the older queen kits like a member of the Scotland Yard.

Past-N/A ~ Leaving this blank, she's only 7. She's past in the making!

Mate- N/A

8/25/2010 #2

APPROVED! Wow..she sounds like MY cousin O_O guess a lot of 7 years olds act the same? XD

8/25/2010 #3

They do! Lol, We were working on a dance, and I went "Hey Caroline, which lipsync part do you want?" and She goes "I like all kinda guys!" She's gonna be a little heartbreaker for sure.

8/25/2010 #4
Bringing a new guy in ^^

. Name:Helios


Desc. A bright orange tabby tom with clouded, glazed, and pale blue eyes. His eyes were nice beautiful crystalline blue, but due to the accident when he was young, he's now blind. Has a brown chest and a tall, muscular build due to his father's brutal 'training sessions when he was younger.

Personality: Very snappy about his blindness and a bit sensitive. He's a loyal tom and very loving if he gives you a chance to see that side of him. Usually quiet and only speaks when spoken to, but once he opens up, he's very kind and a good friend.

Past:(I copied this from the other rp that Helios is on XD.) He's completely blind but can see very vividly by simply closing his useless eyes and taking in his surrounding scents and can easily make a picture of whats going on in his mind. As a newborn, when he first opened his eyes, he could see. He lost his sight when his brother's dared him to go down to the factory to see what happened there. Unfortunatley, the young tom was knocked in the face with toxic fumes, causing all his sight and his senses to go black for awhile. His father, seeing that he couldnt see anymore or hear, they left him there. Fourtunately, he regained his hearnig and sense of smell, but was starving. he ahd been stuck in the factory's parking lot for a week. Finally, workers found him lying there waiting to die and they brught him to the pound. Well, lets just say his life was just made a giant hellhole from there....Eventually, an old couple adopted him and treated him well. When his owner's husband died, she basically kicked him out of the house. He found his way to the junkyard, not really wanting to find the Jellciles, but is quite happy he did. He rarely talks, but his voice is very smooth and soft. He is scarred for life. Just look at his once, crystal blue eyes, now foggy and always grief-strucken, to tell you his story....He has the power of electricity, as did his father, bur he didnt discover that until he was put in the pound when a pollicle almsot ripped his head off. He also had telepathy, which is usually the only way anyone ever talks to him

no mate yet and Heres an OLD pic of him. I'll draw a new one soon ^^).

8/26/2010 #5

OMG HELIOS!!! 8D Heh, sorry. XD I'll sign up for one of my OCs eventually, I just have to decide which one(s). ^^

8/26/2010 #6
YESH!!! THE SMEXEH HELIOS!!! 8D and yes, please do!! ^^
8/26/2010 #7

8D 8D and I will! Just trying to decide whether to bring in one of my current ones or make up a new one . . . hmmmmmm . . .

8/26/2010 #8
8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #9
Turtles in Bowties

Name: Kiryin (Ryin, Ry)

Age- 10 (But acts 3)

Description-Ryin is a calico queen. She has yellow-green eyes and short headfur. She is small and weak. Her right ear is torn.

Personality- Ryin is friendly but reserved. She prefers to let people come up to her and say 'Hello' then her going to them. She doesn't like sun and avoids it as much as possible. She is sometimes very rude, especially on the topic of her parents.

Past- Ryin was born with a twin. Her mother died giving birth to her twin, who was stillborn. She was raised by her father and lived on the streets. She fell into the river and almost drowned, causing her a severe fear of water. She found home in the junkyard and her father died soon after. She was 9 at the time. She's 10 now.


8/26/2010 #10


8/26/2010 #11
Turtles in Bowties


8/26/2010 #12

Name: Myranza (nickname: Myra)

age: 18

descripition: sleek and shiny gold and black pelt with eyes the color of exotic emeralds. She has a sort of young lively sparkle in her young eyes that are filled with wonder. This Queen might be young but has a passion for the best things. Her talents include the following: Singing, Dancing, Wisdom, and her Speed

personality: mysterious funny at times. Not a lot is known about this young Queen

past: when Macavity left she gladly followed but 2 weeks before now she returned, running away from Macavity in fear. She has not made friends yet but maybe she will soon. But for now, she stays away and usually gets hateful glances for leaving with Macavity.


6/28/2013 #13
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