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"Ahem, EXCUSE me? He IS on my 'list' hun.I was just making sure." She smirked a bit.

8/26/2010 #31
She raised an eyebrow. She wasn't fond of competition... But she is her friend.. 'Alright then..' she said, deciding not to start a fight.
8/26/2010 #32

As the night began to creep over them, she sighed. "Bombs, I think I'll try and get used to my own den. Staying with you has been great, but you know, if I DO tend to meet someone, I think I'll need to be in my own place, you know?" She chuckled, getting to her paws.

8/26/2010 #33
Turtles in Bowties

Ryin looked at the fast approaching night and smiled.

8/26/2010 #34

She then strutted to her den and then snuck out through the back. It WAS a bit sad that a queen her age and as well known and sexy as she was, she was still a virgin....EVERYONE knew Demeter's story about the Hidden Paw.....Maybe....he COULD help her with her 'problem'

8/26/2010 #35
Bomba rolled her eyes and chuckled.
8/26/2010 #36
9/1/2010 #37

Essa-She woke the next day in her day, smirking as she remembered where she had been the previous night and WHO she was with and WHAT had happened....but it was all ended as a huge rush of dizziness came over her. She bolted outside and almost literally emptied her entire stomach. She made a face and then dread shot through her...........She.......had been in heat the previous night.........and her first mating had occurred WHILE in heat.....and now this was happening.........."Oh no...this....this CANT be happening!" (my idea was that Essa could go back to Mac and tell her that she might have to stay with him so no one in the junkyard gets suspicious. He allows her too and they become mates......until Bomba decides to go secretly visit Mac......Upon her arrival, Mac completely yells at Essa and tells her to leave. She's confused. Wondering why her rather loving (towards her) mate was doing this. She questions him and he strikes her. She leaves and Bomba stays with Mac and they begin to plot......Mac KNOWS how strong Essa if he attacks, its likely she'll be p*ssed and fight back. And with Munkustrap, Alonzo, and ESSA fighting, it'd be a tough fight. So Bomba suggests that she goes back and tells everyone that Essa is carrying Mac's kits. That she's a spy and has been leaving the past few nights to see him. SOME of it is a lie, but not all of it. Essa is heartbroken at the betrayal, but boldly responds that she and Macavity have had NO physical meeting and says that BOMBA IS Macavity's mate and that they could check her scent for proof.....But Bomba was smart and cleaned herself.....She then tells them to smell Essa...she's COVERED in Macavity's scent.......So they cast Essa out and Bomba tells them as soon as Essa is done being beaten (the Jellicles HATE Macavity *duh* and cant believe Essa was a traitor and think she deserves to be punished* they cast her out......Bomba speaks up and tells them that they're idiots and without Essa, Macavity WILL take over the junkyard and she IS his mate......

9/3/2010 #38

(Wowzerz. *brain spins* Urm, I'll try to follow!)

9/3/2010 #39

(D'you think you could reword that a little bit? I don't quite understand the plan after the bit with Munku, Alonzo, and Essa . . .)

9/3/2010 #40

(Kk...basically, Essa is the only known elemental, and Mac has SEEN what she can do. When Bomba shows up, he kicks Essa out. SO, Bombie suggests that Mac find a way to get rid of Essa in the tribe. She knows Mac can take on Alonzo and Munkustrap if he attacks at the right time. But if they had Essa...but..then....ugh, nevermind.)

9/3/2010 #41

(OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I GET IT NOWZ! :DDDD Sorry . . . brainfart . . .)

9/3/2010 #42

( DOESNT make sense...cause Ess is going to be preggers...but.....then again...even PREGNANT Essa's still......fiery?)

9/3/2010 #43

(Meh! I'm still kinda confused with it, after reading it three times. . . I was kinda thinking maybe Essa could go to Bomba about it instead I know, it's a complete turnaround.. but yet she doesn't tell her who the father is???)

9/3/2010 #44

(Wait . . . what? You just confused me again . . . I think I understand your plan, though . . .)

9/3/2010 #45


Essa gets pregnant. She goes to Maccy's. He accepts her to stay, they become 'mates'. BOMBA comes along and Mac kicks Essa out. Es is confused as to why this is happening, so Maccy attacks her and tells her leave while yelling insults at her to 'show' Bomba that he has no 'real' feelings for her. A bit heartbroken and wounded, Essa flees. Later on in that day, Bomba tells Mac that if they can get rid of Essa, than he could take over the junkyard easier. Bomba goes back to hte junkyard after cleaning herself of Mac's scent and tells everyone that Essa has been lying. That shes a spy for Mac, that shes carrying his kits AND his mate. Essa denies it and tells everyone that BOMBA is Mac's mate and that they can check her scent. But Boms cleaned herself, which leaves only Essa with Maccehs scent....Infuriated, Essa is punished and then thrown out. Bomba then tells them that they were stupid for doing that....because they've just gotten rid of one of the only other cats that will be able to fight Mac off......


9/3/2010 #46

(Okay, yes, I get it. That's what I thought. Thank you! ^_^)

9/3/2010 #47

(alright, so Bombie can come in, Im gonna say Essa's been staying with Mac for awhile now ^^ *converts to Macs lair*)

9/3/2010 #48

Bomba-(Uh...we kinda sorta REALLY need Bombie and havent been around since September 23, so..yeah....) The scarlet queen sauntered back into the junkyard, fur radiant as she had just groomed herself. Mostly to get rid of Mac's scent. She saw Essa, flopped down at the entrance of her den, a paw rested on her very VERY lightly swollen belly. Smirking, she walked over to Munkustrap and put on her innocent tone. "Munkus? How's the day going?"

10/9/2010 #49

(Wait . . . who plays Munku? XD)

10/9/2010 #50

Bomba-(Uh.....Im thinking of the other RP and I thought you did...uh.....)

10/9/2010 #51

(Could you take him for this one sequence plzes?)

10/9/2010 #52

(Uhh . . . I'm just Mac and Quaxo on here XD So . . . now what? I guess I could take him if you want . . .)

10/9/2010 #53

(I mean, you dont have to TAKE him, its just for this sequence, cause he's the one to kinda banish Essa)

10/9/2010 #54

(Nah, I'll take him permanently if you want. ^^)

10/9/2010 #55

(Oh, okay then 8D)

10/9/2010 #56

Munku turned and looked at her. "Hello, Bomba," he greeted her, raising an eyebrow. "It's going well, I suppose . . . why do you ask?"

10/9/2010 #57

"Oh....well then...I dont want to ruin your day, but, i just came back from visiting Essa. Lets just say.....her scent consisted of....QUITE a few things..all involving your brother.....And Im NOT talking about Tugger."

10/9/2010 #58

Munku's eyes widened as he realized what she meant. "Oh . . . er . . ." He glanced in the direction of the silver queen, and noticed that there WAS a very faint swelling in her belly. He sighed. "Should I go speak with her?" he asked Bomba.

10/9/2010 #59

"Well, for all we know she could very well be his MATE and be a spy as well. And her having his scent all over her just proves the point."

10/9/2010 #60
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