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Her eyes began to close as she leaned forward as well, her lips eager to feel his against hers again.

OOC-havent OOC talked to you in awhile XD Uh...HI! XD XD

10/9/2010 #211

He rather eagerly closed the distance between them, kissing her passionately.

OOC: HAI!!!! XD XD XD How's it goin'?

10/9/2010 #212

(uh...wanna convert back to the other RP? XD)

OOC_AWESOMEEE!!!!!!!!!! and u? XD XD OH! There's this site called ISCRIBBLE, where you can talk and draw at the same time 8D 8D

10/9/2010 #213

(Sure XD XD)

OOC: I'm goodly! ^__^ And yeah, I know about it! You have to be 16 to go on there, don't you?

10/9/2010 #214

OOC-Uh idk, my blonde friend and i only joined to chat and draw XD and we only talk to eachother so..? Idk XD

10/9/2010 #215

OOC: *Shrugs* It does look pretty fun, though! XD

10/9/2010 #216

OOC-is it your tablet plugged in? 8D

10/9/2010 #217

OOC: Ehh, not right now. Too lazy. XD XD

10/9/2010 #218

OOC-:( Okay XD uhh....*converts to other RP*

10/9/2010 #219
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